PDF Editor Features

Enjoy the ultimate convenience to edit, track, mark and alter your PDF documents in a smart manner with CocoDoc’s PDF editor!

Add Text Boxes

Make sure that every essential part in your PDF is well-featured and presented with textboxes.

Add Text

No more text field struggles! Type and insert texts anywhere in your PDF document painlessly.

Add Checkmark

Track your updates and indicate positive points by inserting a checkmark in a PDF document.

Add Date

Timestamp different areas of your PDF document or simply add a date to the document.

Undo and Redo

Track all changes in your PDF document with swift undo and redo functions.

Copy and Paste

Copy, paste, and edit different texts in a PDF document freely with the PDF editor.

Search and Replace Texts

Find texts quickly in your document and replace them with the help of CocoDoc’s PDF editor

Type in a PDF

Create a whole PDF document from scratch or make small edits with ease and efficiency.

Make Notes on a PDF

Explain certain texts by adding a note anywhere in your PDF document.

Online Spelling Checker

Don’t let the spelling warriors get you! Remove all errors in your PDF document effortlessly.

PDF Toolbar

Explore all the tools listed in the toolbar to edit PDF documents efficiently.


Revamp the way you present your PDF document with your creativity.