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Maximum Freedom in PDF Editing

Create and fine-tune all your PDF documents hasslefree on a single platform. Choose all the editing elements from a single PDF toolbar. PDF has never been made so easy and efficient.

Smooth Management and Collaboration

Experience a correlative PDF management and systemic sharing system for better workflow. Get all the elements of collaboration, storage, and auditing essentials for your PDF documents.

Stylish Editing with Templates

Avail yourself of the various templates for your PDF editing. Up your PDF game and stylize your documents with no technical skills needed.

Your Personal PDF Tailor

Customize your PDF to suit your needs, switch between landscapes, and add visual elements including logos, colors, checkmarks, highlights, text boxes, and much more.

Extreme Security and Encryption

Optimize your document's legal viability in no time. CocoDoc enables users to customize their signatures and ensures strict compliance. Protect data-sensitive information with a solid password protection mechanism.

Form Filling Made Easy

Experience an intuitive form filling process. Collaborate with your team, save storage space, eliminate the hassle of printing and scanning documents. Take the expressway to integrate, organize and fill data.

How to Edit PDF Online


Upload PDF files by dragging and dropping.


Use the required PDF editor tools to make the necessary edits.


Save your changes and download your final PDF documents.

Hundreds of PDF Templates for Every Need

Add a sprinkle of creativity and design to present your brand or data in an organized manner in your documents. Unlock the power of customization with an array of PDF templates to choose from.

Discover More PDF Templates

Resize Your PDF Anyway You Like

Orient your PDF documents by merging, compressing, and resizing on a single platform. Customize your PDF files to suit your needs down to the very last detail.

Instant PDF Sharing

Once you are done editing your PDF documents, share them with your team members or customers for efficient workflow and higher operational satisfaction.

Sign PDF Online

Automated Document Distribution

Once you have completed the form filling process, enjoy the convenience of CocoDoc's automated sharing feature. Send a copy of the files to all the relevant recipients automatically.

Save Storage Space

Eliminate the clutter and retain all your storage space by saving your PDF documents on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Secure and Efficient E-Signatures

Approve any form for your business or formal dealings online. eSign your PDF documents online with the ability to manage and customize all your legal documents.

Interact and Create

Add pointers in your PDF document to ensure that your teammates can quickly locate the critical data and leave relevant comments or notes within.

Security and Encryption

Secure the confidentiality of PDF documents by adding an extra layer of password protection.

Choose Your File Names

Save time searching for your PDF documents by saving them with a customized name for quick search.

Save and Download

Enhance time management with quick save and download options. Find any PDF document quickly and get it printed in the size you require.

PDF Editor FAQ

How can I edit a PDF file online for free?
You can now edit PDF files online for free with CocoDoc's smart PDF editor. Visit CocoDoc, upload your document, and use the PDF editor tools to make the desired edits to your PDF files. Save your changes and download your PDF files. Yes, it's as simple as that with CocoDoc- upload, edit, and download.
How can I edit a PDF without Adobe?

CocoDoc is a flexible, smart, and interactive tool that allows you to create and edit PDF documents without any additional software. You can use CocoDoc's PDF editor tool to make any major or minor changes, tailor the sizing and orientation, customize your documents with templates, make them secure and compliant with the eSign tool, and many more.

With a one-stop-shop like CocoDoc, you can create PDF documents that are not only printable but also shareable, helping you edit with your teammates in real-time. CocoDoc makes it quicker and easier to edit documents online for free, saving the need for any other additional software programs, including Adobe.

How do I make a PDF editable?
You can convert any PDF document or PDF form into an editable format on CocoDoc. Our automated interface guides you through the process while making it easy and efficient to make the edits or changes with an intuitive PDF editor. To make a PDF editable, you simply need to drag or drop the file and upload it on CocoDoc.
Where can I edit PDFs for free?
CocoDoc is your online PDF editor that allows you to edit your PDF for free with extreme efficiency.
What is the best free PDF editor?
CocoDoc PDF editor offers you complete flexibility in editing your PDF documents. With the help of our cloud sharing facility, you can save storage space and auto-send files to your teammates on the same platform. With a large collection of templates to choose from, you are free to design your documents to suit your brand the best. CocoDoc is not only the best PDF editor but also allows users to convert into a variety of file types for added convenience.
Can I edit my PDF?
Yes, you can edit your PDF documents using an array of tools with our PDF editor. You can add text boxes, add checkmarks, dates, undo and redo data, copy and paste data, search for specific data, leave notes in the documents, and check for any spelling errors. Moreover, you can do more with the intuitive PDF toolbar, which saves you the time and hassle of dealing with PDF documents.
How do I edit texts in a PDF document?
Once you are done uploading the PDF documents on CocoDoc, use the PDF editor tool to make any major or minor edits to the document.
Why can't I edit my PDF documents?
In order to edit PDF documents on CocoDoc, make sure your device is connected with the internet.
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