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Who are notable public intellectuals in the LBGT community?

To begin, read and consider this:This is a huge list:List of LGBT writers - WikipediaTimeline of South Asian and diasporic LGBT historyof poetry that includes a defence of homosexuality, citing renowned philosophers, poets and other luminaries across the East and the West who were homosexual158 KB (13,405 words) - 00:22, 29 April 2017One Hundred Years of Homosexuality - WikipediaThis is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, are not listed. The historical concept and definition of sexual orientation varies and has changed greatly over time; for example the word "gay" wasn't used to describe sexual orientation until the mid-20th century. A number of different classification schemes have been used to describe sexual orientation since the mid-19th century, and scholars have often defined the term "sexual orientation" in divergent ways. Indeed, several studies have found that much of the research about sexual orientation has failed to define the term at all, making it difficult to reconcile the results of different studies.However, most definitions include a psychological component (such as the direction of an individual's erotic desire) and/or a behavioural component (which focuses on the sex of the individual's sexual partner/s). Some prefer to simply follow an individual's self-definition or identity. See homosexuality and bisexuality for criteria that have traditionally denoted lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.The high prevalence of people from the West on this list may be due to societal attitudes toward homosexuality. The Pew Research Center's 2003 Global Attitudes Survey found that "[p]eople in Africa and the Middle East strongly object to societal acceptance of homosexuality. But there is far greater tolerance for homosexuality in major Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. Opinion in Europe is split between West and East. Majorities in every Western European nation surveyed say homosexuality should be accepted by society, while most Russians, Poles and Ukrainians disagree. Americans are divided–a narrow majority (51 percent) believes homosexuality should be accepted, while 42 percent disagree."it is a Long, long list!List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: A - Wikipediaand after you go there and read the entire list, all of them,further studies are here:ReferencesShively, M.G.; Jones, C.; DeCecco, J. P. (1984). Research on sexual orientation: definitions and methods. Journal of Homosexuality. 9. pp. 127–137. doi:10.1300/J082v09n02_08. PMID 6376622.Gerdes, L.C. (1988). The Developing Adult (Second ed.). Durban: Butterworths; Austin, Texas: Butterworth Legal Publishers. ISBN 0-409-10188-5.Sell, Randall L. (December 1997). 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Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport1987PresentMexico (Nuevo León)MonterreyGeneral Mariano Escobedo International AirportUnknownPresentMexico (Quintana Roo)CancúnCancún International AirportUnknownPresentMexico (Quintana Roo)CozumelCozumel International AirportUnknownPresentMexico (Sinaloa)MazatlánGeneral Rafael Buelna International Airport*1987PresentNetherlands (North Holland)AmsterdamAmsterdam Airport Schiphol1990PresentNicaraguaManaguaAugusto C. Sandino International AirportUnknownPresentNigeriaLagosMurtala Muhammed International AirportUnknownPresentPalauKororRoman Tmetuchl International Airport*UnknownPresentPanamaPanama CityTocumen International AirportUnknownPresentPeru (Lima Province)LimaJorge Chávez International Airport1998PresentPhilippines (Metro Manila)ManilaNinoy Aquino International AirportUnknownPresentPortugalLisbonLisbon Portela International Airport2017Present[12]Portugal (Azores)Ponta DelgadaJoão Paulo II Airport2018Present[21]Puerto RicoSan JuanLuis Muñoz Marín International AirportUnknownPresentSaint Kitts and NevisSaint KittsRobert L. Bradshaw International Airport*UnknownPresentSaint LuciaVieux-FortHewanorra International AirportUnknownPresentSenegal (Thies Region)DakarBlaise Diagne International Airport2017PresentSingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi Airport2010PresentSint MaartenPhilipsburgPrincess Juliana International AirportUnknownPresentSouth Africa (Gauteng)JohannesburgO. R. Tambo International Airport‡2007Present[22]South Korea (Seoul Capital Area)SeoulIncheon International Airport2001PresentSpainMadridMadrid Barajas International Airport1992PresentSpain (Andalusia)MálagaMálaga Airport*UnknownPresentSpain (Province of Barcelona)BarcelonaBarcelona El-Prat International Airport1992PresentSwitzerland (Canton of Zürich)ZürichZurich Airport1991PresentTurks and Caicos IslandsProvidencialesProvidenciales International AirportUnknownPresentU.S. Virgin IslandsSaint CroixHenry E. Rohlsen International AirportUnknownPresentU.S. Virgin IslandsSaint ThomasCyril E. King AirportUnknownPresentUnited Kingdom (England)LondonBegins 2020London Gatwick International Airport#2020Unknown[25]United Kingdom (England)LondonLondon Heathrow International Airport1994PresentUnited Kingdom (Scotland)EdinburghEdinburgh Airport*2016Present[23]United Kingdom (Scotland)GlasgowGlasgow Airport*2017Present[24]United States (Alabama)Birmingham, ALBirmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport1929Present[3]United States (Alabama)HuntsvilleHuntsville International Airport1989PresentUnited States (Alabama)MobileMobile Regional AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Alaska)AnchorageTed Stevens Anchorage International Airport1987PresentUnited States (Alaska)FairbanksFairbanks International Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (Alaska)JuneauJuneau International Airport*1987Present[30][31]United States (Arizona)PhoenixPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport1969PresentUnited States (Arizona)TucsonTucson International Airport1987PresentUnited States (Arkansas)Little RockLittle Rock National Airport1953PresentUnited States (California)BurbankHollywood Burbank Airport2019PresentUnited States (California)Long BeachLong Beach AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (California)Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport†1961Present[2]United States (California)OaklandOakland International Airport197619871979PresentUnited States (California)OntarioOntario International Airport1984PresentUnited States (California)Palm SpringsPalm Springs International Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (California)SacramentoSacramento International Airport1987PresentUnited States (California)San DiegoSan Diego International Airport1961PresentUnited States (California)San FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport1961PresentUnited States (California)San Jose, CASan Jose International Airport197619871979PresentUnited States (California)Santa AnaJohn Wayne Airport1987PresentUnited States (Colorado)Colorado SpringsColorado Springs Airport1987PresentUnited States (Colorado)DenverDenver International Airport1995[28]PresentUnited States (Colorado)HaydenYampa Valley Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (Colorado)MontroseMontrose Regional Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (Colorado)VailEagle County Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (Connecticut)HartfordBradley International Airport1972PresentUnited States (Florida)Daytona BeachDaytona Beach International Airport1979PresentUnited States (Florida)Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport1961PresentUnited States (Florida)Fort MyersSouthwest Florida International Airport1979PresentUnited States (Florida)Fort Walton BeachNorthwest Florida Regional AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Florida)GainesvilleGainesville Regional Airport1991PresentUnited States (Florida)JacksonvilleJacksonville International Airport1945PresentUnited States (Florida)Key WestKey West International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Florida)Melbourne, FLMelbourne International Airport1983PresentUnited States (Florida)MiamiMiami International Airport1945PresentUnited States (Florida)OrlandoOrlando International Airport1959PresentUnited States (Florida)Panama City, FLNorthwest Florida Beaches International Airport1991PresentUnited States (Florida)PensacolaPensacola International Airport1984PresentUnited States (Florida)SarasotaSarasota-Bradenton International Airport1979PresentUnited States (Florida)TallahasseeTallahassee International Airport1983PresentUnited States (Florida)TampaTampa International Airport1958PresentUnited States (Florida)West Palm BeachPalm Beach International Airport1960PresentUnited States (Georgia)AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport†1930sPresent[2][3]United States (Georgia)AugustaAugusta Regional Airport1934PresentUnited States (Georgia)SavannahSavannah International Airport1941PresentUnited States (Hawaii)HonoluluDaniel K. Inouye International Airport1984PresentUnited States (Hawaii)KahuluiKahului Airport1987PresentUnited States (Hawaii)KonaKona International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Hawaii)LihueLihue AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Idaho)BoiseBoise Airport1987PresentUnited States (Illinois)ChicagoChicago Midway International Airport1945PresentUnited States (Illinois)ChicagoChicago O'Hare International Airport1955PresentUnited States (Indiana)IndianapolisIndianapolis International Airport1953PresentUnited States (Iowa)Cedar RapidsThe Eastern Iowa AirportPresentUnited States (Iowa)Des MoinesDes Moines International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Kansas)WichitaWichita Eisenhower National Airport1989PresentUnited States (Kentucky)LexingtonBlue Grass AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Kentucky)LouisvilleLouisville International Airport1958PresentUnited States (Louisiana)Baton RougeBaton Rouge Metropolitan Airport1943PresentUnited States (Louisiana)New OrleansLouis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport1943PresentUnited States (Maine)Portland, MEPortland International Jetport1972PresentUnited States (Maryland)BaltimoreBaltimore-Washington International Airport1956PresentUnited States (Massachusetts)BostonBoston Logan International Airport1972PresentUnited States (Michigan)DetroitDetroit Metropolitan Airport†1959Present[2]United States (Michigan)FlintBishop International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Michigan)Grand RapidsGerald R. Ford International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Michigan)Traverse CityCherry Capital Airport*UnknownPresentUnited States (Minnesota)MinneapolisMinneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport†1984Present[2]United States (Mississippi)ColumbusGolden Triangle Regional Airport2009PresentUnited States (Mississippi)GulfportGulfport-Biloxi International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Mississippi)JacksonJackson International Airport1929PresentUnited States (Missouri)Kansas CityKansas City International Airport1953PresentUnited States (Missouri)St. LouisSt. Louis Lambert International Airport1953PresentUnited States (Missouri)SpringfieldSpringfield-Branson National Airport1953PresentUnited States (Montana)BillingsBillings Logan International Airport1987PresentUnited States (Montana)BozemanGallatin Field Airport*1987PresentUnited States (Montana)KalispellGlacier Park International Airport*1987PresentUnited States (Montana)MissoulaMissoula International Airport1987PresentUnited States (Nebraska)OmahaEppley Airfield1987PresentUnited States (Nevada)Las VegasMcCarran International Airport1961PresentUnited States (Nevada)RenoReno-Tahoe International Airport1978PresentUnited States (New Hampshire)Manchester, NHManchester-Boston Regional Airport1972PresentUnited States (New Jersey)NewarkNewark Liberty International Airport1956PresentUnited States (New Mexico)AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque International Sunport1983PresentUnited States (New York)Albany, NYAlbany International Airport1988PresentUnited States (New York)BuffaloBuffalo Niagara International Airport1988PresentUnited States (New York)New York CityJohn F. Kennedy International Airport†1957Present[2][3]United States (New York)New York CityLa Guardia Airport†1969Present[2][3]United States (New York)Rochester, NYGreater Rochester International Airport1989PresentUnited States (New York)SyracuseSyracuse Hancock International Airport1989PresentUnited States (New York)White PlainsWestchester County AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (North Carolina)AshevilleAsheville Regional Airport1945PresentUnited States (North Carolina)CharlotteCharlotte/Douglas International Airport1956PresentUnited States (North Carolina)FayettevilleFayetteville Regional AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (North Carolina)GreensboroPiedmont Triad International Airport1970PresentUnited States (North Carolina)RaleighRaleigh-Durham International Airport1969PresentUnited States (North Carolina)WilmingtonWilmington International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (North Dakota)BismarckBismarck Municipal Airport1987PresentUnited States (North Dakota)FargoHector International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Ohio)AkronAkron-Canton Regional AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Ohio)CincinnatiCincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport1947PresentUnited States (Ohio)ClevelandCleveland Hopkins International Airport1972PresentUnited States (Ohio)ColumbusJohn Glenn Columbus International Airport1958PresentUnited States (Ohio)DaytonDayton International Airport1958PresentUnited States (Oklahoma)Oklahoma CityWill Rogers World Airport1982PresentUnited States (Oklahoma)TulsaTulsa International Airport1977PresentUnited States (Oregon)Portland, ORPortland International Airport1980PresentUnited States (Pennsylvania)AllentownLehigh Valley International Airport*1991PresentUnited States (Pennsylvania)HarrisburgHarrisburg International Airport1991PresentUnited States (Pennsylvania)PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia International Airport1956PresentUnited States (Pennsylvania)PittsburghPittsburgh International Airport1981PresentUnited States (Pennsylvania)Wilkes-BarreWilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport1992PresentUnited States (Rhode Island)ProvidenceT. F. Green AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (South Carolina)CharlestonCharleston International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (South Carolina)ColumbiaColumbia Metropolitan Airport*1934PresentUnited States (South Carolina)GreenvilleGreenville-Spartanburg International Airport1985PresentUnited States (South Carolina)Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (South Dakota)Sioux FallsSioux Falls Regional Airport1987PresentUnited States (Tennessee)Bristol, TNTri-Cities Regional Airport1990PresentUnited States (Tennessee)ChattanoogaChattanooga Metropolitan Airport1947Present[26]United States (Tennessee)KnoxvilleMcGhee Tyson Airport1941PresentUnited States (Tennessee)MemphisMemphis International Airport1953PresentUnited States (Tennessee)NashvilleNashville International Airport1969PresentUnited States (Texas)AustinAustin-Bergstrom International Airport1979PresentUnited States (Texas)DallasDallas Love Field1929Present[3][27]United States (Texas)DallasDallas/Fort Worth International Airport1974PresentUnited States (Texas)El PasoEl Paso International Airport1984PresentUnited States (Texas)HarlingenValley International Airport*2013Present[29]United States (Texas)HoustonGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport1969PresentUnited States (Texas)HoustonWilliam P. Hobby Airport1953PresentUnited States (Texas)San AntonioSan Antonio International Airport1979PresentUnited States (Utah)Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City International Airport†1980Present[2][3]United States (Vermont)BurlingtonBurlington International Airport‡1972PresentUnited States (Virginia)CharlottesvilleCharlottesville-Albemarle AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Virginia)Newport NewsNewport News/Williamsburg International AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Virginia)NorfolkNorfolk International Airport1983PresentUnited States (Virginia)RichmondRichmond International Airport1984PresentUnited States (Virginia)RoanokeRoanoke Regional AirportUnknownPresent[32]United States (Washington D.C.)Washington, D.C.Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport1956PresentUnited States (Washington D.C.)Washington, D.C.Washington Dulles International Airport1962PresentUnited States (Washington)SeattleSeattle–Tacoma International Airport†1980Present[2]United States (Washington)SpokaneSpokane International Airport1987PresentUnited States (West Virginia)Charleston, WVYeager AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Wisconsin)AppletonAppleton International Airport*2014PresentUnited States (Wisconsin)Green BayGreen Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport*2014PresentUnited States (Wisconsin)MadisonDane County Regional AirportUnknownPresentUnited States (Wisconsin)MilwaukeeMilwaukee Mitchell International Airport1989PresentUnited States (Wyoming)Jackson HoleJackson Hole Airport*UnknownPresentTerminated destinations[edit]Country (State/Province)CityAirportStartEndRefsAustriaViennaVienna International Airport‡19912008[33]BahamasFreeportGrand Bahama International Airport1972201219792018[1][a]BarbadosBridgetownGrantley Adams International Airport20142017[34]Brazil (Central-West Region)BrasiliaBrasília International Airport‡Unknown2016Brazil (Ceará)FortalezaPinto Martins International Airport‡UnknownPresentBrazil (North Region)ManausEduardo Gomes International Airport‡UnknownPresent[35]Brazil (Northeast Region)RecifeRecife/Guararapes–Gilberto Freyre International Airport‡UnknownPresentCanada (Quebec)MontrealMontréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport1972Present[1][a]China (Hong Kong)Hong KongHong Kong International Airport‡19982018[36]China (Hong Kong)Hong KongKai Tak Airport19911998China (Taiwan)TaipeiTaoyuan International Airport‡19882017[37]Colombia (Aburrá Valley)MedellínJosé María Córdova International Airport‡20152016[1][9]CuraçaoWillemstadHato International Airport20072010Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata Province)Puerto PlataGregorio Luperón International Airport‡UnknownPresentDominican Republic (Santiago Province)Santo DomingoGeneral Andrews Airport19531959Ecuador (Guayas)GuayaquilJosé Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport‡20062010EgyptCairoCairo International Airport‡20082011[38]Finland (Uusimaa)HelsinkiHelsinki Airport‡1991UnknownFrance (Île-de-France)ParisParis-Orly Airport1985UnknownFrancePointe-à-PitrePointe-à-Pitre International Airport2006Unknown[39]Germany (Bavaria)MunichMunich-Riem Airport19861992GuamGuamAntonio B. Won Pat International Airport‡Unknown2018[40]Guyana (Demerara-Mahaica)GeorgetownCheddi Jagan International Airport‡UnknownPresentHungary (Central Hungary)BudapestBudapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport‡19912012India (Tamil Nadu)ChennaiChennai International Airport‡20052006[41]IndiaDelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport‡1991UnknownItaly (Tuscany)PisaPisa International Airport‡20072016[42]Japan (Kyushu)FukuokaFukuoka Airport‡19982019[43]Japan (Chubu)NagoyaNagoya Komaki AirportUnknown1991JordanAmmanQueen Alia International Airport‡20082011KuwaitKuwait CityKuwait International Airport‡2008Present[44]Liberia (Montserrado County)MonroviaRoberts International Airport‡20102014[45]Mexico (Guerrero)AcapulcoGeneral Juan N. Álvarez International Airport‡19872012[46]Nigeria (Federal Capital Territory)AbujaNnamdi Azikiwe International Airport‡20102012[47]Northern Mariana IslandsSaipanSaipan International Airport20102018[48]Norway (Eastern Norway)OsloOslo Fornebu Airport‡UnknownUnknownPhilippines (Central Visayas)CebuMactan-Cebu International Airport‡19922000[49]PolandWarsawWarsaw Frédéric Chopin International Airport‡19921999Puerto RicoSan JuanIsla Grande Airport1953UnknownRomaniaBucharestHenri Coanda International Airport‡19912012Russia (Central Federal District)MoscowSheremetyevo International Airport‡19912017[50]Russia (Northwestern Federal District)Saint PetersburgPulkovo International Airport‡1993PresentSenegal (Dakar Region)DakarLéopold Sédar Senghor International Airport20072017South Africa (Western Cape)Cape TownCape Town International Airport‡20082009[51]South Korea (Yeongnam)BusanGimhae International Airport‡20072012[52]South Korea (Seoul Capital Area)SeoulGimpo International Airport19872001Spain (Valencian Community)ValenciaValencia Airport‡Unknown2011[38]Sweden (Södermanland)StockholmStockholm Arlanda Airport19912017[50]Switzerland (Canton of Geneva)GenevaGeneva International Airport‡1991UnknownThailand (Central Thailand)BangkokDon Mueang International Airport19891997Thailand (Central Thailand)BangkokSuvarnabhumi Airport‡20102016[53]Trinidad and TobagoPort of SpainPiarco International Airport‡20072010Turkey (Marmara Region)IstanbulIstanbul Atatürk International Airport‡19912015[54]UkraineKievBoryspil International Airport‡20062011[38][55]United Arab Emirates (Emirate of Dubai)DubaiDubai International Airport‡20012016[56]United Kingdom (England)ManchesterManchester Airport‡19912017[57]United States (Texas)AmarilloRick Husband Amarillo International Airport19821993United States (Maine)BangorBangor International Airport19722019[1][a]United States (Texas)BeaumontJack Brooks Regional Airport19531979United States (Georgia)BrunswickBrunswick Golden Isles Airport19462019[1][a]United States (Montana)ButteBert Mooney Airport‡19871994United States (Wyoming)CasperCasper-Natrona County International Airport‡19871994United States (Ohio)CincinnatiCincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport19411947United States (Texas)Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi International Airport‡1990UnknownUnited States (Colorado)DenverStapleton International Airport19771995United States (Indiana)EvansvilleEvansville Regional Airport1953Unknown[1][a]United States (Indiana)Fort WayneFort Wayne International Airport1953Unknown[1][a]United States (Texas)Fort WorthAmon Carter Field‡19591968[58]United States (Montana)Great FallsGreat Falls International Airport1987Unknown[1][a]United States (South Carolina)GreenvilleGreenville Downtown Airport19451962United States (Mississippi)GreenwoodGreenwood Municipal‡19531958United States (Montana)HelenaHelena Regional Airport‡1987UnknownUnited States (Arkansas)Hot SpringsMemorial Field Airport19531969United States (Idaho)Idaho FallsIdaho Falls Regional Airport1987Unknown[1][a]United States (North Carolina)JacksonvilleAlbert J. Ellis Airport2007Unknown[1][a]United States (New Hampshire)KeeneDillant-Hopkins Airport‡19721975United States (Alaska)KetchikanKetchikan International Airport‡UnknownPresentUnited States (Indiana)KokomoKokomo Municipal Airport19471950United States (Michigan)LansingCapital Region International AirportUnknownUnknown[1][a]United States (New Hampshire)LebanonLebanon Municipal Airport (New Hampshire)‡19721975United States (Texas)LubbockLubbock Preston Smith International Airport19821993United States (Mississippi)MeridianMeridian Regional Airport‡19291984[3]United States (North Dakota)MinotMinot International AirportUnknownMinot[1][a]United States (Louisiana)MonroeMonroe Regional Airport‡19292002United States (Massachusetts)New BedfordNew Bedford Regional Airport‡19721975United States (New York)NewburghStewart International Airport19911998United States (Kentucky)PaducahBarkley Regional Airport‡19531979United States (Washington)PascoTri-Cities Airport1987Unknown[1][a]United States (Maine)Presque IsleNorthern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle‡19721979United States (South Dakota)Rapid CityRapid City Regional Airport1987UnknownUnited States (Indiana)RichmondRichmond Municipal Airport19471950United States (Florida)St. Petersburg, FLSt. Petersburg–Clearwater International Airport1958UnknownUnited States (Indiana)South BendSouth Bend International Airport1992Unknown[1][a]United States (South Carolina)SpartanburgSpartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport19461960United States (Missouri)SpringfieldSpringfield-Branson National Airport1953Unknown[1][a]United States (Indiana)Terre HauteTerre Haute International Airport‡19531955United States (Ohio)ToledoToledo Municipal Airport19531955United States (Ohio)ToledoToledo Express Airport19552011[59]United States (Texas)TylerTyler Pounds Regional Airport‡19461955United States (Massachusetts)WorcesterWorcester Regional Airport‡1972UnknownVenezuela (Capital District)CaracasSimon Bolivar International Airport19532017[60]VietnamHo Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International Airport‡UnknownUnknown

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