Add Page Numbers to PDF

How to Add Page Numbers to a PDF?

Read the 3 simple ways to add page numbers to PDF. Use CocoDoc online to insert page numbers into PDF or opt for the Wondershare and Acrobat apps. Add the page numbers and save in minutes.

PDF Compressor

10 Best PDF Compressors to Compress PDF Online

PDF compression is quite important when it comes to sending large files to people. This article introduces you to a variety of PDF compressors that provide exquisite services to its users.

How to Cite A PDF in APA & MLA Online

For writing any PDF file that contains important or new information, it is important to cite the document. The article has defined procedure citation in APA and MLA.

5 Best PDF Resizer to Resize PDF Online

The use of PDF files is common in both work and study environments. It is important to bring different tools on PDF editing for better use of people. In this article, viewers will get to know more about PDF tools and a detailed discussion on CocoDoc.

Crop PDF

How to Crop PDF Online

Want to learn how to Crop PDFs easily using a PDF Cropper? Check this article where we have given ways to utilize PDF Cropper using CocoDoc.

Excel to PDF

How to Convert XLSX to PDF

Looking for an XLSX to PDF Converter? Check out this tool and convert all your files conveniently. Access the advanced converters by downloading its mobile application.

Extract Images from PDF

How to Extract Image from PDF

Read on how to extract images from PDF using online tools. Get the pictures from the PDF document no matter where you are. Upload and store in your local device or use the cloud options.

Create Fillable PDF Forms Online

How to Draw on a PDF?

If you want to find out how to draw on a PDF online, here's the perfect guide for you.

How to Make a PDF Fillable And Editable?

With this article, you can know how to convert PDF documents into fillable forms. The layout, structure, and graphics of the PDF file will not change at all.

How To Make A PDF?

PDF file format is professional and secure for most business occasions. If you want to make a PDF online, here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

How to Type on a PDF?

There could be various reasons that you might want to type on a PDF. Here is how to type on a PDF with step by instructions. Find out.

How to Write on a PDF?

Do you need to write on a PDF online, but as PDF is non-editable, you cannot do so? CocoDoc is here at your rescue. Find out how you can write on a PDF within minutes.


How to Convert HTML to PDF

If you convert the HTML page into a PDF document, CocoDoc brings you the best method to convert HTML to PDF within minutes. Read on.

How to Convert HTML to PDF

Here is the list of the best and free HTML to PDF converters. Check and make the most of it within minutes. Read on.

JPG to PDF Converter

How to Change JPG to PDF

Looking for how to change JPG to PDF? CocoDoc offers an extremely user-friendly, free, online JPG to PDF converter tool which converts your images in just a few clicks.

How to Convert Image to JPG

Convert your images hassle-free with the CocoDoc Image to JPG converter. Edit, compress and add watermark using CocoDoc's free online image converter tool.

How to Convert JPEG to JPG

Don’t be stuck on how to convert JPEG to JPG. CocoDoc JPEG to JPG converter enables you to convert your large volume of files all at once.

How to Convert Image (JPG) to Excel

Converting an image to excel can be a simple task, just as long as you ensure that you get the most appropriate tool.

How to Convert/Change PNG to JPG

Don’t get confused on how to convert PNG to JPG. CocoDoc image converter is expert in converting these files. Convert your files NOW.

Merge PDF Files

How to Add Pages to PDF

Learn all about adding pages to a PDF without paying anything. Get to know more about other popular PDF tools that help you in doing this work within seconds.

How to Combine PDF Files

To Find out how to combine your PDF files online for free. Go through this article and you can know about top 3 tools that can help you well.

How to Merge PDF Files

Explore some ways in which you can merge PDF files online for free within minutes. Get to know about some of the best tools that can help you in doing it.

PDF Joiner - Best Way to Join PDF Files Online for Free

This article is about how to join PDF files online for free. If you have multiple PDF files, after reading this article you will learn how to join the articles to become one.

OCR PDF Online

How to OCR a PDF Online for Free

We have the tools for OCR PDF conversion. Convert PDF to OCR using CocoDoc online without downloading any tools. You can also use other alternatives, including Free PDF Online and Sejda.

Free PDF Converter

How to Convert Kindle to PDF

The Kindle eBooks can be saved easily by converting them to PDF files. This article details the most frequent methods to carry out the Kindle to PDF conversion.

10 Best PDF Printers

Online PDF printers have allowed users to adequately print out their important documents while keeping their format intact. With people adopting the concept of developing important documents across such platforms, this article states the 10 best PDF printers available in the market.

How to Convert a File to PDF

Nowadays, PDF converter tools are highly used due to their favorable interfaces and features. In this article, we will explain the best online PDF converter tool.

How to Scan Multiple Pages to PDF

In today's world, many enterprises prefer to use digital documents. In this article, we will describe how to scan your documents for daily life purposes.

How to Convert PDF to Kindle

PDFs are proven to be more challenging to read than Kindle files. This article aims to deliver the PDF to Kindle conversion tools to assist in reading and understanding the book.

PDF Viewer Online

10 Best PDF Readers & Viewers

PDF readers are being used everywhere as they can be opened online and on any operating system. Here, the article recognizes the top 10 PDF viewers that support many features.

PDF to Excel

10 Best PDF to Excel Converter

You don't need to download and install a third-party application if you use an online PDF to Excel converter.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online without Email

Creating and converting documents in any format is simple with CocoDoc. It allows users also to convert pdf to excel with ease.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

Sometimes, the conversion of a PDF file to an Excel file makes it easy to analyze data. Hence the need to pdf to excel converters.

PDF to JPG Converter

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

Are you looking for the best way to convert PDF to JPG for Free? CocoDoc brings you easy to use PDF to JPG converters. Know more.

How to Convert PDF to JPG

If you are looking for the best way to convert PDF as JPG, CocoDoc brings up the perfect solution to your problem. Read on to know more.

How to Save PDF as JPEG

If you are looking for the best way to convert and save PDF as JPEG, CocoDoc is your best bet. Know more about it in detail.

How to Save PDF as Image 2022

Are you looking for the best way to save PDF as Image? CocoDoc brings you the perfect way to save PDF as Image online.


How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

This article is about how to convert PDF files to PowerPoint format for free.

How to Convert PDF to Slideshow (PowerPoint)

Converting PDF to slides is possible online thanks to online PDF editors. Fortunately, the best online pdf editor applications offer free pdf to slideshow conversion.


How to Convert PPT to PDF

Are you looking for a simple solution to convert PPT to PDF? Try using CocoDoc’s online PPT to PDF converter for converting your PowerPoint presentation to PDF files for free.

How to Convert PPT to Word Online

Are you Looking for the easiest way to convert PPT to Word online? Check out CocoDoc’s free and easy-to-use PPT to Word converter and get your work done in seconds.

Password Protect PDF

How to Encrypt a PDF

If you want to learn how to encrypt your PDF, give this article a read!

Rotate PDF

How to Flip a PDF Online

Learn how to flip a PDF guideline and tools online. CocoDoc is one of the sites that will help you mirror PDF online and apply the changes. Also, see the Smallpdf alternative.

How to Permanently Rotate PDF

You can permanently rotate PDF online or use recommended apps. Try CocoDoc online and learn how to permanently rotate PDF in a few minutes. Also, check the PDFChef and Smallpdf alternatives.

How to Rotate a PDF

We have four easy ways to rotate a PDF. You can learn how to rotate a PDF using online tools like CocoDoc. See other options for Windows and Mac users. More alternatives include Google Drive.

eSign PDF Online

10 Best Signature Makers to Create Digital Signature Online

Signature generators are pretty standard in the contemporary market for following effective signing procedures. This article introduces you to a variety of effective signature generators that are available in the market.

How to Create A Digital Signature and Sign PDF for Free

Signing documents is among those daily tasks that hold extreme importance in the professional world. This article introduces users to unique methods that would allow users to create digital signature for free.

How to Digitally Sign A PDF Online for Free

Electronic signatures have maintained a very efficient method of signing documents in no time. This article presents a guide explaining how to sign a PDF with the help of tools such as CocoDoc.

Split PDF

How to Save One Page of a PDF

If you wish to learn how you can save a page of a PDF, give this article a read.

How to Split a PDF

Learn about some of the best apps that help you in splitting PDF in online mode without paying. Know how these apps work and on Windows and Mac for free.

Unlock PDF

How to Print Secured PDF Files

You can unlock PDF if you want to print a secured one. Remove password from PDF using CocoDoc, among other solutions. Other applicable ways are available too.

How to Remove Password from PDF

To protect sensitive content in PDF documents, creators encrypt them with a password. It is a sure way of protecting private and confidential information.

How to Unlock PDF Online

We have ways to unlock PDF and access the locked content. Use CocoDoc to unlock PDF online within minutes. Other methods include the Acrobat option.

Add Watermark to PDF

How to Remove Watermark From PDF

A watermark in a PDF file is a common way of protecting documents against copyright theft. However, it can be a distraction when reading.

Word to PDF Converter

How to Convert Word (DOCX) to PDF

Looking for an online solution to convert Word to PDF? Use this solution and convert any file within a few seconds. Get the latest solution to convert files.