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PDF Editor FAQ

When buying a used car from the owner, do you have to pay tax?

I don't know about every state, but in Idaho yes. You will pay sales tax on the amount written on the bill of sale or, if the bill of sale price is under question by the DMV (like someone trying to pay less in taxes) the sales tax will be of the blue book value.

What do I do when I sell a car and trusted the new owner to put the car in their name and doesn't now it is impounded and police want me to pay for the car impound fees and charges?

When you sell your car, you MUST sign a “Release of Liability” declaration found at the bottom of the title you imply you signed over… or DID you?In any event, you obviously failed to do so and in not doing your duty to yourself here, along with YOUR Due Diligence (like that, huh? Lawyerspeak!), you’ve boxed yourself in.Now if… IF you have a signed (signed by the buyer) and DATED Bill of Sale you may have an out. Go to your local DMV or your tax assessor (in Idaho) and explain your troubles. See if they’ll accept the date on your Bill of Sale. They can then amend the new title they will issue and maybe (depending upon… WHERE did you say you live? Oh. You didn’t. Pity that.) give you a copy of said new title’s now completed bill of sale or other pertinent release of liability receipt form, retroactive to the actual sale date that will then show in the system.Take said proposed documents to the local ‘cop shop’ and ask them as to their procedures to clear your name out of this incident. They can amend their incident report form and then pursue the actual culprit.And DON’T DO THAT EVER AGAIN.And the next time you ask for help here that you should be consulting an attorney about, add the “WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE HOW AND WHY” please. Details, details, DETAILS.I could’ve given you a much better answer if I’d had them. I mean, I don’t even know which COUNTRY you live in!

How much additional money and red tape is it to buy a car in Idaho, then register it in Colorado than just buying in Colorado?

If it is a private party sale, the seller should provide you with a bill of sale and a clear title that you can take to your DMV. If you are buying from a dealer you should be able to get a travel permit and the dealer should be able to send all necessary paperwork to your DMV. Cars purchased in different states is a common occurrence.

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