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How does RGUHS do the digital evaluation of answer scripts in university exams?

How RGUHS does the digital evaluation of answer scripts in university exams?Thanks for A2A.It’s an interesting question to ponder. RGUHS has been the part and parcel of academic life for all the medical/dental/allied sciences students whose colleges are affiliated to this university.RGUHS has introduced digital valuation system in May 2015 and from then it has been successfully implemented across all the years of all the affiliated courses both for UGs & PGs.I have made a simple diagram (below) to explain how RGUHS performs the digital valuation. This diagram is too simplified to explain the process. Many minute details have been ignored in the figure to retain the reader’s interest. Here on Quora, in brief, I shall explain how the entire valuation is carried out by the RGUHS but for those of you, who are keen on knowing more about the entire process (along with some explanatory images and videos), please feel free to visit this page.So, let's begin!Once we have done with writing our theory exams, the very same day, our answer scripts are sent to the University. Do you know, University allows a time limit of 1 hour for the submission of answer scripts for the colleges falling within the city limits and 1-day for out-station colleges?Well, once the answer scripts are received at the University, the packets are checked for any visible damages. Later, the tallying & verification of Answer script bundles is carried out with the entries of invigilator's diary. This task is carried out by the Verification Officers.Soon the appointed verification officer starts detaching Part-1 slips (with the help of menial staff) from all the answer scripts. Part-1 slips are those parts of initial pages of our answer script which contains student's identity. This step codes all the answer scripts and identification of these sheets become challenging for anyone.The ‘coded’ answer scripts are now mixed randomly, and the bundles of 15 answer scripts for UGs & 10 for PGs are made for onward processing.These bundles of detached Part-1 slips along with the coded answer scripts bundles are sent to the scanning section for scanning.Spines (bound/stitched portion) of the answer scripts are cut using large paper cutting machines. These machines are just like the ones used by our conventional bookbinders. Care is taken not to damage or cut any written portions of the answer scripts.Answer sheets are then fed into an automated scanning machine to scan each page and a PDF file is generated with a unique ID. This id becomes the new identity of each answer scripts. Post scanning, answer scripts are stapled and stored in the safe warehouse of the university for the period of 1 year.Using their login credentials, eligible evaluators log on to the desktop application of digital evaluation software and begin their subject-specific onscreen evaluation.Once the evaluation is completed, evaluators submit their valuation by a click of a button and the same gets stored in the University's secure cloud.When the entire onscreen valuation gets completed for all the subjects of a particular academic year, University downloads all this (theory marks) data in the local university server for computing with other relevant student’s data (see below).You may recall that your colleges have already uploaded your internal assessment marks long before sending your exam applications to the University.Similarly, your practical marks are also uploaded to RGUHS cloud soon after completion of your practical exams.Now the university downloads all these data along with Student's ‘exam appearing and not appearing’ list. The password-protected ‘Part- I slip’ data of answer scripts and theory examination absentee registration numbers' list are also downloaded.All these data is downloaded in the University's local server, and the same is computed in the exam management system (EMS) application.Once all the data is processed, results are hosted on the University's official website. The entry of registration number and year of study from your end on EMS will reveal the results upon a click of a button.Hope this post was useful. Feel free to ask any questions related to the same.Best Wishes for upcoming RGUHS results. May you all pass the exams with flying colours.To know more click here

Is it true that CSVTU doesn't check answer sheets fairly?

Hi, Well I am glad that this topic took place on this platform so that now every student will have an idea about their university and it will be a bell ring for the authority of CSVTU.So here is my answer to the question: I was also in the dilemma of the authenticity of valuation of paper because it happened to me too that I was expecting 74 marks but got 35 marks in EM paper while it was numerical paper. Being in 1st year due to speculations in the college about paper revaluation by our seniors I just accepted 35 marks, it was the moment when I was expecting a score and got just half of it so doubt was obvious. But in 3rd year when I was expecting 17 marks in OS paper as the paper was tough for me because I had started preparation or say gave very first look to the subject on the one day before in evening of the exam but got 28 marks, I should have thankful to CSVTU for such mistaken kind act but friends really that day I felt really bad about it and I came out of my dilemma of the authenticity of paper evaluation. Usually, teacher and management blame Student when they say such things that papers valuations authentication just because Student get back while expecting at least 28 marks but I am saying this because I was expecting my self back but got 28 marks so my conclusion justifies the point that ‘Unfortunately but Yes it is true 'I came to know a few very terrific facts about the inside of CSVTU, I don't know are these facts or not but when I related the symptoms with those terrific facts it makes sense. Telling those facts here publically might drag me in the trouble on the internet which is very common on the internet known as being trolled. But still, I would like to share one fact that “ sometimes a teacher who gets a paper to evaluate have no idea about that subject and he evaluates based on answer format provided by the university or any teacher” How such teacher can evaluate a paper fairly in which a student who is average in particular that subject only and has tried his best to answer in limited facts without vomiting the words after mugging up the subject which is not core subjects. And this fact is shared by a teacher only who got paper to evaluate and had no idea of that subject.I hope you all can understand. The sentiment of this question and answer, feel free to counter me if you have any valid point. There is a lot to say but it is better to do something instead of just saying.

What are the best ways to give answers in semester exams of engineering to impress teachers and for good marks?

Let's answer this question from a teacher point of view.In a given time, he/she has to give marks to number of papers and complete the target. So, we cannot expect a teacher to read your answer line by line.For valuation, there would be a sheet given to the teacher in which marks are divided for individual sections in an answer and marks should be given for each section. For example, for a 15 marks question, diagram- 5 marks, explanation - 10 marks etc.Therefore, we should make the answer more clear, more understanding to the teacher on the first look rather making him to read all the thing to understand what you've written.Some useful tips could be:Diagrams first:If at all your answer contains a diagram, draw it first in the answer. If you want to write an introductory paragraph to your answer its even better. But make sure that it doesn't exceed 5 or 6 lines. Then draw the diagram.While drawing diagram, do not use the same pen in which you write remaining answer. Use pencil, or black pen (if you write in blue) and vice versa.Show parts with in the diagram itself. Do not draw numbers showing parts then write parts of the diagram. This would help teacher to understand your answer better.Make your diagram understandable. Do not make it clumsy by writing too much on the diagram. Show each part clearly, then mark them.Paragraphic approach:Do not write your answer with never ending lines. This will not make your point clear. Teacher would not able to read all your answer and you won't get proper marks.Highlight headings. I mean not color pens, if you write with black, use blue. If you write with blue, use black.Underline important points. This will make your teacher notice important points in your answer without reading all the answer.Make points where ever possible. If you write your answer in lines, it will be difficult. Use points. If your answer itself contains 8 to 10 points for sure, it is always better to use a sing line "*" or "->" or a thick dot instead of using numbers. If you use numbers, he may notice that you missed something.Cross wrong line only once. If you've written wrong/incorrect sentence in your answer sheet, cross horizontally only once. If you cross it multiple times to make it invisible, it will damage your paper.Differentiate your answers. Use a separator between your answers. If you complete an answer, draw a line beneath before you start another one. This would help the teacher to understand you completed your answers.Use correct numbering. This is very important. Mind what question you are attempting. Give correct number of that question when you answering.Never miss formatting. Write your answer in points as much as possible. Never mix sub points with points. Leave space of 2 or 3 characters to differentiate your points.Priority to the problems:This is something which always works. Prefer problems than theory.If your question or part of it contains a problem, attempt it. For many universities, marks will be divided for writing given data in the problem, writing formula, solving it and giving result. So attempting problem will give you marks in most of the cases.Highlight your formula and result. By making it bold, or writing them in boxes, this would make teacher easy to correct your answer.Mind which question you are attempting.If your paper contains questions with different marks, plan your answer accordingly. 10 mark question need not be elaborated as 16 marks question. Do not give one word answers to any of 'em. Explain it with proper examples.Tips for writing unknown answer:If you have no choice but to attempt an unknown question, do not make up a story. Try to write related explanation to that answer. This would make teacher know that you have idea about the concept and could gain you some marks.Never draw " will-kill- this- man- if- you- don't- give- me- marks" or " if- I- do- not -pass- in- this- exam, i- will- suicide" or "will-send-you-money-if-you-make-me-pass" diagrams in the paper. This will make a true teacher frustrated and cut off the already given marks.Prepare well. All the best.

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