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PDF Editor FAQ

How do you become an EMT in New York State?

Our EMT training course, which is offered throughout the New York City area including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bronx, includes a mixture of practical and lecture-based instruction. Students will be required to demonstrate competence in practical skills as well as on written examinations. In addition, each student will complete a 12-hour rotation in a hospital emergency room.Students who successfully complete all course requirements will take the NYS EMT-Basic Certification exams.How long will it take to earn my certification?Each of our courses involves 180 hours of training. Depending on the course schedule you select, attendance requirements may vary from 41 to 45 sessions, and the total duration of the course may be anywhere from 3 to 5 months.When do classes start? Are there weekday/evening/Sunday classes in my area?The EMT-Basic Original training classes are offered on an ongoing basis, in several locations throughout the New York City area, with varying schedules to accommodate our large student population. click here for our current schedule

Why do people call paramedic ambulance drivers when they don't like it?

I agree somewhat with the other commenters. I think it is just an honest, non-malicious ignorance. Why should they understand the level of training that current prehospital care providers have?Forty years ago, there were Ambulance Drivers that were partnered with Ambulance Attendants. Then Along came Ambulance Technicians. Then the field started to really open post-Vietnam. We learned a lot about field-medicine. And from that hell, incredible strides were made for creating pre-hospital medical treatment here at home.The Ambulance Drivers and Technicians retired, and now you were training new military and civilian pre-hospital Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics in the 1970’s. It all started in Cincinnati Ohio and quickly followed in New York, NY. Becoming and EMT or Paramedic was a “badge of honor”I studied to become an EMT. I encountered things in the streets I never imagined in my nightmares. The EMT class was short, but I really learned the things I needed to know from my partners on the ambulance. My EMT career was part of my Volunteer career covering a 911. I was an EMT for 3 years and worked 7Pm to 6Am 2X/week for 3 years.Then I was employed by NYC EMS. I still volunteered, but less often. But after a year with NYC, I applied to their Paramedic Training ProgramI studied for 3 months in a classroom, 3 months rotating through hospitals, elbowing my way between interns and residents to learn the same techniques they were learning. I attended autopsies to learn anatomy, did intubations in the OR, learned pharmacology and every organ system on the body.I tested every Friday with a passing grade of 85 and people were kicked out on one failed test. Our final exam were both the State AND City written exams, the practical exam and the oral exams which were terrifying in front of a panel of doctors and instructors. And I went through all of that to get my Paramedic certification. We started our class with 65 students and graduated 21.We Paramedics, and EMT’s have to go to a week-long refresher course every 3 years to recertify our certifications, we are not licensed in NYS. So the reason I am so passionate, and the reason I bristle and in some situations will correct people that “we are not “ambulance Drivers” Is because we all worked DAMN hard to do what we do We are Medical Professionals who walk through Hell on a daily basis and do far more than drive an ambulance.But like I said before my soapbox rant. Most people have no clue. So it’s only people close to me that get the “lecture”. It’s like the one I just wrote here, but I usually buy them coffee or an ice cream cone afterward,

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