How to Write on a PDF?

For non-editable documents like PDFs, it may appear unthinkable for anyone to easily write on a PDF without first converting to Word format. This article brings good tidings because they are now possible!

You can formerly share or print PDFs solely but now such documents can be edited on the go either from a desktop or mobile device. To help navigate the tricky nature of writing on a PDF, you'll need a good online PDF editor.

There are several free and premium online PDF editors all over the net so I have curated only the best, showing you simple steps on how to use it. Now, we can edit away!

How to Write on a PDF for Free

Anyone can easily write on a PDF using free and simple editing tools with these easy steps. Several internet tools like CocoDoc can offer this same function. Here are the basic steps:

  • Upload File

There are several ways to achieve this. Either you use a drag-and-drop feature, or upload from Google Drive, DropBox, or desktop files. Be certain that CocoDoc provides extra security for protecting files.

  • Add Edits

CocoDoc offers a variety of tools and functions including add text and images, signatures, erase text, and change fonts on PDFs. Then, preview your edits and be sure you have all you desired.

  • Save and Download

Once all editing is complete, then you can click Save and the edited PDF file will be downloaded on your device.

5 Best Free PDF Writers

  • Smallpdf

This is a free, online array of converters designed to help you write on PDFs, edit, merge, sign and convert them. Since it operates online using any internet browser, Smallpdf is an incredible and comprehensive free PDF writer.

All you need to do is access the Smallpdf Editor online and upload your desired file by clicking Add Text. Then, you can start writing. Be sure to adjust the size, font, and color of the text as you wish using the top menu bar.

Smallpdf free PDF writer also allows you to import images, shapes and also draw on PDFs as you desire. When it is complete, click Apply while you save the changes and download the file.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs isn't only an online word reader, but also an online tool for writing on PDFs. This tool includes online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and can be used as an online converter.

Users can use Google Docs to perform basic operations like compiling a list of items, adding tables, images, comments, changing fonts, and also sorting by columns. You access all these completely for free!

Simply go to Google Docs and log in with your Google account. If you don't have this, start by creating a Google account first. Then, upload a file by clicking the tiny icon on the lower right corner of the interface.

After uploading, click the drop icon that reads, Open with Google Docs and then open the PDF. When this happens, you can easily write on the PDF and edit as you wish.

  • DocFly

DocFly is an incredible free PDF writer to assist you in writing and completing a series of edits on a PDF. Individuals and small business owners can meet their basic editing needs using the online PDF editor.

Some tasks DocFly can perform include filling PDF forms, adding signatures, erasing sections of a PDF, adding text and images, highlighting and marking up texts.

First, go to DocFly on your web browser and Add File by using the drag-and-drop feature or Clicking Upload to choose a file. Be rest assured because your uploads are secured via HTTPS. Then begin editing.

Since DocFly is forever on the cloud, this means you're dealing with the latest version whenever you access it. It doesn't require any lengthy updates or software downloads—pretty easy to use!

  • EasePDF

As the name suggests, EasePDF focuses on enhancing ease for writing on PDFs. You need only an internet connection to use this free PDF editor as it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android Operating Systems.

When you navigate the EasePDF, access the Edit PDF icon by clicking the All PDF tools Tab. Now you're able to upload the document from Google Drive, DropBox, or the web by clicking Add File.

EasePDF offers two ways of editing PDF files. You can input a signature by clicking the corresponding button in the toolbar. Also, you may upload images as supported in this online tool. Be sure to click Save once you're finished.

  • Adobe Reader DC

Another fantastic online free PDF editor is the Adobe Reader DC for Desktop. Here you can change text and edit images on the go without leaving your PDF.

You should first download Adobe Reader DC for Desktop from its website and then open the software. Click on File, and then Open to upload the file from your device.

Then click on the Edit PDF tool to access all editing tools. Click the Add Text button to start writing on your PDF. Here, you may add whatever text you wish, change the fonts, size, and color of the text in the menu bar.

Adobe Reader DC is an all-intensive free online editor that provides additional tools to further edit the file. Download for free from using Windows, Mac, or Android OS.

Now you can see it's possible to write on a PDF for free. There's no easier way to do this other than applying the steps outlined above.

Give your PDF documents a professional touch by using any of these 5 best Free PDF writers. You'll see that writing on PDFs can become fun!