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PDF Editor FAQ

Do I need to clear IMU-CET as well as TMISAT to get admission in Tolani Maritime Institute?

Yes , now that the college is working under IMU it is necessary that all applicants clear the exam (IMU-CET).

Are Taiwanese Aborigines considered Asian or Pacific Islanders?

This is apparently based on misconception about Filipinos themselves.Are Filipinos Asian or Pacific Islanders?Why do some Filipinos claim they are Pacific Islanders when Filipinos are supposedly Asians?Will Filipinos be reclassified in 2020 as Pacific Islanders by the U.S. Census?Are Filipinos pacific islanders or Asians? What about the JapaneseCan a Filipino, American citizen, born in Guam, change their race on their college applications from Asian to Pacific Islander?What is the difference between a Filipino and a Pacific Islander?Maritime Southeast Asia - Wikipedia is different from Mainland Southeast Asia - Wikipedia, from East Asia, and from Pacific Islands - Wikipedia. If you look back thousands of years, they all have much ancestry from the lands today making up China.

Is Maritime College a difficult college to attend to? Is it fun? Are the studies difficult? I am mainly referring to SUNY Maritime and Cal Maritime as a deck cadet.

The likes of SUNY and USMMA are different to the marine schools and training in my country (UK) but similar to other countries where they amalgamate with the armed forces (eg Philippines MMA).That said, and apart from the stuff that is particular to the armed forces (graduates from USMMA can join the USN, USCG, MM or even the USMC I believe, whereas that’s not so in other countries such as UK), the subject matter is likely to be the same depending on whether you are intending to join as an engineer or deck cadet. It may be that the US has a dual syllabus, but I don’t know for sure. Some European countries do that, but UK doesn’t.Is it difficult to attend? I doubt it, but if you want to go to USNA I believe you have to have a senator or someone to promote your application. If it’s USMMA or SUNY I would think it’s the same as any other university in your country. You have to wear a uniform (not so in UK) and march about according to other posts on the subject on Quora. That would of course be the case for USNA and also USMMA, SUNY also for cadet courses (they will tell you if you go on their site Cadets | SUNY Maritime College)Is it fun?: It’s university/college, so it certainly should be fun, but that’s up to you.Are the studies difficult?: If you are a deck cadet you would have to learn navigation and seamanship, and the college has its own ship for such practical training. The mathematical subjects are spherical trigonometry, navigation, statics, dynamics, ship stability, naval architecture and Ship Construction etc. and cargo work on the training ship.For an engineer cadet they are likely to be the same as other countries - for UK this would be “fairly hard sums” in Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Drawing, Naval Architecture and Ship Construction, Electrotechnology, Engineering Knowledge (Motor, Steam and General) and possibly others. In UK there are also Orals at the end of the written examinations - the final arbiter of whether you have passed or not. Sea time seems to be either on the college training ship or with other companies in the summer break.At the end you come out with a Certificate of Competency as 3rd Mate (called a USCG license in the US) or the equivalent engineering rank in the US Merchant Marine (4th Engineer in UK). As this will be a STCW ticket, you can join the US Merchant Marine (currently less than 100 ships under the US flag), the US reserve fleets (boring I would think, and not good for gaining experience) or go foreign flag, which I imagine most do.As the government seems to pay for some of the above, there are other avenues (NROTC Program) to join the USN or USMC after graduation.Go for it, but depending on whether you really want to be Merchant Marine or US Navy/USMC, look at the options for USNA and USMMA in addition to SUNY or other maritime colleges.

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