How to Highlight in PDF?

The digital age has brought about innovation on all fronts; one of such innovations is portable documents. It's almost impossible not to have a PDF file amongst your documents. Asides from the fact that these documents are easy to access, they also offer a premium reading experience.

There are many exciting benefits when it comes to PDFs, but one issue still stands out, editing and highlighting pdf. It doesn't take any special skill to learn how to highlight in pdf. The PDF highlighter is a useful tool that helps highlight pdf online.

What is a PDF highlighter?

There are many times when you feel the need to underscore a particular text in your PDF. Also, you might want to make a section stand out of the text for team members; this is exactly where the PDF highlighter comes in. It's a tool that shows you how to highlight in PDF by just dragging your cursor over that section.

Although the tool is quite handy when it comes to highlighting a pdf, The PDF highlighter is quite versatile in use. Asides from highlighting texts, you can also use it to read and preview your PDF. It also serves the purpose of helping you add and remove texts, insert various shapes, and fill forms.

You also get to customize your texts to various shades of colors while using the pdf highlighter. The tool helps you get creative with your texts while also giving you total freedom while editing. There are myriad colors available on the pdf highlighter, and you get to choose any one of those. The PDF highlighter also saves your last color as your default color for better ease of use.

How to highlight texts in a PDF?

Certain pdf highlighters let you seamlessly use the highlight pdf option on the tool. You immediately notice an annotation element on your document when you begin the process of highlighting your pdf. When you decide to highlight a section of texts within a paragraph in your pdf, that section becomes a separate entity. Here are simple steps to follow while highlighting texts in a PDF;

  • Click on the file and open it with your desired pdf editor. This pdf editor must be the type that's capable of highlighting pdf.
  • Locate and select the highlight tool in the toolbar of the highlighter. Some highlighters have this tool as an icon.
  • Click on the highlighter icon as soon as you locate it on the toolbar.
  • You then get to choose from two different highlight modes; freehand highlighter and text highlighter. Each of these modes has its peculiarities; choose one that fits your style.
  • Drag your cursor over the entire area of the text you would like to highlight.
  • You can now proceed to pick the color and thickness of highlighted texts. There are lots of available colors in the highlighter tool. The thickness of the highlighted text also depends on how you want the section to stand out.
  • Once you're done highlighting texts in your pdf, you can then proceed to save the file.

How to remove highlights from a PDF?

While you might want to know how to add a highlight to your text, there's also a need for you to know how to remove these highlights. Certain scenarios will have you needing to remove previously highlighted texts in your PDF. The process of removing these highlights is almost the same as that of adding them. Here are some simple steps to follow when removing highlights from your pdf;

  • Click and open the pdf that has highlighted text with your preferred PDF highlighter.
  • Place your cursor over the highlighted text and click on it. Right-click on the highlighted text section and choose the 'delete' option.
  • Proceed to locate other areas with highlighted texts in your document.
  • Repeat this process for other highlighted areas of the text one after the other. Ensure that you don't mistakenly delete texts that aren't within the highlighted area.
  • Once you're sure that you've fully removed all of the highlights from your text, proceed to save the document.

How to change the highlight color in a PDF?

There are several instances where you might want to alter or change the highlight color in your PDF. Even though there are many ways to go about this process, it's always advisable that you use a single highlighter. If you create the highlight with a different PDF editor tool, it might be difficult to change the highlight color.

You can change the highlight color while actively working on the document or even alter it after a while. The color picker tool is ideal in the first scenario, while the toolbar has a color editing tool in the latter option. Simple steps to follow to change the highlight color in a PDF;

Change highlight color for highlighted texts

  • Click on the highlighted text, and a property bar pops up.
  • A color grid appears on the property bar when you open it. This color grid gives you access to a variety of colors.
  • Click on your preferred color for the highlighted text.
  • Save your document.

Change highlight color during active editing

  • Click on edit mode
  • Right Click on the highlighted text area
  • Choose properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Proceed to pick a color from the color cycle under the property menu.
  • Save your document.

The use of PDFs makes one enjoy the whole process of reading bulky and long texts. The interface on most PDF readers also helps in this regard. Beyond the reading of texts, there's a need for much more functionalities in PDF readers. There will always be a need for you to edit and make a highlight on PDF.

However, a large number of these PDF readers do not offer an option that shows you how to highlight a pdf. This is where a PDF highlighter comes in; a tool that gives you the option of reading and highlighting sections of the texts in a PDF. This article sheds some light on the basics regarding how to highlight pdfs.