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PDF Editor FAQ

When I read the Common Core standard of skills for each grade level, it seems simple. But the worksheets are usually very complicated. Why are the worksheets unnecessarily complicated?

There’s a difference between standards, instructional strategies, instructional materials, and assessments.The Standards are fairly simple and straightforward, and that was actually one of the key driving principles of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The goal was fewer, higher, clearer standards than the hodgepodge of state standards that existed at the time.Instructional strategies are what the classroom teacher uses to try to get the students towards proficiency against the standards. They’re more commonly called “lesson plans.”For example, when I taught high school English, we read excerpts from Thoreau’s Walden. I took the students outside to a local nature reserve and had the students isolate themselves far enough away from their classmates that they could not see someone else, find a piece of nature, and stare at it for 45 minutes. Just observe it. Take notes. Think about it. Sketch it. Whatever. Just take it all in. Then, we went back to the classroom where I put up a single prompt on the board and gave them another 30 minutes to write about it: “What did the piece of nature you observed mean for the world around you?”The students wrote amazingly philosophical pieces. One girl observed a patch of ground that had been repeatedly flooded during the spring, with one small bush in the middle. She wrote about how roots keep you grounded in the midst of disaster and difficulty, and related it to her family. Another student saw a cluster of tree trunks where two had died because one had out-competed the others, and wrote about survival and competition. Another wrote about a rotting log and its impact on her current state of depression.The goal of this lesson was to get the students to understand Walden, and the goal of reading Walden was for the students to approach proficiency on several writing and classic literature standards.The instructional materials I used were relatively simple: a trip outside and a writing prompt on the board.Sometimes my instructional materials were more complex. I didn’t use a lot of worksheets, but I used a lot of planning documents with my students to organize their writing. I worked hard to make sure that these were easy to use, but that was an evolving art form throughout my career.And then I had to assess the students. I had to evaluate their progress towards the standards. That sometimes involved worksheets. Or writing samples. Or portfolios. Or any of the other assessment tools at my disposal. Those could be very complicated. My final unit exams were open book, open notes, and as a result, they were notoriously difficult according to my students. I made them show me true understanding of the text, not just simple plot regurgitation, but actual interpretation and reflection of the material. I made them engage deeply with the material in essays and short answers. I made them think.That’s a complicated thing to do.And even what I was assessing made a difference in that.I wasn’t always just assessing content knowledge, like what Romeo’s last name was. (Montague, if you didn’t remember.)Sometimes I was assessing a reading strategy. Or an analysis strategy. An ability to parse the meaning of a word from context. Various skills. It wasn’t just about getting the “right” answer; it was more about how to get the right answer.That’s complicated. Some parents thought unnecessarily so and were quite vocal about it to the administrators.I can’t speak to whether or not the worksheet you have is unnecessarily complicated. But it may well be assessing a process, and not just the ability of the student to get the “right” answer. The teacher may be assessing the student’s ability to use a particular strategy, or even the student’s ability to strategically choose between different strategies.But it’s not just “Common Core.”It’s how professional teaching works.

Do you believe teaching is an art or a science? If neither, what do you think teaching is?

The push for teacher accountability tends to emphasize teaching as a science rather than an art. We are evaluated against the Danielson Framework, a set of metrics in four domains (classroom management, curriculum, instruction and professionalism), and most PDs consist in district mandated classroom practices based on research (in my opinion: the latest fad that a PHD came up with while spending thirty minutes in a suburban high school). Most teachers I know resent what feels like arbitrary and highly interpretable measures. For example, professionalism can mean "showing up in time" or "don't complain about the new district fad". Who makes the final call? A supervisor who shows up in class three or for times over a year and never seeks feedback from students or colleagues about you. If you think about going into education, know that you will have to turn any of your ideas into something that an administration can evaluate (put a check mark in a box) - this is a pain, but the sad news is that it is easy to manipulate. A teacher who downloads lesson plans from the internet faces less trouble than a teacher who tries something new.Indeed, there are science and art aspects to education. I see the science part in curriculum design and unit planning. This part is heavily based on research, from Learning Theory to neurosciences. For example, I teach sciences, and most of my work at the planning stage consists in connecting "planes of knowledge": your everyday experience of a phenomena and a scientific concept (why is the climate milder near a large body of water and specific heat of water); something you learn about in another class (solving for x in math and proving a relationship between physical quantities in physics); creating and expressing a set of ideas as a model in an abstract and concrete way (use of mathematical relationships, drawings, analogies, etc.); and establishing learning objectives (learn the content, practice with it and apply to a new situation).Then, there is the art part. I create storylines for my units: the story of an atom, from its fusion in a star to its bonding with another atom; the mystery of the stream of water that bends when in an electric field; the building of the atomic model in chemistry, from the generalities of the periodic table to the quantum theory; and, in physics, the family tree of formulas that start with space, time, mass and charge, and then the discovery of fields which connect them all.There's also putting up a show. One of my colleagues raps his biology lessons. Another one creates contests like "who will read the thickest book". I always start a unit with a mind blowing demonstration (blowing up a hydrogen balloon, the ruler and hammer trick, moving a magnet in a coil by moving another magnet in another coil connected with wires, painting with acids and bases, turning a mirror into a projector...). Some call this a "hook": I call this reminding students that learning is supposed to be fun.One common complaint from teachers is that administrations view teaching as a science, limited to a set of Best Classroom Practices (sarcastic capitals) but ignore the art part. That part is not really measurable. You could say that a teacher masters the art if his or her students are engaged, but what does it look like? 30 kids reading an article look focused but may not be engaged, while 30 kids fooling around in a lab do not look focused but may be deeply engaged. You may have the best "learning target" for the day, with a topic, related activity and measurable goal, but some instructional objectives are only attained over the long run. Finally, a good part of instruction consists in repeating the same thing in different ways: some kids are hands-on, some others are reflexive, some others do better with worksheets, and some... seem to have no idea what they are doing here. Most kids need a blend of different learning experiences to get it. The push for "one size fits all" and "differentiate" (yeah, we got those two things said to us, and in the same meeting) associated with very subjective metrics push some teachers to rely on the same old but safe recipe (lecture, worksheet, homework), and some others to another career...So, teaching is a science at the preparatory level, an art at the delivery level, and a contact sport when it comes to managing students and the administration. It is still the best job you can think of - not regarding pay, prestige or ease, but with respect to all the things that do matter.

People who are successful freelancers, what are some tips for someone just starting out to be successful faster?

10 Insanely Actionable Tips for Successful Freelancing (2019)Here is a question i buy all the time:“What is your best recommendation for turning into a full time skilled freelancer?”In alternative words, lots of individuals question me to supply them with a instruction for freelancing success.At the danger of unsatisfactory you, I’ll preface this by locution there's no “one size fits all” approach to putting together a winning freelance business.However, there are sure field-tested principles that ought to function exemplars for the way to try and do freelance work.Regardless of whether or not you are doing graphic style, internet development, or freelance writing.I’m here these days to share a number of them with you.I hope that they function timely reminders or welcome enhancements to your current business processes.So, while not any din, here are a number of my best freelancing tips.Exclusive Bonus: 5 inquiries to Kickstart Your Freelance CareerDownload Your Free Worksheet currently1. Use a contract on each projectIf you’re simply getting down to find out how to freelance, let Pine Tree State facilitate your avoid creating one in every of the foremost common mistakes I see.Use a contract for each consumer project.But, don’t get delayed find the proper contract.Starting off with a templet is okay, as long as you bear in mind to stay creating enhancements on the method.Too several freelancers get held within the details of contracts, and it’s ultimately wasting lots of your time that ought to be spent creating cash.All you wish for the nowadays may be a general agreement that covers some basic, however necessary terms that each you and also the consumer have to agree upon.In its simplest type, your contract terms ought to cover:The work that you simply turn out is original and not plagiarised.The client’s proprietary info stays confidential.Your payments terms. (How a lot of you’ll get paid and once throughout the method.)That once the consumer accepts the finished work, they settle for full responsibility for from now on processes within which the work is employed (e.g. printing, swing the emblem to use, etc.)You and also the consumer have the correct to terminate the services, and what that entails for you each.Having some basic terms in situ for each project can facilitate shield you, however a lot of significantly can facilitate inform the consumer of however you're employed.I’ve place along a general freelance contract for you to figure off of. It’s not supposed to hide each kind of state of affairs, however it will facilitate get you started.View my sample freelance contract »Once you've got your contract, your consumer will then physically print, sign, and return, or digitally sign.I’m not a legal skilled nor will the sample higher than cowl each state of affairs.If things are getting down to pop out and you’re creating massive amounts of cash from one project:Then you would possibly need to urge a legal skilled concerned to craft a selected contract for the work.2. continually get a paymentOne of the largest problems you hear regarding freelancing isn't obtaining paid on time or getting stiffed by the consumer.I’ve fortuitously ne'er full-fledged this, however that’s as a result of I follow a straightforward method once beginning a project.To guarantee payment one thousandth of the time, you want to need a payment.For all comes I tackle, I need fiftieth direct before I begin any official style work, and that i create this clear to the consumer in our preliminary discussions and in my contracts.If the consumer has a difficulty with this, then that ought to raise a red flag.There is an opportunity that they need ne'er contracted for freelance services before, however it ought to still raise your guard.Explain that this arrangement may be a protection for each parties which the project can’t move forward while not it.If they refuse again:Move on.They most likely aren’t somebody you must be operating with anyways.Once I’ve received the contract signed and payment, I’m sensible to travel on beginning the work.Then before I deliver any practicable files, I need the ultimate fiftieth payment.I do that therefore the consumer doesn’t take what I’ve created, cancel the project, and run.So before you’ve absolutely been paid, don’t send any master files or styles fully resolution.By swing these easy practices into your method, you'll guarantee that you’ll ne'er be ripped off.3. Don’t be afraid to mention “no”Saying no is difficult, particularly if you’re like me:Generous and need individuals to feel happy operating with you.You don’t need to foil anyone, thus you supply to assist any method you'll, not very considering the strenuous load it’ll placed on you.No matter what you are doing, you’ll foil somebody.Whether or not it's the consumer as a result of you’re unable to deliver halfway through the project, your family as a result of you’re operating long hours, or yourself as a result of you’re thus stressed with the work you’ve chosen to require on.So you want to get snug with turning down work if it’s ultimately not for you or your convenience.To help verify if you must tackle a project, raise yourself these questions:Do I concentrate on the work that’s required by this client?Why am I taking this project on? Is it a commitment I ought to be making?Why am I adding that project to my plate?The worst issue regarding taking over everything that comes your method is that your plate could find yourself full, however with all of the incorrect commitments.You’re stressed, anxious, and also the worst part:Now you’re left with no space to require on it golden chance.You can’t say affirmative to your ideal consumer if you ne'er say no to the incorrect ones.Next time you get a project, don’t simply reply with a yes:Really think about the chance, raise yourself those queries higher than, and proceed with a acutely aware call for your future and well-being.4. Focus your freelance businessIf you’ve followed my writing for ages currently, you’ll apprehend I share quite often regarding focusing your freelance business and also the importance of it.I still share this tip as a result of I often get message once message from freelancers UN agency appear to be stuck.They can’t notice enough work and that they struggle to urge their name out there.By focusing your complete identity and also the kind of comes you are taking on, it’ll create everything a lot of easier for you:From selling to charging higher rates to truly delivering the work.Pick one or 2 services to concentrate on, and solely tackle work that falls into those classes. Then flip down the remainder.Once you’ve selected the services you currently concentrate on, make sure to translate that into your personal complete.Reword everything on your web site for those keywords and phrases, solely showcase that kind of add your freelance portfolio, and begin manufacturing content around those services to prove your experience.All of this is often a byproduct of selling, that successively can drive traffic and new freelance comes your method.5. Showcase the work you would like to require onThis tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip of focusing your freelance business, however i believe may be a topic value elaborating on.Many freelancers create the error of filling their portfolio with work simply to indicate that they need some form of ability in style.But most frequently, the work simply comes off as everywhere the place, and can solely do your portfolio a injury.There’s a distinction between a contract business portfolio and a faculty portfolio:Your freelance portfolio ought to solely contain the work you concentrate on and need to continue acceptive via consumer work.The work will include past consumer work or maybe personal work.Have you ever detected somebody say, “Dress for the work you would like, not the one you have?”Well, once it involves your portfolio, you would like to gift work that aligns with the freelance jobs you want, not essentially the comes you presently have.Let’s say you concentrate on emblem design:If that’s what you would like to be proverbial for then you must solely showcase emblem comes in your freelance portfolio.That’ll be what attracts and helps potential shoppers conceive to escort you over another freelance designer whose portfolio may well be everywhere the place.Exclusive Bonus: 5 inquiries to Kickstart Your Freelance CareerDownload Your Free Worksheet currently6. Be clear together with your shoppersAs a freelancer, your business is simply you running it within out.That’s one thing you want to be happy with, thus don’t hide behind a facade:Be the name and face of your business, as a result of your business is you.From a client’s perspective, if I were to rent you to supply a service, i might need to grasp UN agency I’m giving my cash to.So make sure to inject UN agency you're into your complete. you'll form that but you’d like, however the secret is to be attractive.Also, once a consumer is fascinated by operating with you, be clear in conversing with them.If you simply tackle freelance opportunities half time, allow them to apprehend.Otherwise, you'll run into a state of affairs wherever expectations are misaligned and conflicts appear as a result.If they’re visiting rent you, tell them how your method works.Show your interest in them and their business, then break down what they will expect by operating with you in small stages.Being clear isn’t a weakness, it helps build trust and confidence, and may be what seals the deal during a projected project.7. Write, write, writeThis is the foremost necessary tip I will offer you to require your freelancing to the following level:And that’s to jot down.I don’t care if you don’t suppose you’re an honest author.Writing is that the entrance to obtaining your name out there, having shoppers notice you, and to actually grow yourself as a private and freelancer.I in person don’t suppose I’m an excellent author, and you'll solely imagine however I felt regarding my writing a year past.It comes with apply.I owe everything I’ve accomplished this past year to my writing.Everything I do—whether it’s a web log post, a newssheet, a book, a video, or Associate in Nursing email to a client—it all starts with writing.If you would like a whole summing up of why writing is imperative to your freelancing, then I extremely advocate you watch this video by Sean McCabe:It All Starts With WritingHopefully, once reading this post you’ll try Sean’s video and be convinced that you simply have to begin writing right away.8. specialize in the currentlyWatch your feet thus you don’t trip whereas staring at the top goal.You know wherever you would like to be at some point, thus specialize in what you'll do currently to finish up there.Too several freelancers get decorated au courant envying those they shoot for to be.If you would like to possess a reliable consumer base, a product which will facilitate supplement your financial gain, or if you don’t need to possess to depend upon one consumer to form a living, then what are you doing these days to form that happen?Make a daily hoo-hah list with little tasks that you simply will simply complete by the top of the day.Progress is progress.And if you begin taking it one step at a time towards your future goals:The sooner you’ll get there.9. apprehend your numbersA lot of freelancers handle themselves like contractors after they ought to very be viewing themselves as little businesses.Just because you're employed from home doesn’t mean you’re not a business owner, and each sensible business owner has to apprehend their numbers.Such as:Business revenue (How a lot of does one have to create per month to live?)Site traffic (Where is it returning from? What’s your most well-liked content?)Link conversion rates and content interactivity (What calls-to-action are working? What pages aren’t obtaining views and wish to be removed altogether?)The amount of your time you pay on sure sorts of business activities (and what quantity you’re estimating and/or charging for)Knowing these numbers can shed light-weight on the areas that are operating for you and what areas would like improvement.For example:Take a glance at your monthly revenue.Find out wherever your business financial gain is returning from (what shoppers, kind of comes, passive income), and focus a lot of on those areas that are manufacturing the foremost results.If you’re steady earning $100+ a month commercialism merchandise on your inventive Market look, then think about manufacturing a lot of things to sell.See wherever most of your traffic is returning from or what kind of content is most well-liked, then do a lot of of that.Another example:If you’re obtaining lots of traffic from a guest post you wrote, reach out and write another guest post.10. Split your financial gain for taxes and savingsIf you’re serious regarding freelancing, then begin separating your financial gain and savings.For every greenback I create that’s business connected, I split it up like this:12% to Business (for business-related expenses)16% to Business Taxes (this can save my butt once it comes tax time)12% to non-public SavingsWhat’s left over goes into my personal checking for living expensesI’m not locution this is often the thanks to handle and split your finances, however it’s what works on behalf of me.What’s necessary here is swing a minimum of sixteenth of each greenback attained towards taxes.It’s the identical conception of Associate in Nursing leader taking taxes out of your payroll check.Once it comes tax time, you’ll then use this savings to pay what’s due. (I advocate paying quarterly, thus you’re not dealt one massive payment in April.)Exclusive Bonus: 5 inquiries to Kickstart Your Freelance CareerDownload Your Free Worksheet currentlyConclusionSo, there you've got it:My 10 best tips for freelancers UN agency need to put the muse for a thriving, property freelance business.You don’t just take these as gospel, however, if you {bumped into|saw|ran into|suddenly Pine Tree Statet} me during a cafe and asked me to offer you my best freelancing recommendation, this assortment captures everything i might tell you.Since I’ve placed the following pointers into my work method, I’ve seen some major growth, and that i hope you were able to extract some worth from them.Did you discover any of those tips useful? does one have your own variation of 1 of these tips?

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