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Why is Canada the best place to live? What do you think is the greatest thing about the country and what makes it special?

Canada for immigrants is a very difficult reality to accept once living as resident. Canada is a quitte expensive country to live. If you have money Canada is great. If you are a immigrant without money be prepared to work 16 hours +a day to make ends meet and struggle.The charts below explain the sad reality. Canada is living on high credit and borrowed money.VANCOUVERCanada's most expensive real estate, from Vancouver to St. John'sCTV News VancouverFrom sea to shining sea, there's a lot of variety when it comes to Canadian real estate.Listings websites often feature multimillion-dollar condos in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, but what's on the luxury market elsewhere?Whether it's a $35 million penthouse on the west coast or an entire estate in the east, here's a look at the most expensive real estate listings in major Canadian cities this week. All images and listings are from http://Realtor.ca.Unsurprisingly, many of the site's most expensive listings in Canada are located in the Vancouver area.The city's priciest property as of this week is a $35.8 million penthouse at the downtown Vancouver Hotel Georgia.Also in the Vancouver area, and priced higher than the Hotel Georgia condo, is a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home in West Vancouver.Located on 2.82 acres off Chartwell Place, the estate is listed at $39.9 million and has more than 20,000 square feet of living space. The listing describes the property as having an indoor pool, library, wine cellar, huge terrace and private access to a creek.It also has its own tennis court.Victoria, there's a waterfront estate listed at a mere $13,888,000. The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate is on 2.5 acres with more than 1,000 feet of seawall above a rocky shoreline.The listing boasts views of the Strait of Georgia and Mount Baker, as well as soaring ceilings, an indoor pool, elevator and theatre.Keeping in B.C., Whistler's highest-priced listing is a $19,999,000 three-bedroom home.Edmonton's highest-priced listing is a "classic English brick manor" complete with a turret. It's listed at $8.5 million.Heading east by one province, there's a $32 million home on Toronto's Bridle Path.Described by the listing agent as "palatial," the massive manor is just a year old and includes, among other things, a water fountain, stone terrace, tennis court and cathedral ball room."Impressive Scarlett O'Hara stair," the listing says. "Outstanding in-law two-storey suite with unique separate entry and elevator."In nearby Oakville, Ont., the priciest property is a six-bedroom, 14-bath estate listed at $59 million.In stark contrast, the most expensive home for sale in the Capital is a three-bedroom, four-bathroom home on Ottawa's MacKinnon Road.The single-family home in Rockcliffe Park includes a heated driveway, triple garage, infinity pool and generator.Described in the listing as "resort-like," the house is priced at $5,745,000.Montreal's most expensive listing is priced more than $20,000,000 higher than Ottawa's.On Avenue Forden in Westmount, there's a seven-bedroom, five-bathroom gated property posted for $26.5 million."A secluded and luxurious haven like no other," the listing reads. In addition to the stone mansion, there's a coach house, massive pool and tennis court.The owners of this property in Lac-Beauport, a town near Quebec City, are looking for $4.5 million for this waterfront property.The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home on the lake includes "phenomenal outdoor spaces in perfect privacy."It has a private beach and a boathouse.In Fredericton, the highest-priced home is a bit outside the city in nearby Hanwell.Owners are asking $1,675,000 for a seven-bedroom, six bathroom home. The property has a pool building, salt water pool, hot tub and two heated garages.In Halifax, the most expensive listing is a waterfront estate.A would-be buyer willing to cough up $5,795,000 can take in the Northwest Arm from a four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home.The property features a garden, 40-foot pool, floating dock, billiards room, fitness centre, hot tub and sauna.The dock is just a short boat ride away from the Atlantic Ocean.Just across from Charlottetown PEI Island is this $2.7 million property in Stratford, P.E.I.The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home is on the water, "offering priceless peace and privacy on the coastline of the Northumberland Strait."It sits on 6.17 acres of land, which the listing agent says is has prime potential for homesites."Enjoy unobscured views from your back covered verandah while cruise ships & tall ships sail into the Charlottetown Harbour," the listing says.The property includes a carriage house, and inside, the main home has formal living and dining rooms, three fireplaces and spacious bedrooms.Looking to relocate to Canada's most-eastern province?This five-bedroom home in St. Phillips, near St. John's, has sweeping views of Conception Bay, the listing says.Features include a three-car garage, six bathrooms, a walkout basement and three custom staircases. It's listed at $1,995,000.Concerns about household indebtedness focus on measures such as total household debt accumulated or the ratio of household debt to income. Based on these metrics, Canadian household debt levels are indeed near historic highs. By the end of last year, household debt reached over $2 trillion, up from $357 billion in 1990. The lion’s share of this debt—two thirds in fact—is for mortgages while the remaining third is split between consumer credit (29%) and other loans (5%). Over the same period, the total financial liabilities of the government sector grew from approximately $700 billion to $2.5 trillion while its net debt grew from over $400 billion in 1990 to reach nearly $970 billion in 2016.The over $2 trillion in household debt is now approximately 170% of household disposable income, up from just 90% in 1990. Yet, this does not mean that Canadians are being irresponsible with household debt. To start, the above data ignore the fact that household debt growth can be a rational response to falling interest rates. For instance, the Bank of Canada rate fell dramatically from nearly 13% in 1990 to 0.75% at the end of last year. Not surprisingly, as the cost of borrowing has dropped, Canadian households have borrowed more. The drop in interest rates has reduced the burden of servicing debt despite growing household debt: interest payments on household debt now consume 6% of disposable income, compared to almost 11% in 1990.More fundamentally, the concerns about household debt fail to account for the other side of the balance sheet—household assets, which rise over the family life-cycle. While household debt has grown substantially over the past 26 years, households are borrowing to invest in appreciating assets such as real estate, pensions, financial investments, and businesses. This has meant a substantial rise in Canadian household assets—from $2.2 trillion in 1990 to $12.3 trillion in 2016. The significant investment in assets has meant that household net worth (which is total assets minus liabilities) has surged from$1.8 trillion to $10.3 trillion—a record-setting levelii • Household Debt and Government Debt in Canada • Di MatteoFraser InstituteCanada’s household debt levels higher than any other country, worldwide report saysThe OECD found Canada’s household debt ranked as the highest among the 35 developed and developing countries the group monitors.The rapid accumulation of household debt for Canadians could also leave its economy particularly vulnerable to shocks, the organization said.Household debt levels in Canada are the highest in the world, making the country more vulnerable to an economic shock, according to a new report.The warning from the OECD came in a report on economic growth which highlighted concerns over the levels of household debt in both advanced and emerging economies.Consumer debt tops 100% of GDP in Canada, while the level of debt expressed as a percentage of GDP stands at above 80% in both South Korea and the UK.High levels of household debt prolonged the 2008 financial crisis, while the house-price bubble was a major contributing factor in the destabilization of the banking sector.“Debt greases the wheels of the economy. It allows individuals to make big investments today – like buying a house or going to college – by pledging some of their future earnings. That’s all fine in theory. But as the global financial crisis showed, rapid growth in household debt – especially mortgages – can be dangerous,” IMF senior economist Nico Valckx warned in a blog.The OECD recommends that both policies and the underlying structural features of the economy are addressed in order to stop households taking on too much debt.Canada is not the best place to live part one of the reality. Part 2 ,For pictures, yes.Gas prices in Canada are high. You require to heat from October to March or you will freeze to death. . Electricity is low compared to the USA. Calculate heating oil or electricity a cost at over $2,500 CAD per year for a very small house.Canadians borrow more than the rest of the world...1-Emerging economies, in blue, have average household debt levels of 40% as a share of per-capita GDP. Advanced economies, in red, average under 80%. Canada, meanwhile, leads the world at over 100%.2 Argentina 10.20%IndiaSaudi ArabiaRussiaMexicoIndonesiaTurkeyHungaryBrazilColombiaCzech RepublicSouth AfricaPolandIsraelItalyChileChinaGermanyFranceSingaporeJapanHong Kong, ChinaThailandMalaysiaUnited StatesUnited KingdomKoreaCanadaSource: OECDCanada suicide rates Suicide is the second leading cause of death for each of the 15 to 19, 20 to 24, and 25 to 34 age groups, accounting for 21.9% of all deaths between ages 15 and 34 years combined. Suicide drops to the third leading cause among those aged 35 to 44 years.The picture above is about one of the highest rate of suicide peoples in the world: Canada Aboriginals and InuitsFor wild life and great pictures, Canada pittoresque pictures make Canada look as # 1.The majority over 50 % of the Canadian Food is imported from the USA or worldwide in USD value or Euro. Today the exchange rate for a USD is 37%+-38%+.. As you live in Canada you must pay the international USD Prices for everything from China to South America.. Calculate food and everything you will buy is 35% more due to the import Duties and USD exchange rate.Taxes Sales: IVA, GST. TPS are on almost everything you buy at over +15% all over Canada.Property taxes and school taxes: If you manage to own a property expect the taxes to be over $3,000 CAD for a small un expensive house in the suburb.Montreal and the Maritimes East are way lower on living cost. versus Living in GTA Greater Toronto Area, Toronto is very expensive so is extremely expensive the Vancouver area and British Columbia the Pacific province that is more expensive than some California luxury areas.Vancouver in British Columbia is home to Canada’s most expensive real estate.Image: REUTERS/Chris HelgrenCanada poor peoples in the Northern areas The various Inuits and IndigenWhat is very special are the 4 seasons. From May to November life is great Eastern and central Canada.; central Canada. called the prairies to Alberta. the oil Capital of Canada..There are great School , College Trade and University programs, free medical care in emergency. Maternity programs for new born mothers.Te majority of Canadians are under a extremely heady credit credit card and mortgage debt. You require two salaries to make end meet if you ever can. With the Co-Virus shutdown self entrepreneur could not survive 5–6 months shut down without any income, and almost every one is behind on most of their payments to all the banking institutions is is very hard to survive in Canada under these Co-virus critical situations.You can live in many places in the world with the same equal high qualities at half the annual cost. The suicide rate is most likely lower than Canada Inuits.All photos are about the Inuit and Aborigina poor Peoples in Canada.1-Inuit - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre2-Nain3-Suicide prevention a priority, new national Inuit youth president says | Nunatsiaq News4-Canada’s household debt levels are the highest in the world5-https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/oecd-debt-1.44158606-Canada's most expensive real estate, from Vancouver to St. John's

Does Canada give false hope to immigrants due to the high unemployment rate?

A short answer to your question: I must qualify my answer, I am not familiar with the latest immigration laws and Canadian Government’s latest selection criteria. But based on my several decades of living here, Canadian Govt. is one of the very best, they will never mislead anyone. In my view most of the Former Canadian Prime Ministers were/are bigger than life, enormous giants in human bodies, great humanitarians, with world visions, compassion, empathy, brilliant and peace loving. Without our former Honorable Late Pierre Elliot Trudeau (we affectionately call him PET), most of the refugees who came to Canada would have rotted in camps. Now his great son Honorable Justin Trudeau is leading our country. PET, was color/race/creed/religion blind, one of most intelligent human mind of our times. Such prime ministers would never let the civil servants mislead anyone. Our Honorable present PM, Mr. Justin Trudeau is cut from the same tree, he would never tolerate any misleading and misrepresentation of the new immigrants.Modern immigrants(majority of them)are incredibly smart, educated, computer savvy, come equipped with cell phones loaded with all Apps including (Whatsapp), and you name it they know it. Information and their contacts are at their fingertips, they know FB, Quora and other social media they know inside out.Gone are the days, when new immigrants(most of them) were, with very little or no formal education, tiny or no skills, who were helpless, without any language skills came here to escape, famine, political torture, extreme poverty and war destroyed countries. And they were surprised to find out, less than red carpet and flower bouquet at the airport.Straight forward answer, there is no need for Canadian Govt to mislead, they could pick and choose when there is no shortage of people who would love to come to Canada. Second part of the answer, modern immigrants(most of them) are very smart most of them knew exactly what to expect here.In very a few words, in my view would never misrepresent, and on the other hand modern immigrants (most of them) are very smart, they cannot be fooled.A long answer and explanations: As I see it, this problem of finding employment in your profession is not a new issue. This issue was always there at least I know from the early 70 s.Search ResultsWhen we came to Canada in the early 70 s we did not expect any miracle here, we were of our own once we walked out of the glass doors at the Pearson International.Sir/Madam: My wife and I are Indo-Canadians, and in a few years we are here in Canada for 50 years. We migrated to this great land in the early 70 s. My family and I are very thankful to this nation for giving us an opportunity to be part of this beautiful area.I honestly do not know about the immigration laws these day and how people are migrating in here. Also I do not know what assistance/help they get to settle here. Please forgive me for my ignorance, but all I can write a very briefly our struggles when we were new. It may give new immigrants some reference point.There were no cell phones, the internet, Google maps, and no internet. You are on your own, as soon as you come out the Pearson International. We used to walk miles and miles to save one bus ticket in search of work and survival. All I had eight dollars, and my wife had some money which her parents gave her, until today I do not know, but I believe it was about 500 Canadian dollars.My parents came to see us off at the New Delhi Airport, my mother pulled me on the side, and she started to cry and sob. She took my hand and gave crumbled eight Canadian dollar bills. She said: Sushil(Sam) this is all I could arrange, through a relative. I am anxious, you and your young bride may not have enough for one meal there.I said Maa: You are worried for nothing, your son is not dead yet.She said: I am not worried about you, but I am very concerned for my Beti(daughter) (in law). She is young and has not seen terrible life. You, please make sure take good care of her, somehow I cannot take this separation. I will be worried sick for both of you, keep writing to us. In those days, phone was three dollar a minute, when the minimum wage was 1.65 Can dollar/hr., connection and quality was extremely poor, sometimes wait for days before you get connected. The fastest mail would take 10 days, to India.Fast Forward: In the beginning years if there is “Hell” we have seen it, we both had excellent credentials from India. Those paper were worthless, we both worked in the beginning years at the back breaking jobs. These jobs/work which no one was willing to do, either dirty or not enough pay or weekend work. You name it we have done it here.We thought we are the only one suffering, not at all, almost all new immigrant went through this process, you may call every nationality it would look like your story.There were many days I thought about going back, there were days when I thought, I was a total failure. My wife gave me courage, and we took two steps forward and three steps backward. And sometimes three forward and two backward.I could keep writing long stories, then two kids came along, one after the other.I do not know the present situation but my understanding is Government helps a lot to new immigrants. Well, at our time either we did not know the available help/assistance or we were extremely proud or shy to accept any hand outs. Also maternity leave is very liberal now, it used to be 16 weeks.History books tells us, our forefathers (predecessors) who came to this country, before us, paid even bigger price to settle. (Remember Komagata Maru incident) kama Gata maru - Google SearchOne thing I can assure you, the only thing worked for us actual hard work, sacrifice and ready to give our present for the future of our coming generation/s.We both went back to university/college to get Canadian credentials; we took whatever was available. No complaints, as going back to our native India was not an option.We sent back our two babies(four months old) back home and did not see them for several years. We felt they be better looked after there, so that we focus on our settling here.It worked very well in our case, our kids learned the language, grandparents and kids, bonded extremely hard. They did not spared any effort to teach them ethics, language, religion, hard work and Karma. In return kids loved and adored their grand parents more than anything else in the world. But my wife, would burst into tears whenever she saw young mother and a toddler or any other child related stuff.We took jobs where ever possible, Sometimes lived split family and commuted up to 4 hours a day at the other times. All of a sudden, lost jobs, due to no fault of ours sometimes due consolidation, recession cut backs and so on. Started from the scratch and rebuilt again.This list goes onHard Work, Determination and No Expectation and Complaints( This was the only Mantra, for my wife, two boys and I), now we were here in this battle field there was no turning back.It is all about sacrifices, hard work, and devotion. My wife, I and two boys were always working and studying, we four of us celebrated our festivals, birthdays, anniversaries days and weekend as frugal as we could.Some decided and took other directions of managing and spending time and money.We were butt of the jokes, ridicule and mockery sometimes subtle insults by our so called friends.Determination Quotes - BrainyQuoteLong and short of all this:We as a family looked back and asked ourselves: Was it worth it? Yes in our case it was worth it. The next question I asked myself: Will I do it again? Most likely not, because India is not that desperate and weak when we came here or our seniors (predecessors) came here before us.Yes, Indeed Canada taught us a lot of hard work and made us unyielding per sure.We all complain about “ Discrimination”/unfairness the best answer for that is in the words of respectable Mr. Bill Gates.Bill Gates: Life is not fair. Get used to it.Bill Gates High School SpeechPreferences, nepotism, old boys club, breaking the glass ceiling are everywhere: Nothing can be done about it. Sooner you get over this syndrome the better. I do not believe there is any country in the world which does not have it.The only key is to help yourself just work hard and improve, to the level they have no choice but to open the door for you.Not to brag but my wife and I taught this Mantra to our boys and ourselves and got excellent results. Take it what is worth it.At the end of the day:In case it does not work for you, Canada is a free country, try your luck somewhere else, including going back. To the best of my knowledge Canada never stopped any law abiding citizens to leave the country. Some did go back to their native countries and some went to the USA or the other countries and some stayed here.Like anything else, some became huge successes here , back home and the USA. Unfortunately, some failed miserably changing the countries did not change their fate. Well some point you have to believe there is God and Karma.Also please keep in mind when the word goes around the globe such and such country needs immigrants. Sure thing they need new young blood, to work hard, to have dreams to buy a house, cars, and other luxuries and pay taxes to support these massive structures and pensions for the aging populations.It is universal phenomenon in the most advanced countries their population is decline. For example Japan, they have extremely tight immigration policy so far.Some individual countries until recently say 5 to 10 years ago were almost impossible to get immigration from Asia; now they have a very relaxed policy to let Asians to their countries. Simply because now they need new tax payers, the pool of selective potential immigrants has dried, or the level is very low at the bottom of the pail.Also, it does not matter to the Government of the country, so far you are working and paying taxes, you may be Ph.D./M.D./Engineers or pumping gas or driving cab or security guard or working at a minimum job in a coffee shop. It is up to you, your own efforts to get out of that situation/s, improve your fate.To me stamping your passport and letting you in is a huge thing, rest is all your efforts: Some became billionaires and some are still looking for food. To struggle and survive in this country in the beginning years is a universal issue.There is no color/religion/creed/ or any other discrimination, new immigrant have to pay the price.I know a few people who did not complain and kept the nose on the grind stone, some of them are now billionaires they also came like me, with only eight dollars in their pockets. Obviously, they worked hard,smart, frugal and they used their 24/7 (168 hrs)better than me.BTW, I did almost everything, any odd job, farm work, you name it, but I knew it from day one, Canadian Govt and the public do not owe me anything. My family and I have to struggle inch by inch if we cannot make it, in this beautiful land than we cannot make it anywhere else.Every ethnic group contributed to this country: My contacts the (Italians, Greeks, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian, Chinese, South Americans, Filipinos and West Indians) all went through this. I was very close to the Italians, when they told me their stories of the beginning years, mine looked like a joke.The Italians built a good portion of this country, they brought some of the best foods and culture in this country, the Chinese and the East Indian built railroads.The Greeks toiled in the food service industry; The Ukrainians became the wheat kings of Canada through their muscle power. And who can forget the sacrifices of the Japanese CanadiansHighly talented and hard working immigrants who achieved big in this country: We can complain grudge and moan, two of our former Honorable Governor Generals were females and visible minorities, both worked extremely hard to get to those positions.There are/were honorable numerous present and past M.Ps. and Federal ministers from immigrants and especially from the visible minorities. Honorable ex premier of British Columbia was from the east Indian origin and immigrant too. Just read his biography and look at his hard work, he most likely never complained he simply worked extremely hard.British and French: Now some new immigrants complain the privileges of British and French, well without them we would not be here. They came in to a totally uncharted, hostile, extremely hard conditions, extremely cold/freezing weather and turned into such a beautiful country.They designed roads, airports, seaways, railways, industry, health, education, science and technology, communications and had the vision to bring this country to this level. Let us learn from them, a value of time, punctuality, organization, design, image, literature, poetry, drama, appreciation of nature, legal and justice systems.I have worked with both, my British and French colleagues treated me with lot respect. In fact some of my bosses were Canadians with British and French origin. They were some of the best human beings, bosses and they taught me a lot about management.I like to mention two WASP, Canadians but British origin, they were more like brothers than bosses. They were the true dreamers, kind of jumping the airplane and inventing the parachute on the way.They were born leaders generation after generation, one was CEO in his mid 20 s of his father’s well known Canadian company, which they sold. He was a giant in human body, other public companies were in line to hire him. He was boss, as soon as we shook hands we both connected well. I will never forget that giant, he taught me like a big brother, I flourished under his wings. He was an like an older brother I longed for all my life.There was a time in our life, that I had move very far away for my job, moving whole family was next to impossible. I was at reasonable high executive position and a white Canadian of a powerful union in the plant, he became my very best friends and blood brother. It had been 17 years and counting.Canada is a very beautiful country: Canada has to offer some of the best foods in the World, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are food Mecca, excellent health care, excellent education for the kids, super for higher education, relatively safe and gun free.In the famous words of our beloved Ex President of great nation the mighty USA real real friend and affectionate big brother of Canada.John F. KennedyThree years of trouble free for law abiding citizens gets you one of the most prestigious passports in the World, the Canadian passport. You can travel around the world with your head raised and mostly no visa required.That is not all, for law abiding citizens there are tremendous amount of other privileges. In case that is not enough, we live next one of the most powerful country, the mighty U.S.A. going to the USA, is going to your brother’s house.Like anything else, no one is perfect, Canada may not be perfect but it is as close as gets.Multiculturalism, a beautiful Mosaic: : Canada is a country where your roots, language, religion, food, dresses, color, caste are respected. So far you are peaceful, law abiding and contributing member of the society.Canada is a beautiful mosaic without being much “ cheesy” a garden with a tremendous amount of flowers.Relatively very good governance, law, and order, well I would like to say and just brag a bit one time I cannot resist Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the World.And top it up a young, bright Prime Minister Honorable Justin Trudeau, son of one the Titans in a history of humanity.He was one of the giants in humanity, empathy and compassion. This country was built by great visionaries, and thinkers, and a super human prime ministers who were incredibly brilliant. Honorable PET respected immigrants from the heart and discouraged racial hate. Some of his speeches even from the early 70 s thunder in my head.He was bigger than life, and now his glorious son Honorable Justin Trudeau taking the lead, as they say apple does not fall far from the tree. Like father like son, he was there to receive Syrian refugees at the airport.These kind of leaders do not fall from the trees. They have right upbringing, compassion, visionaries, super education, empathy in their hearts, selfless love for humanity, in quest of world peace and above all treating everyone with respect.BTW: here is a joke Canadians are so polite they say thank you the bank machine.Wedding ceremony of our son: A proud and typical Punjabi Hindu mOur son who is born and brought up in Canada, now American, from the very childhood, he loved our Indian roots, food, dances, music language.He is accomplished professional Dhol Player and Bhangra dancer. (Ajay Arora playing dhol (drum). Ajay has played for charity shows, and at one time taught kids about Bhangra and Indian drum dhol.You could stay as Indian as you want and be as patriotic as you want for our beloved maple leaf flag, which must fly high in the sky.Personal fate: I had M.Sc. from an excellent university with super grades, with an incredible experience of three years. Well, I did not have Canadian qualifications. I did another M.Sc. here, but life was not cream and honey.I became overqualified, the first degree was worthless, but when got second now first became meaningful, and now I was overqualified. I had nowhere to go, and I was determined to make it here. Finally, luck smiled on me, I took a job, which everyone rejected and it was turning a dead “ Cheese Plant” around.Rest they say is a history: I was the last resort of the dead or dying food/dairy plants or plants with serious quality issues.Thank you Canada for teaching me that skill. I never took any comfortable job, because there was no money which everyone was willing to take a “ cushy” job.Money comes when you take a bull by horn, and I am very thankful in the beginning years I did not get “ cushy” or any job in my own field of food science.My wife’s trajectory was even more painful, but she just followed my example, and took that path, beginning years were very tough. But in the end, things started to smooth out.She also went back to upgrade her credentials, she did part-time, and it took very long time. She worked extremely hard and she was the inspiration and wings beneath our wings.Our boys have had equal opportunities in this country with excellent jobs, and brilliant careers. Well, our condition for them is/was to do your ultimate best. Once you reach to the top level, at that stage all colors/shades/ religions/gender whatever apparent differences disappear.Please forgive me for writing this: it is not brag, when our son applied for the internship after three years of 1st Engineering degree. I vaguely remember, he was the first choice for over 30 companies out of 35 I believe (it had been a while, I do not recall exact). Therefore, moral of the story is: first deserve then desire.Well, this kid, moved, the earth and the mountain to get there, I had to take out the circuit breakers and lock the electric box to put him to sleep, at least a few hours a day*.* Thanks to other very competitive and cut-throat race for high grades they are also Asians like us. Their home discipline and devotion to school are legendry. It is not joked to get into greatly prized universities and super-programs.All this hard time did to us made us like stainless steel, and we decided we were not going back. We came here with our own sweet will, no body forced us to come and stay. Sure it was not a walk in the park, there were extremely hard times, but it is home now.We will stay here and crawl inch by inch, but we would make it eventually.Determination Quotes - BrainyQuoteMay God bless Canada and her people, Thank you Canada,Some glimpses of our lives in Canada:My son Ajay Arora with our Beti (Daughter) in law Amy Seth Arora with our two precious grandkids. BTW, both are Harvard MBAs, and both sit on reasonable big chairs in the American Corporate World. The interviewing officer said: Mr. Arora, I have a profound sense you have potential to contribute to our beautiful country. I vowed there, and then I would not let this person down, who had a tremendous amount of trust and faith in me.Conclusion:For me, thank you Canada and Canadians, stamping my passport: I will take care of it the rest. Canada and Canadians gave us no “false hope” This country and its people gave us an opportunity to show our true worth to them. That we are here to add value and show we are made of pure steel.Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehle, Khuda Bande Se Khud Pooche Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai. {Elevate your self to the extent, that before every destiny, God should himself ask Man as to what he desires.}khudi ko kar buland itna meaningI am going to conclude our journey with very well known inspiration from world famous poet Dr. Dr. Allama Iqbal born in British India and later moved to Pakistan. There is no easy way except to “elevate yourself to the extent, that before every destiny, God should himelf ask, Man as to what he desires”.bunde khudi ko kar buland:For guy with young bride in a tow, walking hungry and thirsty, aimlessly miles and miles, no where to go, no destination, with only a few dollars in the pocket in rough Canadian weather. Sure it was not easy journey, but when their grand kids travel this way across the globe. Sure it was worth it.We all know your birth mother land is dear to everyone, and we also know:“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”ButA ship is not made for rust and rot in the harbor.A Ship is Safe at Harbor But it was Meant to be at SeaDoes Canada give false hope to immigrants due to the high unemployment rate? No, Canada did not give any hope to Honorable Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh our former Federal Minister and former premier of British Columbia. He came at a young age of 17, and worked extremely hard, please read his biography.Ujjal Dosanjh - WikipediaMichaëlle Jean - WikipediaOur former honorable MichellMichaëlle Jean - Wikipediae Jean, came as refugee from war torn Haiti, read her biography that is legend are made of.Canada did not give any guarantee or false promise to her either, her hard work took her to such a position.Our former honorable Governor General Adrienne Clarkson was a immigrant from Hong Kong, I am sure Canada did not give her any false hope that one day she will sit on such a high chair. She simply worked hard to achieve that, once her passport was stamped.Adrienne Clarkson - WikipediaOur former Lieutenant Governor General of Ontario, Honorable Mr. Lincoln Alexander son of immigrants, his parents were given no assurance that their son will sit on such heights. He simply worked extremely hard, that is all, rest of the story world knows.Lincoln AlexanderAll four are visible minorities, through their incredibly hard work, set the standards very high, when others were enjoying, they most likely sweat and worked extremely hard. They used their time 24/7 extremely careful way.BTW, there is a highway in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada named after our former Lt. Governor General Honorable Lincoln Alexander. His parents, (in Heaven), coming generations, and future generations of Canadians will remember him for ever. Not bad for the son of immigrants, now that is called inspiration. I am sure Canada did not give “ False” hope to Honorable Lincoln Alexander’s parents, that their son will sit on such high position/s. Canadian Govt of that time just stamped their passports and let them in such a great land. The rest Honorable Mr. Alexander showed the world, his real grit, by becoming a role model to the younger generations.I conclude with a quote from my beloved hero Honorable Abraham Lincoln:Abraham Lincoln QuotesAlso Honorable Mahatma Gandhi summed up very beautifully, I could not have better than these words.You must not lose faith in humanity:Here is what Ann Frank wrote on her diary, she did not lose faith in humanity:Anne Frank QuotesSome famous Quotes from our former late prime minister Honorable Mr. Pierre Eliot TrudeauA country, after all, is not something you build as the pharaohs built the pyramids, and then leave standing there to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain basic shared values.Pierre TrudeauTOP 25 QUOTES BY PIERRE TRUDEAU (of 130) | A-Z QuotesPierre Trudeau QuotePierre Trudeau QuotePierre Trudeau QuoteSome Quotes from a Great Canadian Son, Former late PM, Honorable Mr. Lester Pearson.Lester B. Pearson QuoteWorld famous one of the main airport international is named after this glorious Canadian son: Toronto Pearson International Airport. The coming generations, present generation and 100 s and may be 1000 s years, his glory will remain inspirations.Some famous words from another great Canadian son: Former late PM, Honorable Mr. John A. MacdonaldTOP 11 QUOTES BY JOHN A. MACDONALD | A-Z QuotesSome famous quotes by another giant in the history of mankind: Honorable John Diefenbaker our former late PM ofTOP 24 QUOTES BY JOHN DIEFENBAKER | A-Z QuotesI am the first prime minister of this country of neither English nor French origin. So I determined to bring about a Canadian citizenship that knew no hyphenated consideration....I'm very happy to be able to say that in the House of Commons today in my party we have members of Italian, Dutch, German, Scandinavian, Chinese and Ukrainian origin and they are all Canadians.John DiefenbakerTOP 24 QUOTES BY JOHN DIEFENBAKER | A-Z QuotesHere is something : Who is brave to admit his mistake and say as follows, another brilliant Ex PM of Canada. Honorable Mr. Brian Mulroney:TOP 25 QUOTES BY BRIAN MULRONEY | A-Z QuotesNo matter which part of the history books, civilization, kingdoms and any time frame you look in my views are as follows: The only people who came immortal were hard working and non complainer, they always adjusted the sail of their boat as per the wind direction.The national heroes/heroines names/figures are carved in mountains; their pictures are put on the national currencies, highways/airports/buildings/parks/ are named after them. Their birthdays are national holidays, and their biographies are prescribed in school books. Their pictures are engraved on postage stamps.The Canadian Govt released this postal stamp in honoring the Kama Gata Maru along with the apologies what happened to these hard working British Subjects seeking for a better life.Canada is my country, the ultimate best, so much so our grand kids five and three are American born and live there but they tell their school teacher in the USA that Canada is also our motherland.Motivational Quotes: My Most FavouriteTundi-e- Baad-E-Mukhalif se na ghabra, ae Uqaab;Yeh to chalti hai tujhe uncha udane ke liye.Translation:“You don’t get frightened of these furious, violent winds, Oh Eagle! These blow only to make you fly higher.”Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938)

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