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Why don't we just print a lot of money and make everyone rich and solve all the problems ?

Most of the answers here say, if we follow your solution, that will result into Inflation. Hence, all the problems will not be solved, may be worsened, in some context. However, they do not tell you why this solution does not work. Inflation is just the effect of your solution. To get all problems solved by your solution, we need to know what is current problem in our world.The problem is NOT that people do not have money. Many people have lots of money. For example, most of the Americans are way richer than the people from other parts of the world. However, those same Americans are poor, wehn compared to their own country’s economic reality. Therefore, not having enough money is not the problem. That is why your solution, in the context of our current world, would not work.But still, if we follow your solution, then let’s imagine that now all people in the world are rich, in terms of the amount of money they possess. But McDonald's still owns the technology to make burgers. Shell Oil Company still owns the technology to produce oil. Rich people still owns the land for farming, housing, etc. So, now, even if you have the money, you do not have Food, Energy or Land. You need to buy it. You go to market to buy those products. Many people like you, will go to the market for the same reason. Hence, McDonald’s will see an increasing demand of their burgers. Shell will experience increment in demand of their oil. Following the rule of the market, McDonald’s and Shell will consequently increase the price of their burger or oil. Every such product in the market will see similar increment in price. The price will increase till the situation is similar to what was before the application of your solution (to distribute newly printed money to everyone). So, now, we are even again, to have all the problems back.Do you see where the problem lies? The energy, food, etc. and other natural resources are not in your control. They are controlled and owned by a select few people. The control of production of oil, burgers are captured by those very few people. As long as we do not fix the issue of this ownership of natural resources and production, your solution can never be fruitful to solve all the problems.

What is the process for the open branch of McDonald’s in Nepal?

1.Read the McDonald's Franchise Disclosure Document.Before you make the decision to open a McDonald's franchise, you should closely look over a copy of their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This is a 375 page documents that provides an extensive overview of the rights and responsibilities of a McDonald's franchise owner.The FDD explains the basics of cost, location, training, operations, and the ongoing fees involved in operating a McDonald's franchise. The document contains a lot of legal and business terms, so if you do not have an extensive background in law or business you may want to hire a business or corporate lawyer to help you decipher the FDD. You want to make sure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities before committing to a franchise.The FDD contains a 15 page franchise agreement, which you should have a lawyer look over so you understand your rights as a franchise owner.As the FDD is a fairly long read, you may want to review specific sections only and skim the rest. Item 19, for example, is vital for potential franchise owners as it provides an overview of the costs of opening a franchise as well as the amount of money you can make depending on location. This item is important to read as you want to make sure a McDonald's Franchise is a viable business venture in your area before making the decision to go into business.A physical copy of the McDonald's FDD can be purchased online using PayPal or a credit card. However, you can find a free PDF online through a simple google search. If you're only planning to read certain sections, or if you're comfortable reading from a screen, it might be best to save your money and simply go online.2.Be prepared for a lot of expenses. Opening a McDonald's franchise can be costly, and you'll need to put down a lot of money upfront. You need to have a great deal of money saved up to open a McDonald's franchise. You may have to wait a few years and save before applying for a franchise.You need a minimum of $750,000 in personal funds upfront. This money has to be yours and cannot come in the form of a loan or credit.If you're purchasing an existing restaurant, you must have 25% of the down payment towards the total cost must be paid up front. For a new restaurant, you must be able to pay 40% up front.Pre-opening costs for equipment and other supplies usually run somewhere between $959,450 to $2.11 million. The good news is, for these kinds of cost, you can apply for a bank loan.As a franchise, you will be charged a service fee of 4% of total sales. Also, $45,000 of your initial franchise fee must be paid to McDonald's.3.Learn the conditions of operating a McDonald's.As a franchise owner, you have some freedom in regard to when you operate and the hiring process. However, you must adhere to certain rules of the McDonald's corporation as you're representing an international chain.McDonald's as particular independent suppliers, who you will learn about in training, that they require you purchase food, packaging, equipment, and other supplies. You cannot, therefore, switch up the kinds of napkins or ketchup packets you use, as unity is important to building a chain.If McDonald's is having a national special or releasing a new product, your establishment will have to comply with prices and dates set by the corporation. You may be able to set some of your own schedules or specials, such a weekly customer appreciation day, but you would have to get a clearance from the corporate headquarters first.The dollar menu is a hot button item for franchise owners, as many find themselves losing money do to the heavily marked down prices. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of or alter the dollar menu during your time as a franchise owner.4.Undergo the application process. Once you have your funds in order, you can apply to be a franchise owner. In order to have your application accepted, you must have experience in entrepreneurial business, have excellent credit, and have adequate funding.You will start the application process by filling out an online application. The application will ask for basic information, like your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and e-mail address. It will also ask whether you've ever been convicted of any crimes other than minor traffic violations and, if so, the details of those crimes. It will ask basic questions about your credit history, financial situation, and your educational background.After your initial application is accepted, there will be a phone interview and a round of Personality and Ability testing. You will fill out a personality questionnaire as well as take some ability tests to make sure you know the basics of operating a large business.Once this phone interview and testing is complete, you will spend a few days working in a McDonald's restaurant while being observed. At the end of this, you will undergo a panel interview to see what you've learned. You will also meet with existing franchisees to ask questions about operating a McDonald's.If you pass all the above mentioned parts of your application, you will be invited for a one-on-one interview in a McDonald's headquarters near you. After this interview, the McDonald's corporation will make a final decision on whether or not to proceed with your application and allow you to open a franchise.Part Two of Three:Establishing A McDonald's RestaurantUndergo the corporate training process.Before you can open your restaurant, McDonald's requires you undergo a training process run through their corporation.You will need to undergo 9 to 18 months of training at a McDonald's restaurant near your home. You will learn everything from hands-on skills to the basics of operating a business. Any operating knowledge specific to the McDonald's corporation will also be taught during this time.There are also a number of seminars, conferences, and one-on-one training sessions you will be required to attend as you begin creating your own McDonald's restaurant. Such opportunities will not only provide you will valuable information about operating a McDonald's, they allow you to network with other professionals in the field.Operating training classes, which come in the form of 2 advanced 5-day courses, must be completed to finish your franchise training. Courses are taught in Oak Brook, IL, so be prepared to travel if you don't live close by.Hire professionals: As you begin to open your franchise, you'll need to hire a number of professionals to help with construction, legal issues, and business operations.You should hire a franchise consultant and a franchise lawyer from the beginning, as large sums of money will be exchanged in the process of opening a franchise. You want to make sure you have a legal professional overseeing any transactions. You should make sure your lawyer has specific experience with franchises and is not just a general business lawyer.You will also probably need to hire a reputable construction crew, especially if you're building a new location rather than purchasing an existing location.Learn about location requirements. You have two options when opening a McDonald's franchise. You can either buy an existing restaurant or open your own location.Buying an existing location is recommended, if possible. The down payment required for purchasing an existing location is 15% less than it is for buying a new restaurant and there will also be less costs associated with renovations and repairs. McDonald's has specific guidelines for what types of buildings can be used for their stores, and it may be difficult to find a suitable location in your area.It is not always possible to buy an existing site. There may not be a McDonald's near you or existing sites may not be for sale. Understand the requirements for a franchise building. Ideally, a building should be at least 50,000 square feet. There should be at least 4,000 square feet available to build on, and the store should near the corner of two major streets. There should be parking available and you should be able to build to a minimum height of 23'4".Get the basics set up. Before you can open your franchise, you need to make sure you have all supplies ready to go. You need to buy food supplies from the McDonald's restaurant, figure out how to deal with waste management, and set your hours.In order to buy and sell food, you need to apply for the proper permits in your city. Such permits vary from district to district, so make sure you visit the Department of Health website in your town to find out the rules and regulations. This should also tell you what you need to know about trash disposal. You may need to provide your own private dumpster for restaurant-related trash or you may have access to a community dumpster for restaurants in the area. This depends on your location and the regulations of your city.The McDonald's corporation will mail you the food supplies you need from your restaurant, and you will learn the process for placing orders as well as basic costs during your training.Setting your hours can be complicated. Most cities have regulations as to how early or late businesses can operate by district. You may be in a 24 hour zone, but operating 24 hours can be risky as there's added cost of labor, utilities, and all else needed to keep a restaurant running. To determine your hours, you should see what sort of establishments are in your area and what their hours look like. You should also figure out when the peak hours are for the place where your building is located. Is it most crowded at lunch rush hour or are people more likely to stop by on the their way home from work? Is this a bar district? If so, maybe staying open until 2 or 3AM would be a good idea as people may be on the lookout for food after the bars close.2Hire employees. Once you've established your location, you need to begin the process of hiring employees. You'll need to hire kitchen workers, servers, janitors, managers, and the full range of employees needed to keep business operations going.The McDonald's corporation has specific applications they require for the hiring process. You can download and print applications for various positions online or you can order bundles.[21]It may be difficult to select applicants to interview and hire, especially if you're opening in an area where you can expect to get a lot of applications. You may have to make difficult choices about hiring and you may often have to choose between two equally qualified candidates. If you're nervous about hiring, and do not have previous experience conducting interviews, try talking to other franchise owners you met during your training. They can offer you advice and insights on the hiring process.3Try a soft opening. Oftentimes, doing a soft opening with special promotions and deals can help you get started. It will draw in customers and generate early interest and excitement before your official opening.You should announce a soft opening a month or a few weeks before you'll officially open your franchise. Advertise the opening in flyers you leave around town, on local radio stations, and in local newspapers.Offer one time specials and deals to entice people to come. For example, you could offer buy one get one half off for entrees or allow children under 12 to eat free.Promote positive public relations during your soft opening, making sure your staff is polite with guests. Advertise when your franchise will actually open. Have flyers in the store with the date of your official opening listed.4Prepare for ongoing fees.There are ongoing fees associated with opening a McDonald's franchise. Once you get your franchise going, you will still have to pay some dues to the McDonald's corporation.There is a monthly service fee, based on your restaurant's sale performance. It is usually about 4% of total sales.[25]You will also have to pay monthly rent on your building. Cost of rent depends on the size and location of your franchise.Proceed further details….How to Open a McDonald's Franchise

As of the fall of 2013, what are the top trends in Silicon Valley these days?

1. DronesExtensive work on drones by various large players and institutional users is occurring, as drone use moves beyond the military.Almost every major drone application - like fire fighting, search and rescue, crop monitoring, pesticide application (much cheaper than crop dusters), utility monitoring, etc. will have one or more major companies going after those applications, plus usually a number of start ups.We will see multiple ocean going drone companies, like Liquid Robotics.Most of these "Big Drone" uses will turn into Aviation style applications, with a need for documentation, safety, international marketing, product maintenance, etc. That will end up in the hands of companies like Cessna, Piper, Lockheed, etc., and not likely to be DIY garage startups.Start ups will be all over the "small drone" stuff, probably limited to under 20 pounds.2. Robots (similar to drones in some ways)Lots of Robots in spaces similar to "Baxter" for manufacturing.Much of this activity is outside of Silicon Valley, especially in the Boston area, in various spin-offs of Rodney Brooks' iRobot company, which is the Fairchild Semiconductor of the robotics business.Why do people in the U.S. think there can be a large use of robots in manufacturing, and a growth in manufacturing ?Two reasons: Higher wages in China have reduced some of their cost advantage, and much lower natural gas prices from fracking of shale make US based plants more competitive. Many European firms have already committed to building large petrochemical plants in the U.S. to get the cheap natural gas, and other companies, including a few of the German Mittlestand, are evaluating building plants in the U.S. to get access to lower energy costs. See Ryan Carlyle's answer mentioned linked below in (4) for important inof on German energy problems.Many of the robot companies did well selling to the U.S. military, as the current wars wind down, they will look for commercial applications.Note that there are political factions that want to "bring manufacturing back to the United States". If they need to, these groups may try to erect tariffs (probably aimed at China) to make sure they succeed.3. 3 D printing.An interesting enabling technology. Lots of 3D services opening up.Possibly over hyped for now.The services will eventually be able to afford more expensive, larger and more powerful machines, that might be able to use laser sintering to make stainless parts, etc.Research example from the UK - can make it cheaper to keep some expensive capital equipment - cars, aircraft, locomotives, printing presses, machine tools - running almost forever.This is a big threat to sales of new equipment in developed countries.4. Power electronics. Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices (transistors and diodes) will improve the efficiency and reduce the size of power electronics. While this will shift around billions of dollars of business, this will happen in the OEM and industrial world, so most consumers will not see it. This is like the adoption of electrical power steering in cars - most consumer won't notice the change, but this will create winners and losers among parts suppliers. Contrast with the adoption of LED lighting in cars, which is very noticeable.Note that the efficency improvements from these devices are going to be more important in Europe, especially Germany, where electricity costs are going higher, and Japan, which is still constrained by the nuclear shutdowns after the earthquake.Very technical - see this great post by Ryan Carlyle on energy policy problems in Germany:Ryan Carlyle's answer to Should other nations follow Germany's lead on promoting solar power?5. Software defined networking. Cheaper, faster and low power chips, like ARM, are making it possible to replace some dedicated routers and other network gear with boxes that are only a little different than commodity servers. This is a huge threat to the business models of most of the networking companies, especially Cisco. Here's What Happened When Cisco Lost A $1 Billion Deal With Amazon"Software Defined Networking will turn Cisco's 43 Billion dollar business into a 22 Billion dollar business "Detailed report - Streaming Video from companies like Netflix, Amazon, etc. has almost killed "appointment television" and the idea of a TV series as a weekly event.We can almost watch any television series from any era since the 1960s.Which means any new TV series has to compete with all of the best TV we have not seen. Which means that a new crime drama needs to be better than the 274 "Law and Order" episodes that had Jerry Orbach as a detective.It also means there are many affluent consumers that cannot be reached by television advertisements. result will be to drive more advertising money to internet and print media.7. More money stays in the Valley. A different sort of trend - the lower need to start up capital and more rapid exits bey mergers means that much more of the money from liquidity events stays in the Valley ecosystem instead of going to the limited partners of VC funds, which are often pension funds outside the Valley.See the first 3/4 of this answer on the massive positive feedback and increasing amount of money that STAYS in Silicon Valley.Bill McDonald's answer to Has the San Francisco Bay Area hit its high water mark i.e. the resulting rise in global & cultural influence, local economic growth, etc.? What sustainable competitive advantages does the Bay Area have that can't/won't be replicated in 5-10 years?

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