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PDF Editor FAQ

Which is better, Canada or Portugal?

The question sounds incomplete. Since factors are missing, I’ll try and fill in the blanks.Better for…… salaries/benefits: Canada.… raising children: Portugal.… maternity leave: Canada.… travel (both domestic and abroad): Portugal.… education options: Canada. (eg. there’s no homeschooling in Portugal, more universities in Canada.)… health care: split — Canada and Portugal both have good public systems, but they operate differently and Portugal also has private health care.… food (cost/quality): Portugal.… corporate climbers: Canada.… weather: Portugal.… skiing: Canada.… surfing: Portugal.… camping: Canada for wilderness camping, Portugal for glamping.… annual leave: Portugal.… entrepreneurs looking for investors: Canada.… digital nomads: Portugal.… people with disabilities: Canada.… retirement: Portugal.… refugees: Canada.… culture/history: Portugal.… sports (spectator/participant): Canada, unless football (soccer).… wine-lovers: Portugal.… non-smokers: Canada.… real estate buyers: Portugal.… real estate agents: Canada.I could go on, but my point is that “better” is completely subjective. You’ll have to be more specific.If I’d moved to Portugal 20 years ago I probably would not have stayed, I wanted a broader work experience. Canada was the better option then. But I moved to Portugal at 41 with a great deal of work and life experience (in both New World and Old World countries), which allows me to appreciate it more at this stage in life. Portugal is better for me now… but maybe not for you.

I have been working in the US for the last 15 years. I am planning to return to India(Pune) this year for good. What are things I should be aware of?

My wife and I lived in US from 2007 to 2015 and then in Canada till 2018. Moved back to India in May 2018 (this year). I don’t have kids and have parents as well as brother in India. My wife’s brother was in US and is now in Canada. I am in Hyderabad now, and live very close to my brother, which makes it a lot better. Both my wife and my parents are in my hometown of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.Will try to focus on things that the other answers didn’t cover. And I am skipping the benefits, since those are always nice to have. for all comparison, I am using a $100k salary of USA versus 25L in India (not my salary, but an average for a person with 14 years experience living in a Tier 2 city. so think Austin TX vs Hyderabad India)Things to be aware of.The biggest for me and my wife - Traffic. Traffic is a big big pain and botheration and you might not feel excited about going out.I haven’t bought a car yet. and don’t plan to for a while. Though I drove a car in Bhubaneswar on all my India trips, and for the 3 months (in Bhubaneswar) where the traffic is much better, before I moved to Hyderabad. Am using Uber for my commutes so far, and have a motorcycle for quick trips in the neighborhood.So overall, if you opt to drive or walk (especially during office commute times), expect an overwhelming, chaos full traffic, and dust/smoke etc. Completely unlike your driving experience in NA.Rental apartments - great if you spend at similar level in USA, otherwise just average.If you spend at the similar relative level as you do in USA, rental apartments will be pretty nice (though still no carpets). But if you feel like saving more and have just a decent flat for yourself, with average neighborhood (I am doing this now), be ready to be satisfied with average living arrangments and not compare with your previous experience. For comparison sake, a decent apartment in a good neighbourhood in Austin, TX and Toronto, Canada costs approx. 2.5% of gross annual salary (using 14 yr IT salary as a base). In hyderabad, it’s approx. 1% of gross. if I spend 2.5%, i sure can get a really really nice apartment (probably better than that in USA).services in general (strongly applies to medical) - hard to find good service providers.I felt it’s harder to find a reliable doctor and hospital here in India than it was in US/Canada. most providers are not afraid about getting sued, and so level of service is more dependent on owner’s/management’s desire to be the best. so you have to do more research for services than in USA. and the fact that there is not a good review system (a little bit with google, but that’s about it) makes it worse. If you find a good service, either a person or company, treat them like you would treat someone in USA/Can and don’t ever lose them. just don’t try to lowball the good ones or compare them with what other’s are paying for bad services.Safety in general - Since the ambulance or police is not always a phone call away, you have to handle that yourself. nothing out of common sense though. so no walking around with wife on deserted streets late night, or go on road trips on highways outside the city late night. no camping in parks, no short revealing dresses for wife, no fearless confrontation with police or higher up government officials, avoid road rage with auto drivers or cab drivers who think the roads belong to them. you get the idea.Things that I didn’t find bad (though some other answers say so)prices in general - if you compare at relative levels, prices for regular items are either lower or equal. For e.g. a pair of kurta and leggings for my wife from fabindia costs about 2000 (0.1% of gross annual salary). a comparable quality pair of top and pants from Loft or Ann Taylor in USA costs about $100 (0.1% of gross). grocery is lot cheaper too. Eating out is similar. The only exception is buying imported brands (including electronics). Those are way too expensive (and for obvious reasons). But except electronics, almost everything else has local production and better price to quality ratio.Work culture - there are minor differences. people in US start at 8 and finish at 5 pm. in India start at 10 and finish at 6 to 7 pm. if you want to grow faster than others, forget about 8 hours work life balance in both countries. I have lived in two foreign countries to know that the 8 hours rule applies only to employees who don’t care too much about promotions. It’s almost the same thing in India. There is similar level of independence if you compare a local product based company like Practo vs say Amazon in USA, or Deloitte USA with Deloitte India. But if you compare Infosys to Amazon, it’s not apples to apples.Running to government offices for simple works - Initially I thought that the paperwork and running around is going to be a pain. But frankly, if you are in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, it’s better in India. with Aadhaar, I have opened bank accounts on my phone or online (can’t do that in USA or Canada). same with phone SIM cards, gas connections. banking and financial transactions are way more advanced in India -Bhim UPI makes it seamless.Even trips to BSNL office (for internet and alternate phone) were a pleasant surprise. Instead of 50 year old babu’s who think themselves as god, now there are mostly 30–40 year olds, who behave as equals and are attentive. The ratio of good to bad people in government offices is similar to what you would see in USA.And just a personal note, if it helps-All in all, I am not going back although i can still if I want to(I have a PR valid for 7 more years in Canada, and citizenship eligibility that I plan to maybe use just in case). I wouldn’t get into the reasons, because those are always personal opinions and shaped by one’s background and family conditions. But the biggest reason is perhaps that in USA and Canada, life was good but something was missing. In India life is challenging, but doesn’t feel like anything is missing.

Can Canadian taxpayers sue Justin Trudeau and the UN for the costs incurred to settle illegal immigrants that Justin encouraged and failed to stop?

My first instinct is to blast you for the ignorance of our immigration laws that is reflected in your question. Lately I have tried to control my own reaction - equally wrong- to shame those, and there are many like you - who sincerely believe Trudeau encouraged ìllegal immigrants.I am always dumbfounded by those who do not know how hard it is to come to Canada, or that it was it was a McGill law professor who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms.How it was Pearson and Canadians who built the foundation of the refugee treaties that we are legally bound to abide by. I am concerned that Canadians believe they are better, more compassionate than our Southern neighbour, yet do not know that for years Canada fell far short of other countries in resettling refugees here. Canada, for years, preferred repatriation sending refugees back to the nations they fled - our money went to keeping them in refugee camps!Canada and one of its great legal minds, Irwin Cotler, who introduced and got the U.N. to adopt the Responsibility to Protect (R2P or RtoP) which is a global political commitment, endorsed by all member states of the United Nations in to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.OR DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE SYRIAN REGIME IS NOT ENGAGED IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY , THAT THE GENOCIDE IN RWANDA WAS STAGED, THE ROHINGYA ARE NOT WORTH OUR CONCERN…THE JEWS WHO PERISHED WHEN WE REFUSED TO ALLOW THE ST. LOUIS TO DOCK AT OUR PORTS WERE NOT OUR PROBLEM…I have turned my anger into pity for those who refuse to learn the lessons of our own history…pity for those who spread their misconceptions as facts…no I will not shame you for this question, I will hope against hope that you will enlighten yourself, read, meet some of those illegal immigrants you incorrectly refer to in your questions, learn for yourself how many would rather be in their old homes, going to their old schools, to their ancestral lands…our generosity will not seem so grand after you do. But I am not encouraged. And soon I slide back into despair that so many are like you and remember that Charles Bukowski s epitaph read concisely: Don't try.Please surprise me and try to seek out the facts.

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