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PDF Editor FAQ

As a doctor, what's something you've had to tell a patient that you thought was surely common knowledge?

What I thought would be common knowledge for this physician-patient turned out not to be.A medical oncologist I work with named Dr. Smith called about a patient with a relatively uncommon form of cancer called a MALT lymphoma. He told me that the patient, Dr. _____ had recently retired after many decades at the Mayo Clinic. He moved back to our city, because his daughter lived here with her physician husband.At the appointment, I introduced myself to Dr.______ along with his wife and daughter. I began by reviewing his history. I do this when I am first seeing a new patient to make sure they understand the situation we are addressing. I had talked for a few minutes when Dr.____ asked “Now what’s the duodenum?” I’m sure my surprise was evident in my facial expression as I tried to think of what to say. During the pause, Dr.____’s wife said “maybe Dr. Smith didn’t clarify that my husband has a PhD in economics - he worked as a hospital administrator at the Mayo Clinic”. Just a little embarrassed, I started over with the vocabulary I would use for a “non-physician” patient and the consult continued.

Ben Shapiro claims that “The US has better health facilities than virtually any place on Earth”. Is he right or wrong? Why?

He is neither right nor wrong. Reality, as usual, is far more nuanced than Ben Shapiro can recognize.Some parts of the United States have better health care facilities than most other places for some conditions. And some parts don’t. If you live in rural Appalachia, you probably have worse healthcare than a lot of developing nations. The United States is not all one thing—a fact that conservatives love to bang on about whenever they blather about “state’s rights,” but conveniently forget when the subject turns to things like how awesome our healthcare is.If you need neurosurgery, the US has the best facilities in the world. For cancer other than certain blood or bone cancers, the Mayo Clinic, Sloan-Kettering, and Johns Hopkins are all among the world’s best.On the other hand, for transplant surgery, Canada (specifically, Toronto) is the world’s best. The world’s best research hospitals are Singapore General in Singapore and Charité in Berlin. The world’s best hospital for viral infections is Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland. The world’s best biotechnology hospital is Sheba Medical Center in Israel.So no single place can be said to have better healthcare facilities than any other; a lot depends on what ails you.That doesn’t matter, though. It’s an evasion.It dodges the real question: What good is it to have world-class healthcare that you can’t use? If Elon Musk gets cancer, he can go to the Mayo Clinic. If I get cancer, am I going to the Mayo? If you get cancer, are you? HA ha ha ha ha ha ha.The United States has one healthcare for the rich and a separate healthcare system for the poor and middle-class. How does it help an out of work coal miner in Kentucky to know that Johns Hopkins can cure him? BWAH ha ha. Like he’s ever going to go there! As far as he’s concerned, Johns Hopkins might just as well be in Malaysia.If you look at the quality of the healthcare system overall, not just a great hospital here or there for the rich and those with Cadillac health insurance, the best healthcare system in the world is in France. The United States, with the world’s most expensive healthcare by far, is a dismal #37 in quality.[1][1][1][1]The US is like that Matt Damon movie Elysium. Sure, there’s fantastic health care—up there:It’s not for you, though. Peasant.Footnotes[1][1][1][1]

Why do we have to wear masks and President Trump / Vice President Pence do not?

Nobody said you have to wear a mask. You do it to protect yourself and your loved ones. You do it out of respect for other people. You do it because it's the right thing to do.Here is Trump greeting WWII veterans without a mask on. These heroes are in their 90s and the most vulnerable population to the virus. The president's response was they chose to be here.This is the Vice President showing up at the Mayo Clinic without a mask.Trump and Pence do not wear masks because they have no interest in protecting the lives of those around them. It really is that simple.

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I was able to quickly and easily set up my nutrition assessment forms for my clients. I was able to customize entries and the options were endless. I love that they now do HIPAA compliance. I was able to easily send the forms to clients with no problems and see the results clearly and concisely. I love that the free version had everything I needed.

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