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PDF Editor FAQ

What is a CPA?

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the highest standard of competence in the field of Accountancy across the globe. The exam is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which is the world’s largest accounting body.A Certified Public Accountant is a certification program that prepares students for accounting careers. It gives them a massive distinction over general accountants. CPAs become familiar with taxes, evaluating financial budgets, ensuring financial efficiency for businesses and individuals. Certification as a Certified Public Accountant increases job prospects and salary opportunities. If you ever consider a career in accounting and want an illustrious career, CPA Course is the best option for you. CPAs are globally recognized as premier accountants and are hired across industries throughout the world. CPAs can work with tax, legal and payroll companies, businesses and government agencies. Salaries and advancement opportunities depend on academic qualifications, accounting experience, and the type of employer. A CPA can also become self-employed by independently offering accounting services to businesses and individuals.You must meet the eligibility to take the test. Each state sets its own requirements for CPA licensure. Generally, candidates need a bachelor’s degree that includes formal studies in accounting content.In order to appear for the Certified Public Accountant Examination, the candidates must have any of the below qualifications• Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.• Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India.• Member of the Company Secretaries in India.• Master of Commerce• MBAsOnce you meet these requirements, you need to apply for the exam and pay the fees before you get a Notice to Schedule (NTS) and can reserve your seat at your first exam. From applying to sitting for your first exam, the process can take a few to several months.The four parts of the Uniform CPA Exam are Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and Regulation (REG). Each part includes a combination of medium-difficulty and difficult multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations, or case studies, candidates must respond to in order to pass the exam. The Business Environment and Concepts section is unique in that it also includes written communication tasks.Given the topics in each section with exam weightage.AUDContent area allocation WeightI. Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and General Principles 15–25%II. Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response 20–30%III. Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence 30–40%IV. Forming Conclusions and Reporting 15–25%BECContent area allocation WeightI. Corporate Governance 17–27%II. Economic Concepts and Analysis 17–27%III. Financial Management 11-21%IV. Information Technology 15-25%V. Operations Management 15-25%FARContent area allocation WeightI. Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting and Financial Reporting 25–35%II. Select Financial Statement Accounts 30–40%III. Select Transactions 20–30%IV. State and Local Governments 5–15%REGContent area allocation WeightI. Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Federal Tax Procedures 10–20%II. Business Law 10–20%III. Federal Taxation of Property Transactions 12–22%IV. Federal Taxation of Individuals 15–25%V. Federal Taxation of Entities 28–38%Each Exam section is delivered in five smaller sections called testlets. Each testlet features different item types (see below) used to test your knowledge and skills. To learn more about how each section is organized, including when you can take a break, review the CPA Exam structure.Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)The multiple-choice portions are presented in the first two testlets of each Exam section.Task-Based Simulations (TBS)Task-based simulations are condensed case studies that test accounting knowledge and skills using real life, work-related situations. All task-based simulations are intended to assess knowledge and skills that are appropriate for an entry-level accountant. There are three TBS testlets in the AUD, FAR and REG sections, and two TBS testlets in the BEC section.Written Communication TasksWritten communication tasks appear only in the BEC section of the CPA Exam. For each of three written communication tasks, you must read a scenario and then write an appropriate document relating to the scenario. The instructions state what form the document should take (such as a memo or letter) and its focus. Your response should provide the correct information in writing that is clear, complete and professional.Source – AICPA[1][1][1][1]Passing Criteria for CPA Certification in each subject is 75%.CPA Certification Credits for passed papers are available for 18 months.CPA training fees charged depends on the Study Materials and Mode of training chosen by the candidates.Furthermore here is a summary of charges to be paid directly to the US Board considering you as an international applicant. The CPA Exam Fees vary from one jurisdiction to another. Generally, Exam Registration fees are $250 per paper for US Location and an additional fee for international location is $350 per Paper.This is the data provided by PayScale for CPAs:[2][2][2][2]Salary (Average: Rs 697,000)₹171k - ₹2mBonus₹11k - ₹300kProfit Sharing₹2k - ₹306kHere, you can give some sample mocks for free or take upcoming online learning course.[3][3][3][3]Thanks for reading.Footnotes[1] CPA Exam Structure[1] CPA Exam Structure[1] CPA Exam Structure[1] CPA Exam Structure[2] Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Salary in India[2] Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Salary in India[2] Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Salary in India[2] Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Salary in India[3] Certified Public Accountant (CPA)[3] Certified Public Accountant (CPA)[3] Certified Public Accountant (CPA)[3] Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

What would be a good certification for a C++/C developer?

For more famous C++ Certifications visit here: that are given by C++ institute:C++ Institute is well recognized worldwide with international standards, and certification from them can get you better job prospects with top companies. The certification will also give you the necessary skills and confidence to work on complex projects.There are 2 levels of certifications offered by the institute:1. CPA (C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification)This C++ certificate is an indication that you are well-versed with the basics of C++ and can write programs independently. With this certification, you are expected to be thorough with concepts of computer programming, OOPS, usage of standard C++ libraries, basic data types, solving code problems, etc. There are no prerequisites for this course. Here are the details of the certification:Exam DetailsName: C++ Certified Associate ProgrammerCode: CPALanguage: EnglishNumber of questions: 55Duration: 65 minutes for the exam, 10 mins for the Non-Disclosure Agreement/TutorialFormat: Multiple choice, single choicePassing score: 80%Price: USD295Exam SyllabusBasics like compilation process, high-level programming language, variables, scalar data types, basic I/O operations, and streams.Control statements, logic and float operatorsFunctions: declaring & invoking functions, parameter passing, default parameters, inline functions, overloaded functionsData access and Exception handling: strings, objects, methods, properties, namespace, exceptionsBasic OOPS concepts: class, objects, constructors, components, friend classes, overloadingSingle and multiple inheritancesPolymorphism, abstract classes, virtual methodsCustom exceptions: throw/catch exceptionsYou can sign up here.2. CPP (C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification)This is the next level of certification, and the prerequisite is the CPA certification. It is a professional certificate that proves your knowledge of advanced C++ concepts like templates, standard template library, third party templates, advanced STL input-output operations, etc. As an advanced certification holder, you should be able to create and solve complex algorithms and understand various techniques, customs, and advanced library functions. The fee is USD 295, and you can retake the exam 15 days after the first failed attempt. You can visit the official C++ CPP page to get more information about this certification.Exam DetailsName: C++ Certified Professional ProgrammerCode: CPP-22-02Language: EnglishNumber of questions: 40Duration: 65 minutes for the exam, 10 mins for the Non-Disclosure Agreement/TutorialFormat: Multiple choice, single choicePassing score: 70%Price: USD295Exam SyllabusTemplates: syntax, function template & class template, problems of using templates, appropriate usage of templatesSTL sequential containers: vectors, deque, list, stack, queue, priority QSTL associative containers: set/multiset & map/multimap along with APINon-modifying STL algorithms: find_if, count_if, for_each, search, equal, etc.Modifying STL algorithms: transform, swap, copy, reverse_copy, fill, replace, etc.Sorting STL operations: sorting algorithms like binary_search, equal_range, random_shuffle, etc.STL merge operations: merge algorithms like merge, min_element, max_element, etc…, stl operations for setsSTL utilities and functional librarySTL advanced I/O: file I/O, console I/O, Strings I/O formattingYou can visit the official C++ CPP page to get sample questions and other study materials.You can sign up here.Other C++ Certifications3.Star C++ CertificationStar C++ Certification is a highly recommended certification in the USA that provides you with in-depth knowledge of the subject. The certification course starts with the basics of OOPS and then moves to more advanced topics like C++ data structures, pointers, input-output operations, exception handling, and much more. It is a unique course that is designed by industry experts and helps you gain just the right programming skills to land your dream job. The certification is accepted worldwide. It is good for beginners and intermediate level programmers.Exam DetailsExam Code: C++ S07-111Language: EnglishDuration: 2 hoursType of questions: Multiple choiceNumber of questions: 60Passing marks: 70%Exam SyllabusExploring Programming Basics and OOP ConceptsC ++ Programming basicsTokens, Expressions and Control Structures in C++Managing Input and Output DataArraysClasses and Objects in C++Implementing OOPS Concepts in C++Constructors and DestructorsFunctionsImplementing Structures and UnionsPointersFile ManagementTemplates in C++Exception HandlingString ManipulationWorking with Pre-processor DirectivesYou can sign up here.

Which are the best institutes for CMA USA in Bangalore?

Why Simandhar EducationSimandhar with Becker training is designed with a practical and experiential learning methodology - engaging participants using mock exams, task-based simulations, and sample problems with functionality that mirrors the US CPA exam. The comprehensive content is updated regularly and delivered by experienced faculty. The methodology offers real-life challenges, compelling the learners to apply concepts in the class and prepare for career realities.Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is US certification which is awarded by Institute of Management Accountant (IMA).It is the advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the accounting and financial management skills that drive business performance.Educational Requirements:Bachelor’s degree from accredited universityCMA Certification is two parts Examination: CMA Part 1 and CMA part 2Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics15% – External Financial Reporting Decisions20% – Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting20% – Performance Management15% – Cost Management15% – Internal Controls15% – Technology and AnalyticsPart 2: Strategic Financial Management20% – Financial Statement Analysis20% – Corporate Finance25% – Decision Analysis10% – Risk Management10% – Investment Decisions15% – Professional EthicsDurationCMA US 6–9 monthsCPA US 9–12 monthsSimilarly after CMA US one can also do CPA US which is recognised in 100+ countries, conducted by AICPA world's largest accounting body.CPA US consists of 4 papersFinancial reporting frameworkAuditingRegulationBusiness economics and communicationExams are in Mcqs and simulation format.In among all CMA US and CPA US helps us to get a job in less time with lot more opportunities across the globe.For more details contact Simandhar Education and follow Sripal Jain for lot more updates over CMA CPA CA.

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