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What are some unknown stories of WWII?

- "THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL, BE BRAVE LADS""While not 'unknown', two of the bleakest events of New Zealand's World War Two experience have a strange and secret family connection. "This New Zealand story was reported Anzac Day 2011"POW still bitter over executions " - WAIT: John Jones, 91, of Auckland, was New Zealand's first prisoner of war captured by Japan during World War II.The families of 20 Australian soldiers executed by the Japanese during World War II are to receive posthumous gallantry commendations, while New Zealand has all but forgotten its 17 beheaded men.Tomorrow, Anzac Day, coastwatcher John Jones, 91, will sit at the Auckland Cenotaph, bitter at how his murdered friends have disappeared from our war history, a forgotten last secret."I am getting worse and more emotional as I get older," says Jones. "I can't but help think, how the hell did we get missed? We were forgotten, absolutely. It has been a thorn in my side for years that the government has done nothing."The 17, civilians, Post Office radio operators and unarmed soldiers, were executed on Betio in Tarawa on October 15 in 1942. Jones and two unarmed soldiers, Jack and Michael Menzies, became prisoners of war.In 2011 Australia had announced posthumous honours for 20 Australian POWs executed by the Japanese in Malaya, Burma and Borneo after failed escape attempts. The New Zealand Defence Minister had no plans to set up such an inquiry but said he would be “interested to see what conclusions Australia reaches".Seventy years ago Jones and the radio operators were sent to Fiji as part of a service throughout the Pacific on alert for German ships. His group, along with an escort of unarmed soldiers, was posted to the scattered Gilbert and Ellice Island atolls. They never saw a German ship.Jones and the Menzies boys were on Butaritari, closest to Japanese bases in the Marshall Islands, and a day after the Pearl Harbor attack they were captured. Other coastwatchers were effectively abandoned by New Zealand.The Japanese eventually captured and beheaded the rest of the New Zealanders (See below: "Be brave lads"). Their bodies have never been found. The first memorial for them was created by the United States, and the current "Betio Memorial" was paid for by Australia – to honour an executed Australian, Ron Morgan, who had been a teacher on Tarawa before the war. He refused to evacuate with other foreigners and secretly kept a radio link going after the Japanese arrived. He was executed and, when his fate was learned, posthumously awarded the George Medal. But the fact the Kiwis have gone unmentioned rankles Jones."I tried and tried, and I got nowhere. Nobody seemed very interested," he said.Jones asked for a plaque at Auckland War Memorial Museum. "They just shrugged their shoulders, said nothing, and I gave up."As the last friend to see any of them alive, he said they deserved recognition. "I am still upset over the whole business." After the war, Jones tried visiting families, going first to the family of Rex "Shag" Hearn. "I saw his mother and she just completely broke down when she saw me, and I couldn't go any further."- "THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL, BE BRAVE LADS"The Japanese rounded up the 17 coastwatchers and took them to Betio, an islet on Tarawa in what is now Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands).With them were five civilians, including New Zealand trader Arthur McArthur. At around 2pm on October 15, 1942, something happened that is still unclear. Some say a US warship shelled the islands, others that an American plane flew over.One of the prisoners waved his shirt in celebration, infuriating Commander Keisuke Matsuo, who ordered the men lined up. Missionary Tony Sadd offered himself for execution, but he turned out to be just the first. Civilian Isaac Handley called out: "They are going to kill us all, be brave lads."Mikaere, a Gilbertese man, saw what happened."One Japanese stepped forward to the first European in the line and cut his head off. Then I saw a second European have his head cut off and I could not see the third one because I fainted."On November 20, 1943, the US landed on Tarawa and during the battle Betio was destroyed. It was littered with around 6,000 bodies – and the New Zealand bodies were lost.Last year the US Joint POW/Accounting Command was on Betio exhuming American remains. It was suggested that they had also found New Zealand remains, but media spokesman Lee Tucker said the small bone fragments were "still undergoing analysis".John Jones doubts they will find his friends. "I'm certain it is all scattered to the wind."One of the murdered coastwatchers, Charles Owen, had left a pregnant girlfriend behind. When their daughter Charlotte was born, she was sent to New Zealand, and lived with her late father's brother, Jack Owen.He was a guard at the Featherston prisoner of war camp, where, on February 25, 1943, guards opened fire on Japanese prisoners, killing 31 and wounding 91. A secret investigation revealed that most of the shooting was done by Jack Owen. Charlotte Owen believes it was revenge: "Uncle Jack was the man. The whole family knew, but it was never really spoken of."Background from New Zealand coastwatchers and five civilians who had been captured in the Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati) in August–September 1942 were beheaded at Betio, Tarawa.Coastwatchers – service and civilian personnel who kept a 24-hour watch for enemy ships and aircraft – were a vital link in the intelligence chain.After the outbreak of war coastwatching was extended into the Pacific. By December 1941 there were 58 stations spread across the South-West Pacific, with more established in 1942 and 1943.A typical station had a radio operator, one or two soldiers, a radio to communicate with headquarters, and a number of lookout posts. Coastwatchers were a mixture of service personnel, government officials (mainly from the Post and Telegraph and Public Works Departments) and local volunteers.For most coastwatchers the main challenges were isolation and boredom. For those on the ‘front line’ in the Gilbert group, however, the risk of capture by the Japanese was very real.In August and September 1942, 17 coastwatchers – seven radio operators and 10 soldiers – were captured. Together with five civilians (three British, one Australian and one New Zealander), they were taken to Tarawa, where they spent three days tied to coconut trees in front of the Japanese commandant’s house before being held in the native lunatic asylum.On 15 October 1942 United States forces bombed and shelled Tarawa. One prisoner, believed to be a civilian, apparently escaped to the beach and waved to the American planes. He was hunted down and killed. That afternoon the Japanese beheaded all the other prisoners, either as a reprisal for the air raid or in revenge for the escape.A Tarawa local, Mikaere, later described the events of 15 October: “I heard a lot of noise in the lunatic enclosure. There was a lot of shouting going on. I ran into the house nearest the lunatic enclosure and sat on the floor. This house is about twenty fathoms [120 feet or 36 metres] from the lunatic enclosure. While I was sitting in the house I saw all the Europeans sitting down in line in front of the first house inside the lunatic enclosure. There were a lot of Japanese coolies inside the enclosure. One Japanese stepped forward to the first European and cut his head off. Then I saw a second European have his head cut off and I could not see the third one because I fainted.The executed coastwatchers, and Army personnel were posthumously mentioned in despatches, ‘For exemplary conduct in coastwatching and communication duties in the Gilbert Islands area in the face of the enemy, despite overwhelming odds and the knowledge that relief or escape was impossible.’ Later, the seven civilian coastwatchers were retrospectively given military rank so that their dependants could claim pensions and other rights.From December 1942, all civilian coastwatchers were enrolled in the Army in the hope that this would reinforce their right to treatment as POWs if they were captured. As the Pacific War moved further north, most of the stations were closed in 1944. The last of the coastwatchers returned to New Zealand two years later.Since Anzac Day 2011, events have unfolded. experts are likely to be called in to identify the remains of headless bodies found on Kiribati and believed to be the remains of 17 New Zealanders executed by the Japanese during World War II.The 17 were among 22 men executed on Betio Islet in Tarawa on October 15, 1942.The incident had an extraordinary link to the Featherston camp POW massacre 19 weeks later. A younger brother was executed on Betio; an older brother killed the majority of 31 Japanese at the Featherston camp “riots”.The 17 men were coast watchers from the New Zealand Post Office and the New Zealand Army based on the islands of the Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati).The exumed bodies were behind a priest’s house. In the 1943 Battle of Tarawa 1,200 Americans died along with 6,000 Japanese soldiers and Korean labourers.Earlier this year the US Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command was on Betio recovering bodies believed to be American. They also found a Japanese mass grave.The story behind the executions on Betio and the Featherston camp massacre is little known. A New Zealand corporal who mowed down Japanese prisoners with a tommy gun at Featherston camp in 1943 may have been acting in vengeance: weeks earlier, Japanese troops had beheaded his younger brother in the Tarawa executions.Whether Corporal Jack Owen knew of his brother Charles's death is not proven. But some who knew Jack Owen said he had heard of the killings and was settling the score .Two of the bleakest events of New Zealand's World War II experience have a strange and secret family connection.Charles Owen was part of a mission early in the war to watch the seas around the atolls of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands as German raiders hit South Pacific shipping. Each atoll had a civilian radio operator and, where there were no other Europeans, two unarmed soldiers.On July 19, 1941, the 15 radio operators and 22 soldiers left Fiji to be stationed amonst the various atolls. Owen and another soldier were to accompany a radio operator on Maiana island. One of the trio wrote that the locals were friendly and he had a lazy time eating and sleeping. None of the coastwatchers ever saw a German ship.But within a week of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, some of the watchers were captured by the advancing Japanese. The other coastwatchers were left exposed, unarmed and beyond protection.Initally the Japanese did nothing about the coastwatchers untill a US assault on Butaritari (then Makin) left over 80 Japanese dead. Then the Japanese began rounding up the men, some of whom, Owen included, had been living with local women.The 17 radio operators and soldiers, a missionary and a New Zealand trader were taken to Tarawa where they joined three other prisoners already held there, including Australian teacher turned radio operator Reg Morgan. After three days tied to coconut trees, they were moved to Tarawa Central Hospital, which had an enclosure for "native lunatics".It is there that the Tarawa massacre took place, on October 15, 1942. The widely accepted account is that it was retaliation against an American attack, but reportedly no American ships or planes were in range that month. What may have happened, rather, is that one of the prisoners had tried to escape.At 5pm, Catholic Bishop Octave Terriene's cook, Mikaere, looked across from 40 metres away to see the white men sitting in a line in the lunatic enclosure. A lot of Japanese were inside the enclosure."One Japanese stepped forward to the first European in the line and cut his head off. Then I saw a second European have his head cut off and I could not see the third one because I fainted." When he came to, he saw the Japanese carrying the bodies to two pits at the side of the enclosure. Twenty-two men were beheaded.Nineteen weeks later, on February 25, 1943, came the bloody conflict at Featherston army camp, serving as a POW camp for captured Japanese servicemen. Charlie Owen’s older brother Jack was stationed at the camp.Dave Gillies, an officer at the camp, says the army had sought to move two Japanese officers from one compound to another. The prisoners resisted.After a two-hour standoff while the seated prisoners refused to move, Lieutenant James Malcolm fired a warning shot and then a second shot, apparently aiming to wound an officer, which he did. The same bullet killed a man behind him. The Japanese moved; some said they were attacking the guard, others that they were scattering. The armed guard surrounded the prisoners. Thirty seconds later, 31 Japanese were dead and 91 injured. Seventeen died of their wounds. One New Zealand soldier was killed.An investigation showed that most of the Thompson sub-machinegun rounds were fired by Corporal Jack Owen, whose nickname "Drag" came from a Hollywood Western character who was always drawing his six-shooter."I think Jack Owen probably helped in speeding up the Japanese wish to die for their emperor, while getting some satisfaction in avenging the ill treatment and execution of his brother, and his brother's associates," said Gillies said.Gillies believes that Jack knew his brother was dead. "Whether the corporal's contribution [at Featherston] was a vengeance one is a matter for conjecture in the riot," Mr Gillies says.But Japanese prisoners sensed that Jack Owen's action had been a reprisal, he says. Guard Len James later said that Jack fired on the prisoners from behind, "mowing them down".Charles's daughter Charlotte was born on Maiana after her father was executed. After the war she moved to New Zealand and was adopted by Jack. Charlotte knew the truth behind the shootings all her life, saying "Uncle Jack was the man. The whole family knew, but it was never really spoken of."However when Jack fired on the Japanese, did he know of his brother's murder just over four months earlier? Officially he could have known only that Charles was missing. But information moved through the lines.The local Gilbert Islanders did travel and the story could have made it to the Ellice Islands, then to Fiji. Some of the men Mr Morgan had trained as radio operators had been designated to go to Suva. At least one Gilbert Islander turned up at Suva's post office.One of the executed soldiers had a cousin serving as a commando in the Solomons and he later said they knew the truth long before it was public. His view is that the men were abandoned. "The high commission arranged for the escape of its employees, the three district officers, but nobody took responsibility for the coastwatchers," he said. "Even after the Japanese had taken the three northern atolls, they did nothing about the men who were civilians. They could have legally been shot as spies for what they were doing."Featherston Camp Massacre - 25 February 1943During the First World War Featherston was the site of New Zealand’s largest military training camp, housing 7,500 men. It was dismantled after the war but re-established in 1942 to hold 800 Japanese prisoners of war (POWs), most captured in the South Pacific.In early 1943, many of a new intake of Japanese prisoners refused to aid their enemies by joining work parties. When they went on a sit-down strike, a warning shot fired by a guard may have wounded Lieutenant Adachi Toshio. Fearing attack, the guards opened fire with rifles and sub-machine guns. Forty-eight POWs and one guard were killed or mortally wounded in less than a minute as bullets ricocheted around the compound. News of the tragedy was kept relatively quiet through wartime censorship and because of fears that the Japanese might retaliate against Allied POWs.An official inquiry cleared the guards of wrongdoing, accepting that they had acted in self-defence when charged by 250 rock-throwing prisoners. It blamed the incident on cultural differences that were made worse by the language barrier, but also accused two Japanese officers of inciting their fellow prisoners. The Japanese government rejected the court’s findings.Four decades after the war, several Japanese survivors of the incident, including Adachi, visited the site of the camp in a gesture of reconciliation that some New Zealanders with bitter memories of the Pacific War were reluctant to accept. coast watchers honoured Last updated 12:17 07/10/2014MEMORIES: Last of the coast watchers, John Jones, with a wreath to memory of murdered friends. Struggling to hold back tears, John Jones stood in front the new war memorial in Wellington this morning. He had finally seen a permanent memorial to his friends and colleagues unveiled in New Zealand: a steel wall inscribed with their names and paying tribute to their bravery on Whitmore St, outside New Zealand Post House.Jones, 94, is the last surviving Coast Watcher - unarmed volunteers who were sent to the remote Gilbert Islands, now Kiribati, just before Japan entered the Second World War. Their job was to send reports on Japanese military movements back to Allied forces.He has fought for years to ensure his comrades are properly remembered by New Zealand. "I'm so relieved to see their names on the wall," he said. "It is wonderful to see them where they will be in front of the public all the time."Jones was one of seven Coast Watchers on Butaritari atoll in the north of the group. Days after the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941 he was captured and taken to a prison camp in Japan.Seventeen others were beheaded by the Japanese on Tarawa atoll after being captured in August and September 1942, as retaliation for an American raid on the atolls.Five other civilians - three Britons, an Australian and a New Zealander - were also killed in the Tarawa massacre.Several of the men were employees of the Post and Telegraph department, the forerunner of New Zealand Post. Toward the end of the war, while still a prisoner, Jones heard from a captured American what had happened to his friends. He remains haunted to this day by the horrific nature of the deaths of the New Zealanders. Nothing of their bodies has ever been found.A life-time of sorrow and guilt, along with an anger over the lack of recognition for the coast watchers, followed for Jones. "I have been trying for years to get the government to give recognition to our people," he said this weekend. "They certainly were not listening to me. It got to the stage where I wasn't expecting anything anyway."For years Jones would not take part in Anzac Day, the memories were too raw. That changed in Anzac Day 2012.Feeling his time was running out, and knowing it had been 70 years since his mates had been murdered, Jones did something he hadn't done before - lay a wreath. "I felt very lonely," he said after laying the wreath at his local Anzac service in Auckland, "and I thought believe it or not, my three friends, I will see shortly. It is the first wreath that has ever been laid for them." He wanted other New Zealanders to know of the men."Each year I get so sad over the whole damn thing." Successive governments, Jones believes, kept quiet about the executed men, not wanting to make trouble with post-war Japan.Like Jones, most of the executed men were Post & Telegraph operators and they had all trained for the mission at Wellington's main Post Office. An account of Jone’s wreath-laying was seen by the bosses at NZ Post - the direct descendent of the old P&T. The NZ Post Chief executive Brian Roche set up a meeting with Jones and a memorial wall was decided upon."They were our employees who volunteered for service. A number of them did not come back. It seems appropriate we recognise their contribution."Jones, no longer in the best of health, was flown down to Wellington for the dedication and to lay at the wall the wreath he’d laid in Auckland. It carries this inscription: "In memory of 17 New Zealand Coast Watchers executed by the Japanese Army, Oct 15th 1942 on Betio Islet, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, now Kiribat."For nine months prior, knowing the 7 Coast Watchers in the northern atolls had been captured before Christmas 1941, they gave daily reports with no outside help and no means of escape."With lasting memories of my 3 best friends, Rex, Arthur and Cliff."From Coast Watcher, Butaritari Atoll, Kiribati."While Jones, who had been on the northern most atoll in what was then the Gilberts, had been taken to Japan, the other coast watchers were left on atolls for months until eventually picked up by Japanese marines. They were taken to Betio on Tarawa Atoll and locked up with five others.They had all been tied up to coconut trees in front of Commander Keisuke Matsuo house on Betio. Along with the coast watchers was an old missionary, Tony Sadd, New Zealand trader A.M. McArthur, Reg Morgan, chemist Basil Cleary the dispenser and Isaac Handley, a blind old man.A Japanese soldier asked Joe Parker of the Waikato if he would like to have his binds loosened on his swollen hands. "No, you tied them tight, you can leave it as it is," he replied.It has never been established why the Japanese suddenly decided to execute the men. Tarawa fell to the Americans over a year later when, in the three-day Battle of Tarawa, 6000 Japanese were killed in the battle to seize the tiny atoll.Now to be remembered in Wellington:SoldiersRay Ellis, Auckland - thought going to the tropics would cure a bad kneeRobert Hitchon, Waitoa - "a very shy sort of person"Dallas Howe, Thames - a bricklayer who built the town's conventReg Jones, Auckland - at 42, the oldest coast watcherClaude Kilpin, Manuwaru - a farmerRod McKenzie, Kopaki - a farmerJack Nichol, Te Puke - a fluent Maori speakerCharles Owen, Masterston - his girlfriend Taengeri gave birth to Tiare later.Joe Parker, Tirau - his girlfriend Taate gave birth to a girl, Tio, later.Leslie Speedy, Wairarapa - his girlfriend Tatu gave birth to a boy, Leo, later.Post Office radio operatorsArthur Heenan, Middlemarch - a farmer's sonRex Hearn, Hastings - a fine pianistJohn McCarthy, Auckland - a devout CatholicArthur McKenna, Big River - a West Coast miner's sonTom Murray, Picton - took a tuxedo to warCliff Pearsall, Wetherstones - known to party wellAllan Taylor, Waimate - crazy about crystal ham radio setsAlso executedBasil Cleary, Tarawa hospital's dispenserRay Morgan, Australia - a school teacher on TarawaIsaac Handley - retired sea captainArthur McArthur, Auckland - retired South Seas traderTony Sadd, a London Missionary Society missionaryThe Americans erected a small memorial to the coast watchers. More recently a bigger memorial, funded by Australia, was erected in the area that the men were believed to have been murdered. There has never been a formal memorial to them in New Zealand.Footnote:Link has newspaper items as presented in NZ Parliament 2012, relating to Coastwatchers massacre memorial - September 8th 2012Submission to the : Transport and Industrial Relations Select CommitteeHoliday (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and Anzac Day) Amendment BillAnzac Day is observed on 25 April each year, it is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served." Anzac Day was originally to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli, Turkey against the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

What is Marvel's complete list of heroes?

A-Bomb (HAS)A.I.M.Aaron StackAbomination (Emil Blonsky)Abomination (Ultimate)Absorbing ManAbyssAbyss (Age of Apocalypse)Adam DestineAdam WarlockAegis (Trey Rollins)Agent BrandAgent X (Nijo)Agent ZeroAgents of AtlasAginarAir-Walker (Gabriel Lan)AjakAjaxisAkemiAlainAlbert ClearyAlbionAlex PowerAlex WilderAlexa MendezAlexander PierceAliceAlicia MastersAlpha FlightAlpha Flight (Ultimate)Alvin MakerAmadeus ChoAmanda SeftonAmazonessAmerican Eagle (Jason Strongbow)AmikoAmoraAmphibian (Earth-712)AmunAncient OneAncient One (Ultimate)Angel (Thomas Halloway)Angel (Ultimate)Angel (Warren Worthington III)Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)Anita BlakeAnne Marie HoagAnnihilusAnoleAnt-Man (Eric O'Grady)Ant-Man (Scott Lang)AnthemApocalypseApocalypse (Ultimate)AqueductArachneArañaArcadeArcanaArchangelArclightAresArgentArmadilloArmor (Hisako Ichiki)ArmoryArnim ZolaArsenicArtieeAsgardianAskew-TronicsAsylumAtlas (Team)AuroraAvalancheAvengersAvengers (Ultimate)Azazel (Mutant)BBansheeBanshee (Theresa Rourke)Baron StruckerBaron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo)Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo)Baroness S'BakBarracudaBart RozumBastionBatroc the LeaperBattering RamBeakBeastBeast (Earth-311)Beast (Ultimate)BecatronBedlamBeefBeetle (Abner Jenkins)Ben GrimmBen ParkerBen ReillyBen UrichBengalBeta-Ray BillBetty BrantBetty RossBeyonderBi-BeastBig BerthaBig WheelBill HollisterBishopBishop (Ultimate)Black BirdBlack BoltBlack Bolt (Marvel War of Heroes)Black CatBlack Cat (Ultimate)Black CrowBlack Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia)Black PantherBlack Panther (Ultimate)Black QueenBlack TarantulaBlack TomBlack WidowBlack Widow (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Black Widow (Ultimate)Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (MAA)BlackheartBlacklashBlackoutBladeBlastaarBlazing SkullBlindfoldBlinkBlizzardBlobBlob (Ultimate)BlockbusterBlokBlokeBlonde PhantomBloodaxeBloodscreamBloodstormBloodstrikeBlue BladeBlue MarvelBlue ShieldBlurBob, Agent of HydraBoom BoomBoomerBoomerangBoxBride of Nine Spiders (Immortal Weapons)BromleyBroodBrother VoodooBrotherhood of Evil MutantsBrotherhood of Mutants (Ultimate)Bruce BannerBruteBuckyBugBulldozerBullseyeBushwackerButterflyCCableCable (Deadpool)Cable (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Cable (Ultimate)Cable (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)CalamityCalibanCallistoCallisto (Age of Apocalypse)CalypsoCammiCannonballCap'n OzCaptain AmericaCaptain America (House of M)Captain America (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Captain America (Marvel War of Heroes)Captain America (Sam Wilson)Captain America (Ultimate)Captain America/Steve Rogers (MAA)Captain BritainCaptain Britain (Ultimate)Captain CrossCaptain FlintCaptain Marvel (Carol Danvers)Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell)Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)Captain Marvel (Phyla-Vell)Captain MidlandsCaptain StacyCaptain UniverseCardiacCaretakerCargillCarlie CooperCarmella UnuscioneCarnageCarnage (Ultimate)Carol DanversCarol HinesCassandra NovaCatseyeCecilia ReyesCelestialsCentennialCenturionsCerebroCeriseCh'odChamberChameleonChampionsChangelingCharles XavierCharlie CampionChase SteinChatChimeraChores MacGillicudyChristian WalkerChronomancerClanDestineCleaClea (Ultimate)Clint BartonCloakCloud 9Cobalt ManColleen WingColonel AmericaColossusColossus (Ultimate)Confederates of the CuriousConstrictorContessa (Vera Vidal)ControllerCorneliusCorsairCosmo (dog)CottonmouthCount NefariaCountessCrimson CrusaderCrimson DynamoCrimson Dynamo (Iron Man 3 - The Official Game)Crimson KingCrossbonesCruleCrusher HoganCrusher Hogan (Ultimate)CrystalCuckooCurt ConnersCuthbertCyberCyclopsCyclops (Ultimate)Cyclops (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)CypherDD'Ken NeramaniDaggerDaily BugleDaimon HellstromDakenDakota NorthDamage ControlDani MoonstarDanny RandDaredevilDaredevil (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Daredevil (Marvel Heroes)Daredevil (Ultimate)Dargo KtorDark AvengersDark BeastDark PhoenixDark X-MenDarkhawkDarkstarDarwinDazzlerDazzler (Ultimate)Deacon FrostDead GirlDeadpoolDeadpool (Deadpool)Deadpool (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Deadpool (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)DeathDeathbirdDeathcryDeathlokDeathstrike (Ultimate)Debra WhitmanDebriiDeena PilgrimDefendersDemogoblinDestinyDetective SoapDeviantsDevil Dinosaur (Devil Dinosaur)Devil Dinosaur (HAS)DevosDexter BennettDiabloDiamondback (Rachel Leighton)Dinah SoarDirk AngerDoc SamsonDoctor DoomDoctor Doom (Ultimate)Doctor FaustusDoctor OctopusDoctor Octopus (Ultimate)Doctor SpectrumDoctor StrangeDoctor Strange (Ultimate)Dog Brother #1DominoDonald BlakeDoomsday ManDoopDoormanDorian GrayDormammuDormammu (Ultimate)Dr. Strange (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)DraculaDragon LordDragon ManDraxDreadnoughtsDreaming CelestialDruigDum Dum DuganDustEEarthquakeEchoEddie BrockEddie LauEdward "Ted" ForresterEdwin JarvisEgoElectroElectro (Ultimate)ElektraElektra (Ultimate)Elements of DoomEliteElixirElloe KaifiElsa BloodstoneEmma FrostEmpathEmplateEnchantress (Amora)Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton)Ender WigginEnergizerEpochErik the RedEternalsEternityExcaliburExilesExodusExpediterEzekielEzekiel StaneFFabian CortezFalconFalcon/Sam Wilson (MAA)Fallen OneFamineFantastic FourFantastic Four (Ultimate)Fantastick FourFantomexFat CobraFelicia HardyFenrisFeralFin Fang FoomFirebirdFirebrandFiredrakeFirelordFirestarFirestar (Ultimate)Fixer (Paul Norbert Ebersol)FlatmanFlying DutchmanFoggy NelsonForce WorksForearmForgeForge (Ultimate)Forgotten OneFrank CastleFrankenstein's MonsterFranklin RichardsFranklin StormFreakFrightful FourFrog ThorFrog-ManGGabe JonesGalactusGaliaGambitGamma CorpsGamoraGamora (Marvel War of Heroes)GargoyleGargoyle (Yuri Topolov)GariaGarrison KaneGatewayGauntlet (Joseph Green)GeigerGene SailorsGeneration XGenesisGenis-VellGeorge Stacy (Ultimate)Gertrude YorkesGhost Rider (Daniel Ketch)Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)Ghost Rider (Marvel War of Heroes)Giant GirlGiant ManGiant-dokGiant-Man (Ultimate)GideonGit HoskinsGladiator (Kallark)Gladiator (Melvin Potter)Glenn TalbotGlorianGoblin QueenGolden GuardianGoliath (Bill Foster)GorgonGorilla ManGrandmasterGravityGreat Lakes AvengersGreen Goblin (Barry Norman Osborn)Green Goblin (Harry Osborn)Green Goblin (Ultimate)GressillGrey GargoyleGreymalkinGrim ReaperGrootGuardianGuardians of the GalaxyGuardsmenGunslingerGW BridgeGwen StacyGwen Stacy (Ultimate)HH.A.M.M.E.R.H.E.R.B.I.E.HairballHalf-Life (Tony Masterson)HammerheadHammerhead (Ultimate)Hank PymHannibal KingHappy HoganHardballHarley Davidson CooperHarpoonHarrierHarry HeckHarry OsbornHarry Osborn (Ultimate)Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler)HavokHawkeyeHawkeye (Kate Bishop)Hawkeye (Marvel Heroes)Hawkeye (Ultimate)Hawkeye/Clint Barton (MAA)Hedge KnightHellcat (Patsy Walker)Hellfire ClubHellfire Club (Ultimate)HellionHellions (Squad)HemingwayHenry Peter GyrichHepzibahHerculesHeroes For HireHexHigh EvolutionaryHindsight LadHiroimHitmanHitomi SakumaHobgoblin (Jason Macendale)Hobgoblin (Robin Borne)Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley)Holocaust (Age of Apocalypse)HolyHope SummersHoward SaintHoward The DuckHulkHulk (HAS)Hulk (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Hulk (Marvel Zombies)Hulk (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Hulk (Ultimate)Hulk-dokHulk/Bruce Banner (MAA)HulklingHuman CannonballHuman Fly (Richard Deacon)Human RobotHuman TorchHuman Torch (Jim Hammond)Human Torch (Ultimate)HumbugHuskHussarHydraHydro-ManHyperion (Earth-712)Hypno-HustlerIIcemanIceman (Ultimate)Iceman (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)IkarisIlluminatiIlyana RasputinImpImperfectsImperial GuardImpossible ManIn-BetweenerInertiaInfant TerribleInhumansInkInvadersInvisible WomanInvisible Woman (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Invisible Woman (Ultimate)Iron Cross ArmyIron Fist (Bei Bang-Wen)Iron Fist (Danny Rand)Iron Fist (Orson Randall)Iron Fist (Quan Yaozu)Iron Fist (USM)Iron Fist (Wu Ao-Shi)Iron LadIron ManIron Man (Iron Man 3 - The Official Game)Iron Man (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Iron Man (Marvel Heroes)Iron Man (Marvel War of Heroes)Iron Man (Ultimate)Iron Man/Tony Stark (MAA)Iron MongerIron PatriotIron Patriot (James Rhodes)IroncladJJ. Jonah JamesonJack FlagJack MurdockJack O' LanternJack PowerJackalJackpotJames Buchanan BarnesJames HowlettJamie BraddockJane FosterJanus, the Nega-ManJasper SitwellJazindaJean GreyJean GreyJean Grey (Ultimate)Jennifer SmithJeryn HogarthJessica DrewJessica JonesJetstreamJigsawJimmy WooJoan the MouseJocastaJohn FarsonJohn JamesonJohn PorterJohn WraithJohnny BlazeJohnny StormJosephJoshua KaneJosiah XJoystickJubileeJubilee (Age of Apocalypse)JuggernautJule CarpenterJulian KellerJuntaJusticeJustin HammerKKa-ZarKabukiKangKaren O'MalleyKaren PageKarmaKarnakKarolina DeanKat FarrellKate BishopKatie PowerKen EllisKhanKid ColtKiller ShrikeKillmongerKillravenKing BedlamKing CobraKingpinKinsey WaldenKitty PrydeKitty Pryde (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)KlawKomodo (Melati Kusuma)KorathKorgKorvacKraven the HunterKreeKrista StarrKronosKulan GathKylunLLa NuitLady BullseyeLady DeathstrikeLady MastermindLady UrsulaLady VerminLakeLandauLava-ManLayla MillerLeaderLeechLegionLei Kung, The ThundererLenny BalingerLeo (Zodiac)LeopardonLeper QueenLesterLethal LegionLieutenant Marcus StoneLifeguardLightning Lords of NepalLightspeedLila CheneyLilandraLilithLily HollisterLionheartLiving LightningLiving MummyLiving TribunalLiz OsbornLizardLizard (Ultimate)LoaLockheedLockjawLoganLokiLoki (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)LonersLongshotLongshot (Ultimate)Lord HawalLord TygerLords of AvalonLorna DaneLuckmanLucky PierreLucy in the SkyLuke CageLuminalsLyjaMM (Monet St. Croix)M.O.D.A.M.M.O.D.O.G.M.O.D.O.K.M.O.D.O.K. (Iron Man 3 - The Official Game)Ma GnuciMac GarganMach IVMachine ManMad ThinkerMadame HydraMadame MasqueMadame Web (Julia Carpenter)MaddogMadelyne PryorMadripoorMadroxMaelstromMaestroMagdaleneMaggottMagik (Amanda Sefton)Magik (Illyana Rasputin)MagintyMagma (Amara Aquilla)MagnetoMagneto (Age of Apocalypse)Magneto (House of M)Magneto (Ultimate)Magneto (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)Magus (Adam Warlock)Magus (Technarch)Major MapleleafMakkariMalcolm ColcordMalice (Earth-161)Man-ThingMan-WolfMandarinMandrillMandroidMantaMantisMaraudersMarcus Van SciverMaria HillMariko YashidaMarrowMarten BroadcloakMartin LiMarvel ApesMarvel BoyMarvel ZombiesMarvexMary Jane WatsonMary Jane Watson (House of M)Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate)Masked Marvel (Unrevealed)MasqueMaster ChiefMaster MoldMastermindMasters of EvilMathemanicMatsu'o TsurayabaMatthew MurdockMattie FranklinMaulerMaverick (Chris Bradley)Maverick (Christoph Nord)MaximusMay ParkerMedusaMegganMeltdownMenaceMentalloMentorMephistoMephistophelesMercuryMesmeroMetal MasterMeteoriteMI: 13Micro/MacroMicrobeMicrochipMicromaxMidnight (Earth-811)MiekMikhail RasputinMillenium GuardMillie the ModelMimicMindwormMiraclemanMiss AmericaMister FearMister SinisterMister Sinister (Deadpool)Mister Sinister (House of M)Mister Sinister (Ultimate)Misty KnightMockingbirdMoira MacTaggertMoira MacTaggert (Ultimate)MojoMole ManMolecule ManMolly HayesMolly Von RichtofenMolten ManMongooseMongu (Unrevealed)Monster BadoonMoon KnightMoon Knight (House of M)Moon Knight (Ultimate)MoondragonMoonstoneMorbiusMordoMorgMorgan StarkMorlocksMorlunMorphMother AskaniMr. BumpoMr. FantasticMr. Fantastic (Ultimate)Mr. FishMr. FixitMr. HydeMr. ImmortalMr. MeugniotMr. NegativeMr. PaybackMr. XMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)MS2Mulholland BlackMultiple ManMVPMysterioMysterio (Daniel Berkhart)Mysterio (Francis Klum)MystiqueMystique (Age of Apocalypse)Mystique (House of M)Mystique (Ultimate)NNamorNamoraNamoritaNaokoNatasha RomanoffNebulaNehznoNekraNemesisNetworkNew GoblinNew MutantsNew WarriorsNew X-MenNewton DestineNext AvengersNextwaveNick FuryNick Fury (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Nick Fury (Ultimate)Nico MinoruNicolaosNight Nurse (Earth-9997)Night ThrasherNightcrawlerNightcrawler (Ultimate)NighthawkNightmareNightshadeNine-Fold Daughters of XaoNitroNocturneNomadNomad (Rikki Barnes)Nomad (Steve Rogers)Norman OsbornNorrin RaddNorthstarNovaNova (Frankie Raye)Nova (Sam Alexander)Nova (USM)NukeOObadiah StaneOdinOgunOld LaceOmega FlightOmega RedOmega SentinelOmega the UnknownOnslaughtOnslaught (Ultimate)OracleOrdOrphanOrphan-MakerOtto OctaviusOutlaw KidOverlordOwlOzymandiasPPaibokPaladinPandemicPaper DollPatchPatriotPaybackPenance (Robert Baldwin)Pepper PottsPestilencePet AvengersPete WisdomPeter ParkerPeter QuillPhalanxPhantom ReporterPhil SheldonPhotonPhyla-VellPiledriverPipPixiePlazmPolarisPostPower Man (USM)Power PackPraxagoraPreakPretty BoyPridePrimaPrince of OrphansPrincess PowerfulPrismProdigyProemial GodsProfessor MonsterProfessor XProfessor X (Ultimate)ProteusProteus (House of M)Proteus (Ultimate)ProudstarProwlerProwler (Rick Lawson)Psycho-ManPsylockePsyNapsePuckPuck (Zuzha Yu)Puff AdderpugPumaPunisherPunisher (2099)Punisher (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Puppet MasterPurifiersPurple ManPyroQQuasar (Phyla-Vell)Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)QuasimodoQueen NoirQuentin QuireQuicksilverQuicksilver (Age of Apocalypse)Quicksilver (Ultimate)RRachel GreyRadioactive ManRafael VegaRageRaiderRandallRandall FlaggRandomRattlerRavenousRawhide KidRazaReaperReaversReavers (Ultimate)Red 9Red GhostRed Ghost (Ultimate)Red HulkRed Hulk (HAS)Red She-HulkRed ShiftRed SkullRed Skull (Albert Malik)Red WolfRedwingReptilRetro GirlRevancheRhinoRhodeyRichard FiskRick JonesRick Jones (Ultimate)RicochetRictorRiptideRisqueRobbie RobertsonRobert BaldwinRobin ChapelRocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon (Marvel Heroes)Rocket RacerRockslideRogueRogue (Age of Apocalypse)Rogue (Deadpool)Rogue (Ultimate)Rogue (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)Roland DeschainRomulusRonanRoughhouseRouletteRoxanne SimpsonRumiko FujikawaRunawaysRussianSS.H.I.E.L.D.SabraSabretoothSabretooth (Age of Apocalypse)Sabretooth (House of M)Sabretooth (Ultimate)SageSalem's Seven (Ultimate)Sally FloydSaloSandmanSanta ClausSaracen (Muzzafar Lambert)Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski)SatanaSauronScalphunterScarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton)Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)Scarlet Spider (Kaine)Scarlet WitchScarlet Witch (Age of Apocalypse)Scarlet Witch (Marvel Heroes)Scarlet Witch (Ultimate)Scorpion (Carmilla Black)Scorpion (Ultimate)ScourgeScramblerScream (Donna Diego)ScrewballSebastian ShawSecret WarriorsSeleneSenator KellySentinelSentinelsSentry (Robert Reynolds)Ser DuncanSerpent SocietySersiShadow KingShadow King (Age of Apocalypse)ShadowcatShadowcat (Age of Apocalypse)Shadowcat (Ultimate)Shadu the ShadyShalla-balShamanShane Yamada-JonesShang-ChiShang-Chi (Ultimate)Shanna the She-DevilShapeShardSharon CarterSharon VenturaShatterstarShe-Hulk (HAS)She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)She-Hulk (Lyra)She-Hulk (Marvel War of Heroes)She-Hulk (Ultimate)ShenSheva CallisterShi'ArShinko YamashiroShinobi ShawShivaShiver ManShocker (Herman Schultz)ShockwaveShooting StarShotgunShriekSifSilhouetteSilk FeverSilver CenturionSilver FoxSilver SableSilver SamuraiSilver Samurai (Age of Apocalypse)Silver SurferSilverclawSilvermaneSinSinister SixSir RamSiren (Earth-93060)Sister GrimmSkaarSkaar (HAS)SkinSkreetSkrullsSkrulls (Ultimate)Skullbuster (Cylla Markham)SlapstickSlaybackSleeperSleepwalkerSlipstreamSlydeSmasher (Vril Rokk)Smiling TigerSnowbirdSolo (James Bourne)SongbirdSons of the TigerSpacker DaveSpectrumSpeedSpeed DemonSpeedball (Robert Baldwin)Spencer SmytheSphinx (Anath-Na Mut)Spider-dokSpider-Girl (Anya Corazon)Spider-Girl (May Parker)Spider-Ham (Larval Earth)Spider-ManSpider-Man (1602)Spider-Man (2099)Spider-Man (Ai Apaec)Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)Spider-Man (House of M)Spider-Man (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Spider-Man (Marvel Zombies)Spider-Man (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Spider-Man (Noir)Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro)Spider-Man (Ultimate)Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)Spiral (Rita Wayword)SpiritSpitfireSpotSpriteSpykeSquadron SinisterSquadron Supreme (Earth-712)Squirrel GirlStacy XStacy X (Ultimate)Star BrandStar-Lord (Peter Quill)StarboltStardustStarfoxStarhawk (Stakar Ogord)StarjammersStark IndustriesStatureSteel Serpent (Davos)T'ChallaTagTalisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen)Talkback (Chase Stein)Talon (Fraternity of Raptors)TalosTana NileTarantula (Luis Alvarez)TarotTaskmasterTattooTed ForresterTempestTenebrousTerraxTerrorTexas TwisterThaddeus RossThanosThanos (Ultimate)The 198The AnarchistThe CallThe CaptainThe EnforcersThe ExecutionerThe FallenThe FuryThe HandThe HoodThe Howling CommandosThe HunterThe InitiativeThe Leader (HAS)The LiberteensThe Liberty LegionThe OrderThe PhantomThe ProfessorThe RenegadesThe SanteriansThe Shiver ManThe SpikeThe StrangerThe TwelveThe WatchersThenaThingThing (Marvel Heroes)Thing (Ultimate)ThorThor (Goddess of Thunder)Thor (MAA)Thor (Marvel Heroes)Thor (Marvel War of Heroes)Thor (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)Thor (Ultimate)Thor GirlThunderballThunderbird (John Proudstar)Thunderbird (Neal Shaara)Thunderbolt (Bill Carver)Thunderbolt RossThunderboltsThundraTiger SharkTiger's Beautiful DaughterTigra (Greer Nelson)TimeslipTinkererTitaniaTitanium Man (Topolov)ToadToad MenTomasTombstoneTomorrow ManTony StarkToro (Thomas Raymond)ToxinToxin (Eddie Brock)TraumaTriathlonTrish TilbyTritonTrue BelieversTurboTuskTwo-Gun KidTyger TigerTyphoid MaryTyrannusUU-FoesU-Go GirlU.S. AgentUatu The WatcherUlikUltimate Spider-Man (USM)UltimatesUltimatumUltimoUltra-AdaptoidUltragirl (Earth-93060)UltronUmarUnicornUnion Jack (Brian Falsworth)Union Jack (Joseph Chapman)Union Jack (Montgomery Falsworth)UnusUnus (Age of Apocalypse)Unus (House of M)Unus (Ultimate)VValeria RichardsValkyrie (Samantha Parrington)Valkyrie (Ultimate)VampiroVance AstroVanisher (Age of Apocalypse)Vanisher (Telford Porter)Vanisher (Ultimate)VaporVargasVectorVedaVengeance (Michael Badilino)Venom (Flash Thompson)Venom (Mac Gargan)Venom (Ultimate)Venus (Siren)Venus Dee MiloVermin (Edward Whelan)Vertigo (Savage Land Mutate)Victor ManchaVictor Von DoomVin GonzalesVindicatorViolationsViperVirginia DareVisionVivisectorVulcan (Gabriel Summers)Vulture (Adrian Toomes)Vulture (Blackie Drago)WWallflowerWallopWallowWar (Abraham Kieros)War Machine (Iron Man 3 - The Official Game)War Machine (Marvel: Avengers Alliance)War Machine (Parnell Jacobs)War Machine (Ultimate)WarbirdWarboundWarhawk (Mitchell Tanner)Warlock (Janie Chin)Warlock (Technarchy)WarpathWarren Worthington IIIWarstarWaspWasp (Ultimate)Weapon OmegaWeapon XWendell RandWendell VaughnWendigoWerewolf By NightWhiplash (Mark Scarlotti)WhirlwindWhistlerWhite Queen (Adrienne Frost)White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)White Tiger (USM)Whizzer (Stanley Stewart)WiccanWild ChildWild Child (Age of Apocalypse)Wild PackWildsideWilliam StrykerWilson FiskWind DancerWinter SoldierWitherWolf CubWolfpackWolfsbaneWolfsbane (Age of Apocalypse)Wolver-dokWolverineWolverine (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)Wolverine (Marvel War of Heroes)Wolverine (Ultimate)Wolverine (X-Men: Battle of the Atom)Wonder ManWongWong (Ultimate)WraithWreckerWrecking CrewXX-23X-51X-BabiesX-CutionerX-FactorX-Factor InvestigationsX-ForceX-ManX-MenX-Men (Ultimate)X-Ray (James Darnell)X-StatixX.S.E.XavinXorn (Kuan-Yin Xorn)YYellow ClawYellowjacket (Rita DeMara)Young AvengersYoung X-MenZZaladaneZaranZardaZarekZeigeistZemoZodiakZombie (Simon Garth)ZurasZzzax13-D Man

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