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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment: Is Shamu the Killer Whale dead?

The original Shamu is dead. Now, there is no real "Shamu". All the whales at SeaWorld are called Shamu, male and female, young and old; but this is their "stage" name. They have individual names, but for some reason this is hidden from the visitors.

Are SeaWorld type amusement parks profitable?

Marine theme parks can be profitable. Sea World Parks & Entertainment has been in existence for nearly 60 years. In 2014, they earned nearly $50 million in net income. However, while that sounds like a tidy profit (no pun intended), their revenue was $1.377 billion. So, with some relatively minor fluctuations (or accounting adjustments), they could have suffered a loss.In recent years, SeaWorld has received a lot of bad publicity about making orcas perform, and so it was forced to give up the signature attraction, the Shamu shows, at its SeaWorld parks. Now the company is struggling to remain relevant by building marine-themed amusement park rides that it hopes will attract a family audience.In 2022, the company will be opening its first SeaWorld park without orcas, in Abu Dhabi.Of course, there are marine theme parks that have gone out of business due to their unprofitability.

What disgusts you?

SeaworldHow do I put this nicely?I fucking hate you, Seaworld.I’ve never been the one to like animals. Especially marine ones, anything in the ocean honestly scares me. I don’t swoon over pictures of cute puppies or panda bears. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about how they’re treated.Especially the way Seaworld treats their creatures. Their Orcas? The way they ‘take care’ of them is horrific. It truly makes me sad.These orcas deserve better than to be put on display for our own entertainment.Orcas in the wild have an average life expectancy of 30 to 50. For males, it’s maximum is between 60–70 and 80 to over 100 for females. The average life expectancy for orcas at SeaWorld is only 13 years old.Since its opening, Seaworld is responsible for the death of 40 orcas. They have died on their watch. And no, none of them have been from old age. Kyara, Seaworld's newest killer calf, died at just 3 months old in July[1][1][1][1]They suffer in cramped, unnatural living conditions. Their tanks compare to a bathtub for us.Seaworlds parking lots are bigger than the tanks. Doesn’t that at least say something?For some reason, Seaworld thinks it's okay to keep them in such disgusting conditions. There is no educational value in abusing animals.If you’re confused, I will provide you with a visual representation.THESE ARE NATURAL HABITATSTHESE ARE PRISONSI don’t care what you say. No matter what fact you throw at me, it is simply impossible for these animals to survive in these conditions. These creatures cannot thrive in captivity.Orcas at Seaworld show some severe dental trauma due to gnawing on tank gates and walls caused by stress, frustration, boredom and anxiety. Hmm, wonder why?I mean, you put a killer whale in a pool and force it to perform day after day... what do you expect to happen? If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’d get a little psychotic?Also, it’s not safe for the trainers. I think people fail to realize that the trainers are performers, not biologists. It’s humans and a killer whale for goodness sake.Now, I am not saying that all facilities that hold animals captive are cruel. Take wildlife or marine sanctuaries for example. They hold animals captive all the time, so why aren’t I making a big fuss about them?Because they have a valid reason. They take them in if they are severely injured or ill and simply cannot survive on their own in the wild. They don’t kidnap them and use them for their own profit. They treat them with respect and care just like we all deserve.In no way is Seaworld nursing or healing their animals. These creatures are completely fine when they first take them in. Seaworld are the ones who ruin them.Orcas were not allowed to be taken captive until 1961. Since then, at least 165 orcas have died. That’s 91% of Orcas who’ve been taken in that have died (not just at Seaworld, but in marine abusement parks in general). More than half of the world’s captive Orcas are in U.S. marine parks.Look at this. It’s footage of Seaworld’s trainers masturbating their Orcas to collect sperm. [2][2][2][2]In the wild, Orcas choose their own mates. But in Seaworld, they are forced to breed on a regular basis. Females are then artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature.Look, I get that it may be your dream to visit these abusement parks and be entertained by the cool tricks they were taught (forced, with punishments such as food deprivation[3][3][3][3]) to do, but it’s their dream to leave these captive facilities and swim freely in the ocean.Which dream actually matters in this case?It’s not just Seaworld. It’s zoos in general. These animals are deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them, and it’s not fair.A polar bear in San Diego. Uh, I don’t know but that might be the reason why. [4][4][4][4]I don’t care what type of environment you try to replicate in these facilities, it will never be the same as their natural habitats. Even though this polar bear lived 3 years longer than the average polar bear in the wild, the lifespan has nothing to do with quality of life. No aquarium or tank, however spacious it might be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea.All captive adult male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins, likely because they have no space in which to swim freely and are fed an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish. Seaworld claims that this condition is common—however, in the wild, it rarely ever happens because a wild orca travels far, and quickly, in deep water. The water provides pressure to the fin, keeping the tissues inside healthy and straight, encouraging the dorsal fin to remain straight. Collapsed dorsal fins are not normal or healthy at all.And trust me, I understand that Seaworld cannot simply empty their tanks and put them back in the wild. It’s not that easy. Most of these animals have been held captive all the life, so it would be difficult for them to adjust to a new lifestyle.I just wish that they would stop taking new ones in or unnaturally breeding the ones already there. And with the ones that they have, treat them with care.Whether you choose to believe it or not, these animals are suffering beyond despair.Freedom is a natural born right of all species.And Seaworld fails to give that.SOURCES:Google ImagesSeaWorld Of Hurt: Where Happiness TanksFootnotes[1] SeaWorld on Twitter[1] SeaWorld on Twitter[1] SeaWorld on Twitter[1] SeaWorld on Twitter[2] Orca Semen Collecting[2] Orca Semen Collecting[2] Orca Semen Collecting[2] Orca Semen Collecting[3] Former trainer: SeaWorld had policy of food deprivation[3] Former trainer: SeaWorld had policy of food deprivation[3] Former trainer: SeaWorld had policy of food deprivation[3] Former trainer: SeaWorld had policy of food deprivation[4] Polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego dies after a brief, unexplained illness[4] Polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego dies after a brief, unexplained illness[4] Polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego dies after a brief, unexplained illness[4] Polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego dies after a brief, unexplained illness

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