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PDF Editor FAQ

My neighbor took my cat and brought him to an animal shelter. How do I respond to this?

GO GET YOUR CAT IMMEDIATELY!!! Ask for copies of the forms the jerk filled out when he “surrendered” your cat.Then file a police report for theft, and show them the paperwork for evidence.This is a perfect example of why I tell people again and again and again: do not ever let your cat out of the house unless s/he is in a secure outdoor enclosure attached to your house with a cat door. This is a perfect example of a creep.People regularly prowl neighborhoods and steal dogs and cats out of their yards to sell for research. You are actually one of the lucky ones. You know where your cat is. Go get him and protect him from now on.And prepare for retaliation from your neighbor. People like this have no conscience. A similar situation happened to me when I was in my 20s. I described the ugly circumstances in a prior answer. I was in uniform (a firefighter trainee) when I confronted the creep, and a child told me that the bastard regularly kidnapped the neighborhood cats and took them to kill shelters out of county. I was therefore able to find my cats. The police responded immediately and were a tremendous help. I believe they arrested the man.I would contact other neighbors who have cats and warn them, encouraging them to put up enclosures as well.I will pray you get your kitty back, and you and he remain safe.

If a person walked into a police station and admitted to committing a crime that passed the statute of limitations, would the crime be prosecuted or is there a stipulation that any crime that has "expired" is not pursuable?

Here’s a story. Let’s take “Joe”. in the 80s Joe robbed a cab driver of $35. Now, all these years later Joe learns there is a statute of limitations on robbery in his state, and feeling cocky, he goes right into the police station to brag about it.No doubt the police will be very interested in hearing Joe’s story. They will let him smoke, give him snacks, coffee (complete with a cup for fingerprinting and DNA samples later) and they will let him talk and talk and talk, all the while recording every detail, writing down notes and recording video as well.Now here’s the best part, as they glean more information from Joe, they may discover more crimes that Joe’s not even aware of!As an example, Joe explains how he pointed his gun at the driver, made him drive into a car wash and empty his wallet.Police: “That was clever of you to go in the carwash, how did you get him to go in there?”Joe: “heh heh, I pointed my gun at him, that was all I needed to say, lol”Police: “lol” So, how did you pick this cab driver?Joe: “Chuck the bartender at Chuck's Bar told me he always sees this same cab driver parked over by the hookers, so I figured he must have some good money”Police: “Oh Joe, you’re so smart, how did you avoid capture?”Joe: “I hopped a train at Central Station and went back home to Alabama to live with my mom!”Police: “Hey Joe, you’re really gonna laugh about this, remember when you stole that car in the 60s but didn’t have to go to prison because you went to Nam? Well, funny thing, you still have that previous felony on your record, also, and you’re really gonna love this one, there was a murder at Central Station the same day that the cabbie was robbed,. The weapon was a .38, isn’t that the type of gun you used on the cabbie? What a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?Now it’s up to the cab driver to tell the truth, only he didn’t. In fact, when he first made the police report (back in the 80s) he thought it would sound better to say he fought with Joe a bit over the gun. He also describes how Joe threatened to kill his whole family (The cab driver always was a good storyteller) if he didn’t give Joe everything he wanted, which is why Joe was able to rob him of over 4 thousand dollars, his Rolex watch, his diamond wedding ring, his brand new expensive CB radio (funny, can’t find the receipt, but who you gonna believe, a hard working cabbie or a criminal?)That’s funny, Joe only remembers getting $35 bucks from the cab driver….So now his simple robbery has turned into conspiracy (with Chuck) terroristic threat, grand theft, assault and battery, kidnapping, interstate flight, transferring stolen property over state line, felon with a gun oh, and perhaps murder, if they can make it stick. For Joe’s sake, I hope this isn’t a 3 strikes state!Joe’s not going to have a very nice day.

My vehicle was stolen before police could impound and gather evidence of dui/hit and run against me. Can I use this to dismiss my case?

It was common for people to report their cars stolen after they realized their car was used in a crime. For example, someone would get drunk, total their car, get an Uber home, and then report their car stolen. Often, the idiot wouldn’t think through the logical questions we would ask. Most newer cars can’t be easily “hot wired”. If a key fob with corresponding transponder was used to start the car, how did the thief get their hands on the key? You say you keep your keys in your pants pocket, which was last in your bedroom? So the thief came into your bedroom unnoticed and took only your car keys, from your pants pocket? So what are the names of people who know where you keep your keys? See where this is going? Often we could quickly get the car theft “victim” to admit they made up the “stolen car” story to try and explain why we’d find their car wrapped around a tree a block from their house, traveling in the direction of their home (thief was enroute to return the stolen car, no doubt). So don’t be surprised if the police and prosecutor assume that someone who would drink, drive, hit and run may also make a false police report in an effort to avoid prosecution.

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