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PDF Editor FAQ

What are 3 things Rochester needs to make it better than it is?

Lower Property Taxes, 2) Bring a large manufacturer/employer to increase population base and 3) stop outflow of college graduates.Other than a little winter (January - March), weather not that bad. No tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, mud slides, eathquakes, torrential rains.We have very affordable housingWe have nice park systems and a great road systemGreat schools except in inner city which they are working onSales tax is a little high at 8%, income taxes for most is 6.5%.Beautiful finger lakes and wineries to our south. Lake Ontario to our north. If you like boating, we have it.Great location….in 6 hours or less you can drive to Montreal, Toronto, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Jersey shore. Washington if you push it.A Division 1 school would be nice, but Buffalo Bills and Sabres to our west, Syracuse to our eastAnd best of all…we have Wegmans.

Given the apparent effects of global warming, will Canadians be demanding in a few decades that a wall be built to keep US citizens from illegally flooding in?

It is quite unlikely that Canada would build a wall for several reasons.The cost to build and man a wall across the whole border would be huge. Eastern and central Canada could be secured pretty quickly as most of the border is water and would require very little wall and more boats, aircraft/drones and manpower. Western is a different story.We already have a pretty good wall through bureaucracy. Hiring people that are not allowed to work in Canada has hefty fines. $50k/worker and isn’t worth it for business to save a couple bucks an hour. Employees for all companies in Ontario are covered by Thr Workplace Saftey Insurance Board or WSIB. Skirting that system is difficult and comes with big fines too. If a business has an employee that is working but not covered under WSIB they will not only be fined based on estimated earnings of that employee. They will be liable for the hospital bill if injury occurs. WSIB covers more than our basic health system. If you are seriously disabled or injured and can no long continue your current occupation they will even pay for schooling so you can learn a new occupation which the business could be liable as well. To receive healthcare through our system you need a government issued photo ID. People without ID will be treated but they are billed and deported if they entered illegally. As with any system there are vulnerable spots but generally the deterrents outweigh the benefits.We are also a culture of rule following. I mean no offence but it seems that more emphasis in America is put on getting rich and seeing how much you can get away with as opposed to staying within the confines of the law.So I guess if someone is comfortable coming to Canada illegally, never getting hurt, not being able to find gainfull employment or have a traffic violation all the power to them but they are still going to have to pay tax with our value added sales tax.

Who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada?

First of all I'm not certain how much it matters who the next Conservative leader is. My sense is that Justin Trudeau won't be a middling PM. He will either be extremely good, in which case he will be unassailable, or he will be an unmitigated disaster, in which case a donkey could beat him. If the Conservatives were to follow the Liberal model they would acclaim Ben Mulroney and let him run on his name. They would be equally matched in terms of qualifications.Fiscally conservative, socially liberal should be the winning combination federally in Canada, but not too far in other direction. The fact that Harper was able to keep winning elections with a socially conservative, fiscally ? platform is more an indictment of the opposition offerings and his effective/dubious election tactics than any idealogical victory. In my view the Conservatives need to swing back to the PC-side rather than the Reform-side to regain relevance. 'Red-Tory' is the ticket, but according to polling this flies in the face of how the party faithful currently lean.This is how I assess the chances of the various mooted candidates:Rona Ambrose,Kim Campbell and Doug Ford are non-starters for procedural,baggage and idiocy reasons respectively.Jean Charest - Can't Win. I think his time has passed. He chose provincial success over federal and is forever tied to the unpopular Mulroney government. He has straddled Conservative and Liberal parties and so isn't trusted in either federally.Maxime Bernier - Unlikely to win. A very interesting candidate. A libertarian, bilingual Quebecer whom is clearly pretty sharp. Several drawbacks though. He bungled his Foreign Affairs Minister posting both with important misstatements on Afghanistan and by leaving top secret documents at his ex-girlfriends (Hell's Angels affiliated) house. Then again what Qc politician hasn't dabbled with the Angels ? I think his most fundamental problem may be that he is from Beauce, Quebec which is a fascinating and counter-current region of Quebec. It is innovative, independent (in an economic, non-linguistic sense) and has traditionally voted against the provincial flow. As it is a free-thinking region you can hold your seat, but I don't think you can translate that into national support or even translate it into Quebec support. Barring something spectacular, he can't win.Tony Clement - He could win. I think it would be a disaster for the Conservatives. He is very socially conservative, has been a good party soldier, raises money, tries hard and commendably appeals to immigrants (although not on a socially liberal basis). His association with Mike Harris hurts him in Ontario even though he did some very good things as provincial health minister. He supports the death penalty which aligns him with 63 % of Canadians - like it or not.Peter MacKay - He could win. Supposedly progressive. Looks a lot like a flip-flopper. Has an extensive history of backroom dealings where he has caved to political expediency. Didn't do all that well as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence or Justice. Mild personal scandal while a minister, Canadians will forgive that. Maritimer....not that helpful in a general election. Likeable, but you would still count your change from him. Possible compromise candidate again.Lisa Raitt - Not likely to win. She seems clever, but also appears to be a Harperite. She attached herself to the wrong boat. She was Minister of Natural Resources,Labour and Transit. She won kudos for her work in transit after the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster ,but was fairly controversy-plagued during her first two appointments. Maritimer/Ontarian isn't the worst combination.Brad Wall - Can't Win. Solid conservative credentials and a lot of political experience. Showed some idealogical flexibility by objecting to the the sale of Potash and forcing the Harper govt to take action. Of course, Potash has tanked since then so it doesn't look quite as good. Has all the trappings of a long-lived provincial government with no room to expand nationally. Sask doesn't help, hasn't worked since Diefenbaker.Michelle Rempel Unlikely to win. It would only be as a desperate last-ditch effort by the party to put a new face on things and have a young woman lead them. Well-regarded, but still hasn't done all that much. One brief ministry and not much else. Being from the west doesn't help either. Tune in ten years from now.Kevin O'Leary - He could win. He's an ass (although I don't like to disagree with Christopher Kennedy who I think has a better handle on the present-day Conservatives than me). He made a lot of money investing in a tech company, not doing much with it and turning around and selling it later at a huge profit. Brilliant ? Lucky ? Maybe. A skill that helps you in government ? No. I don't know what his social views are, my impression of him comes through BNN where you get his essentially knee-jerk,trickle-down discredited economic theory. His main talent seems to be self-promotion, he's great at being on TV, but never really held to account for anything he says on it. He straddles Quebec and Ontario and that is useful politically. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way - especially young people. If he is going to win nationally he is going to need a lot of image help. 20% is great on TV, worth nothing in an election. Personally, I think if he wins the Conservatives are doomed. Interestingly, he could probably win in the US.Michael Chong - Probably won't win. A dark-horse, this is my boy [Disclaimer: This is my MP and I voted for him twice - though not most recently]. Fiscal conservative, middle of the road social liberal, on board with climate change, considered a party moderate. Flip-flopped on same-sex marriage. Has consistently opposed his party when they were wrong despite great detriment to his advancement - something I respect tremendously. Main electoral accomplishment was beating former NHL referee Bruce Hood who ran for the Liberals against him.Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and then Minister of Sport in 2006 ... a rising star and then this :ResignationChong unexpectedly resigned from cabinet on November 27, 2006, to express his opposition to a motion before the House of Commons, put forward by Prime Minister Harper, which recognized "the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada". Chong said that the motion was akin to ethnic nationalism, which he opposes. During the press conference he held to announce his decision, he said "I believe in one nation, undivided, called Canada".Note that Chong has a History degree and probably knows more ethnic nationalism than anyone else who was voting on it. After this vote he was effectively black-balled from the Harper cabinet for a lack of solidarity/loyalty. In the interim he has continued to be good MP and mostly adopts constructive positions and tries to advance bills from the back-bench. He is from immigrant parents, resides in SW ON and speaks French all of which could be helpful nationally, but I think he has been in the wilderness too long.

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