There are many types of taxes in the U.S. and other taxes are different from the regular tax forms, as these mostly comprise of any income taxes that do not explicitly cover individual income or the basic corporation taxes. Most of these forms include, but are not limited to social security and health medicare taxes, capital gains taxes, additional taxes on retirement, household employment taxes, homebuyer credit taxes, taxes on land and buildings, etc.

There are also other indirect taxes that fall under this category some of which include general and selective sales taxes, taxes on legal transactions, custom taxes, or import duty tax, among others. These amounts are normally calculated on their own form and attached alongside form 1040.

In this respect, there are many types of tax forms to deal with each varying across various areas, so if you finding it hard to figure out which forms you need for something specific, you can always try going through the list of forms on this page or you can opt to enlist professional help, like a financial advisor with the relevant tax expertise to help guide you on what forms you should use for what.