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  • Edit PDFs 
    • Customize your PDF by adding or removing text
    • Choose your favorable font type, size, and style
    • Add page numbers and website links in your PDF
    • Insert images, then resize and adjust the image resolution
    • Add and erase watermarks to the PDF documents
    • Personalize your file by inserting headers and footers
    • Insert bulleted list or numbered list, and align content in your file
    • Index and identify legal documents by using Bates numbering

    NOTE: Users can edit two PDFs for free every day. Subscribe to our plan to edit unlimited PDFs.

  • Available Space
  • Convert PDFs 
    • Convert from different popular file types to PDF
    • Support converting PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG
    • Split your PDFs into individual pages
    • Merge your multiple PDF files into one

    NOTE: Users can convert two PDFs for free every day. Subscribe to our plan to convert unlimited PDFs.

  • Erase, Highlight & Re-write PDFs
  • Manage PDF Pages
    • Personalize your PDF pages by reordering, rotating, removing, extracting, or changing the background.
    • Split your PDFs into different files
    • Insert other pages into your current PDF or extract pages from PDF
  • Highlight, Comment & Annotate PDFs 
    • Add comments, images, date, signature, cross, or check mark
    • Highlight, blackout, or erase text
  • Secure PDFs
    • Black out confidential information permanently by using the redaction feature
    • Password-protect your PDFs with 256-bit AES encryption
    • Make notes in your files and use measurement tools
    • Configure and manage permission levels
    • Create your own signature and add it to your document
    • Clean up the metadata from your PDF file
  • Create Personalized Forms
    • Customize your forms by yourself
    • Insert scripts and field control sequences
    • Add text box, check box and other elements in your form
    • Save your finalized PDF, then email or print it as you need
    • Import or export information from your forms
  • Create e-Signature
    • Add your own digital signature to the uploaded document and send the file online
    • Create and customize your personal contracts or templates
    • Invite other people to sign the PDF with you
    • Set reminder for your signees and track the signing progress
  • e-Signature Documents
  • Bank-Level Data Security
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Team Size
  • Role-based Advanced Workflows
  • Zapier Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • API
  • Priority Support
  • SSO support and custom user roles
  • Sign Documents from your mobile device
  • Use free iOS & Android applications
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