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PDF Editor FAQ

With the recent shooting in Florida school that left 17 people dead (currently estimated) and many other injured, what are your thoughts on the second amendment and gun laws of our country?

I’ve yet to see a single person that is able to provide a rational counter argument no matter where I post this comment.I’m European and live in the EU. How did gun control help France, Norway, Belgium, etc? Yes we have "less" mass shootings than the US, but when we have a mass shooting here in Europe there are more victims than all of the US mass shootings in the past few years COMBINED. And what about the fact that you can get an AK47 in Belgium in like 30 minutes for €1000? That’s some real gun control right there.Then there are other forms of mass murder like the idiot pilot that flew his plane into a mountain. And truck attacks? Do you demand a truck ban? Truck control? The biggest problem with anti-gunners is that they are brainwashed to the point where every time they demand "action" and "change" the only thing that’s in their brain exclusively is gun ban, gun control. Their mind is on a loop. "Ban those evil assault machine rifles!!" Perhaps if you turned sane for half a minute you'd realize the solution is right in front of us.You don’t mind armed security protecting your cash in the bank, and you don’t mind kids seeing armed security in the bank, but you don’t want armed personnel protecting kids in school? And hell no, not teachers, some of them can barely be trusted with teaching, I wouldn’t trust them with playing commando if shit goes south UNLESS they served in the military first.Banks? Armed guards. Airports? Armed guards. Airplanes? Air Marshals aka armed guards. Major sporting events? Armed guards. Schools? We advertise them as gun free zones and can’t figure out why they’re being targeted. There are literally thousands and thousands of veterans who are more than fit both mentally and physically to do the job, and would be happy to do it too. And spare me with your "but gun control worked in other Euro nations and Australia" bullshit. There are also US states that never had a mass shooting, and they have lax gun laws, and their murder rate is the same as western Europe, Australia, and Canada.

How do you feel about the Florida school shooting, and what should happen to prevent tragedies like this from happening in the U.S.?

Wording of the question when I was asked to answer: How do you feel about the Florida school shooting, and what should happen to prevent stuff like this from happening in the U.S.?I feel terrible about it, just as I feel terrible about the 71 people who died in a plane crash in Russia last week. Unexpected loss of life, especially in situations in which one expects to be safe, is always terrible.That said, flying remains the safest form of travel, and school age children are less likely to die in their classrooms than they are in the family car traveling to and from school.Back in 1975, David Melton wrote “Burn the schools--save the children,” in which, if I recall correctly (my copy is still in storage from my recent move), he asserted that the primary cause of drug use in young people was compulsory schooling. If a lot of youngsters at the well-known “rebellious age” are forced to spend their days in a place they actively dislike, one might predict the result would be anti-social behavior of various sorts.I think it is possible that one reason for school shootings may be that the shooters have a lot of anger toward the school they attend (or attended) and toward schools in general.Violence in schools is a real problem. Here is some of what the Centers for Disease Control found in studying school violence:School associated violent deaths are rare.31 homicides of school-age youth, ages 5 to 18 years, occurred at school during the 2012-2013 school year.Of all youth homicides, less than 2.6% occur at school, and this percentage has been relatively stable for the past decade.In 2014, there were about 486,400 nonfatal violent victimizations at school among students 12 to 18 years of age. 1Approximately 9% of teachers report that they have been threatened with injury by a student from their school ;5% of school teachers reported that they had been physically attacked by a student from their school.In 2013, 12% of students ages 12–18 reported that gangs were present at their school during the school year.In a 2015 nationally representative sample of youth in grades 9-12:7.8% reported being in a physical fight on school property in the 12 months before the survey.5.6% reported that they did not go to school on one or more days in the 30 days before the survey because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to or from school.4.1% reported carrying a weapon (gun, knife or club) on school property on one or more days in the 30 days before the survey.6.0% reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property one or more times in the 12 months before the survey.0.2% reported being bullied on school property and 15.5% reported being bullied electronically during the 12 months before the survey.So I’m going to suggest that we need to take a hard look at the environment in which this violence is happening — and not put too much stock in school people saying it’s all coming in from outside. Some is; but I suspect a lot isn’t.Ever since I was a consultant on schools and schooling in the 1960s and ‘70s, I have been saying that we need to get away from schooling and move toward helping children learn. In the 21st century that probably does not require big factory schools where violence incubates.

Did the deputy at the Parkland, Florida school shooting follow police procedure or was the deputy negligent in his duties?

I have one school of thought.First and foremost if you the officer(s) decide to run in a building willey-nilly without situational awareness you the officer are most likely committing suicide.In the fog of the moment you have to know who, what,when, where is the shooter, how many and where they are. What do they look like. Are there explosives or booby traps?I bet there were so many 911 calls with conflicting information,yelling and screaming over the phone that needs to be sorted before relaying to the officers.The second officers that arrive a few minutes later has to process this same information. They also in a fog because they are the secondary meaning they are not the incident commander because that is the honor of the first officer on scene.I think sheriff Israel was in a real hurry to throw somebody under the bus to cover his own ass. I think that will come out as time goes by.Finally, I think that this department only conducted one or two active shooter classes, so training was not reinforced with repetitiveness.The first officer was probably waiting for a supervisor to give some orders either over the air or upon arrival.The entire incident happened within a minute or two then the shooter blended into the panic if the children and snuck out.So the whole thing was over within a few minutes. Each officers probably didn't know that the other officers were there so there was no unity of effort or coordination for planning.Remember the fire alarm is blasting , so is it a fire or active shooter situation.As a side note, one student watched the shooter reload his gun missing the opportunity to physically engage the shooter. The shooter while reloading the that student to get out.That student could have saved a few life's himself.

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I realize these reviews do nothing for someone who has a current problem with CocoDoc. Hopefully my review will help many people going forward however. I received a confirmation for a renewal that I did not authorize this charge. Furthermore, the charge went through my PayPal and I did NOT have my PayPal information saved in my CocoDoc account profile. I just triple-checked. This means your company is illegally saving my PayPal account information and illegally charging my PayPal account. There is NO way on their website to cancel your subsciption. There not one single option for a live person via phone or even chat. This is a pathetic and weak-minded lack example of accountability and customer service. Tobee Wu the CEO and Founder should be ashamed of operating such an unethical business. You yourself are pathetic.

Justin Miller