Top 10 PDF Makers

A PDF maker is considered excellent and topnotch when it's easy to understand and use with strong compatibility features. A free and online PDF maker makes it easy to create a pdf file without having to pay for a subscription.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF files are fantastic and easy ways to share information whether for business, education, or general use. It is an open document for exchanging electronic documents like application forms, user manuals, eBooks, scanned documents, videos, graphics, images, and web pages. It can be secured with a password and displayed on any device.

Some online PDF makers make it easy to create a PDF file without having to pay a dime. The amazing thing about PDF files is no matter what device you used to view them or what type of program you used to open them, the content doesn't change.

Below, we have combined a list of the top 10 free PDF makers online:

1. CocoDoc

CocoDoc is an online PDF maker that can easily convert and edit your PDF files as long as you have a good browser and strong internet connection. The application allows adding texts, links, images, and signatures to PDF documents. CocoDoc allows sharing PDF files with Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. The app is tightly secured since it's been used for official and personal purposes. CocoDoc also allows you to upload and download your PDF files from any computer, using Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, etc.

CocoDoc can be easily accessed by any OS with internet browsers, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. For better performance, it is advised you use browsers like Chrome, Explorer +10, Safari, and Firefox.


  • CocoDoc has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • It does not require downloading the software on any device.


  • CocoDoc is currently not offering any desktop version.

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Inc. The family comprises Acrobat Reader, Acrobat, and

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF maker that enables you to view, create, manipulate, print, and manage files in PDF. This software allows you to view PDFs offline and online. It also allows you to create, edit, manage, sign, send and print PDF files with ease.

Adobe Acrobat supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android phones, and Windows phones.


  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.
  • It has top-notch features.


  • It may not be suitable for small businesses and individuals due to the cost.

3. PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is an online PDF maker that creates a PDF file from Microsoft Windows documents. This free PDF maker is fast and easy to work with. It comprises a user-friendly interface that prints PDF from any Windows application.

Using PrimoPDF allows users to utilize the print option to save documents in PDF format.


  • It possesses high-quality conversion to PDF.
  • It's easy to use.
  • It processes conversion very quickly.
  • It creates PDFs from a wide range of formats.


  • Ads are often shown on Primo PDF.
  • PrimoPDF easily freezes and crashes randomly.

How to Create PDF file with PrimoPDF

Creating a PDF file on your computer or mobile phone with PrimoPDF is very easy.

Step 1- Visit, download and install PrimoPDF software and open it on your computer.

Step 2- Open the file you wish to convert to PDF.

Step 3- Go to the File tab of the program and click Print. Alternatively, pressing CTRL P in any Windows program will bring up the Print dialog window.

Step 4- From the Print menu, select PrimoPDF from the list of printers as your computer already recognizes PrimoPDF as a printer and click OK.

Step 5- PrimoPDF's tool will open and you now must choose a PDF Creation profile.

Step 6- Select a location you would like to save the document by clicking Save As and then click Create PDF.

4. Soda PDF

Another great PDF maker online is Soda PDF.

Soda PDF is a family of applications used to open, view, create, convert, edit, secure and share PDF files. The software was developed by LULU Software, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The amazing thing about this PDF maker is that it can be used on any device you want, including computers, mobile phones, or tablets. Soda PDF can also be used to convert your created PDF files to other formats like Office documents Word, Excel, and PPT.


  • Soda PDF is easy to use.
  • It does not just convert files to PDF, it also edits and converts multiple documents.
  • It has a large cloud storage space from Wondershare Document Cloud.


  • The free trial has limited features.
  • 5. Sejda

    Sejda is an excellent tool for creating and editing PDF files. It is simple and easy to use. It can convert HTML to PDF. Its significant features are OCR and online and desktop versions.


    • No watermarks.
    • It doesn't require registration.
    • It auto-deletes files online after 2 hours.


    • It is not as secure as other PDF editors.

    6. PDFelement

    PDFelement enables you to create and edit PDFs with ease. It also allows you to create PDFs from Word, Excel, PPT, and other file formats. PDFelement is one of the easiest ways to create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents on Windows and Mac.


    • It is an excellent Windows 10 PDF editor.
    • Its amazing features include annotating, filling PDF forms, and adding a signature.


    • Password removal is not possible.
    • Format changes in writing texts.

    7. PDF-XChange editor

    Another PDF maker that is free and easy to use is PDF-XChange editor. PDF-XChange Editor is a free PDF editing program for Windows computers developed by Tracker Software. It has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which means that it still recognizes texts and allows you to edit them even if your original PDF document is a photocopy. PDF-XChange Editor also allows you to reformat text and convert it into fonts that aren't already on your computer.


    • It permits you to edit texts.
    • It possesses OCR.


    • It watermarks documents.

    8. PDFescape

    PDFescape is a cloud-based software that enables businesses to create, view and share PDF files. It has top-notch security and password protection. Its significant features include file compression, electronic signature, document merging, print to PDF, and storage. PDFescape supports Windows, Web App, and Mac.

    It is developed by Red Software, PDFescape is written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ASP.


    • It has an online and desktop version.
    • It is easy to use and doesn't even need to be downloaded and installed.


    • Uploading has a limit of 10MB and 100 pages for the online version.

    9. PDF Converter Elite

    The PDF converter is a PDF maker that is easy to use and has an advanced level of security. It can convert Word, Excel, PPT, and image files into PDF documents. The online PDF converter works perfectly on all devices and popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It supports Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF & GIF.


    • It allows for file conversion and optical character recognition
    • It's easy to use with nice customer service.


    • It doesn't support signature generation.
    • Document archiving & retention are not available.

    10. Nitro PDF

    Nitro PDF is an online PDF creator that is used to create, edit, sign, and secure PDF files and digital documents. It creates PDFs from any Windows application and from over file formats.


    • It supports over 300 formats.
    • It uses drag-and-drop to easily create PDFs.


    • It cannot convert PDF to eBook formats.
    • It can be slow while processing PDF conversions.

    Before the use of the Portable Document Format, sharing information and documents in business organizations such as banks, insurance companies, schools, and other institutions was very difficult and cumbersome until the introduction of PDF in 1990. Now, documents can be sent from a device with just a click to another device. These documents can be organized by excellent PDF makers with top-notch features, a user-friendly interface, and amazing speed.

    As the name implies, it is portable and can be viewed on any device. It has top-notch security as it has a feature that can allow the viewer to edit the document sent to them or not. It is a fast way of sending documents without having to go through long processes.

    PDF is a universal file format because it is designed to be viewed on any platform or device including smartphones and tablets. PDF has made sharing of documents between two or more devices easier than it used to be.

    A PDF file is the best format to send because it has the perfect balance of file size, compatibility, and quality.

    A lot of PDF makers provide a wide range of amazing features for organizing PDF files. They also have more free trials that one can take advantage of before deciding to pay for a subscription. PDF is a common and easy way of sharing information for any purpose or occasion, these online PDF makers make the entire process easier. They can save you from all the retyping and data input. Converting a document from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint or any other format to PDF is easy and short as long as there is a good browser and strong internet browsers