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PDF Editor FAQ

What was one experience in your life that hardened you as a person?

I appreciate that the question is not just one thing. Thanks.I was a very idealistic young man. Since then, I have learned a few things:No Good Deed goes unpunished.People are energy; some of them recharge you, some of them drain you.Everybody has some secret that they don't want the world to know.Eyewitnesses are the worst witnesses.Drama has a price.Everyone is a special interest group of one.I'll clarify a few of the points.No Good Deed goes unpunished:10 years or so back I had a year where almost every nice thing I tried to do ended up a failure. Three examples.One friend wanted me to test fly his model airplane. The wind was blowing at 15 kts and the model flew at 14 kts. Into a 150' tree. I bought him a new airplane because his plane was nesting in a safe place!Another friend had an old motorcycle that he wanted to store on my property. Sure, no worries. It was sitting in a visible place and a guy came by and asked if it was for sale. OK, let me call the owner. Long story short, the owner gave me the title and I neglected to transfer it. That one cost me US$400 when the guy who bought it abandoned it on the side of the road after it broke down. CHP picked it up and the former owner called me, somewhat irate and asked, "WTF is this bill for $400 for towing and impound?"I sold an old van to a guy for $500. It had been sitting for 5 years. It ended up costing the guy I sold it to over $800 to bring it up to snuff with the CA DMV. "You don't owe me anything," I said. Sigh.Batteries:I have had to cut-off diplomatic relations with more than one old friend due to the drain on my personal energy system. I miss the crap out of them, but I'm glad my reserves are not being discharged by them.Drama:You know the type: There is always a crisis that is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. I have a couple of friends that are this way. They are having medical problems that are directly related to cumulative stress. As we get older it is always good to remember, "Don't sweat the small shit because it is all small shit."I could go on. And on. I'd much prefer to enjoy the good things, work hard and love life. That's why I am more guarded when doing favors and choosing friends than I have ever been before.

What is the best thing that you have ever fixed that was broken/not working?

I was driving a Honda CB750four motorcycle when it was the baddest Japanese bike on the road. My buddy, Jim, found one for sale. It was not in running condition so he asked me to come along and see what it needed.The bikes were worth about $1,800 at the time. I listened to the symptoms as the seller, Jim and I walked to the bike. After popping the seat and glancing, I closed it. Taking Jim aside I told him to offer the guy $400 and pay 5.After the deed was done, we had the grace to haul it away in the back of the pickup.The problem was it wouldn’t start and if charged and started, even with a new battery, it would drain down in no time. It only took a glance to see the burn spot in the wiring right where the one undersized ignition wire branched of the main.At home we replaced 8 inches of 14 gauge with 12 gauge and he rode off into the sunset.Nothing feels better than being a good friend to have around. Jim later became a supervisor at the mine where I worked. I never needed an ace in the hole but it was nice to have one.

Why are motorbikers in Philippines protesting against the new number plate regulation?

RA 11235 An Act Preventing and Penalizing the Use of Motorcycles in the Commission of Crimes etc.Section 4:Fine of from PhP20,000 up to PhP50,000 for failure to register his motorcycle within 5 days of acquiring ownership. This registration is out of control for most riders especially for those brand new motorcycles where the dealer is one registering the vehicle. They pile up the application for several months worth at a time then apply them for registration by batch. The fine is very high too where the average daily wage is PhP 525.00. You will be out of luck if you have a family of 4 to feed for the next 2 months. This is against the Bill of Rights hence very unconstitutional.Failure to register upon acquisition of ownership of the motorcycle is subject for prison mayor to prison correctional. This mean at least 1 year imprisonment WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF LEGAL REPRESENTATION. Again, this is will land you directly in jail in the same manner with the convicts who are better because they have the benefit of being initially presumed innocent, tried under the due process of law and proven guilty beyond doubt. When you say jail here in the Philippines, its a piece of hell on earth. You will be subjected to crowded, violent, lack of sanitation, skin and respiratory diseases and many other things you will easily consider suicide instead of continue living. They get more crowded the past 3 years because of the government crack down on drug users and pushers.Section 5:Bigger plates front and back readable from 15 meters. Current plates are readable from 12 meters and are the same with European Standards. Virtually all of the motorcycles do not have provision for mounting a front plate in uniform manner. There is also the question of stability and security of the plates if driven at speed. Many youtube video indicate the small plates can impale when lost during riding. Likewise, we are in the country where lack of license plates is a problem. My car was bought last 2016 and still have no plates released by the Land Transportation Office. Most motorcycles bought since 2016 also have no single plates issued yet. Who will pay for the cost of the new (front and back) plates is also an issue for everyone who are yet to receive the already paid old plates. Never mind the cost of the mounting for front plates which for most motorcycles will easily obscure the headlights given the readability (and size) requirements.Section 7:Driving without a number plate or readable number plate. Again, many motorcycles are yet to receive the old plates duly paid for when the motorcycle was initially registered way back 2019 and if they insist on using their motorcycles to get to their work, school or business, a fine of PhP 50,000 to PhP 100,000 is waiting for them on top of the prison mayor or prison correctional without the benefit of due process of law. There are currently 6 million motorcycles in the country. If this is to be implemented, how will the people go about their business daily? Can the current public transportation system carry this 6 million now commuters/passengers? Come on, trains are already crowded, jitneys are too slow, tricycles are too expensive and roads are congested. I have a car and if my motorcycle is out of commission because of this unconstitutional law, I will be forced to use my car and squeeze them thru the already heavily congested roads. The premise of the law is to reduce crime. But with such high fines, bribing the enforcers will give you more incentive than paying the five to six digit fines which are easily 3 to 6 months worth of a daily wage of average salaryman. Plates do not drop too often but they still get dropped due many reasons such as loose nuts, mishaps or accident etc. Be prepared to go open your wallet and going to jail. People should invest in body armor too because impaling plates will be a common occurrence. Rider or pedestrian alike.Section 11:Prohibition on Sale and Importation of non-compliant vehicles. This means motorcycles that cannot accommodate the front and back plates are not allowed on the streets.Like as stated above, current motorcycle designs does not include mounting of A4 -sized plate numbers in front. This law is worst than the Windows 10 where it caused half of all computers in the world obsolete because of the specs requirements. Should we scrap all the six million motorcycles (registered) than risk fines and jail time?Many people use motorcycles in lieu of car to easily move about the daily rush traffic. I use it for environmental consideration since I burn less fuel hence contribute less to air and pollution.I guess if the aim is to reduce the number of crimes committed by the “riding-in-tandems”, it is a high time to increase police visibility, man the CCTC camera systems and maintain a highly effective police force. The front and back plates will be useless if the CCTVs are just for reviews of assassination or robbery because nobody is manning them 24/7. The culprits are usually be miles away while the authorities are in the process of reviewing the footage.Riding in tandems are equivalent to drive by shooters in other countries. If motorcycle is no longer viable for them they will simply move in to cars. Simply put, they continue to proliferate because there are no police to be seen on the streets as deterrents. There are no police to chase them after their evil doings. In my 40 years of existence, I am yet to see a police chasing robbers the western style. Likewise, this law didn’t even considered that cars and SUVS or vans are also used in commission of drive by shooting, assassination and ambushes. They are also crime aren’t they?It is also important to note that any person who is into committing a crime will not use any vehicle that can be identified with him. The number plate requirement will cause only stealing of plates, committing the crime then dumping the motorcycle. They will be more successful because police are nowhere to be seen on the streets and the unfortunate owner of the motorcycle will bear the grunt of the law while the criminal roam freely on the streets ready to do another evil deed.The law is oppressive for the lower masses.The fines and jail time violates the due process of law.It is very discriminatory to the motorcycle riding public.It was rail-roaded in the senate without any consultations among motorcycle clubs or representative from the riding community.It was passed by non-motorcycle riding politicians.They may claim to ride their bikes but I am sure they are just weekend road warriors on big bikes and do not have a hint how a daily motorcycle driver ply their route.They come to their offices in cars/SUVS complete with several car convoys so I guess they do not have a slightest hint of the plight of the masses.The law is useless just like the lazy politicians who authorized and signed it into law.The law will doubtfully prevent any crimes committed by riding-in-tandems at all.The law doesn’t not really address the issue of police visibility.The law only passes the burden to the riding public.The law is unconstitutional.If you have more time to read the link below, please see Bill of Rights under Article III. Section 1, 11, 12, 14, 19 and 22 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.THE 1987 CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES – ARTICLE III | GOVPH

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