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PDF Editor FAQ

Who are some famous personalities that most people don't know are from Tamil Nadu backgrounds?

Ok! The most famous people have been listed out here (including Mr. Sundar Pichai and Ms. Indra Nooyi). I would like to talk about a famous academician, the late Prof. Dr. G. V. Loganathan, a professor and researcher in Hydrology; one of the 32 unfortunate people who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech Massacre.Source - G.V. Loganathan | We Remember | Virginia TechBackgroundBorn in Gobichettipalayam, Erode and with alma mater from PSG College of Technology & Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Loganathan received his doctorate from Purdue University. He was a highly regarded professor in the Via Department (properly, The Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering). of Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech (properly Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). A well respected and loved Professor in his department, he had around 150 peer reviewed publications to his credit. His study on a heuristic optimization algorithm called ‘harmony search’ and its application in Pipe Network Design are well received in the Hydrology community.Something about the massacre:The massacre was effected by Seung-Hui Cho, a Korean-born American national from the state of Virginia. He, who had past medical history of anxiety disorder killed 32 people with two guns in the hall 206, where Prof. Loganathan was conducting a lecture. The report submitted after the investigation blamed the Institute for not being proactive and branded Cho as a monster. On the other hand, critics like Kenneth Westhues cried conspiracy - in his page, he argues that the term ‘defective character’ was used as a cover-up to downplay the actual reason, which was the impact of the interactions he had with others in the campus. He further adds that Cho was constantly mobbed and humiliated and was left in solitude. He argues that this could be a reason for Cho perpetrating this killing spree.The OutcomeAs a response to this massacre, Virginia plugged the sink by restricting legal purchase of guns (the details of which are irrelevant here) by people legally judged as mentally unsound unless they are tested by NICS.Every year, Virginia Tech conducts a ‘Remembrance’ event, the details of this year can be found here. According to the page, the Professor is survived by “his wife, Usha, and his daughters, Uma and Abhi”. Found these photos in the gallery -Source: We Remember | Virginia TechSource: We Remember | Virginia Tech

How safe is the Purdue University West Lafayette campus for an Indian student amidst the increasing racial attacks in US?

The campus is quite safe for every student, including Indian students. Even though Purdue University is a public, land-grant university, it has a long tradition of welcoming scholars from all around the world as both students and faculty. It currently has the largest enrollment students from India of any university in the US — 1770 students (out of over 40,000).The West Lafayette campus is located in a medium-sized town, where many of the residents have ties to the university and (to varying extents) embrace the diversity present. We also have some employers in the Greater Lafayette area that have foreign ties — Suburu of Indiana Automotive and Nanshan America, are two notable examples. Thus, the community and its economy are more international than many areas in the US (and elsewhere). The same with social life: there are at least 4 very good Indian restaurants in town, and they are frequented by residents of the area who aren’t part of the university community. (We also have a few dozen other good ethnic restaurants: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese, Korean, Greek, Mexican, Egyptian, etc.)That is not to say there aren’t some people in the area who have some shade of darkness in their hearts. As with any area of the world, we have people who are criminally inclined and/or psychologically unsound. Crimes occur here (at a rate below that of both Indiana and the rest of the US averages), but they don’t appear directed at people because of country of origin, and they are usually away from Purdue. In general, the crime rate is low on and near the university, especially considering the university has more than 50,000 people on campus!When bigotry does come out in a public incident, it usually seems to be based on skin color, and it is shocking — not routine at all; racial bigotry is a sad legacy problem in the US that is (too) slowly improving, and thankfully, the majority of people here condemn perpetuating bigotry. (NB. As a white male of US origin, I have a status that is largely immune to these issues. However, I do hear from students there are minor harassments and problems, but not as many as they have experienced some other places. That is anecdotal, and I don’t have recent statistics to cite.)We are in a state that voted for the current President, although the local county was evenly split — probably more because of dislike for Secretary Clinton than admiration of Mr. Trump, and because the VP candidate was our governor. There are undoubtedly bigots in the area and the region who are opposed to anyone who does not look like themselves. Some may be emboldened by the election, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that to date. Given the prominence of the university culture (and the other universities in the state) in local life, the history of diversity in the area, and the general friendly nature of Hoosiers (Indiana residents), it seems unlikely to me that national origin is going to be an issue rising to any level of threat to safety around here, if it is noticed at all.Consider that Purdue and the Greater Lafayette area have low traffic, excellent water and air quality, modern infrastructure (i.e.: plumbing, roads, electricity), and ready access to excellent medical care. We’ve got a first rate set of law enforcement agencies here (university and community), and well-equipped fire and rescue departments both on campus and off. Local leaders and planners are heavily committed to improving the quality of life in the area. That combination means Purdue is far safer than Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, or most other places in India, and most (if not all) big cities elsewhere — your life expectancy and chance of being a victim of crime or accident are all favorably affected by being here rather than those places.No place is 100% safe. Your own choices and behavior can lessen risk no matter where you are. Picking Purdue as a place to study is one such choice that can reduce your risk as well as help you get a world-class education.

Who are some well-educated celebrities in Malayalam cinema?

Thanks Nagarajan Srinivas sir for the questionWho are some well-educated celebrities in Malayalam cinema?Well, the majority of Malayalam actors are fairly educated and almost everyone has completed their graduation.Completing graduation is normally seen as a first step before stepping into the cine world. Even in olden days, it was the common normFor example take Prem Nazeer, Kerala’s most celebrated evergreen hero and the superstar of 60s-70s.He is a graduate in History (BA History) from the prestigious St. Berchmans College, Changanassery way back in early 1950s. Normally in that time, to earn a degree from that college was as equal as passing out from IIM or IIT of today. It was after his graduation, he stepped into Mollywood.Whereas most of his counterparts like MGR or Shivaji or Rajkumar (Tamil, Kannada) were either drop-outs or just completed primary education as normally in that era, it was not common for highly educated people to enter into acting fields.So as Satyan, one of the most popular actors of 50s-60sHe completed Vidwan (Scholar) rank in Travancore Education system which is equivalent to MA of today, joined as a teacher in Malayalam literature in a popular school and then got commissioned as a lieutenant in British Indian Army and after which he got placed in Travancore Police Services as Inspector. During his school days, he also worked as a freelance journalist for many popular newspapers.So as the most popular comedian of that era- Adoor BhasiHe did his high school studies in an English Medium school, so uncommon for ordinary people of those times, did his Diploma at Madras Institute of Textile Technology. He also attended Malayalam Vidwan Course (Masters) which he couldn’t complete, but that experience secured him a job as Manager in a famous Malayalam Press and later as a Sub-editor for a popular Malayalam magazine, before entering into Mollywood.Out of that generation of actors- Madhu was the most highly qualified actor. He is also the only surviving actor of that generationMadhu completed his BA in Hindi from Trivandrum University College and got national scholarship to do MA Hindi at the prestigious Banaras Hindu University-Varanasi. He also got a scholarship from Govt of India to do Post Graduate Diploma program of National School of Drama-Pune. After his studies, he worked as a lecturer in Hindi at ST College and Scott Christian College of Nagerkovil and even became head of the department of Hindi language, before moving to Cine world.He also completed Pramukhan level (undergraduate) in Sanskrit in Travancore Education System.Edit 1: 19/06/2018Narendra PrasadI forgot to add this man’s name which was later pointed out a few in comments sections. Perhaps the most qualified actor during his times, Narendra Prasad holds an MA in English literature and a man of letters. He worked as a professor in English Professor in University college-Trivandrum and eventually became Director- School of Letters of MG University-Kottayam. He was also a famous writer who wrote several short stories, novels and drama play in Malayalam and English, some of them even became academic topics in various universities.SukumaranOne of the most popular actors in 80s, Sukumaran was an academician turned into a film star. He was a gold medalist for MA English Literature and became a senior lecturer prior to moving into cine world. Even after becoming a movie star, he always loved academics. Out of his genuine interest in Economics, he later took a second Masters degree in Economics during his peak days in the movie industry.Edit endsAmong the current generation,MammottyHe is a Graduate in English (BA English) from Maharaja’s college Ernakulam, then took LLB from Maharaja’s Law College of Ernakulam.MohanlalMohanlal could just complete his only B.Com as his first movie was released during his final year. He didn’t continue studies after that. He often says in his interviews, his father was too upset with that decision of his, as he hails from a family where almost everyone is highly educated. His father was an IAS Official and retired as Law secretary of Kerala Government.Suresh GopiSuresh Gopi known for his fiery speeches in English in various Malayalam movies is actually an English Graduate. He completed B.Sc in Zoology (as his parents wanted him as a doctor) and tried to gain admission in Medicine. As it failed, he joined for MA English Literature and passed with distinctionJayaramHe has completed his B.A Economics and then became a Medical representative before joining into Movie world.SreenivasanCompleted BA Economics and joined for 1 year Post Graduate Diploma in Film Making at the prestigious Adyar Film Institute- MadrasBiju MenonHe cleared B.com and also obtained MSW (Master in Social work) as his mastersJagadeeshThough he always acts like a buffoon and comical roles, he is one of the highly educated among Malayalee actors. He is a post graduate in Commerce (M.Com), that too first rank gold-medalist for that year. He also completed his M.Phil and then joined in NSS College as Lecturer, before joining the movie industry.SiddiqueHe is an engineer by qualification. He completed Diploma -Electrical engineering and then later cleared regular B.Tech after working a few years in KSEB. For a brief period, he worked as Electrical engineer in Riyadh and Taif before returning back to Kerala to join in the Movie industryMukeshHe like Mammootty completed B.Sc in Botany and then joined for LLB. He cleared Law and worked one year as Junior lawyer before entering into drama sector and then into Movie.DileepHe holds a BA History degreeKunchacko BobanHe has a BCom Degree. He has gone for an MBA program but dropped out in between due to his career commitments.JayasuryaHe has completed BCom. He also completed Vidwan level in Sanskrit during his school days.Nivin PaulyHe is an engineer by qualification. He completed BTech in Electronics and Communications and worked as a software engineer in Infosys before joining Mollywood.Dulquer SalmanBeing son of a megastar, DQ did his schooling in some of the prestigious schools in Kochi and Chennai. He is a BBA Grad from Purdue University- Indiana, USA. He worked a year in the US, then moved to Dubai to run his own business. He later joined at Barry John Acting school Mumbai to learn the art of acting and movie sector, before jumping into Mollywood.Fahad FaasilAmong the current generation, Fahad seems to be better more educated than others. He studied at the prestigious Lawerence School (Lovedale) Ooty. He joined for Engineering in the US, but soon dropped out and changed to Humanities stream. He passed MA in Philosophy from Miami University, Florida, US. He also did a 6-month Diploma in Film Making from New York Film Academy- Miami prior to his second return to Mollywood.Anoop MenonAnoop Menon is an All Kerala First Rank Holder for integrated 5 year LLB. He also joined for LLM but didn’t continue as he became a busy serial actor by then.PrithvirajHe completed his schooling in Sainik School-Trivandrum and Vidya Bhavan Trivandrum. After which he completed BSc Information Technology (Engineering) from Tasmania University, Australia.Indrajith SukumaranIndrajith, like his younger brother Prithiviraj completed his schooling from Sainik School- Trivandrum and then did his BTech in IT from Tamil Nadu. He worked a year in an IT Company, before joining in movie industry.Tovino ThomasTovino completed his BTech in Electronics and Communications and worked for a year in Cognizant Technologies before joining movie sector.Asif AliAsif completed his BBA. He immediately entered the entertainment industry as a full-time VJ and anchor, thus didn’t go for higher education.Vineeth Sreenivasan and Aju VargheseBoth Vineeth and Aju have completed their BTech in Electronics and Communications and were classmates at KCG Engineering College-Chennai.Unlike actors, traditionally actress weren’t comparatively that much educated. This is because most of them enter into the industry at a very young age, soon after 10th standard or 12th grade, thus unable to go to college for higher studies. However, the current bunch of actress are mostly educated as many entered after their studies or pursued their studies inbetween their career.Among the current generation, the highly educated areSai PallaviShe completed her MBBS from Georgia UniversityAiswarya LakshmiAiswaraya entered the modelling field and then into the movie industry only after completing her MBBS.NayantharaCompleted her BA English Literature course before entering into MollywoodAmala PaulCompleted BA Communicative English with French from Ernakulam St.Teresa’s college before entering into the movie industryRachana NarayankuttyShe completed MA English, B.ED and worked as an English Teacher prior to her acting career. She also completed MA Bharatanatyam and currently pursuing her Ph.D in Kuchipudi.Nitya MenonShe completed BA Mass Communication and Journalism from prestigious Manipal University. She also got her Post Graduate diploma in acting from Pune Film Institute (FTII).Rajisha VijayanThe state award-winning actress- Rajisha Vijayan has completed her Post graduation in Mass communication (Visual) from Amity University- NoidaManju WarrierShe came very early to movie industry soon after her 10th examinations. She later completed her 12th grade and then completed BA Bharathanatyam thro’ Distance education program. Currently, she is pursuing MA Bharathanatyam.Parvathy Thiruvothu, Remya Nambeesan, Ananya, Honey Rose, Anu Sithara, Samvritha Sunil, Prayaga MartinAll these actresses took BA EnglishMiya GeorgeShe completed MA English and currently working on her M.PhilSurabhi LakshmiThis national awarding winning actress completed MA in Philosophy and currently working on PhD in Social DramaKeerthy SureshThis popular south Indian actress was in serious pursuit to become a fashion designer and completed B.A Fashion Designing from Chennai and London (Dual program), before entering into moviesGayathri SureshShe is an MBA Finance graduate and works as Chief PRO/Marketing communications head of South Indian Bank which she got thro’ campus placement, though she does make occasional acting and modelling.Aparna BalamuraliShe has completed Bsc Architecture and currently, a qualified architect specialized in Interior designing.Shivada NairShe completed her BTech Computer science before entering into the movie industry.

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