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Are you seeking to edit forms online? CocoDoc has got you covered with its comprehensive PDF toolset. You can make full use of it simply by opening any web brower. The whole process is easy and user-friendly. Check below to find out

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Intergating G Suite with PDF services is marvellous progess in technology, a blessing for you simplify your PDF editing process, making it faster and more efficient. Make use of CocoDoc's G Suite integration now.

Editing PDF on G Suite is as easy as it can be

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(Logistics/Maintenance not being an issue) What WW2 era tank would work best or still have a chance at being useful in a modern battlefield?

Frankly, none. Even “Generation one” tanks like post war Centurions have long passed out of service, and even conversions using their hulls as engineering vehicles are passing from service as more modern hulls become available.This is the same reason that the only M-60’s in service are heavily modified Magach conversions, and 1970 era tanks like the AMX-30 or Leopard 1 have been retired as well. Armies which use T-55’s are generally too poor to buy new tanks, and even then have spent considerable time and effort to upgrade them to the best of their ability.Centurion conversionMagach 7AMX-30Leopard 1Generation 3 and 3.5 tanks like the Leopard 2, M-1 and LeClerc are so qualitatively different that using Generation 1 or 2 tanks against them is really suicidal and a waste of men and resources. To put this in perspective, a late model German “Tiger” tank weighs about as much as a modern Leopard 2, but only carries an 88 mm cannon, has a very limited cross country speed (its maximum road speed is about the same a an M-1 can do cross country), slow traverse, no stabilization for on the move fire, no thermal imaging gear, limited situational awareness…King TigerMore recently, the US Army fought the Iraqi “Republican Guard” in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. During the “Battle of 73 Easting”, US tanks and armoured forces swept past dug in Republican Guard units and shot them up on the move. According to some after action accounts, the Iraqis initially reacted like they were under air attack, not being able to comprehend the speed at which the US forces were moving. American tankers were taking shots from 3 km and destroying dug in Iraqi T-72’s, and wondered why the Iraqi forces were not firing back. After the battle, when US troops “walked” the battlefield, they realized there were 125 mm APDS-FS “darts”stuck in the ground about 1800 m from the Iraqi positions…Republican Guard after the battleM-1. Today’s Generation 3 tankSo qualitatively and quantitatively, there is such a huge gap between WWII era tanks and modern Generation 3 and 3.5 tanks that using a WWII era tank for any reason would be suicidal.

How can I make a simple drone (quadcopter) without using Arduino?

Hello Quoraian!A basic quadcopter is not a rocket science and indeed thanks to the world of opensource and internet it can be built by anyone. The below line from Wikipedia helps us to understand the core principal of a quadcopter . It follows as:-A quadcopter, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor , is a multirotor helicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors.A quadcopter involves an integration of the basic concepts of electronics, communications, electrical, computing and aerodynamics. This has always been a very interesting project taken up by engineers both for research or for industrial use.Now, coming back to your question, in my view for a basic quadcopter you would need the following:-A light weight chassis (made up carbon fiber preferably for its strength) to provide the physical base for the entire system.A Communication system for controlling and communicating with your quadcopter .WiFi and Radio communication are broadly used as they are very efficient, wireless (Obviously), fast in response.Using a WiFi limits your range but the control is superbly amazing since there are very low levels of disturbances and distortions in comparison to Radio Frequency.But RF is a clear winner when we want our communication over long range for low power.Four Brushless motors. These are pretty obvious requirements as without these the quadcopter cannot be made. Now note that normal motors cannot generate the amount of thrust that is required for lifting your quadcopter, whereas this can be done by brushless motors (can be attributed to their built up and structure).A good control system which should be quickly responsive with a steady output for varying inputs.The control systems comprises of two different segments:-A flight controller for controlling the whole quadcopter.An ESC (with an accompanying BEC) for each BLDC (Brush Less DC) motors to control each motor individually.An on-board power and distribution system for powering all the components according to their requirements and ensure that every components are supplied whatever needed and not excess supply to prevent malfunctioning.Till now i have discussed about the systems needed for running a quadcopter. These all above listed sub-system work in cohesion to form a system for your quadcopter to work smoothly.Now i would give a component list you can follow and start to build your own quadcopter. Note, this is not the only list to build a quadcopter. It can vary according to an individual`s budget, technological preference, availability of components, technical awareness and knowledge.This list is completely personal and this is what i used when i built my first quadcopter :-Chassis - ONE Q450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm (600 INR)LiPo Battery - ONE Wolfpack 2200mah 25c 11.1v (1050 INR)BLDC Motors - FOUR a2212/13t 1000kv ( 4 x 420 = 1680 INR)Flight Controller - ONE KK 2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Controller ( 1450 INR)Radio Communication - ONE FlySky FS-CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter With Receiver FS-R6B ( INR 3300)ESC - FOUR SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller( 4 X 450 = INR 1800)Propellers - TWO PAIRS 10x4.5 Motor Blades (2 X 120 = 240 INR)I would suggest you to buy a 3000mah 11.1V 30C for a better flight time (how much the quad can fly on one battery charge to discharge cycle). Rest all equipments would give you a good result.I hope you would be able to complete your project of a basic and stable quadcopter from this.Hope this helps.All the Best!


Hypertension is a term used to describe persistent elevation of blood pressure, if untreated it damages the heart, brain and kidneys.Table 1: Know Your Numbers.SYSTOLIC (MM HG) DIASTOLIC (MM HG)Normal <120 and <80Pre hypertension 120 – 139 or 80 – 89HYPERTENSIONStage 1 140 – 159 or 90 – 99Stage 2 ≥160 or ≤100Based on two readings taken 5 minutes apart with a confirmation reading in the contralateral arm.People trying to control hypertension often are advised to decrease sodium, increase potassium, watch their calories, and maintain a reasonable weight.The amount of potassium in the diet is very important. Potassium works with sodium to regulate the body’s water balance. Research has shown that the more potassium and less sodium a person has in his/her diet, the greater the likelihood that the person will maintain normal blood pressure. Potassium rich foods should be eaten everydayA newer area of interest is the relationship between calcium and high blood pressure. People with a low calcium intake seem to be at increased risk for hypertension. Everyone should meet the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for calcium every day. For adults, this is 1,000 mg per day. For adults over 50, 1,200 mg is recommended.Maintaining a reasonable weight is important to minimize the risk of several major diseases, including hypertension. For people who are overweight, even a small weight loss can reduce or even prevent high blood pressure.Research has shown that following a healthy eating plan can both reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and lower an already elevated blood pressure.DASH eating plan. "DASH" stands for "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension," a clinical study that tested the effects of nutrients in food on blood pressure. Recommended by the American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute, the DASH diet is an overall eating plan that focuses on what people should eat, rather than what not to eat. Similar to the low-fat version of the Food Guide Pyramid, the DASH diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and low-fat dairy products. The DASH diet is lower in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and higher in potassium, magnesium, and calcium than the typical American diet. For a true winning combination, follow the DASH eating plan and lower your intake of salt and sodium.The DASH Eating PlanThe DASH eating plan shown below is based on 1800 calories a day. The number of daily servings in a food group may vary from those listed depending on your caloric needs.Food Group DailyServings(exceptas noted) Serving SizesGrains & grain products 7-8 1 slice bread1 cup ready-to-eat cerealcup cooked riceVegetables 4-5 1 cup raw leafy vegetablecup cooked vegetableFruits 4-5 1 medium fruit200ml ounces fruit juiceLowfat or fat free dairy foods 2-3 250ml milk1 cup yogurtLean meats, poultry, andfish 2 or less 1/2cup cooked lean meats, skinless poultry, or fishNuts, seeds, and dry beans 4-5 per week 7-8 nos.of nutsFats & oils 2-3 1 teaspoon vegetable oilSweets 2-3 1 teaspoon sugarSodium Requirenment• Dietary recommendations suggest avoiding too much sodium. The suggested range is 1,100 to 3,300 mg per day.• Table salt is 40 percent sodium. One teaspoon has about 2,000 mg sodium.PotassiumInclude potassium rich foods like green leafy vegetables, soups, salads, citrus fruits, fruits, fresh lime juice, and coconut water.Fiber rich foodsWhole cereals – dalia, oats, whole wheat , brown breadWhole dals – Rajmah , black chana , lobiaVegetables and Fruits with skinNuts- figs, prunes, flaxseedsFOUR Fs for Healthy LivingFATS – Reduce the amount of saturated and trans fats in your diet. Cut down on meats ,ghee high fat dairy products(milk,butter,cream,cheese).Trans fats are found in snack foods like chips , bakery products, French fries etc.Replace with monounsaturated fats like olive oil, peanut oils, nuts , avocados and polyunsaturated fats like sunflower , Flaxseed , Soya bean oils etc.Increase the intake of Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oils, nuts like walnuts, almonds, and flaxseed.FIBERS – Increase intake of fiber in diet. Choose from whole cereals, unprocessed foods, and complex carbohydrates, soluble fibers (oats, apple, barley, legumes and nuts)Fruits and Vegetables – Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at least 5 to 9 servings in a day. Eat more of raw veggies and fruits. They are good source of fiber, antioxidants and good sources of potassium, magnesium and calcium to lower your blood pressure.FITNESS – Exercise helps to maintain weight and lowers blood pressure. Good nutrition is important but is not enough, exercise is a must for healthy living.

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