How to Edit a PDF on Mac?

In contrast to popular belief, it doesn't take an expert to edit a pdf on Mac. Also, you do not need to pay outrageous fees for this purpose as there are lots of simple PDF editing tools. The process of editing PDF on Mac is almost the same as every other platform. You get accustomed to the entire process within a few tries.

In recent times, people have developed various tools that help in editing PDFs. Some of these tools are available on the windows operating system as well as mobile platforms. Despite recent innovations, many people do not know how to edit a pdf on Mac.

How to edit a PDF on Mac?

PDF Expert remains one of the best Mac editing PDF tools out there. The tool is simple, and it's free. The device is often preinstalled on the Mac platform, but you can always download it at any time. PDF Expert allows you to perform a wide range of operations on your PDF files. You get to edit your PDF, add and highlight texts, and transfer multiple pages from one PDF to another.

The process of editing the PDF is intuitive, especially for non-techies. Once you complete the installation of the tool, you can then proceed to edit all of your PDFs. Click on the "edit" button on the taskbar and proceed to select the text item. The tool allows you to choose whichever portion of the text you wish to edit afterward.

How to add texts to a PDF on Mac?

There are many occasions where you might want to add certain texts to your PDF. It becomes worrisome if you have to pay for premium software to get the job done. PDF Expert makes it easy to add extra texts to your PDF on Mac. The whole process is highlighted below;

  • Launch PDF preview on your Mac and select tools on the taskbar.
  • Select annotate and proceed to click on text/note.
  • A text/note box immediately pops up on your document; click on it.
  • Click on the text/note box and start typing out your texts.
  • As soon as you finish typing your text, close the text box by clicking outside of it.
  • Drag the text/note field to your desired location in the document.
  • There is also an option to customize the font and color of your text via the toolbar. Select "view" and proceed to click on "show markup bar."

How to tick (checkmark) a box in a PDF on Mac

You might likely want to add a checkmark to your PDF at some point. This checkmark could either be a tick or cross in a box. You can easily add across to the box by clicking on the "X" key. However, the process of adding a tick is not so straightforward.

  • Locate the textbox on the tools bar (T in a square icon).
  • You can then click on the icon and drag the text box directly to the exact point you want to add the tick.
  • On your Mac keyboard, type option/alt and V simultaneously. This is the method for typing Tick on Mac. If you don't like the appearance of the checkmark in your document, you can change it via the font icon.
  • Once you are satisfied with the overall appearance of the tick/checkmark, you can proceed to copy and paste it into parts of your document.

How to copy texts from a PDF on Mac

There are many times when it becomes necessary for you to transfer text elements from one document to another one. While this process might seem straightforward when dealing with doc files, it's different with PDFs. Most PDF editors do not even add this option, and it becomes a real task to copy texts from your PDF. With the preview PDF editor, you can easily copy texts from a PDF on Mac.

  • Locate the text selection icon on the task menu. It has an uppercase and lowercase A as its icon.
  • Click on the text selection icon and immediately find the specific section of text you wish to copy.
  • Highlight the texts and proceed to right-click; the copy option comes up amongst the pop-up menu. You can also use the Command + C shortcut to achieve the same result.
  • You can now paste your text into any part of the PDF document.

How to make notes and comments to a PDF on Mac

It's often difficult to add notes or comments to PDF files when you most need that feature. There are lots of instances where you want to alert your colleagues of certain errors in a PDF. It could also be a case of you needing to be reminded of a certain section in the text. You can now perform these actions on your document via PDF editors on Mac.

  • Click on the square icon that has three lines on the inside. This immediately creates a yellow box in the specific area you previously highlighted.
  • Type in your comments or notes within the yellow box. When you're done typing your text, click outside of the box to close it.
  • The box will immediately reduce into a smaller yellow square.
  • You can view the content of your notes at any time by clicking on the aforementioned yellow square.

How to rearrange and add pages to a PDF on Mac

One big bother for most people who edit their PDFs on Mac centers on the process of rearranging and adding pages to their PDF. At some point, you will feel the need to add some extra pages to your document, and the PDF editor on Mac offers a unique method to achieve this goal.

  • Locate and click on the View menu button on the taskbar.
  • Choose thumbnails to have an overview of all the pages in that particular document.
  • From the thumbnail view, you can now drag a new PDF page to the sidebar.
  • You can also shuffle the PDF pages by rearranging the thumbnails until you get your desired page placing. Drag the thumbnail across the sidebar until you're satisfied with the result. The thumbnail preview also lets you remove any page in the document. Just click on the thumbnail of that particular page and press delete.

How to reduce a PDF file size on Mac

Since you want to fit a lot of words and pictures into your PDF, there's still a need to watch the size. The size of your PDF becomes important when you're trying to send that file to someone else. In other situations, it might be a case of you trying to upload the file to a website. Certain websites have size limits for file upload, and this is where the need for you to reduce your PDF becomes a necessity.

  • Save your file by clicking on the file, then save. You can also use the Command + S shortcut key.
  • A drop-down menu appears right beside the Quartz filter, click on it and choose the reduce file size option. Proceed to save the file by clicking "Save." The file is then saved in a much smaller size.

The use of PDF in formal settings has slowly become a norm. These portable files bring utmost convenience in terms of quick and seamless reading of texts. However, these files can be a real pain in the ass when editing pdf on Mac.

For some reason, many people do not know how to edit a pdf on Mac. The preview PDF editor makes it possible to edit PDF Mac free. This article helps you answer various questions on how to edit a pdf on a Mac. You can be sure of good results when you follow the steps outlined for editing pdf on Mac.