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Why Should You Join the CocoDoc Affiliate Program?

Higher Commission Rates

CocoDoc offers an 80% commission across every sale made, which is quite higher than any other affiliate program present in the market. 120 Days Sales Tracking - you never lose your customer.

Higher Average Order Value

Our website and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry, which we assure our users can gain maximum money out of our affiliate program.

Effective Marketing Materials

You can easily access our pre-designed texts, banners, and content to have it promoted in the form of affiliate links across your pages.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get dedicated support from our affiliate manager on the guide in promoting our product.

Monthly Payout

You will receive your referral payment after every 30 days from CocoDoc's affiliate program.

Analytics Dashboard Tool

Observe your referral statuses, track your referral sales, and get a hold of your commission record through the dashboard.

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How Does It Work?


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Redeem your Commission

You will gain 80% commission from every purchase made for CocoDoc through your platform.


How is the tracking of your sales carried out?
Being an affiliate, you are provided with unique links that you have taken as a referral to our product. With these links, CocoDoc tracks all the sales and traffic.
What type of website traffic does CocoDoc accept in its affiliate program?
Users should note that we don't accept websites of gambling, sex, drug abuse, and discount for our referrals. Any purchase made from these websites will not be welcomed. Our approach revolves around popular websites with a large social and organic following. You can also contact our affiliate manager to get to know more about traffic operations.
Is there any cost of being an affiliate for CocoDoc?
Users do not have to pay anything to become CocoDoc affiliates. Affiliates are accepted based on the submitted applications.
Do we accept promotions through pay-per-click search engines?
CocoDoc encourages its affiliates to promote the product through pay-per-click search engines. This method is quite trending and is becoming popular among affiliates for promoting products. Thus, CocoDoc allows its affiliates to use this process. However, affiliates are not allowed to bid over CocoDoc's brand name.
How does CocoDoc keep their affiliate updated about their tracking record of the referral?
CocoDoc's affiliate program is powered by Post Affiliate Pro, which is known to be a leading tracking software in the market. It uses cookies and IP addresses for authenticating the tracking of the referrals.
How are the payments handled?
Users can obtain their payments through PayPal with a minimum payout of $100.
Is there any limit to the commission that I can receive?
There are no limits to the amount of commission that you can receive. The more purchases an affiliate can manage, the greater amount you can earn out of it.
Shall I receive a review copy of CocoDoc?
If you are interested in reviewing our products through video tutorials or screenshots after experiencing it yourself, please contact us for a free license. This offer is only valid for affiliates that have sold CocoDoc or referred it across a good number of customers or different channels.

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