CocoDoc puts your electronic signature on any document you need

Do you keep a record of my signature on your system?
The signature needs to be stored so that you can later use it again whenever you need it. However, you can rest assured that both your signature and your documents are more than safe. They are stored behind an excellent firewall and nobody else will be able to see them, as you have to authenticate every time you want to use them.
What's the difference between an online signature, electronic signature, and digital signature?

An electronic signature is a symbol you can electronically add to your documents to sign them. So, no more printing the document, signing it and then scanning it so you can send it to the recipient. You skip all those steps, and the electronic signature has the same value as the wet one.

The digital signature, on the other hand, is a guarantee that the document is authentic. Both parties involved are clearly identified, thanks to the 'personal key infrastructure'. Both the electronic and the digital signature are safe and legally binding.

An online signature is just another term for electronic signature.

Can I use this signature maker tool for legal documents?
Yes, the signature you create here is fit for legal documents, as it has the same legal value as your physical signature. You can use it for any type of document, as long as both parties agree to sign the document in an electronic form.
How do I use the signature image that I downloaded from here?
The first thing you need to do before signing the document is to carefully check it, just like you would before be using a wet signature. If everything is correct, go to the signature field, upload the image you created, and press 'Add'. Go over it one more time and then you can click 'Done'.
Can I sign documents on mobile devices and how?

Mobile devices are gaining more ground every day, people often do more business from their smartphones than their laptops or PCs. And it's not surprising, considering how advanced and efficient mobile devices are. Whether you are using an Android or an iOS, there are e few steps you need to follow to electronically sign a document.

  • You need to open the application and the documents that need to be signed.
  • Find the 'Signature' button and click it.
  • You need to create your signature; either draw it using the touchpad or use a photo of a wet signature.
  • Click 'Accept'.
  • Place the signature at the right location and adjust it if necessary.
  • Check it and if it looks right, click 'Ok'. If something is wrong, click 'Delete' and start again.

Once signed, the document will be legally binding just like any other document that has your physical signature.

Are CocoDoc's eSignatures legally binding?
The signatures you create with CocoDoc are definitely legally binding. As long as you give your consent to submit this electronic signature, it will act exactly like the wet-signature you use on physical documents. Moreover, the document you have signed electronically will be admissible in any court.
Can I rename a document I have previously created?
Yes, you can change the name of any document you have created. Just click on the document's name, type the new name you want, and hit 'Enter'.
Is my privacy protected?

These electronic signatures have been designed with the user's privacy and safety as a top priority. You would be surprised to find out that your eSignature from CocoDoc is even safer than your physical one. Wet signatures are much easier to forge, while with an electronic one you get many layers of protection.

First of all, the location of the system is heavily protected; the platform benefits from data encryption, and all access is carefully verified. All the legal standards and regulations are followed exactly, making sure all your data is handled with the utmost security. From the most efficient firewalls and malware protection to the permanent security of the actual location of our system, everything is covered.

How to sign documents online?
PDFs are probably the most common documents people use in online businesses. But no matter what type of document you need to sign online, this is what you need to do. First, log in to CocoDoc; then, go to 'Sign a document' and upload the document you need to sign. Click 'Sign' and then upload your signature, adjust it if necessary, and click 'Done'.
What are the methods to sign documents online?
There are a few free methods of signing documents online. However, you should only use these if it's not a highly important or legal document. For the important ones, you need the type of security CocoDoc offers. Depending on the device you have, you can use Adobe Reader (for Windows), Preview (for Mac), Adobe Fill & Sign (for Android, iPhone, and iPad), or HelloSign for Chromebook.
Can I sign documents on Mac and how?

There are two options when it comes to signing documents on Mac. The first one would be to use Preview; you would have to physically sign a piece of paper, click the Markup coin, click the 'Signature' button, then 'Create a signature from', and then use your Mac's camera to take a picture of the signed paper and create your electronic signature.

But if you need to sign a lot of documents frequently, it's better to use a platform like CocoDoc, to create a signature that would work on any device and will be completely safe. Your CocoDoc electronic signature will have the same legal power as your physical one, and you will benefit from all the safety measures.

How to send a request for an electronic signature?

If you are the one preparing the document and requesting the signature, you will also find CocoDoc extremely user-friendly and helpful. Once you have created the document, go over it again and make sure it's as clear and to the point as possible, and well organized, as you may want to use that template again without spending too much time reviewing it.

This is particularly important for contracts. Upload the document to your CocoDoc account, insert the signature fields, and if necessary, leave comments to make it easier for the receiver to complete it properly. If there are multiple signers, you can set the order in which they will sign. Save the changes, and send the document by email to get it signed.

What is a wet signature and when is it required?
A wet signature is the traditional handwritten signature, with a pen on a piece of paper. It has been used for such a long time and is still requested in some situations. While there are obvious advantages to electronic and digital signatures, the wet signature is almost universally accepted all over the world. In certain cases, it's the only form of signature accepted and is sometimes paired with the presence of witnesses when you sign the document.
How to insert a signature in a Word document?

Word is probably the most popular software for documents, especially contracts, and other official or legal documents. And adding an electronic signature to a Word document is not only possible but also relatively easy. Here are the steps you need to take: create a handwritten signature on a piece of paper, scan it and save it to your computer, click 'Insert Tab', select 'Pictures', use the Picture Tools Format to adjust the signature, save the changes.

Store that picture on your computer and use it any time you want to insert the signature in a Word document. Just left-click on the location where you want to place the signature, and go to 'Insert', 'Signature line' and add the signature to the document. As you see, it's preferable to use CocoDoc to electronically sign your documents, both for convenience and for safety.

How to create documents from templates and send them to someone for signing?
To create a document, go to our 'Templates' section, choose the one that suits you, add all the information you need, and then click the 'Send' button. If you don't have an email list, add the recipient's email address. You can leave some of the fields available to edit for the recipient, so they can enter their data.
How to make changes to a document I created before?
CocoDoc automatically saves all the documents you create, and they are stored in your member account. Just log in, find the document you want, and press the 'Edit' button to make the changes. This updated version will also be saved automatically.

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