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PDF Editor FAQ

As a paramedic, did you ever have a call that was out of the ordinary even for your profession?

I’m riding ambulances and one Sunday morning, early before the sun came up, we get a slow call to a residence. That means no flashing lights, no sirens, drive normal.A couple were both competitors in shotgun shooting, winning local contests, teaching scouts, et cetera.The lady learns her husband is making time with her sister. Saturday evening something she was to do got canceled. She sees her sister’s car in the driveway, enters quietly, hears the couple’s loving, slips into the garage and using reloading equipment, loads two 12g shotgun shells with dimes.She enters the bedroom and lets both energetic participants have $0.70 each.When she is being escorted for a free ride in a police cruiser she turns to the medical examiner and says “When you are done with the post, I want my dollar forty back.”

If your parent is a doctor do you get examined for every little thing?

My dad is a doctor. Specifically, a hospitalist (basically like a general practitioner, but at the hospital. If you end up in the hospital for a few days, he’ll be the one taking care of you).I was frequently outside when I was growing up, and I was very active in the Boy Scouts. This meant I got a lot of bug bites, poison ivy, bumps, scrapes, bruises, all the usual ailments that come from playing outside. My mom would usually see a little spot (like a bug bite that got infected), and then when my dad came home she would ask “Could you look at this spot on Mike’s arm?” in the same tone of voice you might ask “Mike fell off a 1000-foot cliff today. Do you think he’s dead?”Then my dad would come, look at whatever it was, and diagnose me as being fine. He didn’t examine us for every little thing.Having a doctor in the house is nice. The Boy Scouts require you to get a medical form filled out every year, to certify that you aren’t going to die if you go on campouts. Every year, before summer camp, everyone in the troop would come over to our house and have my dad fill out the form, since it saved them the hassle of making an appointment with the family doctor and waiting around. He could also prescribe stuff, like, say, if we were out on a trip and someone forgot their medication. He could just pull his phone out, call a pharmacy nearby, and prescribe it again. It always astounded people.My scoutmaster, who lives near my parents, would sometimes call my dad and ask him to look at a medical problem he was having, because he didn’t feel like going to the doctor. He wouldn’t pay my dad for these services, but randomly, gift cards to the liquor store would show up in my parents mailbox.My dad, as a side note, always let us eat junk food and drink soda. My mom did not. This is despite my dad being the doctor.

Do you think Derek Chauvin should be executed for this heinous crime?

so you want strangers opinions on an incident where the media hasn’t reported the truth, and most likely most people haven’t bothered to research what happened.Did Chauvin hold him down? Yes.Did Floyd die after being held down? Yes.are the two related? According to a medical examination and autopsy, no.Floyd was a career criminal and drug abuser. He died doing what he loved….committing crimes and high as a kite. It was ultimately the drugs that killed him, not the officer. The medical report was actually quite conclusive too. There was no visual damage of the airways or trachea, there was no signs of asphyxiation. He was complaining that he couldn’t breathe (a popular slogan for the racist BLM movement long before this) long before he was face down on the pavement. But as any Boy Scout knows, let alone first responders (including police, fire and EMTs), if you can SAY you can’t breathe, then you CAN breathe, because talking literally requires air to move over your vocal cords from breathing.

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I have a decent PDF editor that I use most of the time (PDF-XChange), but occasionally I need some higher-powered tools, usually once a month or so. The tools I use on CocoDoc are usually Compress PDF and Unlock PDF. It does these tasks very well. I sometimes also use it for PDF to Word or PDF to Excel; these are more hit or miss, depending on the complexity of the document.

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