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PDF Editor FAQ

What is a death certificate online with a name and address?

From which country / state you asking this. Rules and regulations are different for different countries and states.Normally on line death certificate will contain..1..Name2.Age and Sex.3.cause of death.4. Address where death occurred.5.Place of cremation.You can apply for Certificate with the Registrar of Births and Deaths also, who will issue with sign and seal, which will be more authentic.

What are some things funeral directors won't tell you?

In the US, they won’t tell you that a lot of what what they charge you for can be done yourself, if you’re willing.You don’t have to buy one of their caskets. You can bring your own, and they have to accept it. Cardboard, plywood, doesn’t matter. Buy from an online source (or Costco), or buy the plans and build it yourself.You can have the visitation and/or funeral in your own home. Google “home funerals” for more info, or visit isn’t required in any state. Direct burial or direct cremation are valid and less expensive options. But, no, you can’t do your own embalming or bury or cremate a body in the back yard, sorry.You can get your own death certificates by visiting the local ME’s office.Bypass the funeral entirely by arranging the service yourself. Use your local church, backyard, a park, or almost anywhere to have a memorial…almost anywhere you can gather in a group. (More options available if you don’t require the presence of a body.)Lots more info here: FAQ Pamphlets Archives - Funeral Consumers Alliance.Disclosure: I serve as a trustee of Funeral Consumer Alliance, a national non-profit.

At what moment in your life did you witness true evil?

I was about 15 when she came into our lives. Her name was Ruth. My brother called her ruthless and it stuck.She was my father's girlfriend. She was money hungry scam artist. She scammed previous husbands. 4 of them. She befriended my mother which I thought was weird. She told her a lot. Like how 3 of her 4 husbands were dead, how one of her 5 children had died….etc etcWhen her mother died she left Ruthless a healthy inheritance. But there was a catch. Her sister got more money. Ruth had taken so much money from her mother that on her will she basically called her out saying more went to the sister to compensate the difference. It was to the tune of $100,000. This enraged Ruthless and before the estate was probated, her sister was dead….. Ruthless got the entire estate.Ruthless had volunteered to do my grandmothers taxes. It was none of our business what my grandmothers portfolio was like. She lived very meager, we knew there was stock, we knew there were assets and money. We had no idea how much. Ruthless did…her and my father almost immediately moved in with my grandmother.My grandmother hated her but had like Stockholm syndrome. Ruthless had convinced her she was unable to care for herself. Had her severely medicated and slowly began stealing, first money, than assets, then her identity. My grandmother tried to tell me when I was 19. I tried to fight for her but ended up in a huge fight with Ruthless who was abusive to both my dad and grandmother. I didn't know the extent of the abuse or theft until many years later.My dad feel Ill when i was 39 and I couldn't bare to leave him in that house. My grandmother had passed away years before. She was 96. My brothers and I insisted we clean the hoard house for our fathers safety. Ruthless wasn't having it. I took him to my house. As we cleaned the endless stacks of papers and shit. My oldest brother found an uncashed divided check, than another. Ruthless told us my grandmother was broke because the medical bills and nursing homes fees drained her. She lied. 7 years after my grandmother died she still had banks accounts, stock, CDs, etc and that bitch was stealing from our dad. I snapped and almost killed her. I had her pinned against the wall demanding answers. Why are there banks statements and checks dated recent to my dead grandmother??! Why didn't that money get turned over to my dad. She sneared and with a disgusted look said “I bought him that car” I was about to smash her face in. The car was a $1500 car…My oldest brother literally tackled me off of her.Police scoofed at me when i insisted she be arrested. My poor dad. He was devasted. She had sifted close to 2 million dollars from his mother which should have been his. No one in authority did anything. Not the bank when I brought my grandmothers death certificate to them and I demanded they freeze the accounts. Not elder task force who laughed, yes, laughed when I told the story and said the police wouldn't help. Not even the FTC or FBI. I lost my mind….I stared at deposit slips and checks signed by my dead grandmother 7 years after she died….and no one would help me.I took a stock check and was able to go online and secure the remaining stock. Dwindled down to $100k but still, that was something to help my dad. The notices thanking me for signing up online was what broke Ruthless. She snapped when she saw them and went ballistic in front of a horrid woman from CPS. She slapped that woman who called the police and baker acted her.We never were able to retrieve the $250k bank account that ruthless put her name on. The nightmare that ensued basically killed my dad. The stress exasperated the cancer we later found out he had. He died before the mess of the probate was completed. The stress and agony my family endured will haunt us forever. I couldn't even mourn my father and broke down in the attorneys office begging for part of the estate to cremate him.In the mess I found disturbing things and I'm pretty sure ruthless had something to do with other people's deaths. I couldn't prove it and the stress of it all and my father being sick took a toll on me that even now more than 9 years later I still get upset.Ruthless died exactly 10 years after my grandmother. Part of me envisioned my grandmother pushing her down to Hell. May she rot there. Evil has a name and it's Ruth

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