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PDF Editor FAQ

As many older people do not have mobile phones, is this talk of making a COVID-19 app compulsory in Australia a ridiculous proposition?

As many older people do not have mobile phones, is this talk of making a COVID-19 app compulsory in Australia a ridiculous proposition?Their wouldn’t be too many older people without a mobile phone so applying the Covid19 app and now the application of a QR code app simply makes good sense.To make the Covid19 app and the QR code app compulsory would be problematical but Australians have an excellent record of voluntary controls.Australians generally realise that if you you own a mobile phone or use a credit card that you are already supplying vast amounts of data available to anyone and everyone who wishes to access it. A Covid type app only makes tracing easier.If you go to a restaurant etc and pay by credit card or tap&go then you are immediately traceable.

When were you treated poorly by a car dealership until they found out you were rich?

Here's an answer from the prospective of a salesman in the car business:This happened early on in my career, in fact it was at my first dealership that I worked at as a salesman. This was in the early 2000s, I had just gotten a job as a sales consultant at a local Honda dealer and was right around the time that the Honda S2000 CR had come out and was the hottest little sports car around at the time for a reasonable price. I had this guy come on to the lot that was around my age (18–19 years old at the time). He was dressed just like you'd expect for a young guy at the time; t-shirt, jeans with holes in them, beat up Chuck Taylor's and a ball cap. He'd been passed up by the more “seasoned” salesmen and as I'd just got done delivering a Civic to a client I was hungry for the double play. So I walk out to him and introduce myself and start up a conversation with the dude.Over the course of the conversation I find out that he's in the market for something sporty and fun to drive. So I start asking him about the Civic Si (fun but front wheel drive) and the regular S2000 (infinitely more fun for two reasons, 1. it's “right wheel drive” meaning rear wheel drive and 2. top goes down!). He really likes the idea of a drop top, so I take him to our line of S2000s we had in stock at the time. None of them really grabbed his fancy, so I suggest we go to my office and let's see what we can configure through the dealer network. So here we are, two young dudes walking into the showroom, I'm getting the “your wasting your time” looks from the older sales guys on the floor as we are walking towards my office. That's when he sees our only S2k CR in the middle of the showroom.This car looks ever the part of a boy racer's wet dream and has the power and handling to back it up with aftermarket support that is only surpassed by Mazda's Miata (MX-5 in foreign markets). I honestly thought I was going to have to go find a forklift to pick this guy's jaw off of the floor.So we head over to the CR display to let him get a closer look. Now, at the time the CR was not in massive production, only about 1500 produced for this particular year and each Honda dealer would only be guaranteed one unit with no special order capability, what Honda sent you is what you got.When a dealer gets something special like this in, it's pretty standard practice for dealers to tack on a “market adjustment” or in plain English, a good amount of front end profit by hiking the price up several thousand dollars. Our market adjustment on the one we had was about $20k! So this was a $60k sports car, clearly into Corvette territory.We start talking about the car and what makes it different from the standard car; body kit, spoiler, special hard top, special interior bits like Corbeau seats, steering wheel, shifter, etc, and several “go-fast” parts like suspension, exhaust, intake and ECU flash which gave the car an agressive stance and a bit more power than the standard model. Ol' boy falls in love with the car and we start to talk about what the next step in the process was. He wanted a test drive, which for something like this was a huge no-no because if something happened while out in it we had no guarantee that we'd get another one. So I tell him this. He still is insistent on a test drive, so I tell him I'm going to go talk to my new car manager and see what I can do for him.Through a heated conversation with my manager I finally get him to agree to the test drive, contingent on a credit approval for the full price of the car, MSRP + our market adjustment. I go back out to my customer with the news and that's when the ball drops. He says he doesn't want to finance the car, but won't purchase without a test drive. So here we are at a literal impasse. Manager won't allow a test drive without a credit approval and customer won't buy without a test drive and doesn't was to run an application. Tough spot to be in.I'm getting rather frustrated at this point as there was seriously no work around that I could exploit to get past this roadblock. So finally, I just ask the question on everyone's mind, “how are you gonna pay for this car, dude?” Now here's where a detail I left out comes in…on top of the age appropriate, grungy clothes he has on he's toting around a sling bag. By this time, my new car manager is on his way over to presumably bail me out of the interaction and blow this guy off of the lot, when he pulls the sling bag off of his shoulder and plops it on the hood of this $60k car! My eyes are as big as saucers and my manager was so hot you could seriously boil an egg on his head! Customer dude opens up the bag to reveal stacks and stacks of $100 bills bundled like he just robbed a bank!!He tells us he's going to pay cash for this car and if we won't take his money that he'll be taking it across town to another Honda dealer and that they'd be more than happy to. Manager's attitude completely changes and all of a sudden it was no problem whatsoever for us to test drive the car! An hour later I'm delivering this dude's brand new S2K CR. Dude pulls me aside before he leaves and thanks me for working with him for so long and trying to find a work around for the test drive and tips me $500 cash! I asked him what bank he'd just robbed, jokingly. He tells me he's a software developer and had just sold a piece of software that helps plan directional and horizontal Wells for the oil field and that the company had paid him in the millions for the software!It was at that point that I learned, inadvertently, one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned in the car business; NEVER PREJUDGE A CUSTOMER! You never know what their situation is, what they're worth or anything without actually talking to them. It's because of this, when years later, I was crowned the “stripper king” at a Harley-Davidson dealer I was working at. I don't care what you look like,what you're wearing or the kind of car you drove onto my lot, I'm going to be your guide and advocate throughout the buying process. I love taking the customers nobody else will, which is how I got my nickname. Off of one deal with a stripper, I received 11 more deals that month from her fellow dancers and their boyfriends/partners/friends.

What is the strangest thing you've seen in a cemetery?

Whenever I play “tour guide” with guests to the area in which I grew up, I usually take them off the beaten path and we end up heading out of town , just beyond the city limits. That's where all the good stuff is.Stop-offs include Old Shasta, which is an historic State Park with some brick ruins and an old museum that was converted from the old courthouse, jail, and gallows. It's where the famous stagecoach bandits, the Ruggles brothers were kept in tiny, dank cells in the basement—until the lynch mob broke in and got 'em. It's a pretty creepy museum, and there's plenty of neat old stuff to look at in there. See, I'm building ambience for our penultimate stop. I've got to include the “pioneer vibe” on my tour. I'm setting the stage for what's to come.We'll heat west from there, towards beautiful Whiskeytown lake (named after the Gold Rush city sunken smack dab in its murky depths). It was a darned good place for a reservoir. Not so much a town, I suppose.Those pioneers had it rough, and I can prove it with our next stop. Whiskeytown Cemetery.Some of those old-timers buried their kinfolk in that cemetery. You can still find their gravestones there, warped from years of erosion and exposure to the elements.What's perplexing is, for an historic site, the place is still accepting “applications”.I guess it's half old-timers and half hippie-folk. There is no rhyme or reason to the layout. The monuments are eccentric and homemade.Mixed among the strangely decorated gravestones, scattered with toys and even dead Christmas trees with old tinsel, are those old pioneer grave sites. It's completely bizarre.Marble monuments from back in the old timey days, when people were churning butter, riding in stage coaches and getting hung for horse theft sit next to Harley-Ride-or-Die tributes (and I guess he did).The neighboring monument may very well be a rusty handpainted sawblade, with a few empty bottles of whiskey nearby to hold a decorative flower arrangement. Surprise!When I took my husband to Whiskeytown Cemetery, he said, “There are creepy windchimes hanging from that tree.”That's true, I told him. The caretaker puts up creepy windchimes to scare away the deer and other varmints (I can't help but think of Naked Mole rats here). They don't want the critters tampering with the creepy graves.Just about then, he turned around and was slapped in the face by the leg of a pantyhose— filled with human hair! It gave him a pretty good fright. It gives those trees a very Blair-witchy vibe.I'm not kidding you. The caretaker also seems to think the smell of human hair discourages the critters away. And so he stuffs a good gob into stocking feetsies and lets them hang from the trees like sordid ornaments. Because people in Whiskeytown Cemetery are also fond of leaving food and candy on the graves, along with creepy little stuffed dolls. That's what draws the animals. The food, not the dolls.“Tattered, degraded, stuffed toys on a grave creep me out”. That was also a direct quote from my husband, right before we got into the car and headed out to the pristine waters of Whiskeytown to go fishing— to unwind.(Photo Credits)Whiskeytown Cemetery | Enjoy MagazineWhiskeytown Cemetery on the Mt. Shasta Mine trail - Picture of Mount Shasta Mine Loop Trail, Whiskeytown - TripAdvisorWhiskeytown Cemetery photosWhiskeytown Cemetery - Redding, CAWhiskeytown Cemetery - Redding, CAWhiskeytown Cemetery photos

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