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Are we able to pinpoint the centre of the universe, i.e. where the Big Bang occurred?

I would tell you to get ready for the new age psycho-babble, but it’s already here.The Big Bang happened everywhere….ooooohhhhhmmmm….The Big Bang happened anywhere….ooooohhhhhmmmm….Just turn off your mind and don’t ask questions….. ignorance is bliss…be happy….don’t think.Sorry, I choose not to be brain washed.According to NASA’s COBE and WMAP satellites and the European Space Agency’s PLANCK satellite, there IS A CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.AND NO, THE UNIVERSE IS NOT SAME IN ALL DIRECTIONS. This is how we “know” where the center is.The engine of construction described by the Big Bang is temperature variations in the young universe. These variations supposedly allow matter to clump together and form structure.So we decided to study these variations here is what we found -Lawrence Krauss, PhD is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Arizona State and arguably the loudest spokesperson for Atheism on the planet. He states -But when you look at CMB map, you also see that the structure that is observed, is in fact, in a weird way, correlated with the plane of the earth around the sun. Is this Copernicus coming back to haunt us? That's crazy. We're looking out at the whole universe. There's no way there should be a correlation of structure with our motion of the earth around the sun — the plane of the earth around the sun — the ecliptic. That would say we are truly the center of the universe.The new results are either telling us that all of science is wrong and we're the center of the universe, or maybe the data is simply incorrect, or maybe it's telling us there's something weird about the microwave background results and that maybe, maybe there's something wrong with our theories on the larger scales.THE ENERGY OF EMPTY SPACE THAT ISN'T ZERORather than admit what they had discovered, NASA tried to prove the WMAP satellite was broken. quote –So perplexing is the axis of evil that Hinshaw and WMAP's principal investigator, Chuck Bennett, have obtained a grant for a five-year examination of the WMAP data. They hope to explore the possibilities that the WMAP instrument was in error, or that something else went wrong. "There's no question there's stuff that looks unusual," says Bennett.We will have to wait and see whether the study reveals the axis of evil to be a cosmic mirage, or shows the big bang model to be in serious trouble.The Universe: The new Axis of EvilAfter about 10 years of failed attacks on the WMAP data, the scientists hoped that the European Space Agency's PLANCK Satellite would finally discredit the data.Here's what they found -"Why characteristics of the CMB should relate to our solar system is not understood. ... I was explicitly told not to say anything about God in this talk "which I've just violated," Efstathiou said half-jokingly.Planck probe's cosmic 'baby picture' revises universe's vital statisticsGeorge Efstathiou, Ph.D. is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge and director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmology.Here are the academic credentials of the people you just heard from, so if you have a problem with what they said take it up with them, not me.Ohhhh….FYI, there are FIVE OTHER INDEPENDENT ASTRONOMICAL MEASUREMENTS WHICH ALSO CONFIRM THE EARTH IS THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.New Scientist -From the rotation of galaxies to cosmic expansion everything points in one direction. If only we knew whyThe universe lines up along the ‘axis of evil’. Coincidence?Lawrence Krauss -Director, Origins Initiative,Foundation Professor,School of Earth and Space Exploration, Department of Physics,Co-Director, Cosmology Initiativeand Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in ScienceMajor Awards1984 First Prize Award, Gravity Research Foundation1986 Presidential Young Investigator Award1997 Glover Award for Distinction in Physics Achievement and Physics Education, Dickenson College, PA.2000Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Citation: For global impact as a science communicator and the ability to maintain an active science career while writing several books about physics for the general public.2001 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize, American Physical Society. Citation: For outstanding contributions to the understanding of the early universe, and extraordinary achievement in communicating the essence of physical science to the general public.2001 Andrew R. Gemant Award, American Institute of Physics. Citation: To Professor Lawrence Krauss for excellence in the interpretation of physics to the public through numerous newspaper and magazine articles, books, lectures, and television productions. Krauss is especially commended for his communication of sound scientific literacy through timely opinion pieces and books, and for his efforts to address incorrect popular interpretations of science disseminated in the mass media.2002 American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award for Atom, An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth and Beyond2003 Humanism Award, Free Inquirers of Northeast Ohio2004 Oersted Medal, American Association of Physics Teachers.2004 Northern Ohio Live Award of Achievement: Science and Technology2005 Joseph A. Burton Forum Award, American Physical Society, Citation: For major contributions in defending science in the schools through his efforts in combating the opponents of teaching evolution, and for continuing to enhance the public understanding of contemporary physics2009 Center for Inquiry World Congress Award for Scholarship in the Public Interest.2009 Friend of Darwin Award, National Center for Science Education2009 Helen Sawyer Hogg Prize of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Astronomical Society of Canada2012 National Science Board 2012 Public Service Award2013 Roma Award Urbs Universalis2014 Academia Film Olomouc award for Outstanding Communication of Science2014 Gravity Research Foundation Essay Award2015 American Humanist Association Humanist of the Year2016 Richard Dawkins AwardOther Honors (since 1977)1977 Senate Graduating Medal, Carleton University1977-1981 N.R.C. Postgraduate Scholarship1982-1985 Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows1982-83 N.S.E.R.C.Fellowship1988 Junior Faculty Fellowship,Yale Unversity1988 Senior Faculty Fellowship, Yale University1988 Nesbitt Lecturer, Carleton University1989 Gravity Research Foundation Prize Award1990 Named Sigma-Xi National Lecturer (1991-92)1990 Named to "International Leaders in Achievement"1991 Gravity Research Foundation Prize Award1993 Named to Ambrose Swasey Chair in Physics1995 Gravity Research Foundation Prize Award1996 Innaugural Distinguish Scientist Lecturer for Young People, Ohio Aerospace Institute1996 Innaugural Distinguished Physics Lecturer, University of Minnesota1996 Ohio Achievement Award Selection, Northern Ohio Live Magazine1997 Hays Lecturer, Oberlin College1997 Great Poets League of Cleveland Honoree 19971998 Cleveland Magazine, 50 Most Interesting People of the Year Award1997-8 University School-Seelbach Visiting Chair1998 American Physical Society Centennial Lecturer1998 Henry Steel Lecturer, Mid America Orthopedic Assn.1998 Commencement Speaker, Hiram College1998 13th Annual Frank G. and Jean M. Chesley Lectureship, Carleton College1998 Herzfeld Lecturer, Catholic University1999 Fellow, American Physical Society1999- Board of Directors, Physics Entrepeneurship Program.1999 Gravity Research Foundation Prize Award1999 Moti Lal Rustgi Memorial Lecturer, SUNY Buffalo1999 Hendrik de Waard Foundation Lecturer, Groningen, Netherlands2000 Maurer Memorial Lecturer, University of Arkansas2000 Vanden Miles Lecturer, Wayne State University2000 Kallen Lecturer, University of Lund, Sweden.2000 Benedum Lecturer, University of West Virginia2000 Great Minds Lecturer, Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora IL2000 Soloist, Holst, The Planets, with The Cleveland Orchestra2001 Rochester Lecturer, University of Durham, UK2001 Isaac Asimov Memorial Panelist, American Museum of Natural History, NY2001 Rorschach Lecturer, Rice University2001 Shell Lecturer, National Assoc. of Science Teachers2001 Invited Witness, U.S. House Committee on Science, Session on the Future of Space Exploration2001 Malstrom Lecturer, Hamline University, Minnesota2001 Morgan Lecturer, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth Texas2001 Timothy J. OLeary Distinguished Scientist Lecturer, Gonzaga University2001 Presidential Inauguration Keynote Speaker Clark University2001 Campbell Lecturer, Society of Pediatric Urology2001 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Centenary Lecturer, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory2001 Fermi Centennial Lecturer, Fermilab2001 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science2002 Knight Fellow, Western Reserve Academy2002 Friedman Lecturer, Penn State University2002 Milton Lecturer, Syracuse University2002 Chancellor’s Lecturer, Vanderbilt University2002 Fellow, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal2003 Waynick Lecturer, Penn State University2003 Donald Ross Hamilton Lecturer, Princeton University2003 Woods Lecturer, Westminster College, PA2003 New Frontiers in Information Sciences Distinguished Lecturer, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome NY2003 Commencement Speaker, Carleton University2003 Five Colleges Lecturer, U Mass. Amherst2003 William Mahoney Lecturer, U. Mass Amherst2003 Presidential Lecturer, Clark University2004 Joe Barnhart Lecturer, Coastal Bend College, TX2004 Constance Wilson Distinguished Lecturer, Berry College, GA2004 Maurice and Yetta Glicksman Commencement Lecturer, Brown University2004 Likover Lecturer, American Civil Liberties Union.2004 Samuel Newton Taylor Lecturer, Goucher College2005 Hooker Professor and Lecturer, McMaster University2005 Rudin Distinguished Scholar Lecturer, Marymount College2005 First Annual Mel Oakes Distinguished Undergraduate Lecturer, UT. Austin2005 World Year of Physics Lecturer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory2005 Benson Lecturer, Miami University2005 IBM Yorktown Heights Visions Lecturer2005 NASA Huntsville, World Year of Physics Lecturer2005 Sigma Pi Sigma Lecturer, Wright State University2005 Crump Lecturer, St. Andrews School2005 Presidential Lecturer, University of Tulsa2005 IBM Lecturer, Wittenberg University2005 World Year of Physics Lecturer, Severance Hall2006 Michigan State Science Teacher’s Distinguished Lecturer2007-8 Phi Beta Kappa National Visiting Scholar2006- Board of Sponsors, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists2006 Terry Lectureship, Science and Religion, Yale University2007 Distinguished Scientist Lecture, Brookhaven National Laboratory2007 Concordia University Distinguished Scientist Lecturer2007 Gravity Research Foundation Prize Award2007 Michelson Centenary Lecturer, US Naval Academy.2007 Inaugural Beyond Institute Lecturer, Arizona State University2008 Centennial Lecturer, University of Arkansas2008 Bradley Lecturer, American Enterprise Institute2008 2008 Michigan State University Distinguished Lecturer2009 National Lecturer, Australian National Science Week2010 Todd Lecturer, Butler University2010 Woods Lecturer, Norwich University.2010 Smith Lecturer, Davidson College2010 Distinguished University Lecturer, U. Alberta, Edmonton2010- Distinguished Visiting Professor, Australian National University2011 James and Jean Davis Prestige Visiting Fellow, Otaga University2011 Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, University of Melbourne2012 Irving K. Barber Lecture, University of British Columbia2012 The Littleton-Franklin Lecture, Auburn University2012 Institute of Physics Lecturer, Hobart Tasmania2012 Math for America Lecturer, UCSD2013 Distinguished Lecturer Award, Medical Health Physics Society2013 Distinguished Lecturer, Williams College2013 Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin2013 Distinguished Dean’s Lecturer, Radcliffe College2013 Distinguished Lecturer, University of New Orleans2013 Asimov Panelist, AMNH2013 Gordon Tomkins Lecture, UC San Francisco2013 Laureate of International Academy of Humanism2014 Distinguished Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Madison2014 Allele Lecturer, University of Alabama2014 Michael West Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast2015 Fetzer Memorial Lecture, Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityGeorge EfstathiouGeorge Efstathiou holds the Professor of Astrophysics (1909) at the University of Cambridge. He received his B.A. in Physics from Keble College, Oxford University in 1976, and his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Durham University in 1979. His first postdoctoral appointment was at the Department of Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley. He spent the next eight years at the Institute for Astronomy at Cambridge, beginning as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant and eventually becoming Assistant Director of Research. In 1988, Efstathiou was appointed to the Savilian Chair of Astronomy at Oxford University, where he served as Head of Astrophysics until 1994. He returned to Cambridge in 1997 and has served as Director of the Institute of Astronomy since 2004. He was appointed as the first Director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmology at Cambridge from 2008 - 2013.Professor Efstathiou has received several prizes for his research including the 1990 Maxwell Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics, the 1990 Vainu Bappu Prize of the Astronomical Society of India, the 1994 Astrophysics Prize of the Bodossaki Foundation, the 2005 American Institute of Physics Heineman Prize for Astronomy (shared with his long-term collaborator Simon White), 2011 the Gruber Cosmology Prize (jointly awarded with Marc Davis, Carlos Frenk and Simon White) and the 2013 Nemitsas Prize in Physics.Professor Efstathiou has wide interests in theoretical and observational cosmology and has contributed to studies of large-scale structure in the Universe, galaxy formation, dark energy and the cosmic microwave background radiation. He is a member of the Science Team for the European Space Agency Planck Satellite, launched in May 2009, which is mapping the temperature and polarization anisotropies of the cosmic microwave backround to unprecedented precision.

What is your review of Chandigarh University, Gharuan?

In my view CU is institution which as made good reputation in INDIA with their ranks and Awards here is some information regarding CUChandigarh university is is a leading Indian Institution offering its students a unique amalgamation of professional and academic excellence. The University has been accredited with the prestigious A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Chandigarh University has become Youngest and the only private university in India to bag A+ grade in the first cycle of the accreditation process and has also become the only state private university of Punjab to be accredited by NAAC.Also, ranked among Asia’s best and fastest growing universities, CU has coupled the experience of top industry leaders and renowned academicians to foster a global approach.In the times of COVID 19 also everything was taken care a software was introduced by the university “blackboard” on which all the classes and work is done its new platform of teaching that had helped so many students as they did not lose there precious time and continued to study and there evaluation was also done.CU also provide various platforms for students so that they can explore their talents along with education and at the times of COVID 19 proper precautionary measures are taken so that students don't have any difficulty in their curriculum.Platforms are like - CU fest, CU parade, AAGAAZ,1st AIU INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FESTIVALDANCE WORLD CUPNothing is more worth than a healthy body. Sports and games are an essential part of an individual's life, contributing in enhancing the quality of life. Understanding the importance of sports, Chandigarh University promotes the sports activities and ensures the student participation. The university organizes inter university and inter college/department events that foster team spirit among the participants and make them disciplined.Playing competitive sports has also proven to increase the rate of positive academic achievement among the students. Dedicated sports department of Chandigarh University provides students with a plethora of opportunities to maintain healthy & active lifestyle while pursuing academic goals. This dedication makes sports an integral part of the University's academic structure. Chandigarh University has many accolades to its credit both nationally & internationally.SportsMeet Chandigarh University’s Roll Ball Champions! - WUSHU CHAMPION SUPRIYA SAH - Asian Rowing Champion from Chandigarh University - Sports Achievements● Gold Medal for India in 3rd ASIAN ROLL BALL (M)Championship 2018-19● Gold Medal for India in Asian Powerlifting Championship 2018● Gold Medal for India in 2nd International Kukkiwon Cup 2018● Silver Medal for India in Asian Rowing Championship● Silver in World Taekwondo Challenge Tournament● Gold in Senior National Taekwondo Championship● Silver Medal at AIU for American Football● Overall All India Inter-University Weightlifting Championship Trophy● Overall Inter-Polytechnic State Basketball Championship Trophy● Overall All India Inter-University Weightlifting Championship Trophy● Overall Inter-Polytechnic State Basketball Championship TrophySportsMAKING INDIA PROUDNot only in academics, but CU have been scaling new heights in sports as well. CU is home to winners in Asian Games, Commonwealth games and many national competitions.InternationalNational87 MEDALS IN THE YEAR 2018-19GOLD 24SILVER 28BRONZE 35Chandigarh University Department of SportsYouth Summit | EVOKE - Chandigarh UniversityCulturalUniversity Fest - - Festival - Celebration - Champions for 4th Year in a Row.International and National Conferences - Chandigarh UniversityInternational Credit Transfer- International ProgramsPrerequisites for Articulation Program through Chandigarh UniversityWhat are the other benefits for students?Answer. 1. Up to 100% scholarship2. Save 2 years of tuition fees in dollars3. Up to 3 years work permit4. An opportunity for Permanent Residency5. In-built IELTS program6. Higher Probability of Visa ApprovalBYTEInternational Credit Transfer Programs at Chandigarh University is your best opportunity to study abroad in the current scenario.Spend 1 or 2 years at CU and move to foreign University to attain your overseas education.Take a step closer at Reviews about the International Credit Transfer Program at Chandigarh UniversityChandigarh University is a full-fledged university established by the Punjab State Legislature and is recognized by University Grants Commission under Section 2(f) with the right to confer degrees as per Section 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956.Chandigarh University, Punjab Ranking and AwardsChandigarh University, Punjab enjoys high standing among many national rating services that evaluate quality of education, research activity, affordability and athletic excellence. These rankings recognize not only CU as a whole, but also our many respected schools and departments. Chandigarh University, Punjab is proud to be recognized by the organizations and publications listed below for our excellence in education.Chandigarh University Gharuan Has Been Ranked ‘A+’ by NAACChandigarh University has been awarded the prestigious A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The A+ grade has placed Chandigarh University amongst the India’s most elite and prestigious Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) which is maintaining top standards in delivering and disseminating of quality education to its students.CU awarded Diamond rating by QS I-GAUGEChandigarh University has now received ‘Diamond’ Rating from QS I-Guage Ratings based on globally recognized QS World Rankings. A unique rating system, QS I-GAUGE brings together the global expertise, experience and reputation of UK based QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) & captures the essence of the dynamic Indian higher education system & conforms to international standards & best practices.CU awarded Diamond rating by QS I-GAUGEChandigarh University has now received ‘Diamond’ Rating from QS I-Guage Ratings based on globally recognized QS World Rankings. A unique rating system, QS I-GAUGE brings together the global expertise, experience and reputation of UK based QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) & captures the essence of the dynamic Indian higher education system & conforms to international standards & best practices.Chandigarh University is now certified by E-LEADChandigarh University has received another major certification with QS I GAUGE E-LEAD (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation) certifying the preparedness of the intitution to conduct online Teaching & Learning. The certification involves rigorous data collection, evaluation and assessment of performance metrics as set out in the methodology.Ranked 10thAmong Top 50 Private State Universities of IndiaRanked 7thin Top 25 Young Universities of IndiaRanked 3rdAmong Top Private Universities of IndiaOur consistent hard work have made us climb the ladder of success . Here we are in Top 3rd private University as per India Today 2017National Award for Highest Number of Companies – Limca Book of Records (2017)Chandigarh University is now in Limca Book of Records for Highest Number of Companies for Campus Placements in a single academic year.Best Student Friendly University – Star Group (2017)Chandigarh University has stepped up the ranking ladder by bagging a title of “BEST STUDENT FRIENDLY UNIVERSITY” from India's leading Rating Agency - Star Group.University with Best Placements – By WCRC (2016)For providing impeccable placements to its students since inception, Chandigarh University has been honored with the award of "University with Best Placements" by WCRC Leaders.Top 10% Educational Institutes for providing Employability – Aspiring Minds (2015 & 2016)Chandigarh University has been ranked amongst the best Educational Institutes for providing Employability by Aspiring Minds.Asia’s Fastest Growing Private University – By WCRC (2015)Chandigarh University has been honored with the title of Asia’s Fastest Growing Private Education Institute by WCRC Leaders.7th Among Top Socioversities of India - By A Career is a life (2015)Chandigarh University has been ranked 7th among Top 25 Socioversities of India by Careers 360 for its popularity on various social media platforms.Eduprenuers Award – By Discovery Watch (2014)Chandigarh University has been awarded with "Edupreneurs Awards" for Ensuring Collaboration with Government/NGOs/Other Developmental Agencies.Ranked 2nd among Private Engineering Colleges in North Zone – The WeekUniversity Institute of Engineering (UIE) has been ranked #2 for the Best Private Engineering College in North Zone by The Week College Rankings 2020 and ranked #42 overall.Ranked 14th among Private Engineering Colleges in all Over India – The WeekUniversity Institute of Engineering (UIE) has been ranked #14 for the Best Private Engineering College in all over India by The Week College Rankings 2020 and ranked #42 overall.Ranked among India’s Top 30 Engineering Institutions - Times Engineering (2020)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been ranked amongst the "Top 30 Engineering Institute Rankings 2020" by Times Engineering. In the Top private Engineering Institutions, UIE, Chandigarh University has managed to bag All India 19th rank, while in North Zone, UIE emerged as Top 6th Engineering Institution and 1st in Punjab.Ranked among India’s Top Engineering Research INSTITUTIONS - Times Engineering (2020)Banking on quality research and 700 patents filed in just 7 years, University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been ranked amongst the "Top 5 Engineering Institutions with outstanding research capabilities.Ranked among India’s Top 50 Private Engineering Institutes on Placements - Times Engineering (2020)Registering record placements in 2020 with more than 691 multi national companies selecting 6617 students, UIE Chandigarh University is ranked 35th in ALL India Top 50 Private Engineering Institutions ranking in placements domain.UIE Ranked 16th among the Top 25 Emerging Colleges in the Country – India TodayThe University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been ranked 16 among the Top 25 Emerging Colleges in the country by India Today.UIE Ranked 45th among Top Private Engineering Colleges in the Country – India TodayThe University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been ranked #45 among the Top Private Engineering Colleges in the country by India Today.Youngest University to be Ranked by NIRF India 2019Ranked 117th Engineering Institute of India by NIRF Our constant hard-work has made us hike to the top most level of success. We have been ranked 117th for our excellence in education by NIRF, Govt. Of India.AAA+ Ranking by Careers360 (Engineering)Assessing more than 3500 institutes nationally on various parameters such as faculty quality, student quality, research and innovation, India's only Education Magazine Careers360 in its annual Engineering Rankings has given University Institute of Engineering, Chandigarh University AAA+ Ranking.Ranked 16th Among Top Engineering Institute of India – THE OUTLOOK (2017)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University is ranked 16th among the Top Engineering Institutes of India by The Outlook Magazine.Ranked 1st Among Private Engineering Institutes of North India – THE OUTLOOK (2017)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University is ranked 1st among the private Engineering Institutes of North India by The Outlook Magazine.Ranked 1st Among Private Engineering Institutes of North India for Industry Interface– THE OUTLOOK (2017)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University is ranked 1st among private Engineering Institutes of North India for Industry Interface by The Outlook Magazine.Ranked 8th Among Top Private Engineering Institutes of India – THE OUTLOOK (2016)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University got ranked 8th among the Top private Engineering Institutes of India in the year 2016 by The Outlook Magazine.Ranked 5th Among Top Private Engineering Institutes of India – THE WEEK (2016)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University grabbed another ranking in the year 2016 i.e. 5th among the Top Engineering Institutes of India by The Outlook Magazine.Ranked among India’s Top 5 Emerging Engineering Institutes - Times Engineering (2015)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been ranked amongst the "Top 5 Emerging Engineering Institutes" by Times Engineering.Outstanding Engineering Institute - ABP News (2014)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has been honored with the title of "Outstanding Engineering Institute" in the year 2014 by India's leading News Channel - ABP News.Outstanding Engineering Institute - ET NOW (2013)University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University has also been honored with the title of "Outstanding Engineering Institute" in the year 2013 by India's leading English Business News Channel- ET NOW.#9 among Top 15 Private Universities in the Country (2020) by Times B-SchoolUniversity School of Business (USB) at Chandigarh University ranked #9 among Top 15 Private Universities in all over India by the Times B-School in Times B-School Rankings 2020.University School of Business ranked #25 among Top 100 Management Institutes (2020) by Times B-SchoolUniversity School of Business (USB) at Chandigarh University ranked #25 among Top 100 Management Institutes in all over India by the Times B-School in Top 100 Management Institutes Overall Ranking (2020) by Times B-SchoolUniversity School of Business ranked #12 among Management Institutes in North Zone (2020) by Times B-SchoolUniversity School of Business (USB) at Chandigarh University ranked #12 among Management Institutes in North India by the Times B-School in their 2020 Survey.USB Ranked 59th among Top Colleges in the Country for offering World-Class BBA – India TodayThe University School of Business (USB), Chandigarh University has been ranked #59 among Top Colleges in the country for offering World-Class BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) by India Today.Youngest University to be Ranked by NIRF India 201964th Management Institute of India by NIRF Chandigarh University has been ranked 64th among fully fledged Universities (Management) of India by NIRF for continuous efforts to escalate quality education to the students.5th Among Emerging B-Schools of India – Times of India (2017)University School of Business (USB), Chandigarh University is ranked 5th among Emerging B-Schools of India by the third-largest Indian newspaper - Times of India.2nd Best MBA-Finance B-School in Non-metros category – Outlook Money (2016)Chandigarh University's Apex Institute of Technology MBA is ranked 2nd Best MBA- Finance B-School in Non-metros category in North by the OUTLOOK MONEY.3rd Among 'Top-5 Women Friendly B-School' - OUTLOOK MONEY (2016)Apex Institute of Technology (AIT), Chandigarh University has been ranked 3rd among 'Top-5 Women Friendly B-School' by OUTLOOK MONEY.AAA Ranking by Careers 360 Magazine (2015)University School of Business (USB), Chandigarh University has been given AAA ranking by leading education portal - Careers 360.AA+ Ranking by Digital Learning (2015)Digital Learning Magazine has ranked University Business School (USB), Chandigarh University as AA+.Ranked 3rd among Private Hotel Management Colleges in North Zone – The WeekUniversity Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (UITHM) has been ranked #3 for the Best Private Hotel Management College in all over India by The Week College Rankings 2020 and ranked #23 overall.Ranked 7th among Private Hotel Management Colleges in North Zone – The WeekUniversity Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (UITHM) has been ranked #7 for the Best Private Hotel Management College in all over India by The Week College Rankings 2020 and ranked #23 overall.UITHM Ranked 2th among all Colleges to offer Best Value for Money – India TodayChandigarh University's UITHM (University Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management) has been ranked #2 among all colleges in Hotel Management to offer best value for money by India Today.UITHM Ranked 25th among Top Colleges in the country – India TodayApart from being #2 ranked college to offer Best Value for Money, Chandigarh University's UITHM (University Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management) has been ranked #25 among the Top Colleges in the country.Ranked 7th Among Top Pvt. Hotel Management Institutes of North India – The Week (2017)University Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (UITHM), Chandigarh University is ranked 7th among the Top Pvt. Hotel Management Institutes of North India by the Indian newsmagazine - The Week.Ranked 25th Among top Pvt. Hotel Management Institutes of India – The Week (2016)University Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (UITHM), Chandigarh University has been ranked 25th Among Top Private Hotel Management Institutes of India by "The Week" magazine.Best Hotel Management Institute 2014-2015. (Awarded for consecutive 2 years by Indian Restaurant Congress)University Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (UITHM), Chandigarh University added another feather to its cap by grabbing the title of Best Hotel Management Institute consecutively for two years (i.e. 2014 & 2015) by Indian Restaurant Congress.ComputingBCA Ranked 50th among Top Colleges in the country for offering World-Class BCA – India TodayThe University Institute of Computing (UIC), Chandigarh University has been ranked #50 among Top Colleges in the country for offering World-Class BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) by India Today.CommerceRanked 45th in Commerce College Rankings 2020 – The WeekUniversity School of Business-CommerceRecognitionsUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)Chandigarh University is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body of the Government of India established for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education in India.All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)The engineering programs at CU are approved by AICTE. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set-up in November 1945 as a national level Apex Advisory Body to conduct survey on the facilities on technical education and to promote development in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner.Membership & Approvals12 B status to Chandigarh UniversityBar Council of India (BCI)All programs of Law at Chandigarh university are approved by Bar Council of India (BCI), body established under the Advocates Act 1961 that regulates the legal practice and legal education in India. It prescribes standards of professional conduct, etiquettes and exercises disciplinary jurisdiction over the bar. It also sets standards for legal education and grants recognition to Universities whose degree in law will serve as a qualification for students to enroll themselves as advocates upon graduation.National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (Society) was set up in the year 1982 by Govt. of India as an autonomous body for coordinated growth and development of hospitality management education in the country.Aims and objectives of National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology and its role as the apex formation in the country to ensure coordinated growth and development of hospitality education through its affiliated institutes.Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)All programs related to Pharmacy at Chandigarh University are approved by PCI. The Pharmacy education and profession in India upto graduate level is regulated by the PCI, a statutory body governed by the provisions of the Pharmacy Act, 1948 passed by the Parliament.Council of Architecture (COA)All the architecture programs at Chandigarh University are approved by COA. The Council of Architecture (COA) has been constituted by the Government of India under the provisions of the Architects Act, 1972, enacted by the Parliament of India, which came into force on 1st September, 1972.The COA oversees the maintenance of the standards periodically by way of conducting inspections through Committees of Experts.National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)All the programs of education and physical education at Chandigarh University are approved by NCTE. The National Council for Teacher Education, in its previous status since 1973, was an advisory body for the Central and State Governments on all matters pertaining to teacher education, with its Secretariat in the Department of Teacher Education of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).Association of Indian Universities (AIU)Chandigarh University is a member of Association of Indian Universities. AIU serves as the representative of universities in India and undertakes various programs as would help to improve standards of instruction, examination, research, textbooks, scholarly publications, library organisation and such other programs which may contribute to the growth and propagation of knowledge.Computer Society of India (CSI)Chandigarh University is a member of CSI. Formed in 1965, the CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has 73 chapters all over India, over 500 student branches, and more than 100000 members including India's most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians.Chandigarh University joins Association of Universities of Asia and The PacificChandigarh University stands amongst Nation's most prestigious higher education institutions. With Memberships in National & International associations and bodies already in place, Chandigarh University is now a member of the Prestigious Association of Universities of Asia and The Pacific. Chandigarh University's membership with AUAP will help explore more possibilities at international level.PETEX donates Chandigarh University with Software worth Multi-million PoundsIn recent development, Chandigarh University has received a multi-million pound software donation from Petroleum Experts (PETEX). The donation by the Edinburgh-based Petroleum Experts is worth £2,025,307.17 and aims to undertake relevant research activities and to support the teaching receiving first-hand experience of industry-standard software.Kappa signs Software License Agreement with Chandigarh UniversityChandigarh University has signed the Software License Agreement with Petroleum Engineering Software Company, KAPPA. Availing a boost to Engineering programs at Chandigarh University, KAPPA has granted the educational type network license to use 6 softwares - Saphir, Topaze, Rubis, Azurite, Emeraude, Citrine, valued at €4,500,000.Rock Flow Dynamics grant tNavigator Software Licenses worth $14, 080, 000 to Chandigarh UniversityChandigarh University has received a donation of tNavigator software licenses from Rock Flow Dynamics to enrich the learning experience of Petroleum Engineering & allied streams students and to boost the Engineering programs. RFD has granted free-of-charge 88 Single-User licenses valued at $14,080,000.International MembershipsInternational Association of Universities (IAU)The International Association of Universities (IAU) is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-based worldwide association of higher education institutions.It brings together institutions and organisations from some 120 countries for reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies active in higher education. Chandigarh University is honored to have received the membership of the global association of institutions and organizations of higher education.Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)Established in 1913, the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is the world's first & oldest international university network. A UK-registered charity, ACU has over 500 member institutions in over 40 countries across the Commonwealth. It brings together many of the most prestigious and well-funded universities internationally with relatively new institutions in some of the world’s least developed countries with a common belief to enhance excellence in everything that ACU and its member universities do.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)The American Society of Mechanical Engineers promotes the art, science & practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe. ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods. Founded in 1880 by a small group of leading industrialists, ASME has grown through the decades to include more than 130,000 members in 151 countries.Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE), with headquarters at University of Massachusetts Lowell, was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India and related benefits to US engineering educators, with focus on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & research.American Chemical Society (ACS)ACS is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization which represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry.CU ScholarshipsChandigarh University is fully committed to its Institutional Social Responsibility. The University, besides being pioneers of quality education is proactive in uplifting the education standard and qualification of students of the nation in general and North region in particular, is ever enthusiastic to encourage and motivate bright students by providing additional benefits and facilities to shining stars and super achievers. As a sequel to this, it is proposed to introduce a more attractive Scholarship scheme for those seeking fresh admission from Academic session 2021.Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) For The Academic Year 2021-2022To provide an opportunity to bright and inquisitive young minds from across the country to study in most challenging and diverse academic environment, Chandigarh University has launched CUCET, a common entrance exam with double benefits. The scholarships worth Rs. 33 Crores is aimed at rewarding the brilliance and potential of young aspirants to win scholarships and study in futuristic courses of their choice.Click here to view more about CUCETMerit Scholarship Schemes for the Academic Session 2021-2022‘Let your hard work pay off your university fees›The Merit Based Scholarship is particularly designed for meritorious students who had displayed an outstanding level of academic achievement in their previous years.Click here to view the policyOther Concessions for the Academic Year 2021-2022Click here to view the policyScholarship Scheme for Wards of Defence Personnel for the Academic Year 2021-2022Click here to view the policyCU Sports Policy for the Academic Year 2021-2022Click here to view the policyARCHITECTURE SCHOLARSHIP ON THE BASIS OF NATA/JEE (Main) SCOREClick here to view the policyScholarship for Family Members of Chandigarh University Staff for Session 2020-2021Click here to view the policyNote:-All Eligible students can avail one scholarship at one time.Get in TouchFor any information please contact the below mentioned helpline nos:General Inquiries:+91-160-3044444Mobile: +91-99159-99223, +91-99159-99224Toll Free: 1800 1212 88800Email: [email protected]: Although CU endeavors to ensure the accuracy of this information, there is no guarantee it will remain accurate all year. Applicants are advised to confirm program details before making an application.Institutional Social ResponsibilityInstitutional Social Responsibility (ISR) is one of the mainstays of Chandigarh University and we as an institution believes that our role involves something more than simply imparting of knowledge and skills to the students. As an active agent of social change, CU takes on voluntary actions in the creation of a culture of social responsibility in society through a myriad of activities that address both our own competitive interests & welfare of the society.Hunar Se RozgarThe Ministry of Tourism launched a special initiative called Hunar Se Rozgar Tak (HSRT). This Short-term course is being run at Chandigarh University which Started in 2011.Students trained by CU so far:Year (2012-2013)60 studentsYear (2013-2014)60 studentsYear (2013-2014)210 studentsYear (2014-2015)320 studentsTotal students trained 650Areas:CookeryBakeryHouse KeepingFood ProcessingProject for upgradation of roadside eateriesChandigarh University Collaborated with Punjab Heritage & Tourism Promotion Board (PHTPB).CU is offering six months training+ six monthshandholding of Dhabas in the areas forfollowing aspects -Guest satisfactionSanitationHygieneFood presentationGrooming of staffThis project has in turn benefitted Dhabas as following -Certification by PHTPBQuality AssuranceIncrease in SalesEnvironment ProtectionChandigarh University has launched ‘Save Me- My Environment, My Earth’ Campaignin collaboration with National Green Tribunal (NGT)Chandigarh University is maintaining a green belt of 2 KMS (1kms either side of the university)New trees have been planted and the old trees has been preserve by the universityUniversity has also Practical based Environment Training Course in Curriculum from academic year 2016Jyot-e- Haryaval (Mission green)Project Jyot-e- Haryaval is an initiative of Chandigarh University to heal the planet, where every student contributes something that aggregates into a colossal protection for life on the planet. It aims to increase the green cover of the State of Punjab. The project is bringing respite to the ecology without imposing any financial burden on the state.SEE MORETree PlantationMother earth that has already lost much of its forestlands - is the major concern of the hour. As an initiate to make the world a greener place, Chandigarh University solely or in association with different organizations often organizes a couple of Tree Plantation Drives. The purpose of initiative is to grow more and more trees in the campus and surrounding areas.SEE MORENo CrackersAs the festival of light comes, there come the exorbitant firecrackers that give us nothing but massive air pollution - this is what volunteers of Chandigarh University attempt to spread. Under ISR, they are spreading the message among the natives to avoid crackers and take the festival as an opportunity to reconnect with family.SEE MORECleanliness at KhararExhorting to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi's vision of Clean India, Chandigarh University often organizes cleanliness drives in varied areas of Kharar, Mohali under the Swachh Bharat initiative that seeks to create a Clean India. CU believes that the best place to start the Cleanliness is from the home itself. Therefore, we ensure that our campus and nearby places are clean and healthy.A SMART Junior ProgramThe SMART Junior program is an initiative of Chandigarh University, which is aimed at transforming the school students into the smart juniors by providing them skills and platform to exhibit their talents.The sole purpose of this program is to motivate the children so that they could confidently bring out their innate capacity, further contributing to the betterment of the Indian society.SEE OUR PROGRAMSenior Citizen WelfareAgeing is an inevitable process of life. Thus to support the physical and holistic wellness of elderly, Chandigarh University has launched Senior Citizen Welfare that provides more effective provision for the welfare of senior citizens.Seminar for Senior Citizen CareTo shore up the integral wellness of elderly, Chandigarh University organizes Seminars for Senior Citizen Care, which is dedicated to aware senior citizens about good physical and mental health, essential for happiness.SEE OUR PROGRAMNeighborhood School ProgramKnowledge is power and has been the significant in the growth and development of the youth. Paving the path to the same, CU runs a Neighborhood School Program that organizes various quizzing, mind grilling, dancing, music and more competitions under its umbrella.Quiz CompetitionThe objective of initiative is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and practical of the learnt concepts.Stationery Distribution Education, we believe is the greatest wealth that one can ever have. But, the basic cost incurred on educating a child is so high that it becomes difficult for poor people to provide necessary educational materials to their wards. Therefore, from the past few years Chandigarh University has been reaching the needy children in the nearby villages and made it a mission to donate books, pencils and uniforms to the underprivileged

What school name is best for primary school in india?

List Of 25 Best Schools In IndiaMAANASIAUGUST 29, 2018Education in India has come a long way and students from the country’s best schools have gone on to make their mark in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world.Schools in India have been providing a world-class education for young minds and helping them develop academically and socially, and in becoming global citizens. Here is a look at the top schools in India.List Of 25 Best Schools In India:1. St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata:Considered to be one of the best schools in India, St. Xavier’s Collegiate is a private English-medium school for boys. It was started by the Jesuits in 1860 to impart education to Catholic boys. Now, the school grants admission to students irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.Curriculum:St. Xavier’s Collegiate School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), which conducts the ISCE and ISC examinations in classes X and XII respectively. It also offers the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education curriculum, which conducts the Madhyamik exams after class X.Students can choose one of the two curricula for the secondary and higher secondary examinations up to the class X. Classes are held for ICSE and ISC boards from classes XI and XII, as the number of students opting for the West Bengal board is lower.The school organises extra-curricular activities such as elocution, debate, quiz, scouts and guides, photography, film screenings and sports including football, cricket, track and field, hockey, badminton and table tennis.The school also has a computer club, nature club, and a social service committee.Facilities:St. Xavier’s Collegiate has two school buildings, one for the primary section (KG to class V) and another for the secondary section (classes VI to XII).The school has a library, science laboratories, computer labs and playground.Address:30, Mother Teresa Sarani,Kolkata 700 016.Phone: +91-33-2255 1171Email: [email protected]:[ Read: Best Schools In Kolkata ]2. La Martiniere For Girls School, Kolkata:One of the most well-known schools in India, La Martiniere For Girls School has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of academics as well as extracurricular activities. The school focuses on the all-round development of each child and works towards making them responsible citizens.Curriculum:The school follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum.La Martiniere blends global education with strong local roots. The students are taught to think internationally as well as uphold their rich cultural heritage.The school ensures that academics and extracurricular activities go hand in hand, allowing for overall growth of the students. The extracurricular activities are organised through clubs including Bible Club, Easel Club, Science Club, Computer Club, Nature Club, Quiz Club, Safety Patrol, Drishti Club, Abhigyan Club and more.Sports activities include football, basketball, lawn tennis, swimming, golf and table tennis.Facilities:La Martiniere For Girls offers excellent facilities including science laboratories, mathematics lab, geography lab, computer lab and resource room.The school also has a library, student counselling room, audio visual room and art room.There are also two spacious auditoriums, swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball court and a large playground.Address:14, Rawdon Street, Kolkata – 700 017.Phone: 033-2290-3841Email: [email protected]: www.lamartiniereforgirls.co3. The Doon School, Dehradun:Established in 1935, The Doon School is one of the finest schools in India. It strives to develop leadership in each student through its curriculum as well as societies, clubs and sports teams.Curriculum:The Doon School has developed its own curriculum, which is creative and intellectually rigorous for the D and C forms.For B and A forms, the school offers the CISCE examinations.For S and SC forms, the school offers the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Constant practice is required here and it aims at improving students’ analytical skills along with numerical abilities. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a balanced education and academically challenging programme that prepares students for success at university and life beyond.Facilities:The Doon School has an Art and Media School, a 25,000 square foot building with an Apple Mac studio, a film studio, an auditorium as well as museum spaces, a reading room and a trophy room.It also has The Careers Information, Education and Guidance Department with its own office in the Art and Media Center. Its library consists of hard copy and digital resources for both students and teachers to use for research.Other facilities include the The Kilachand Library, the school’s amphitheatre The Rose Bowl, The Music School, science department with a museum, shooting range, wellness center and indoor and outdoor sports facilities.Address:Mall Road, Dehradun 248001.Phone: +91-135-2526400Email: [email protected]: www.doonschool.com4. Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore:The prestigious private school is one of the three schools that have been selected from across the world by the Cambridge University as examples of schools that have science examinations with an experimental approach.Curriculum:The school follows the ICSE, ISC and IGCSE curriculum.At classes IX and XI, students can opt for qualifications offered by the CISCE with the ICSE examination in class X and ISC in class XII.The school also offers the Cambridge International Examinations, Cambridge (UK), in class X and the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) in classes XI and XII.The international curricula and programmes make it easy for the school’s graduates to get admission into top universities around the world.The school believes that art, music and drama are related to learning and are not just extracurricular activities. Its innovative Creative Arts Department has produced critically acclaimed artwork, concerts, musicals and plays. Moreover, this department has led several initiatives to encourage the integration of creative arts into several other parts of the curriculum.Facilities:There are two libraries, in the elementary school and in the senior school, well-stocked with more than 15,000 titles that cover fiction and non-fiction in all genres and subjects.Interactive events, such as read-a-thons, story-telling workshops and ‘Meet the Author Evening’, are often held in the libraries with parent and guest speakers.The school encourages students to use the library for research, and presentations and independent study.There are five comprehensive laboratories, one each for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and two for Computer Science. All the labs in the school are well-equipped, well-designed, safe, spacious and airy.Address:Yelahanka, Bangalore 560 106.Phone: 9180 40447000, 91.80.28462506/7/8Email: [email protected]:[ Read: Best Schools In Banglore ]5. Little Flower High School, Hyderabad:Established in July 1953, Little Flower High School provides holistic education to meet the needs of the individual and the society.Curriculum:The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. It imparts education in English and provides Telugu and Hindi as options for first and second languages.The school aims at an education which is person-oriented, professional or work-oriented and social and culture-related. It imparts education with an international outlook and aims at achieving Universal Brotherhood.It has a vibrant curriculum due to the students’ active involvement in experiments, project work, and other assignment works.Facilities:The school provides a library to both its primary school and high school sections.It has computer and language labs, digital library, art and craft rooms, audio visual room and auditorium.Other facilities include a gymnasium, volleyball courts, basketball courts, cricket pitch, and indoor badminton courts.Address:Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad 500001.Phone: 040 – 23202675Email: [email protected], [email protected]: www.lfhshyd.org6. Mother’s International, Delhi:The Mother’s International School has been ranked as one of the top 10 schools in India and is an establishment of the Sri Aurobindo Education Society which is an agency of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CBSE and also offers All India Senior School Certificate Examination and All India Secondary School Examination.It implements the 10+2 Scheme of Education.Mother’s International is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi, and also as a social institution.Facilities:The school building is divided into two blocks – one for the junior section (comprised of pre-primary and primary classes) and one for the senior section (middle and senior classes).For the primary section, the facilities provided include a children’s park, math lab, computer science lab, library, Montessori room, activity room, two art and craft rooms, dance and music halls, pottery lab, yoga room and assembly hall.For the junior section, the school has two labs each for biology, chemistry and physics, home science lab, Comprehensive Technology Centre, library, audio-visual Hall, two art and craft rooms, dance hall, yoga room and Batik lab.Address:Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110016Phone: +91-11-26964140, +91-11-26524806, +91-11-26854512Email: [email protected]: www.themis.in7. Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai:Popularly known as Scottish, the Bombay Scottish School (BSS) is a private, co-educational day school established in 1847. It has been ranked one of the top ten schools in India for the past 80 decades and one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Mumbai.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CISCE, New Delhi, which conducts the ICSE examination at the close of class X and the ISC examination in class XII.Integral to the curriculum are a variety of activities that provide each student an opportunity for the development of a wholesome personality.The school offers the Advanced Placement Programme which is affiliated to the College Board in the US.Facilities:There are two libraries in the school: one is spacious over 20,000 books, housed in the heritage wing. The other is a smaller library accessible to the senior students housed in the east wing. Computers with restricted internet access have been recently installed in both the libraries.The school has state-of-the-art laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology, where students carry out their practical work. These laboratories are equipped with interactive digital boards.There are two air-conditioned computer labs equipped with advanced computers, accessible to students from classes V to X. There is a third lab for the primary section and robotics classes.Address:153, Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg,Mahim West, Mumbai 400016.Phone: 022-24451365 / 022-24453460Email: [email protected]: bombayscottish.in8. St. John’s High School, Chandigarh:Founded in 1959 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, the school is an Edmund Rice Educational Institute. St. John’s High School has been the best school in the tri-city for the years 2013, 2014, 2015.Curriculum:This institute follows the CBSE curriculum and is recognized by Chandigarh Education Department. • The Creative Learning Integrated Programme (CLIP) offered by the school encourages creativity and adventure among students.The school has introduced lesson and worksheet booklets and quarterly interdisciplinary books to replace books in classes. This has helped students develop an interdisciplinary approach towards education.Facilities:The school houses a multimedia room and two large computer labs. It was awarded the National Computer Literacy Award in the category of private schools for excellence in computer literacy and IT in school at an early stage of schooling, by the Ministry of Information and Technology.St. John’s High School houses a literary club that is designed to encourage its budding authors and poets.There are three well-equipped, well-lit and airy maths and science labs accessible for students from classes VI to XII.Other facilities include a music room, learning centre for junior section, counselling cell for seniors, and also the science club, aerospace club, the tech club (robotics), drama club, the dance club, chef club, and the photography club.Address:Sector 26, Chandigarh 160019.Phone: +911722792571 / +911722792573 / +911722792574Email:[email protected]:[ Read: 19 Best Schools in Chandigarh ]9. The Valley School, Bangalore:Founded in 1978, The Valley School is one of the leading educational institutions in the country. The school encourages its teachers to direct their learning.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CISCE.It offers courses that lead to the ICSE examination on completing class X, and a course leading to the ISC examination at the end of class XII.It also offers outreach programs, nature conservation, work experience programs, and more.Facilities:The school has a 103-acre campus with academic buildings, student dormitories, residential quarters, guest houses, etc.There is an Art Village built around the school’s amphitheatre.The school has a study center where workshops and informal study sessions are conducted. Seminars, book fairs and exhibitions, etc. are also frequently organized at the centre.The school’s sports and games facilities include three basketball courts, a football field, a volleyball court, a table tennis room, a kho-kho field and indoor spaces for aerobics, yoga, etc.Address:Thatguni Post, Kanakpura Road,Bengaluru 560082.Phone: 080 2843 5241Email: [email protected]: valleyschool.herokuapp.com10. Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi:Founded in 1920, Modern School is a co-educational, independent, day and boarding school. It fosters internationalism and is one of the founding members of the CDLS (Community Development and Leadership Summit).Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CBSE. Students prepare for the All India Secondary School Exams (class X) and the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination (class XII).It is a member of the National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC) and also of the Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC).Its curriculum includes all the three streams Science, Commerce and Humanities.Facilities:The Junior Library is well-stocked with a wide selection of books on all subjects ranging from dinosaurs to math puzzles and story books such as the Famous Five and the Amar Chitra Katha.The Lala Pratap Singh Library is the senior library, situated in the Platinum Jubilee Block of the school. The library organizes the Annual Book Week every year. Its goal is to enhance students’ reading habits.The school provides facilities for sports such as football, swimming, basketball and badminton.Address:Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001.Phone: 011-23311618/19/20Email: [email protected]: www.modernschool.net11. Greenwood International High School, Bangalore:Established in 2004, Greenwood High is an international day-cum-boarding school that is reputed to be one of the best in India. It is the only international school in Bangalore to have received seven national awards.Curriculum:Greenwood High follows International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), and ICSE curricula.The school has a futuristic curriculum that puts equal emphasis on academics and personality development.It provides complete care, emphasizing on the all-round development of the student.Facilities:The school has a well-stocked library with books, magazines and CDs that cover a range of subjects and topics across 20,000 book titles.There are two multimedia rooms with a television, an overhead projector and DVD players to conduct audio-visual classes.The school offers excellent state-of-the-art lab facilities for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are encouraged to conduct various experiments for thorough understanding of the lessons taught in the theory class.All the five computer labs, library and administration blocks have state-of-the-art computers with LCD monitors.Wi-Fi facility is available 24/7 for students and teachers.Facilities are available for sports activities such as football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.Address:No.8-14, Chikkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli,Gunjur Post, Varthur Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560087.Phone: +91 80 22010500 | +91 80 27822888Email:[email protected]: Emerald Heights International School, Indore:Established in 1982, Emerald Heights is Madhya Pradesh’s first international, co-educational English medium school with residential facility. Since its establishment, the students of the school have made their mark in both academics and sports.Curriculum:The schools follow the CBSE, Cambridge International Examination (CIE), American Field Services (AFS), International Award for Young people (IAYP), Global Young Group (GYG) curricula.It is also affiliated to British Council School Award and Round Square, a worldwide association of schools on five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. Students are provided quality education that encourages them to look beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.Facilities:The school’s vast campus houses three blocks, pre-primary, primary and senior with well-designed, spacious and airy classrooms.There is a science lab, computer lab, language lab, science park, library, grooming lab, mini-auditorium and lecture hall.The school has a gym, as well as facilities for football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, shooting, table tennis, and badminton.Facilities for extracurricular activities include sculpture studio, art gallery, dance, aerobics, chess, NCC, quiz, etc.Address:Opposite Akashwani, A.B. road,Rau-Indore 453331.Phone: 8720009992 / 8720009993Email: [email protected]: Loreto House, Kolkata:Established in 1842, Loreto House has been renowned over the decades as one of the leading schools in India. The school’s aim is to provide education that involves the mind, body and spirit of the child.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to CISCE.In the classes X and XII, students appear for the ICSE and ISC exams respectively.Facilities:The school has laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Home Science. The well-equipped and well-maintained labs facilitate experiential learning.There are three well-stocked libraries with books on various subjects under the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams. They also have books on theology, biographies, encyclopedia as well as fiction and non-fiction books.The school provides facilities such as basketball courts, smart boards, audio-visual room, playground and more.Address:Loreto House-7, Middleton Row, Kolkata 700071.Phone: 033-22293564Email:[email protected][ Read: Best Residential Schools In India ]14. St. Mary’s High School, Mazgaon, Mumbai:Founded in 1864, St. Mary’s High School is one of the longest-running private schools in India. It is also considered to be one of the finest in the country.Curriculum:St. Mary’s is an affiliate of the CISCE.It inculcates research and professional education by imbibing innovative learning.The school provides quality and value-based learning as per global perspective.Facilities:The school has well-designed and well-maintained classrooms to provide students with a stimulating learning environment.It has three laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and also a computer lab.The school has a large playground with amenities for different sports and extracurricular activities.Address:Sardar Balwant Singh Dhody Marg,Nesbit Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai 400010.Phone: 022 2371 2912Email: [email protected]: stmarysicse.com15. The Scindia School, Gwalior:Founded as The Sardar’s School in 1897, The Scindia School is considered one of the best schools in India.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CBSE.It follows skill-based grading system from classes VI-VIII. The CCE pattern of assessment has also been introduced at the middle school level.It encourages interdisciplinary and experiential learning to strengthen conceptual knowledge.The learning needs of each student are met in a supportive and affirming environment. Peer tutoring, remedial and enrichment classes are regularly conducted to optimize learning outcomes.Facilities:The school’s F.G. Pearce Library has a collection of more than 10,000 books. The open shelf system comes with computer aided access and retrieval.The school provides its students with facilities like clothing store, the tuck shop, and the stationery store, the library, the medical store and the telephone booth.The sprawling 10-acre grounds have 14 full-fledged playing fields for football, cricket, athletics, basketball, hockey, tennis, horse riding, squash, table tennis, skating, archery, shooting and swimming.Address:The Fort, Gwalior 474008.Phone: 0751 248 0750Email: [email protected]: www.scindia.edu16. Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi:Delhi Public School was established in 1991 and is considered to be one of India’s top schools, always ranking in the top 50. It offers education from KG through class XII.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CBSE.It offers a common curriculum up to class X, along with a foreign language option.In class XI and XII, students choose one of three five-subject streams: Commerce, Science or Humanities.The focus in Prep classes is on cognitive development and enhancement of the language and interpersonal skills.Address:Sector C, Pocket V, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi 110070.Phone: 011 4326 1200Email: [email protected]: www.dpsvasantkunj.com17. The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon:Founded in July 1988, The Shri Ram School practices inclusive education for all students. It is one of the top ranking schools in India.Curriculum:The Shri Ram School boasts of the only documented junior school curriculum in the state of Haryana.The school follows the CISCE curriculum.Facilities:The school provides excellent facilities on its vast campus with a library, computer and science laboratories, AV room and workshop room.Other facilities include the liberal arts studio, the gymnasium, the medical room and the auditorium.Address:D-3 Street, Vasant Vihar,New Delhi 110057.Phone: 011 2614 9572Email: [email protected]: www.tsrs.org18. The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal:Established in 2006, The Sanskar Valley School is a co-educational, day boarding- cum-residential school located in Bhopal. Established under the aegis of the Sharda Devi Charitable Trust, the school is a non- profit institution.Curriculum:The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that falls under the CISCE.The objective of the ICSE / ISC syllabus is to provide knowledge to students, enabling them to gain life skills for their academic and personal development and grow into young adults who are aware of their responsibilities towards society.The University of Cambridge has approved The Sanskaar Valley School as a Cambridge International School. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the largest provider of international education programmes in the world.Facilities:The school provides on-campus counselling to ensure emotional and psychological health of the students.Healthcare facilities such as oral, dental, ophthalmology and general health check-ups are also offered.A multipurpose hall has provisions for yoga, gymnastics, taekwondo, a swimming pool, a skating rink, three badminton courts and two glass-backed squash courts.Football field with two grandstands, two basketball courts, cricket pitch with facilities for net practice, and two tennis courts are other facilities provided on the campus.Address:Nr Kerwa Dam, Chandanpura,Bhopal 462016.Phone: 0755 325 5346Email:[ Read: Top CBSE Schools In India ]19. Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School, Jaipur:Founded in 1943, Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School was the first all-girls school to be established in Rajasthan. It was also the first girls’ public school to be accepted as a member of the Public School Council of India Conference (IPSC).Curriculum:Classes I to V follow the XSeed curriculum of iDiscoveri.The school follows the CBSE curriculum. The core curriculum prescribed by the CBSE is followed in classes IX and X.Facilities:There are 28,600 books, including fiction and reference books, in the well-maintained school library. It subscribes to 46 national and international magazines in both Hindi and English.There are also a sports complex, art block and science laboratories.The school organizes dance performances, plays and other extracurricular activities in the auditorium.Address:Sawai Ramsingh Marg, Ajmeri Gate,Jaipur 302001.Phone: 078777 87745Email:[email protected] / [email protected]: www.mgdschooljaipur.com20. International School of Hyderabad:Established in 1972, the school provides education to students from overseas and Indian students who plan to do their post-secondary education abroad. This is one of the top schools in India.Curriculum:The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).The middle school incorporates a myriad of teaching approaches to ensure that lessons are varied, and cater for different learning styles.Students in classes IX and X follow the curriculum of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Cambridge Examination.The school offers classes XI and XII students the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). ISH also offers its own independent program which is the ISH Diploma Programme (ISHDP).Facilities:The sprawling 10-acre campus houses science labs, a museum, libraries, music room, computer rooms, art rooms, language room and playgrounds.The facilities available at ISH include football and cricket fields, courts for basketball, tennis and badminton, an outdoor multipurpose area, a multipurpose indoor hall and a pavilion-style canteen.The school also provides facilities for other outdoor pursuits including swimming pool, cross country running and cycling.Address:ICRISAT Main Entrance Gate,Hyderabad 502324.Phone: 040 3071 3869Email: [email protected]: www.ishyd.org21. The Riverside School, Ahmedabad:The Riverside School is co-educational and was found around the framework of relevance-rigor-relationship. The school’s approach is to promote and practice empathy in education and cultivate creative confidence in students.Curriculum:Riverside offers the IGCSE curriculum offered by the Cambridge International Examinations board for classes VIII to XII.The school has designed and implemented a unique user-centred curriculum which focuses on quality of learning and student well-being.Facilities:The school campus has been designed to provide children with excellent facilities to play, learn and develop.It offers football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and table tennis, for both boys and girls in older classes.The well-stocked library has reference books for all subjects and ages, a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction and a full-fledged Graded Reading program that supplements a child’s growth at every stage.Address:307, Off Airport Road, Behind C.S.D. Depot,Cantonment, Ahmedabad 380004.Phone: 079 2286 1323Email: [email protected]: schoolriverside.com22. Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai:Founded in 2003, Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS) has been an IB World school since its start. Due to the world-class education it provides, the school is recognized as one of the top schools in India.Curriculum:DAIS offers the IB Program in its diploma form.Students are prepared for the ICSE, IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations.In classes LKG to IV, the school follows an integrated curriculum by using CISCE’s teaching programmes and international examination boards. The school is a member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme.The school offers the ICSE Programme and IGCSE Programme in class VIII, where students prepare for the curricula that they will study in classes IX and X.Post secondary school, DAIS offers the IB Diploma Programme.Facilities:The premises houses 130,000 square feet of teaching space that contains classrooms and laboratories. All classrooms have display and writing boards, a public address system, broadband internet access, lockers for students and air conditioning.School-wide Wi-Fi internet access is available for class XI and XII students.The school has labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as teaching rooms for Mathematics, Computer Studies, Social Science, Languages, Art and Music.Students also have a Learning Centre with access to the internet, periodicals and audio-visual resources and facilities for photocopying/printing.The Dhirubhai Ambani International School Study and Activity Centre situated in Matheran is used for recreational, cross-curricular activities as well as for physical education activities and weekend training camps.Address:G Block, 46, Trident Road, Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra East, Mumbai 400051.Phone: 022 4061 7001Email: [email protected]: www.da-is.org22. SAI International School, Bhubaneswar:Although it has not been long since the school opened its doors, SAI International is Odisha’s top school and has recently been ranked amongst the top 10 schools in the country. The British Council has conferred the International School Award on the school for outstanding achievements.Curriculum:The school is affiliated to the CBSE, CIE, CBSE-I, and Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).CBSE-I accredited schools have logical curriculum that is based on skills, with prime focus on experiential learning and inventive approach. Overall, the curriculum addresses comprehensive and global requirements, while paying attention to the system of education and culture in India.The school follows the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum, which is the most popular international curriculum in the world for 14 to 16-year-olds. It leads to globally recognised and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualifications.Facilities:The school provides well-equipped science, math, robotics, computer, entrepreneurship, international language, Dhyaanchand Sports, and music labs.It has a Disney play center.Sports facilities include a gymnasium, swimming pool, football, tennis, badminton, horse riding, and cricket.The school has three well-stocked libraries with three different wings. The libraries house newspapers, magazines, periodicals, course-related books, autobiographies, encyclopedias, manuscripts, story books, novels, bestsellers, classics, etc.Address:Plot No.5-A, Chandaka Industrial Estate,Infocity Road, Bhubaneswar 751031.Phone: 093381 69966Email:[email protected]: www.saiinternationalschool.com23. D.A.V. Boys Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram, Chennai:D.A.V. Boys is recognized for its results in the CBSE class XII examinations. Over the years, it has been ranked among the top school in India, especially in academics.Curriculum:D.A.V. Boys follows the CBSE curriculum from class VI.Until class X, the main subjects taught in the school are science, mathematics, social science, English, and language. Language choices are Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil.Computer science, third language, electrical gadgets, woodwork, and art are compulsory for students until class VIII.Facilities:The school has well-designed, spacious and airy classrooms.Its well-stocked library is available for students for research and presentations.The school a computer lab, AV room, and a music room and dance room.There is a playground to encourage sports and physical activity.Address:212213, Lloyds Road, Gopalapuram,Chennai 600086.Phone: 044-2624 2340 / 044-2624 3818Email: [email protected]:www.davboysmogappair.com24. St. Mary’s School, Pune:Founded in 1866, St. Mary’s School, Pune, was established to cater to the education of the daughters of British Indian Army officers. In 2013, the school was ranked the fourth best school in India.Curriculum:The school follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum. The exams are conducted at the end of class X and class XII, respectively.The school has also developed its programme to ensure a holistic balance between academics, creativity and physical activity.Facilities:St. Mary’s has an audio-visual room where media education is imparted through audio-visual classes. For the higher classes, laptops and LCD projectors are used to make learning more visual and turn complex concepts simpler.The school has a learning resource center/ library stocked with reference books and age- appropriate classics and fiction.Prep to class III students work with iPads using the Apple educational tools. For the higher classes, students can prepare projects and research at three computer labs.Address:5B, General Bhagat Marg, Camp, Pune 411001.Phone: +91 – (0)20 – 26356282Email: [email protected]: www.smspune.com25. Bishop Cotton Boy’s School, Bangalore:Often called the ‘Eton of the East’, Bishop Cotton Boy’s School is one of the highly regarded boarding schools in Bangalore. It is the number one metro school and one of the top three schools in India.Curriculum:The school offers ICSE Board (until class X) and ISC (class XII). The ISC streams are Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students can take a total of five or six subjects in ISC.At the ICSE level, subjects taught include English, History, Mathematics, Civics, Geography and Environmental Education, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, an Indian or foreign language, and a choice between Economics, Computer Applications, Commercial Applications, and Physical Education.Facilities:Spread over a sprawling area of 13 acres, Bishop Cotton boasts of excellent facilities to encourage and ensure all-round development of its students. This includes libraries, bookstores, four computer labs and AV rooms that have electronic-interactive smart boards for teaching.The school’s Elphick Research Center houses world class laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.The sports complex includes facilities for basketball, cricket, indoor sports and more.The Bishop George Edward Lynch Cottonian Auditorium is where extracurricular activities such as debates, elocution, spelling bees, dramatics, music, quiz competitions, etc. are organized.Address:90 (34), Richmond Road, St. Mark’s Road Bangalore 560001.Phone: 080-22213835 / 22213608Email: [email protected]: www.cottonboys.comFinding a reputed educational institute in India is not difficult as the country is home to some of the best schools in the world. Major cities have schools with excellent facilities where children can receive world-class education.Recommended Articles:30 Top Schools In Delhi15 Best Schools In Dehradun20 Best Schools In Indore20 Best CBSE Schools In Pune“ONE UPVOTE CAN ONLY SPEND ONE CLICK AND CAN CHARGE MY WHOLE HARDWORK”

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