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PDF Editor FAQ

How many flight hours is mandatory to be undergone to become a senior pilot? Does the number of flight hours change with respect to different airlines?

I differ from KKS. OK, he is right, there is no government law. But each airline must make a manual called OPERATIONS MANUAL> This manual is BIBLE for airlines. It defines the requirement - say atleast 1500 hrs of experience as copilot, followed by PIC training and tested by atleast 4 examiners. So bias / nepotism is ruled out. Normally- 1500 hrs exp is must to become PIC. Airline cannot deviate its committment.YES, the number of hours differ from airlines to airlines. ( In India- the airline that started in 2010, will copy the Ops Manual of previous airline started in 2009 and next airline in 2011 will copy these. So content will be same.).

Is the Baldur's Gate expansion the first mainstream videogame to prominently feature a trans character?

Far from it.BirdoBirdo, in Super Mario Bros 2, is the first known transgender character, debuting in the Japanese version Doki Doki Panic in 1987. The Super Mario Bros. 2 manual explains "Birdo thinks he is a girl and likes to be called Birdetta." The Japanese translation of a describing line in Mariokart Double Dash reads "Catherine (Birdo's Japanese name) appears to be Yoshi's girlfriend... or does that mean boyfriend?!"PoisonOf Poison in Final Fight, released in 1989, Yoshinori Ono, producer of Capcom, said "Let's set the record straight: in North America, Poison is officially a post-op transsexual. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away to look female."BridgetGuilty Gear XX introduced Bridget in 2002. Bridget was born male and identifies as such, but prefers to dress as a woman, specifically as a nun.VivianVivian is a party member in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door released in 2004. Vivian is described as a boy by many characters in the game, but identifies as a girl. Her Japanese description translates as, "Vivian appears to be a girl but is really a boy." There is no mention of this in the American version.LeoEleonor Kliesen in Tekken 6, released in 2007, is said to have no gender, and it is never specified. Fans were encouraged to like the character regardless of gender.Naoto ShiroganeNaoto Shirogane appears in Persona 4, released in 2008. He's a female to male crossdresser who spends much of the game insecure about his body. In one conversation, Naoto says, "Why couldn't I have been born male? It would have been much easier for me."KainéKainé was introduced in the game Nier in 2010. She is a female hermaphrodite (developer's wording).Erica AndersonErica was introduced in the game Catherine in 2011. She is an attractive red-headed transsexual who works as a waitress. Other characters disapproving of Erica's gender presentation comes up several times in the game.GwyndolinDark Sun Gwyndolin appears in Dark Souls released in 2011. Though she is often listed as male, characters close to her use female pronouns when referencing her.Cremisius AclassiCremisius is a trans character introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition.HONORABLE MENTIONEdwinaEdwina is the magically gender-swapped version of Edwin Odesseiron, a red mage in Baldur's Gate Shadows of Amn. Due to a cursed magical item, Edwina spends some of the game (and perhaps the whole adventure, if you so choose) as a man living in a woman's body. Though not exactly the same situation as the previous characters, I think it's worth pointing out that a character with a kind of gender dysmorphia previously existed in the very series at the root of this controversy.A Brief History of Transgender Characters in Video Games [Updated]

What are some of the most useful pieces of gear, from the private sector, that people in the military can buy?

A small multi-purpose pouch. They are great for storing things like spare batteries, your NVGs, radio reporting/9-lines, extra lubricant, camera (official or personal camera) or an extra tourniquet or two. Could be anything really.A small Pelican case. Whether on deployment or just out in the field these come in handy. They’re waterproof and hard which makes it a great place to store things like your phone, iPod and chargers, portable hard drive (Got to protect your 3 terabytes of porn or whatever) or wallet/debit card. Pretty much any fragile item that doesn’t like water. I bought this particular model back in early 2011 and still use it today.A hard laptop case. Seriously, protect the porn and movie watching capabilities. The dudes who load your gear for deployment are not exactly gentle.You can’t go wrong with a quality carabiner. You can use those things for any purpose. Holding your spare barrel bag to your flak or hanging a light. I’ve seen them used in so many ways that I couldn’t list them in this answer.Cat Eyes. (Why aren’t these issued? I get that they’re only like three bucks but come on…) The bands have two small glow-in-the-dark patches on them and this helps you see your guys when it’s dark. It’s also a handy place to write your ZAP code.A flight crew checklist book or a THULS manual, either one will do. [1] Before I was finally issued a THULS, after five damn years, I used a checklist book to hold my important notes, some of the longer or more in-depth reporting formats, ops terms and graphics, and demolitions information. They come in handy for obscure shit that you can’t remember off the top of your head. Does all the same stuff as a THULs but those are rarely issued and half of them are passed down. Or stolen. Or both.One of my buddies bought a miniature periscope. Helps you not get shot in the head. (Why aren’t these issued either?) I also found them useful for search and rescue operations. Stick one through a window or into a void space and have a look around.A cigarette case. If your purpose is to hold cigarettes then you can opt for whatever shape or style you want. If you’re using it to hold small items like mole tape or cuticle scissors then buy one that comes in the shape of a pack of cigarettes. They issued these when I went to boot camp but a lot of guys don’t hold on to them after basic training.Buy a set of your own punch rods with a T-handle. The ones the armory issues are the ones that were clearing M16 jams in Vietnam and don’t always thread. Assemble them and stick them in your flak jacket. This is best for machinegunners and automatic riflemen. I always carried two sets and it made me look like an alien but they’re great for clearing jams. You can also assemble all them together and use them to poke shit (or people).A bore snake. Debris and carbon in the barrel of your rifle? No problem, bore snake that shit. (Why aren’t these issued or at least a few kept on-site?)Star-chamber cleaners. DO NOT LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU HAVE THEM. It’s not that you can’t use them, it’s because everyone wants to use them but won’t buy their own. I’m not a charity, buy your own or use ten thousand Q-tips like a peasant. Seriously, makes cleaning M16s and IARs so much damn easier.A Kingform Cover. Suck it up and drop the $70 on one of these. They’re a thousand times better than those cloth pieces of trash you’re issued in boot camp. Plus, no wrinkles. And it’s vinyl so you don’t really have to worry about stains, IPs or dog/cat hair. They’re also sturdier than the cloth covers so you can put your car keys, cigarettes or phone up there. Yes, I did this, there’s a small flap that goes around the whole cover and it’s great for storage.A small solar charger. In the field and on deployment electricity isn’t always easily accessible, but there is a lot of sunlight.An inflatable sleeping mat or pillow. I never used one but a lot of people do and swear by them. They’re a lot less bulky than our isomats.Flight tags. An easy way to identify what gear is and isn’t yours. Just write your name and attach to your pack or seabag. (If you have a long last name then learn to abbreviate it.)A “field chair”. A small foldable chair beats sitting on the ground.Clear nail polish. F**k you, chiggers. I have scars from when I got swarmed from a few hundred of them all over my legs and up to my waist. Clear nail polish kills them pretty quick and relieves some pain.A wrist-mounted GPS. Beats having to use a compass from 1965. Try not to rely on it too much though. This one is more for squad and team leaders.Buy a fan. The heat stays on in the barracks until July sometimes and all you can do is turn it off. (Remove a ceiling panel, usually near your sink, and flip the switch. Do not get caught doing this.)An electric razor, preferably battery powered. Better than having to dry shave with a regular razor in the field.If you want to be “that guy” then buy a portable propane heater. If you want to follow a specific diet that doesn’t include MREs then this is always an option. Plus, coffee.If I think of any more then I’ll try to add them here. A lot this is based on personal preferences of the individual or the needs of their particular job.Footnotes[1]

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