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PDF Editor FAQ

Would you consider this woman's death a human rights violation?

There was certainly a terrible injustice here:But Desiree said the utility company, PSEG, told her to stop calling them because there were too many tickets in the system. She said the utility company said they were on their way to the home but no one ever came. Desiree also said that Linda’s medical equipment was registered with the company, though PSEG told WABC they had not been notified of the device and were unaware of Daniels’ medical needs.[1][1][1][1]This is, of course, per the woman’s family. If true, however, it might be key to a lawsuit against PSEG. The contention is that they agreed that accounts were settled enough that they should have resolved the issue, were aware of the issue, and simply ignored the problem. If this were anyone but a utility company, the homeowner could have sought out help elsewhere, but utilities are monopolies.That all being said, the denial of electricity isn’t a human rights violation. That First, that hasn’t been codified anywhere yet. I haven’t seen that passed by any legislature quite yet. Not even in California. Second, I haven’t seen how it would be funded quite yet. Saying that something is a human right is a bit dangerous to the system as a whole. Once you claim that healthcare, for instance, is a right, you have to fun it with billions of dollars from somewhere.Personally, I would like to see PSEG successfully sued for their callous handling of woman on her deathbed who wanted a bit of relief from the heat. She died suffering because someone didn’t feel like shooting straight. Again, that would be predicated upon hearsay from an interested party.Footnotes[1] Woman in hospice dies after utility company cuts the power to her oxygen tank[1] Woman in hospice dies after utility company cuts the power to her oxygen tank[1] Woman in hospice dies after utility company cuts the power to her oxygen tank[1] Woman in hospice dies after utility company cuts the power to her oxygen tank

What is Newark doing in response to Hurricane Irene?

We’ve worked with the Red Cross we to consolidate JFK Rec Center into a regional shelter for Newark and all nearby towns and also met with PSE&G leadership — they've restored some residents power but they're still saying 5-7 days for all restoration. This is our City’s latest Press Release:==CITY OF NEWARK CONSOLIDATES TEMPORARY EMERGENCY SHELTERS TO ONE LOCATION:JFK RECREATION CENTER ON 211 WEST KINNEY STREET; CENTER FUNCTIONING AS REGIONAL SHELTERResidents Are Urged To Report Fallen Trees, Flooded Areas, Missing Manholes Or Any Other Police And Fire Matters;To Report A Downed Wire, Call 1-800-436-PSEG And Tell PSE&G The Nearest Cross StreetNewark, NJ – August 28, 2011 – Mayor Cory A. Booker, Members of the Municipal Council, Business Administrator Julien X. Neals, Newark Emergency Management and Domestic Preparedness Director Keith Isaac, Police Director Samuel A. DeMaio, Police Chief Sheilah A. Coley, Fire Director Fateen A. Ziyad, Fire Chief John Centanni and Acting Department of Child and Family Well-Being Director L’Tanya Williamson announced that the City of Newark is receiving reports of cars stuck in water, road closures, fallen trees and power lines that are down. The streets that have been identified by city engineers as flood areas are flooding as expected and residents should avoid these areas. Residents are urged to report fallen trees, flooded areas, missing manholes or any other police and fire matters by calling (973) 733-6000. Residents can also call the City’s Non-Emergency Call Center which will be open 24/7 until further notice. That phone number is (973) 733-4311.“Fortunately we had no major incidents last night, but we received a lot of reports of fallen trees, power lines that are down, and road closures due to flooding. Our emergency tree teams are clearing roads as we speak. Our Police Department had to rescue seven people whose vehicles were stranded in flooded areas. While the areas we have identified as flood areas are primarily in the East Ward, our entire City is being affected by the storm. We are urging residents to stay off the roads and if they have to drive, to avoid roads that have been identified as at risk for flooding,” Mayor Booker said.“We are monitoring five small areas with power outages, two in the West Ward, two in the North Ward, and one in the South Ward. Our Fire Department has responded quickly to help families in need. I’m so grateful to our incredible emergency management team and our dedicated public servants, who are working around the clock to make sure that we can keep Newark safe,” he added.According to Police, there are 96 locations with trees down, 32 of them involving live wires. Emergency Services teams have cleared 14 locations, working with the Newark Fire Department. There are 10 roadways that are impassable due to flooding or tree blockage, and these are being addressed by emergency responders. Zodiac boats have rescued 19 people and one dog. Six trees have hit homes, causing minimal damage. Eleven small areas of Newark are suffering power outages at this time. There are no reports of injuries or fatalities.Almost half of all flash flood deaths happen in vehicles. Driving through flash flood areas can be extremely hazardous. It's important to know how to avoid flash floods and what to do if you are caught in a flash flood. The City of Newark is providing the following safety tips:Never drive through a flooded road or bridge. Back up and try a different route. Stay on high ground. Listen to the radio for weather information. Take routes that avoid flooded areas Information is readily available from the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards. Broadcasts require a specific receiver or scanner. It's best to have a receiver with the Specific Area Message Encoder (SAME), which will alert you when flash flood warnings or watches are issued. Do not stay in a flooded car. If your vehicle is surrounded by floodwater, abandon the vehicle and move immediately to higher ground. If your car is swept into the water and submerged, DON'T PANIC! Stay calm and wait for the vehicle to fill with water. Once the vehicle is full, the doors will open. Hold your breath and swim to the surface. If you are swept into fast moving flood water outside of your car, point your feet downstream. Always go over obstacles, never try to go under. If you are stranded on something above the floodwater, such as a tree or building, stay put and wait for rescue. Do not enter the floodwater. Don't walk into moving water. Just six inches of moving water can knock you down. Don't overestimate your car's ability to drive through floodwater. Six inches of water is enough to reach the bottom of most passenger cars. Driving in water this deep is enough to cause a loss of control or stall the car. A foot of water will float most cars and two feet of rushing water will sweep most vehicles, including SUV's and pickups. If at all possible, avoid contact with floodwater. Floodwater may be contaminated with oil, gasoline, or raw sewage. Floodwater may also be charged with electricity from fallen power lines.In addition, the City of Newark has consolidated its temporary emergency shelters from five to one site. A total of 89 people and one dog have received emergency shelter at the following site: John F. Kennedy Recreation Center (211 West Kinney Street, entrance on Howard Street). The site is now configured as the regional emergency shelter site for Essex County. It is supervised by the American Red Cross and staffed by the City of Newark as well.The City’s Department of Child and Family Well-Being has also been actively reaching out to the homeless to notify them about available shelters.University Hospital Emergency Medical Service deployed its Special Operations Unit, including the Mass Care Response Unit, two Zodiacs, and its miniature ambulances. It deployed its Special Operations Vehicle to assist with mass care at the John F.Kennedy Recreation Center. It will remain deployed until the storm has passed.The animal shelter at the John F. Kennedy Recreation center has also been closed as the hurricane winds down, and replaced by normal Associated Humane Society pick-ups.DOWNED POWER LINESHeavy rain and strong winds can cause power lines to come down. Downed wires may appear dead but should always be considered “live.” STAY AWAY FROM ALL DOWNED LINES. Do not approach or drive over a downed line and do not touch anything that it might be in contact with. Parents are urged to check for downed wires in areas where their children might play and to remind the children to stay far away from any wires. If a wire falls on a vehicle, passengers should stay in the vehicle until help arrives. To report a downed wire, call 1-800-436-PSEG and tell PSE&G the nearest cross street.CUSTOMERS WITH LIFE-SUSTAINING EQUIPMENTIndividuals who rely on electricity to operate life-sustaining electronic equipment, such as a respirator or dialysis machine, should pre-register with PSE&G to receive priority attention in the event of an outage. To request the service, call PSE&G at 1-800-436-PSEG. They should also inform their rescue squads and fire departments of their needs, in case of emergency. Even though customers with life-sustaining equipment who have registered with PSE&G will receive priority attention during outages, they should also have emergency back-up equipment on hand, since immediate restoration cannot be guaranteed.IF YOU LOSE POWERFirst check your neighborhood. If you are the only one without power, check your fuse box for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. If that’s not the problem, look outside at the wire between your house and the utility pole. If it is down, report it immediately to PSE&G.If you lose power:KEEP REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER DOORS CLOSED. Food will stay frozen between 36 and 48 hours in a fully loaded freezer (24 hours in a half-full freezer). Know how to open your garage door without the electric opener. Remember, electric well and sump pumps will not operate. Unplug all motor-driven appliances like refrigerators and freezers and sensitive electronic equipment (like TVs, microwaves and computers) to prevent a possible electrical overload when power is restored. Leave one light switch on to indicate when power is restored.IF YOU USE A PORTABLE ELECTRIC GENERATOR, CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW THE MANUAL THAT CAME WITH IT. Be sure your generator is UL-approved, installed by a licensed electrician and inspected by your local electrical inspector. There must be a way to physically disconnect your generator from utility lines. Customers who improperly install, operate or maintain a generator are responsible for any injury or damage suffered by themselves, their neighbors or utility workers.FLOODED BASEMENTSFlooded basements can pose a genuine safety risk. Below are some steps you can take to help ensure your safety in the event of flooding: Be cautious in flooded basements. If customers lose electricity and their basement is flooded, notify PSE&G (1-800-436-7734) and call the local fire department to have the basement pumped. Stay away from the breaker box if it's in a flooded basement. And don’t go into a flooded basement if energized wires are present. If water is rising to the height of any gas appliance, the gas supply to the appliance should be turned off. If customers are unable to do so, please contact PSE&G or your local police or fire department for assistance. To restore gas service to appliances call PSE&G (1-800-436-7734) and have the appliances checked for safety and restored to proper operation. Customers should call PSE&G (1-800-436-7734) immediately if they smell gas.For additional information please visit the State of New Jersey’s website at You can also call the Federal Emergency Management Agency at 1-800-621-FEMA or visit their website at

What made a good chunk of Bernie Sanders supporters switch to supporting President Donald Trump?

Very very few core Bernie Saunders supporters defected to Trump. Bernie Saunders is a great person from Vermont where he sits in Washington as a independent. Everybody loves Bernie in New England. Vermont has a medical system that works something quite unusual in the USA. He busses Vermont seniors citizen across the border to Canada,Province of Quebec for high quality medication made in Canada….at half the price….!!! Vermont has Solar power supplying a high % rate of electricity in the Northern State of Vermont.However VERMONT 650,000 Population has a big drug problem; seringes Do you give out 2,500 seringes per day for the junkies….???He gave the best run for the money to every political party including Donald Trump: Hilary Clinton loss because he was the strongest , the most transparent and honest style….He grabbed most of the voters by heart and conviction something very few catered , including Mrs Clinton. The bulk of Democratic that voted for Trump voted against Hilary Clinton not against the Popular Bernie Saunders. The Saunders voters base is very different that the other bases. It was Bernie or they did not vote.He is a senior citizen and it is time for a younger generation of new populist figure to take over. I highly respect Bernie Saunders, for his talents and expertise ,but it is time for the youngest generation to start manifesting something very different as Air pollution; and Ecology. There is still Joseph Kennedy and others to pop up….representing this younger generation searching constantly a new ecological clean balance future.BERNIE SAUNDERS IS THE BEST TEACHER FOR THE NEXT GOVERNMENT.As far as Donald Trump his latest conflict with Turkey is a continuous ongoing open confrontation with the majority of World Prime Minister, Chancelor and King. Count : Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Turkey, Malaysia, Etc;Donald Trump is the oldest sitting President. If he wins the next elections he has a triple task to consider running in 2020.The Democrats will have to settle their poor image for the next vote elections to avoid another failure. Bernie Saunders will help no doubt unless he is retired.Vermont SolarDownload the FactsheetSolar Installed (MW): / 224.44National Ranking: / 27th (32nd in 2017)State Homes Powered by Solar: / 40,980Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar: / 11.14%Solar Jobs: / 1,535Solar Companies in State: /89 (12 Manufacturers, 45 Installers/Developers, 28 Others)Total Solar Investment in State / $494.86 millionPrices have fallen / 53% in the last five yearsGrowth Projection and Ranking: / 270 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 32nd)Number Of Installations / 7,285View more solar industry data.Notable Installations in VermontPSEG Essex Solar Energy Center was completed in 2014. This photovoltaic project has the capacity to generate 3.6 MW of electricity -- enough to power over 647 Vermont homes.5At 1 MW, Main Street Solar Project in Rutland is among the largest solar installations in Vermont. This project has enough electric capacity to power more than 269 homes.6Check out our Major Solar Projects List for more notable installations.Solar Companies in VermontLooking for a local installer? Use the SEIA EnergySage Marketplace to compare quotes and find companies in your area. You can also review the average costs for installing solar in Vermont, based on real price data from solar quotes.Don't see your company listed? Complete our National Solar Database Survey!Vermont State Solar Policy ResourcesVermont Public Service Board – Learn about the governing body that regulates the electricity rates and services of Vermont public utilitiesVermont State Legislature – Track pending legislation affecting solar energy, locate and contact individual legislators, and stay up to date on current legislative issues in VermontDSIRE Incentives Database - Vermont – Search a public clearinghouse for specific solar energy incentives in Vewrmont and across the United StatesU.S. Energy Information Administration - Vermont State Profile – Explore official energy statistics, including data on electricity supply and demand, from the U.S. governmentState Affiliate: New England Solar Energy AssociationFootnotes1-All data from SEIA/GTM Research U.S. Solar Market Insight unless otherwise noted: Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly: The Solar Foundation, State Solar Jobs Census: SEIA, National Solar Database:, Major Solar Projects List:

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