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PDF Editor FAQ

What if I am unable to take my semester exam at BDS due to an illness?

Request your HOD and show your medical illness certificate and request them ki teri supply na lagaye and try ki you try to maintain internal

Are there actually mental illness certificates?

Even though the certificate issued may not be medically correct 100%, these are used in legal proceedings while arguing temporary insanity or mental illness. The verdict thereafter makes the certificate legally valid.

What are some traits of genuine doctors?

Check for these signals1. Deaf Doctor – despite high end scanners and biomarkers, the most important clue that clinches a diagnosis and decides prognosis is medical history. If your doctor is not focusing on your complaints (Deaf to your problems) and is fiddling with his WhatsApp instead, it is better to start your search engine all over again.2. Overconfident – Assuming that you have not gone with a viral fever or running nose, any complicated medical problem needs careful analysis to make a diagnosis. Just after listening to your problem with a cursory glance at your medical record, this doctor says, this is nothing, I shall cure you 100 percent, Chance are high that you are meeting an unethical doctor. We never promise a cure to anyone, we can’t.3. Go to google - Not to diagnose your illness; but to check for the doctor’s publications – so that you know his academic standings (pubmed or research gate). Remember, a good doctor also has a good standing among his peers, shown by his publications.4. Too Many or Too Few Tests - Most complicated medical illnesses need tests, and your doc is likely to order them. If he is not ordering at all or over-ordering, be careful. You go to your doctor with a intermittent occasional chest pain, your doc is likely to ask for an ECG. If he doesn’t or if he directly asks for a high end test like angiogram, add a pinch of salt before you gulp it.5. Check his medical degrees, this is true especially in India. In the US, all doctors are MD, so not an issue. But in India medical degrees come from A to Z, with many just worthless. (eg. FICA – fellow of Indian College of Angiology, a degree carried by many Indian GPs, who don’t even know the expansion of these letters). You can buy them outright. No Good doctor will ever flaunt a worthless degree. The standard degrees are MBBS, MD, DM, MS, MCh, DNBE, (all Indian) and MRCP, FRCP, FRCS (UK), BE / BC FACC etc (US), European Board Certification (FESC etc.) the list continues.6. A patient might appreciate a doctor simply because he makes him feel better, which is by no means a small thing. We do want to feel better after consulting our doctor. But if you wish to know about his academic excellence, you either have to search internet or ask other doctors about him.7. Quality is in Details – Most senior doctors will personally take a detailed history and a thorough examination before arriving at a diagnosis. Be careful if he is not.8. A good doctor would finally tell you all that he has made up of your illness, the treatment plan, the outcomes and also the uncertainties. A doctor who is not ready to do that and says “eat this and you would be alright” is not alright.9. A good one always seeks second opinion on complicated problems, we do it so often. Refer to a colleague and ask if something else lights up in his mind. This only shows that the doctor is worried about finding solution to your problem, not thrusting down his ego down your throat.What about Top 10 List?Once I was travelling with senior American cardiologist, (holding a senior position in the American College of Cardiology; ACC) in a transatlantic flight. The inflight magazine showed this list of “Americas top cardiologist”. Surprisingly, it turned out that this very senior ‘academic’ cardiologist in the US has Never heard the names of any of those “TOP 10” cardiologists listed in that magazine!!!Today money can buy anything, both in India and US; Name, fame and photoshoot inclusive.So choosing a good doctor is not an easy task.Edit 1. — The Diplomas I missed out (D ORTHO, DGO, DLO…… ETC) thanks Runak.

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