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Are you seeking to edit forms online? CocoDoc is ready to give a helping hand with its Complete PDF toolset. You can accessIt simply by opening any web brower. The whole process is easy and quick. Check below to find out

  • go to the CocoDoc's online PDF editing page.
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PDF Editor FAQ

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I’ll make a case for Steve McQueen.McQueen was born in Beech Grove, Indiana, in 1930. His father, a stunt pilot, left his mother before he was even born, and his mother, Julia Ann, was a 20-year-old alcoholic who left Steve with her parents when he was a baby because she just, y’know, couldn’t deal with motherhood. The only strong role model McQueen had as a young child was his great-uncle Claude, onto whose Missouri farm he moved with his grandparents.When he was 8, his mother came back for him, and brought him to live with her in Indianapolis. She had remarried, and Steve’s new stepfather beat him so badly and so often that at 9, he ran away to live on the street. He began running with street gangs and committing petty crimes, so his mother sent him away again to live with his grandparents and Uncle Claude.She took him back again three years later, when he was 12. She had divorced and moved to Los Angeles by that time, and remarried yet again; this husband beat both her and Steve. This caused young McQueen to act out again, which in turn caused his mother to send him to Claude’s farm yet again.At 14, he ran away from his uncle’s farm, back to Los Angeles, where he again got mixed up with gangs. He was eventually caught stealing hubcaps and turned over by the police to his stepfather, who beat him severely and threw him down a flight of stairs as punishment. After the incident, 14-year-old Steve told his stepfather, “you lay your stinking hands on me again and I’ll kill you.”This threat caused his mother to sign a court order declaring him “incorrigible”, and remanding him to the California Junior Boys Republic, a home for troubled youth in Chino, California. Although he clashed with other boys at first, he finally had structure in his life, and began to mature and change his ways, eventually being elected to the school’s Boys’ Council, the student governing group.McQueen left Boys Republic when he was 16, and went back to his mother, now living in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, yet again. He drifted from job to job, first joining the Merchant Marines, then taking a job in a brothel, before leaving for Texas, where he worked manual labor and spent time as a carnival barker.In 1947, at 17, he got his mother’s written permission for him to join the Marine Corps. He had trouble in the Corps at first, earning 7 demotions before going AWOL and earning himself 41 days in the brig, where he was fed only bread and water.McQueen as a teenage Marine:That incident finally led McQueen to embrace military life and to become more self-disciplined. This culminated in a great act of heroism while on a training exercise in the Arctic. The ship he was traveling on hit a sandbar and threw a number of tanks and men overboard. PFC McQueen leaped overboard after them into the frigid water, and saved the lives of five men. For his heroism, McQueen was reassigned to guard the presidential yacht of Harry S. Truman. He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1950.Later, when McQueen became one of the biggest movie stars of the 60’s and 70’s, he often had a clause in his contracts requiring them to provide things like bluejeans and razors, so that he could donate them to the California Junior Boys Republic, the place he credited with helping him turn his life around and allowing him to become a style icon and Hollywood’s undisputed “King of Cool”.

Someone wants to sell me a car. The car was never switched to the person's name but they have the title and they never drove it. What do you think I should do? Would it be a problem?

In at least Illinois and Indiana, this isn’t possible unless the seller is a registered dealer in motor vehicles. While it’s legal in both of these states for the owner of a vehicle to convey title to another person in a private sale by filling out the “assignment of title” section at the bottom of the front side (in Illinois) or top of the back (in Indiana), the “reassignment” sections on the back, for subsequent resales without first registering the prior sale with the state, can only be used by a registered dealer. So, unless the person you’re buying this title from is a registered dealer, the title they have cannot be conveyed to you; they’ll have to register the sale and get a clean (unassigned) title from the state before they can transfer that title to you.I don’t know if this practice is observed in all US states, to say nothing of other countries, but in the states I’ve lived this is how it works.

How do police ranks work?

In honor of my son making sergeant at his police agency this very day!…I will answer this question. Most agencies style their ranks as does the military.In Indiana law, the Chief of Police and the next two ranks under the Chief serve at the pleasure of the Mayor of the city or the Board or Manager of the town. As an example, at my agency that would be the Chief, the Deputy Chief, and the Captains. Also by law, only the Chief may be appointed from outside the agency. The only protection for those in these three uppermost ranks, is that if they are removed from their posts, they are entitled to return to the merit rank they held when they were so appointed to the upper level rank. Other words, a Captain being removed can return to his previous rank of Sergeant or Lieutenant if he so occupied such a rank. These are “administrative” ranks, and those in such ranks participate as a team in supervising the entire agency including non-sworn personnel.Next, there are merit ranks in which the officers in those ranks have a sort of tenure. They are entitled to due process and are only demoted for cause. At my agency, these are Sergeants and Lieutenants. To attain such a rank, one goes through a process including a board interview and a written test. On rare occasions we have mustered the resources to do a full blown assessment center to determine promotions, and I would have liked to see us do this all the time. Sergeants and Lieutenants at my agency are, respectively, supervisors and commanders of specific units or patrol shifts.There is also a subrank of “Senior Officer” at my agency. Upon attaining this designation, such Senior Officers take precedence in decision making and also some assignments to specialties over the basic level of officers. A review of an officer’s record and an interview, along with minimum 5 years service, is part of attaining this position.Unlike at many agencies, our detectives are specialists, but do not automatically acquire a higher rank. They do acquire a substantial specialty pay. Detectives may be reassigned to patrol at the decision of the Detective Lieutenant with the Operations Captain’s agreement, and no due process is needed.

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