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What historical fact blows your mind?

Lina Medina- the World's Youngest Mother(Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know)Eighty years ago on 14th May 1939, a Peruvian child became the youngest confirmed mother in history when she gave birth at the age of five years, seven months, and 21 days.On September 23, 1933 in the Huancavelica Region of Peru, Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado was born to Tiburelo Medina a silversmith and Victoria Losea a homemaker. She had eight siblings.[1]Shortly after her 5th birthday, Lina was taken to hospital by her parents amid concerns that she had a cancerous growth causing her abdomin to rapidly expand.[2] Initially, Dr. Gerardo Lozada diagnosed Lina as being seven months pregnant, consulting specialists and other fellow doctors seeking confirmation.[3] The diagnosis was an unusual one and Dr. Lozada immediately contacted the police.The police first arrested Lina’s father suspecting incest and child abuse, but later released him due to lack of evidence. One of Lina’s siblings, who was mentally challenged, also came under scrutiny but there was no evidence implicating him as the child’s father.[4]In an article about the case, published in an October 1955 wire service, author Luis Leon reported that many of the remote Indian villages of Peru hold regular religious festivals throughout the year that still maintain a strong pre-Christian atmosphere and frequently devolve into group sex and sometimes rape.[5]It is not unheard of for children to be present at, or at least not far from, these revelries.[6] In the absence of a confession or other facts about Lina Medina’s case, including her own observed difficulty with giving clear statements, this provides a plausible, if not exactly proven, potential source for the sexual intercourse that had to happen for her to get pregnant.(Lina Medina: The 5-year-old Mother)Her baby was delivered via Caesarean section since her pelvis and bone maturation was insufficient for a normal delivery to take place.[7] The family revealed that Lina had started ovulating when she was just 8 months old and had started menstruating at the age of 3.[8] She had started showing signs of development and had prominent breast development and widening of the pelvis at an early age. She possessed fully mature sexual organs from a condition known as precocious puberty.[9]By an odd coincidence, the birth occurred on Mothers Day in 1939. [10] The baby weighed 6.0 lb. (2.7 kg) and was named Gerardo Medina after her doctor.[11] The identity of the child’s father remains a mystery, as well as the circumstances of her impregnation and in all likelihood she didn’t know herself. What Lina did know was that she was the victim of sexual abuse.Lina’s parents took a firm stand protecting the privacy of their child and rejected all offers of filming or using Lina’s condition for their financial gains.[12] Several institutions and research facilities offered to study Lina and her son, but her parents objected to their daughter and grandson spending their childhoods in research facilities.(Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar ||| Medina, Lina)Under the circumstances, Gerardo had a normal childhood. Gerardo was raised believing that Lina was his sister, but found out at the age of ten that she was actually his mother.[13] Dr. Lozada took Lina under his care and guidance and made sure she received a proper education.[14] He also ensured Gerardo would receive all the help he needed and paid for his schooling as well. She worked as a secretary at the Lima clinic and assisted Dr. Lozada.[15]Despite the obvious mechanics of reproduction, how was it possible that Lina gave birth at the age of 5?Precocious puberty refers to an abnormally early onset of puberty. A sequence of events occurs during which a child develops into a young adult beginning at an unexpectedly early age.[16] Glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to function abnormally early in life resulting in this condition.[17] Often, the exact cause of precocious puberty is not known.Classically, in North America, puberty is considered precocious if it begins before age 8 in girls or age 9 in boys.[18] Recently, most likely because of increasing weight in the population, puberty appears to be having an earlier age of onset. According to the Mayo Clinic, it affects nearly 200,000 boys and girls per year.[19]Secondary sexual characteristics include testicular enlargement (>3 ml) and/or pubic hair development in boys,[20] and breast and/or pubic hair development in girls.[21] Other signs suggestive of pubertal onset include acne, growth acceleration, voice changes, vaginal discharge or bleeding, and advanced skeletal maturation.[22]Precocious puberty can occur in several forms. Normally, the hypothalamus initiates puberty by stimulating the pituitary to release gonadotropins (FSH and LH), the hormones which control growth and function of the sex organs.[23] When gonadotropins are released, synthesis and secretion of sex steroids (such as estrogen, progesterone or testosterone) occur, leading to development of secondary sexual characteristics.[24] If this occurs prematurely, a child starts to develop secondary sexual characteristics and proceeds to sexual maturity at an unexpectedly early age. Since the maturing of one’s bones is usually accelerated by this condition, early fusion of the growth plates occurs, resulting in shortening of adult stature.[25] However, during childhood, children with precocious puberty are often taller than their peers.Central precocious puberty (CPP) can be caused by CNS tumors (craniopharyngioma, glioma, etc.) and other CNS disorders including: hypothalamic hamartoma of the tuber cinereum, encephalitis, brain abscess, static encephalopathy, global delays, sarcoid or tubercular granuloma, head trauma, vascular lesion, cranial irradiation, or neurofibromatosis type 1 (usually associated with optic glioma).[26]This disorder is classically characterized among females by breast development beginning before the age of eight years in Caucasian girls, 6.8 years for Hispanic girls and 6.6 years for Afro-american girls, or the onset of menstruation before the age of approximately ten years (Caucasian-10.6 years, Hispanic-10.0 years and Afro-american-9.7 years).[27] Among males, precocious puberty can be defined as pubertal development beginning before the age of nine years for Caucasian males, 9.5 years for Hispanic males and 8 years for Afro-american males. Boys with this disorder will usually have testicular and genital enlargement occur first and then tend to exhibit pubic, underarm (axillary) and facial hair, accelerated growth, and a deepening voice.[28] Puberty may occur even before three years of age in some cases of this disorder.A medical marvel, Lina made international headlines and a number of articles and research papers have been dedicated to her over the decades. The media and researchers spent quite some time studying about her to determine whether the case was a hoax.[29]Despite this, her case file contains numerous accounts by doctors who treated her, as well as clearly defined X-rays of her abdomen that show the bones of a developing fetus inside her body.[30] Blood work confirmed her pregnancy in the usual way, and the papers published in the literature all passed peer-review without a hitch, suggesting that contemporary researchers couldn’t find fault with the reported facts of Medina’s case.(Lima, Peru- Hilda Trujillo, 8 years and seven months old, poses with...)In 1957, 18 years later, Hilda Trujillo became only the second youngest girl in the world to reach motherhood just short of the age of nine. In November Hilda entered the Maternity Hospital in Lima Peru, as the patient of Obstetrician Rolando Colareta, and underwent extensive examination by a team of 16 obstetricians, gland specialists, radiologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners. Shortly thereafter, Hilda gave birth to a daughter weighing a trifle over six pounds. The mother took no anesthetic, and the five-hour labor was entirely normal; so was the child, except that it was perhaps a month premature. [31]Hilda's father notified the police, who subsequently arrested a 22-year-old orphaned cousin who lived with the Trujillos in their one-room shack, charging him with rape.[32] Only a few months earlier, Hilda had been an angel in her 3rd grade class play.Lina Medina with her son Gerardo (left) (5-Year-Old Girl Gave Birth and Became the World's Youngest Mother, 1939)Later, at the age of 33, Lina married Raul Jurado, giving birth to their son named Raul Jurado Jr. in 1972.[33] She turned down a number of interviews and offers to appear on shows, settling for a normal life. In 1979, Gerardo died from a bone marrow disease at the age of 40.[34] There was no indication linking his infection to his unusual birth circumstance.Lina continues to live with her husband Raul in Little Chicago in Peru, one of the most poverty stricken cities in the country.[35] She refuses to sell her story and revisit past traumas, uncomfortable with profiting from this phase of her life.Lina Medina 7 - Daily Rosary FamilyIn recent years, her house was demolished because of a road widening project. [36] However, she received no compensation for it and was reported to be furious. She has granted a number of interviews about it and blames the government for subjecting her to poverty, since the compensations she was promised as a child were never actually given to her. The office of Peruvian First Lady Eliane Karp has asked the government to grant Lina a life pension and kitchen and other household equipment, something officials say is possible. [37]While many will find this answer shocking, fascinating and possibly quite disturbing, I myself found it heartbreaking. The little girls discussed possessed a medical anamoly that made them objects of intense and unwanted public scrutiny for the remainder of their lives. Yet, their condition would never have come to light without the fact that both girls were violated in unimaginable ways resulting in pregnancies. Perhaps that is the most mind blowing fact of all, that both girls were given live babies, when they should have been playing with dolls.Footnotes[1] FACT CHECK: Was the World's Youngest Mother Only 5 Years Old?[2] http://The Journal of Medical-physical Research: A Journal of Progressive Medicine and Physical Therapies, Volumes 15–16. American Association for Medico-Physical Research. 1941. p. 188[3] Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know[4] http://Youngest Mother In Medical History Refuses To Reveal Truth Nearly 80 Years Later [5] Chicago Tribune - Historical Newspapers[6] The Story Of Lina Medina, The Youngest Mother In Recorded History[7] Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know[8] Lina Medina: The 5-year-old Mother[9] Precocious Puberty[10] Lina Medina: The 5-year-old Mother[11] Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know[12] PERU: Little Mother[13] Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know[14] Medic@ - Résultats - BIU Santé, Paris[15] PERU: Little Mother[16] Precocious Puberty[17] Precocious (Early) Puberty Symptoms & Causes[18] Precocious Puberty - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)[19] Precocious puberty - Symptoms and causes[20] Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment[21] Precocious (Early) Puberty in Girls[22] What Parents Need to Know About Early Puberty[23] Hormones in human reproduction[24] ScienceDirect[25] Precocious puberty - Symptoms and causes[26] Central precocious puberty[27] Precocious puberty - Symptoms and causes[28] Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment[29] The Story Of Lina Medina, The Youngest Mother In Recorded History[30] The Story Of Lina Medina, The Youngest Mother In Recorded History[31] PERU: Little Mother[32][33] Lina Medina: The 5-year-old Mother[34] Youngest Mother In Medical History Refuses To Reveal Truth Nearly 80 Years Later[35] Who is Lina Medina? Everything You Need to Know[36] Six decades later, world's youngest mother awaits aid[37] Lina Medina - Unbelieveable

Can someone who wants more common sense gun laws, list 5 common sense laws that will actually stop mass shootings and other gun violence?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.I can do it in 3:Repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act.It’s a bad joke. It has zero deterrent effect to would-be mass shooters, and in fact there’s plenty of credence to the theory that mass shooters specifically target places where they know people are unlikely to have weapons (whether because they’re banned by law or simply because people who frequent those kinds of places don’t tend to bring guns).Actual gun free zones exist in this country. They’re very easy to identify:You want a gun-free zone, this is how you get one. Nobody gets past this checkpoint with a gun without alerting the entire venue’s security forces, bringing lots of guys in ballistic vests with automatic weapons to the breach point in seconds, not minutes.If you don’t have the money for this, then you crowdsource your security, by not forcing people who carry guns for their own defense to disarm. Then, those people, should a problem arise, will take care of it for you.This:… has absolutely no effect on the people it is intended to. Mass shooters walk right on by; the Parkland shooter isn’t even charged with the gun-free zone violation, because the 17 counts of premeditated murder are a bit more pertinent. Students who bring guns to schools and don’t shoot anyone are charged as juveniles; gun possession is not a violent crime and therefore most state statutes disallow prosecuting a minor as an adult. So the student gets expelled, finishes their high school education from juvie (or not), and either moves on from their mistake or continues their criminal path. Either way, the sign, and the criminal penalties, are comparable to most state penalties for underage possession, whether at a school or not.Outlaw discretionary-issue criteria and minimize application costs for firearm ownership/carry permits.I won’t go so far as to say the permits themselves need to go away; I think they have value in establishing that the people who carry guns are law-abiding, educated as to firearms law and proficient with their weapon. However, they’re too often used to prevent firearms carry and even ownership, whether by allowing the permitting agency or local law enforcement to deny the application “because we said so”, or by making it so expensive to obtain one that the average person either can’t afford it or doesn’t bother.My own state of Texas used to be one of the bad actors; from the inception of the CHL program, a first-time application cost $140, and required an 8-hour class that cost about as much. By application cost alone, as of 2015 the state had the third-highest cost for a shall-issue license, after Illinois and Arkansas. Add in the average course cost and that went to second place behind a state that only has a shall-issue system because Seventh Circuit forced it to. In Sept 2017, that cost was reduced to $40, plus the education course which is now only 4 hours, and costs as little as $60. It is now cheaper all-told to get your LTC than the application fee used to be.And we haven’t even discussed the king of “no way no how”, New York City. In a city of 8 million people, only 44,000 active firearm permits exist (0.5%; one-tenth the average rate of concealed carry permit holders nationwide), most of them for the wealthy elite and their security staff. Just to legally possess a handgun in the City, even unloaded, cased and locked, you need a permit. In addition to the $435 application fee and $95 fingerprinting fee (Texas does it digitally for $10 for their LTCs), the cost of all the paperwork you must produce to submit alongside the application can be staggering; you need a business license, 7-year residential history, medical history including a list of all medications you are taking, an agreement from any roommates that you should have the permit or an affidavit that you live alone, a list of character references, and a host of other documentation. And that’s just the first round; they can and will ask for more, before they say “nope, you don’t have good cause to get one, denied”.This changes. No “good cause” requirements, no local police signoff, and if the permit application costs more than a driver license in the same state, the cost of the permit approval process must be accounted for on an itemized, allocated basis annually to justify the cost charged.Universalize background checks with a web/smartphone app to allow background checks on the spot.You didn’t think gun rights advocates were going to get it all their own way? I see value in background checks. The problem is the current system is so full of holes it’s no wonder criminals don’t have much trouble getting around them. Universalizing background checks gives the average private seller a way (and a responsibility) to be as sure as an FFL can be that the person they’re selling a gun to is legit. The issue is that the UBC law cannot do any of three things that most proposals end up relying on:Centralization of transfer records - That is, for all intents and purposes, a registry of gun owners. Illegal under the Federal FOPA, but most states that have assault weapon registries or DROS systems just give that law a middle finger anyway.Reliance on FFLs - There are only 130,000-odd FFLs in the entire country, and they’re not all consumer retailers with brick and mortar storefronts to walk into. The country’s 70 million gun owners cannot be stacked 50 deep in their closest gun store filling out the forms for a temporary transfer of one of their rifles to a nephew or neighbor to go hunting in November.Use of existing Form 4473 by private sellers - Take a look at it for yourself here; the information you are required to provide on a 4473, especially to avoid the three-day delay if you have a common name, is identity theft on a silver platter. More than enough to apply for a credit card in the buyer’s name. As the buyer, if the UBC system used the existing 4473, private sales would be effectively banned because nobody would trust a perfect stranger from GunBroker not only to safeguard that form for 20 years, but to not misuse the date themselves in that time.It can be done; I’ve detailed a system in previous answers that avoids all three of these while still producing a valid, verifiable, impossible-to-fake record of the background check and sale, using a digital signature system and REAL ID-compliant “document discriminator” numbers. The authenticity of the record of sale can be independently verified with just the information on the form and a public-key signature algorithm, so the government retains no record of the check or transfer to verify the document is legit, the seller only has to verify the identity of the buyer with a REAL ID compliant ID card (which all driver licenses will be by 2020), and the identifying information actually printed on the form is a name, address and DL number, plus info about the firearm that was sold, which is not even enough to “replay” the check fraudulently for another firearm (you have to enter the ID’s audit number, and those are unique to every issued card and not reproduced on the record of sale). In the form of a smartphone app, or a web app, it would be easier to use, and harder to spoof, than the existing NICS system.What’s the benefit? If properly enforced, you’ll quickly find and shut down the chronic straw-buyers responsible for the majority of trafficking of illegally-possessed weapons. When the penalty for not using this very easy system is 10 years in prison, you’re going to see halfway-decent compliance.There. Pass those three laws, and enforce them, and you’ll see gun violence and mass shootings go way down. Zero? No. Not even countries like the UK or Australia have seen zero mass shootings after passing near-total bans. But you will make a big difference.

I’m a 13 year old girl that weighs 135 pounds. I am 5′2″, and a bit overweight. I want to lose 30 pounds. What exercise should I do and how much should I be eating? How long will it take?

At 13, the absolute last thing you should be doing is asking strangers on the internet for advice about losing weight! There is a huge amount of bad information about weight loss here on Quora, and everywhere else on the internet. Some of it is particularly dangerous advice for teens.How would you know the difference between good advice and bad advice?Seriously, if I told you one thing and someone else told you the exact opposite but he had a fancy credential next to his name, who would you trust? There has got to be at least 100 fake doctor accounts here on Quora peddling really, really bad weight loss advice.Following bad advice can interfere with the growth and maturation that your body is still going through and there will be no second chance for it to happen. At 13, you still have years of growing and maturing to do. That’s true even if you’ve stopped seeing the outward signs of it already. There will still be things going on that you can’t see for several more years.135 pounds is at the top end of the normal weight range for someone who is 5′2″. Now, you may indeed be a bit overweight, but at 105 pounds you would be at the bottom of the healthy range and unless you have narrow hips and shoulders and thin bones, that would actually make you underweight. Only someone who can see you and measure you can tell. And only someone who can look over your growth history and your personal and family medical histories, and who can evaluate your general health and your body’s progress on its journey to its fully-grown adult form can give you advice that will be effective and safe for you to follow.So get off the internet and ask your parent or guardian to pick up the phone and make an appointment for you with your physician. If there’s a reason that can’t happen, then walk into the health office at your school and talk to a nurse. But above all, do not follow weight loss and fitness advice from strangers on the internet.

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