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PDF Editor FAQ

What are your thoughts on Trump taunting a security guard for not being rough with a woman protester? What does this demonstrate?

This is nothing new for Trump.During his 2016 campaign, Trump urged his followers to beat reporters up; he promised to pay their legal bills.Trump suggested that “Second Amendment people” should do something about his opponent.Trump has threatened an outbreak of violence, if not a second civil war, if he should be impeached.Trump has always believed that might makes right. This is merely one more example.I assume no Republicans will have protested. I suppose the modern Republican party also believes that might makes right.

Does female privilege exist?

At 1 am, a woman named Megha Sharma, call up the security at the reception of her PG and asked him to go get cigarettes for her. He refused because that is obviously not his job and he, instead offered her the store numbers who would deliver for her at that time.His act of refusing to bring her cigarettes angered the woman and she stormed down to the reception and slapped him and assaulted him physically and verbally. She slapped him and tried to kick him. Below is the video of CCTV.Hilariously after assaulting the security guard for not bringing her cigarettes in the midnight (Which is not his job, he isn’t her servant), this woman went on to file a police complaint that, the security guard molested her.Oh ya, of course, what a great molestation this is. How come a guy refuses to bring a cigarette when a woman demands. Isn’t this the height of being molested?The police arrived to arrest the security guard, but they found her behavior suspicious. They suspected she might be under the influence of drugs and asked her to stay there. They already called for a woman police to arrive at the scene to formally check her for drugs.Understanding the reality the woman tried to escape to her room, but the police blocked the way. The woman immediately stripped herself to bra and told she will remove her bra if she is not allowed to return to her room. Without any option, police let her go.First thing here is that woman assaulted an innocent guy. She slapped him, punched him, kicked him for he simply refused to bring her cigarettes. Next, she falsely accused him of molestation. She then refused to obey the rules of Police. She even hit another security guy in front of the police. She stripped herself and threatened to become naked in a public place, where kids and others are living.Despite all these serious charges, the woman wasn’t arrested and some feminists and White knights are even defending her actions, an act of women empowerment. If the actions were done by a male, he would have got a good thrashing from cops for assault and would have faced serious charges. If it is for real women empowerment, she should have faced the same, but of course, she was let go and not even got arrested. Oh ya, this is what happened in India, the so-called patriarchial nation by some feminists and White knights.If this is not a female privilege, then I don’t know what else is.(P.s - comments like, ‘These incidents are very rare’, ‘One such incident doesn’t mean’ ‘But female suffer more’ will be deleted and reported. I’m tired of providing reliable stats and explaining these incidents are not rare and fake cases are much higher than real ones)

What is the pettiest example of corruption you have ever witnessed?

probably when i worked at a temp agency and they sent me to a construction site to do clean up work. They would tear down these huge sections of the building and there would be like tons and tons of copper and other materials that could be recycled. So basically all I did all day long was dig copper pipes out of construction debris, cut them up into smaller pieces and load them on a trailer. So the time came to deliver the copper to recycling center, I went with the same security guard that gave us the whole speech about if you are caught stealing copper the police would be called. So we follow the truck to the place, go inside, the guy pays in cash almost $14,000. We go back to the site, I go back to work. So we do it routinely like every Tuesday where we go to this place to recycle. So one day the other girl i’m working with gets cut on her hand, like bad, so I wrap it up and we go into this office building that’s on site and they take us to this back room and the person was like oh this is gonna need an ambulance so she tells me to go thru the conference room, open the door and wait for the them and direct them in that way. So I run thru the conference room, open the door and i’m standing in the door waiting and I look around the room and there are these white boards with all these numbers on the them, and there’s one for copper recycling. I can see the dates that we went, like the last 6 trips, and next to each date there is a dollar amount, and the dollar amount shown is like 1/3 what we actually got paid. Keep in mind they sent an armed security guard with me to make sure the cash got brought back. So, the next time we went, I turned on my video camera on my cell, recorded the entire thing and I thought I had caught the guy that was stealing. So the next morning I go to the head guy in that same building, show him the video, he takes me out to the lobby, sits me in a chair, says wait here. About 15 minutes later, the woman from the temp agency that was dropping me off everyday comes in, says lets go. Turns out the guard was taking the money at the direction of the boss and it was being split up between a few higher ups there in the site office. I was basically told that from then on if I saw some corrupt activity going on, I was to call her and not discuss it with anyone else. I never got to go back to the job site. So basically I went to the guy that was stealing to report that there was stealing going on and he fired me for it.

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I like that it allows me to create everything from simple forms to complex questionnaires that require verified user authentication. Especially in the field of healthcare and biotechnology, everything has to be accounted for, including who made changes to the document, and who signed off on each portion. CocoDoc builds an audit trail and offers authentication features to ensure that the form is securely being sent to the participants that need it. Additionally, I really like that forms can be sent to anyone - they don't necessarily need to have a CocoDoc account to be able to provide their signature and approval on forms, meaning that documents can be signed anywhere and sent back instantly. The integration with many of the cloud storage apps also makes it easy to share forms with others.

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