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PDF Editor FAQ

How does RGUHS do the digital evaluation of answer scripts in university exams?

How RGUHS does the digital evaluation of answer scripts in university exams?Thanks for A2A.It’s an interesting question to ponder. RGUHS has been the part and parcel of academic life for all the medical/dental/allied sciences students whose colleges are affiliated to this university.RGUHS has introduced digital valuation system in May 2015 and from then it has been successfully implemented across all the years of all the affiliated courses both for UGs & PGs.I have made a simple diagram (below) to explain how RGUHS performs the digital valuation. This diagram is too simplified to explain the process. Many minute details have been ignored in the figure to retain the reader’s interest. Here on Quora, in brief, I shall explain how the entire valuation is carried out by the RGUHS but for those of you, who are keen on knowing more about the entire process (along with some explanatory images and videos), please feel free to visit this page.So, let's begin!Once we have done with writing our theory exams, the very same day, our answer scripts are sent to the University. Do you know, University allows a time limit of 1 hour for the submission of answer scripts for the colleges falling within the city limits and 1-day for out-station colleges?Well, once the answer scripts are received at the University, the packets are checked for any visible damages. Later, the tallying & verification of Answer script bundles is carried out with the entries of invigilator's diary. This task is carried out by the Verification Officers.Soon the appointed verification officer starts detaching Part-1 slips (with the help of menial staff) from all the answer scripts. Part-1 slips are those parts of initial pages of our answer script which contains student's identity. This step codes all the answer scripts and identification of these sheets become challenging for anyone.The ‘coded’ answer scripts are now mixed randomly, and the bundles of 15 answer scripts for UGs & 10 for PGs are made for onward processing.These bundles of detached Part-1 slips along with the coded answer scripts bundles are sent to the scanning section for scanning.Spines (bound/stitched portion) of the answer scripts are cut using large paper cutting machines. These machines are just like the ones used by our conventional bookbinders. Care is taken not to damage or cut any written portions of the answer scripts.Answer sheets are then fed into an automated scanning machine to scan each page and a PDF file is generated with a unique ID. This id becomes the new identity of each answer scripts. Post scanning, answer scripts are stapled and stored in the safe warehouse of the university for the period of 1 year.Using their login credentials, eligible evaluators log on to the desktop application of digital evaluation software and begin their subject-specific onscreen evaluation.Once the evaluation is completed, evaluators submit their valuation by a click of a button and the same gets stored in the University's secure cloud.When the entire onscreen valuation gets completed for all the subjects of a particular academic year, University downloads all this (theory marks) data in the local university server for computing with other relevant student’s data (see below).You may recall that your colleges have already uploaded your internal assessment marks long before sending your exam applications to the University.Similarly, your practical marks are also uploaded to RGUHS cloud soon after completion of your practical exams.Now the university downloads all these data along with Student's ‘exam appearing and not appearing’ list. The password-protected ‘Part- I slip’ data of answer scripts and theory examination absentee registration numbers' list are also downloaded.All these data is downloaded in the University's local server, and the same is computed in the exam management system (EMS) application.Once all the data is processed, results are hosted on the University's official website. The entry of registration number and year of study from your end on EMS will reveal the results upon a click of a button.Hope this post was useful. Feel free to ask any questions related to the same.Best Wishes for upcoming RGUHS results. May you all pass the exams with flying colours.To know more click here

How was the travel experience to India with the Vande Bharat Mission?

My Experience of repatriation flight from Singapore to Mumbai on 10 May, 2020I am an Indian working in Singapore. During Covid-19 pandemic lock down, I faced a family emergency and had to travel back home.Registration:The repatriation process was initiated by Registering with the High Commissioner of India (HCI) in Singapore. They had published a form for Indians in distress who wanted to travel back to India for any emergency.Flight booking:- After the initiation of ‘Vande Bharat’ Mission to repatriate Indians in distress,HCI started mailing people whose request was approved based on priority criteria. I received call from HCI/Air India on a short notice, ~40 hours before the flight. To the wait listed ones, their seats were confirmed only a day before the flight.§ One had to go to the Air India office in SG to book tickets.§ At the Air India office, it took about 2 hours from the time of registering, to waiting in the queue and actual ticket booking. The staff was very helpful. There was limited information about the quarantine and Internal transfer in India at this point.§ The ticket price was 405 SGD including taxes, for economy class. Luggage 30 kg included, Extra luggage was charged at 28 SGD per kg.Check-in and Departure @ Changi Airport, Singapore:- We were asked to reach 4 hours before our flight. So, Most of the people reached airport before 5 am for a 9.20 am flight.- We were given a series of forms (one for HCI, one for the airlines, and one for medical declaration) with two copies of each, which had to be physically filled at the airport.- Due to social distancing and limited counters, it can take around 1-1.5 hours in the queue, during check-in. fortunately, I was able to do a web check-in and saved some time here.- Immigration and screening were completed very quickly. I was at the boarding gate about two hours before the flight.- Airport and Air India crew was very helpful to guide on the process.- While most of the stores were closed, a couple of counters/food shops were open at the airport for breakfast/coffee. Money exchange, 7/11 shop was also open for necessities.Flight experience:Boarding was done based on seat numbers in slots of 10 rows. It was an Air India AI 343 flight which had 3x3x3 seating.Air India had kept two packages on our seat beforehand.The first was for safety measures, which had a face shield, a mask, pair of hand gloves and hand sanitizersThe second had pre-packed food and water. There was a box with a fruit (pear in my case), 1 curry puff, a smaller puff, a dairy milk, and a packet of peanuts, Mango juice, bhujiya sev, two bottles of waterMany people avoided eating on flight (including me) as masks had to be taken out, which would compromise safetyThere was no other interaction on the flight with flight attendants. They already set that expectation with us pre- takeoff that no standard servings would be done on the flightPassengers were seated next to each other without distancing, as normal, and everyone was wearing masks throughout.Arrival at Mumbai Airport:Everything was done in batches of 30 persons, maintaining social distance and controlling the crowd.1. Disembark: Disembarking was done for business class followed by batches of 30 based on seat numbers. This took a lot of time as they were allowing to get down only after the previous group has completed immigration.2. Health screening:We were asked to queue for health screening, where they collects the medical declaration forms, asks a few questions about any prior medical conditions, and ensures that we have downloaded and activated the Aarogya Setu app. They verified our details in the pre-filled forms and took our temperatures.If a person was not having active Indian number, they had arranged for purchases of SIM at a counter.In groups of 30, we are sequentially asked to assemble in waiting area for immigration, where they have kept chairs at distances.3. Immigration:In the group of 30, we went for immigration at different counters (almost 30 counters), which was very smooth and efficient.4. Baggage collection:Most of the baggage was already taken off from belt. Then, in small groups, we took a round to identify and collect our luggage.5. Quarantine facility allocation:We were directed to a hall, there were separate counters representing different geographical regions. For Mumbai, Mumbai Sub urban, Thane etc.For passengers from outside Mumbai, there were separate counters for some districts like Nagpur, Amravati, Bhandara, etc.There was another counter for those from other states, there were representatives there to guide you.Additionally there were many hotel Agents who were marketing their hotels for selection in quarantine.I checked with the counter tagged to my hometown, Nagpur. The personnel already had our names with him. He verified whether we are okay and all of us have reached Mumbai. On inquiring for Quarantine, we were presented with some options for hotels in Mumbai, ranging from 2-5 stars, with rates ranging from 2.5 k for 2 star, 3.5 for 3 star and about 6.5 k for 5 star hotels. There was no option of Government Quarantine, and I am not sure whether all the hotels were actually available for booking or not.For within state transport options to Nagpur, they allow us to travel with Government arranged bus/traveler on a paid basis. They denied us arranging any private vehicle or through any other contractor. They had permission templates available (which was impressive), which they just had to fill with names, vehicle numbers, stamps etc. so after some discussion, I decided to travel to Nagpur directly. There were a total of 10 people who needed to travel. However, as a group for 3 has a pregnant lady and another group had a very small child, these 6 were not able to take up a 20 hour sitting journey on a tempo traveler with the kind of route and roads available. So, these 6 people decided to stay and they got into Quarantine in Mumbai itself.Rest of us started along with 2 drivers, after around 6 hours of landing. This was pretty hectic with limited clarity at the time.Travel to Nagpur:The traveler charged us a INR 50, 000 with to and fro journey included, increased rates, driver charges.The restaurant on the way were closed and we arranged for some water and dry snacks beforehand at the airport. Fortunately we got information on a restaurant which was giving parcel, after we inquired at Nashik Police station.We were stopped at many places by police to make sure that we had permission. Though it was a bit hectic journey but we reached Nagpur the next day afternoon safely (20–21 hours of travel).Nagpur:We were asked to report to Collector office where the Sub Divisional Officer briefed us and helped us with the next steps. He gave us a couple of options for hotels and after selecting one, we were to stay quarantined for a period of 14 days.Our first test was conducted on Day 2 followed by second test on day 12/13 of check-in to the Hotel. If came out to be positive, the person would be transferred too hospital or Isolation ward. We were released after completing 14 day period.Hotel check-inThe check in process was quick and my hotel allowed me to pay later. The hotel staff did not touch luggage or came near, they instructed us to room and asked us not to go out.The hotel had a police official and doctor available at the time of our check-in.In the hotel, we are not allowed to leave our room or for anyone to enter. We are served 3 meals a day at fixed hours, no other room service is allowed apart from replenishing stock. Otherwise, the room in the hotel is comfortable and staff helpful. All the cleaning, washing cloths and other activities are to be done by self. We cannot send anything from inside room to outside apart from the garbage bag each morning.Challenges and Gaps:It was impressive that there was coordination between government bodies, however, there is still lot of scope in increasing communication and transparency.When shown the guidelines or asked about official notices from officials on hotels, they would say that these are the only options available: we take it or leave it.The overall experience is a costly affair including tickets, transfers, quarantine and necessary purchases.Some people were asked to submit their passport as soon as they reached their designated counters, therefore, leaving them with less power to negotiate. Not happened in my case though.There were no alternative options for internal transport.Gratitude:Government of India took initiative which helped a lot of people who were having different kinds of emergencies. Some were pregnant, some had health issue. For some Visa had expired or some were stuck with no money.Airport authority and Air India staff was extremely helpful.Local government accepted people coming in from outside and we appreciate the efforts.Special thanks to the Hotel staff for operating in these times.To reach hometown is a sigh of relief to all and considering everything going on, we are thankful.I hope my experience helps someone and give all its readers some insights into the process!Thank You!-Mayank

What was the nicest thing you did for someone and they completely screwed you over right after?

Hmm… I have two situations I can think of, with two different individuals.The first one was with my mother.I was trying to get the money together one fall to go back to my Alma mater college where I'd put in one year of work towards the degree of my choice- I was a Digital Audio Technology major with a minor in Audio Production. This degree choice was a major point of consternation for my mother, who strongly wished I studied law or medicine in college instead. She considered my audio engineering degree to be a “fake” and “useless” degree. Despite applying to anybody who was hiring all through the summer of 2013, by the fall no one would take me, so in a last ditch effort to be able to return to my Alma mater, I applied to the local community college a fifty minute walk from home (or a fifteen minute drive) in hopes I could use the FAFSA money to get a gas-economical second-hand vehicle for at least one thousand dollars in. I was forced to share a bank account with my brother, and he neither knows how to budget nor to stay within his means. He stole a thousand dollars from my first dispersement. My mother sided with him, because he's her favorite child-and I cannot stress this enough: she didn't want to me to go back to my college of choice to continue working on my degree.The second dispersement was stolen by my mother directly.How?She had been loaning her jewelry to a pawn shop in a town about a two hour drive away from our home in order to make ends meet, because similarly to my brother, she finds it hard to live within her means. She had narrowly paid the exorbitant fee for the shop to keep holding her jewelry every three months or so until she could buy her beloved jewelry back in the long run. One month in the fall of 2013, she begged me to use a thousand dollars of my second dispersement to help her pay the fee to have the pawn shop hold onto her jewelry for another three months. I told her, “If I give you this money, I won't be able to leave and go back to my college.”With tears in her eyes, she begged and pleaded with me, “Please, Paula, I don't want to lose my jewelry!’I love my mother dearly and cannot stand to see her cry, so I sighed and told her, “If you can promise to pay me back at least four hundred dollars in two months, I'll give you the money for this.”She was elated.We drove as a family-me, her, my brother and my step dad- to the pawn shop. The whole way there during that two hour trip, my mother thanked me. I was nervous. I had a feeling my mother would immediately renege on her promise, since it wouldn't be the first time she stole a massive amount of money from me. If she did it again, this would be the second time she had done such a thing.When we got there, she forced me to hand over the packet of money while we stood in front of the cashier. She signed a receipt saying she'd buy back her jewelry within three months, or else pay for another delay fee or else lose her jewelry permanently.No sooner had the money exchanged hands than her attitude towards me became completely frigid.Deciding to test this, I asked her, “So are we gonna work out a payment plan for how you're gonna pay me the four hundred in the next two months?“You're on crack,” she remarked flippantly.“I can't afford that. I was never gonna repay you!’For the rest of the two hour ride, my mom berated me for my poor college choice, told me I didn't deserve to go to college, that my degree was a terrible one, I should study something like law or medicine instead, and that my idea of getting a beater vehicle for a thousand dollars was unrealistic, unworkable, and could never happen.She was wrong.After this, I cried about it to a friend who, in turn, revealed it to her in-laws. They decided to make the offer to take me in so I could live away from my family and stop giving my mother excuses to treat me so poorly and to financially cripple me every chance she got. I warned my mother I would be moving out in two months time. She didn't believe me.She was wrong again.I moved in with them in December.I went to that local college for another semester, and bought a beater car for five hundred dollars by March of 2014. Unfortunately, no one would hire me until December of 2014, but I've been employed in some form or another ever since.I never did get to go back to my college for various reasons, and I have a different car now, but no matter what, my mother was wrong: it was more than possible to buy a cheap car; the degree I want is not a poor choice; and I did move out.But I could have had a possibly better car so much sooner and been able to go back to my school if she hadn't done what she did. :/She's stolen massive amounts of money like this from me three times now. She tried to justify every single theft. The first time, she felt entitled to a thousand dollars I had left of a three thousand dollar settlement because she felt I wasn't putting the money to good use. I had saved the last thousand so I could attend community college and take general Ed courses.The second time is entailed above.The third time, it was a thousand dollars I saved from my job as a security guard for yet another car. I did end up getting that back, but only because my significant other told my extended family that my mother lied about what she had done with the money as well as lying about my reaction to make it seem like O was being ungrateful for a gift she got me with my own money. In truth, her husband saw a salvage vehicle in a junk yard that he couldn't afford, but still coveted. He told my mother about it and, knowing I was desperate for a RELIABLE vehicle to get myself to my job site (it was a 45 minute drive from my house and it was outdoors at a construction site- I needed a car), she decided to lie to me about the actual cost of the vehicle (it was selling for 700 dollars and would have cost 770 after taxes. She claimed the vehicle was about 1,400 dollars) as well as the cost of the registration, and about whether it came from a dealer versus a junk yard (I told her “No salvage vehicles, and none from junk yards.” She claimed it was from a dealer and wasn't salvaged.)I had 1,100 saved from my job by this point. She took it all to get the vehicle “on my behalf” and claimed I owed her another six hundred for this beater vehicle from a junk yard with many frightening issues.(And I'll could the ways in which this vehicle wasn't road safe:A broken speedometer (“Just download an app to your phone to read the speed!” She said to me.)A broken odometer (“It has such low mileage!” Mom, the odometer is broken. We have no idea WHAT it's true mileage is!)ALL four tires are bald and need to be changed IMMEDIATELY.The steering wheel sticks when you try to turn to the left.And one of the kickers: the GAS meter is ALSO BROKEN.All I had asked of anyone looking for cheap cars on my behalf was this: be within my price range; don't come from a junk yard; don't be a salvage vehicle; have nothing wrong with it that will cause it to break down within three months.My boyfriend found out the car was from a Pick 'n' Pull selling for seven hundred and I freaked out and told my mother to get my money back, at which she told me all sales were final and I owed her six hundred dollars and she hung up on me.She then told my family she bought me this excellent car with nothing wrong with it, and because it wasn't something fancy or high end like a Prius, I had ungratefully asked her to return the car and my money.My family started sending me hate messages and messages demanding I apologize to my mother for what SHE had done. My boyfriend had to get involved and show them the screen shots of the text messages between my mother and me and my boyfriend to show them I was telling the truth and my mother had lied.They pressured her to return the money and it was back in about a week, but I was in over time in terms of needing a replacement vehicle.Within three days of getting my money back, I bought one from a used car dealership on a night I had work, and drove off the lot with the car I have today.She's the nicest car I've ever owned, and I'm due to make payments on her to this day. I think I'll be finished paying it off in December of this year. Despite these massive character flaws on my mothers' part, I do love her dearly.But yeah, she's screwed me over hardcore after helping her, too.

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The features that are most impactful are the drop down list of things you can implement into the contract . And the was of use , I needed to send 3 contracts and what usually would have took me hours only took a couple of minutes . It even reminds you if you haven't signed the contract , and also when people that you send it to view it .

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