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PDF Editor FAQ

I've been searching for a job for two months and still haven't gotten any offers. I am dangerously close to not being able to afford living expenses (more details in comments). What should I do?

Interesting question I think more people should ask.First, you’re definitely above the average betsy since you’ve sought out the advice of others who may know the answer to your current failures in finding a job.For starters, I would suggest you STOP applying for jobs.Working in the IT Field for well over 9 years, I can tell you that there a few dirty little secrets that haven’t changed in 10 years. The first one is that many job posting and hiring databases store a list of candidates based on email addresses. This is one of the only unique things a person can have on the internet. If you get enough rejections, you end up at the bottom of the pile in a while lot of databases when job hunting with the internet.Therefore, you need to create a brand new email address, preferably a professional one that includes your first and last name in some way, like (Jane Smith = JSmith2017 at gmail ) or alternatively your full name (Jane Smith = Jane.Smith5541 at gmail) or something similar.Use this email address ONLY with job searches and applications.Now before you do any of that, I would suggest you try to contact a recruiting company or find someone who reviews resume’s. Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur is a great resource to find cheap labor to do common tasks. Though this may take $5 up to $50, it is well worth it if you land a job within a few months or less.Next, never just blind send your resume to all jobs. Craft specific resume’s to meet the job requirements ONLY. It is NOT advisable to include irrelevant details on your resume to make it look long. A one page resume for entry level positions are completely ok.So lets recap on a good plan of action:Stop applying for jobsCreate a brand new email address that you will use ONLY for job search and application purposes.Go to fiverr and hire a freelancer to modify and update your resume.Craft several copies of your resume to match the jobs you are applying for. Specifically use skills stated in the job description when crafting the resume.Apply ONLY ONCE! and keep track of your applications using excel or openoffice sheets or google sheets. Double applications gets you blacklisted on some databases.Another important point to note is that you may just need to get a new skill to prevail. Learn something simple and fast than repeat the process above. Websites like Udemy allows you to learn a new skill in a short period of time and start earning income rather quickly. I know you’re in school, but if you can dedicate at least 2 hours per day to learn a new skill in a week or two, it’s well worth it. Especially if you’re free on the weekends.On job interviews:DO NOT LIE!If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell the interviewer, you don’t know, but happy to learn if needed.Try not to be nervous. Think about this, even if you get a “Not Interested” situation, there are a least 100 more jobs waiting for applicants.Ask for highest realistic pay for the position. Why? Because you are positive, motivated and knowledgeable in what you do.Do NOT apply for a job just because it may pay more. Apply for jobs you know how to do and confident you can do a good job at it.Say thank you when you begin an interview, shake hands, and do the same when the interview finishes.Smile often, maintain sparring eye contact, and look away occasionally.Do not look down during an interview, it shows low self esteem and low confidence.Hope this helps.

Why do people say Krav Maga is a joke when the training is similar to many combat systems including sparring, grappling, throwing and weapons?

Because on its own, krav maga is a joke. It is a terrific martial art as a supplement to one’s base style, but it cannot stand alone. What skill does krav maga teaches exactly? Boxing teaches you how to punch magnificently, judo teaches you how to throw, wrestling teaches how to, well, wrestle, escrima teaches melee weapon, wing chun teaches you how trap, savate and taekwondo teaches you how to kick. However, krav maga simply amplifies what you can already do.Krav maga is a supposed to be a concentrated extract from different martial arts with a focus on “dirty” techniques and how to survive. The main techniques promoted by most krav maga schools are the groin kick, eye gouging, hair pulling, and other potentially lethal techniques. Whil it sound good in theory, these are the exact techniques that you would not want to do in a real fight, only because of the mental strain it will leave you. No matter how bad an assailant is, most people would still find it very hard hard to blind that person, there is always that conscience whispering in the heart. And I personally find that most krav maga schools don’t actually teach basic techniques very well. Say a punch in krav maga compared to a punch in boxing is like comparing instant noodle to japanese ramen, both does get the job done. Same goes for all the sparring, grappling, throwing, and weapons.That’s not to say that krav maga is a joke, in the hands of an already trained fighter, it becomes a very huge boon. It goes back to the main design of krav maga, as a military combat system. It is designed for personnels who are already previously trained in various arts with a killing mindset, not an average joe trying to become Conor McGregor. So in the hands of most people, krav maga for fighting is as much as a joke as VR is for driving. Do not forget that a nak muay can still kick your balls, a karateka can still poke your eye, a pesilat can still bite your finger off, in ways far more deadly.Edit: I would like to add that this answer applies to every other “self-defence” or “commando” oriented martial arts for example defendu or military sanda and is not limited to krav maga. They were created for a specific demography: the military.

Honestly, how effective are the martial arts in a real fight, particularly against a guy who is a huge pro power-lifter, who can pull an entire train, and is light on his feet?

Very effective. The general perception is that strongmen are very dangerous opponents in hand-to-hand combat because Hollywood has this stereotype of big guys being the ultimate say in close quarter combat. But guess what? Strongmen, whose job it is to be as strong as possible, are not as good at fighting as guys whose job it is to be as good as possible in fighting.There are numerous videos on YouTube of strongmen taking on martial artists, and they lose in all of them. Take a look for example at this video of Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, A.K.A. the Mountain from Game of Thrones, who is a 2.06 m tall giant weighing 110 kg doing a light-hearted spar against Conor McGregor, UFC featherweight champion:Even though the Mountain is far stronger than Conor here, Conor is able to get the Mountain to the ground without much difficulty. The reasons for that are as follows:The Mountain lacks finesse - any grip the Mountain tries to apply, or his guard, or any of the punches he tries to land, are crude and inefficient. His hands are constantly up and open. That’s a wrestling stand, and Conor simply stays away from him, thus denying the Mountain the possibility to use his strength in grappling. And if he gets into his grip he slips out of it without much difficulty. If the Mountain was trained in a martial art he had the finesse to prevent this.The Mountain lacks agility - Conor is moving around far more, yet The Mountain is having great difficulty keeping up with the same pace while standing almost still. The Mountains strength doesn’t lie in the aerobic, but the anaerobic. Conor again, denies him the possibility to use this 10-second strength by simply staying at a distance from him. Two minutes in and The Mountain can hardly stand anymore.The Mountain doesn’t know how to fight - Anyone can throw a punch, but there’s a lot of technique involved that the Mountain simply doesn’t have. The lack of proper technique doesn’t amplify his strength, but instead diminishes it. He could be a far more dangerous opponent if he was trained, but he isn’t.All this doesn’t mean that strength has no place in martial arts, that it definitely does. But just strength isn’t enough. Fighting is more than a battle of who is the strongest, because a lot more than just strength is involved. So when you say:I know a guy whose a huge pro power lifter who can pull an entire train and is fast/light on his feet. I just don’t see an average sized guy being able to beat him, even with fighting skill.You simply have to put your “…pro power lifter” against a pro martial artist if you want to be convinced that your friend can be defeated. Your guy may be strong, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s durable or good in a fight.Put him in the ring and have him fight a martial artist, the latter will just keep his distance till the powerlifter is tired. Perhaps you’re now thinking ‘but that’s cheating!’.No, he isn’t! That’s the point. Fighting is more than just strength. It’s also the insight in how to deal with your opponent, so in this case, dance around him and only hit him if your strongmen makes a mistake. That’s what a martial artist does. Someone who isn’t trained fighting just heads in and hopes to defeat his opponent through raw strength. If you can’t win through raw strength, than there’s no defeating your opponent. That’s the line of thinking you use in the question details, but for fighting it’s also plain wrong. You fight to win, and you use everything you can in order to win.There are no rules in streetfighting, so just keeping distance is a perfectly legit thing to do.It’s a bit like asking ‘who would win - Batman or Superman’? The answer there would be Batman, because Batman would come up with a plan and some sort of weapon to defeat Superman. Isn’t that cheating? The answer is again, no! Ofcourse Superman is much stronger than Batman. So Batman would be crazy to just head on straight into a fight with Superman. But Batman isn’t crazy, so he just doesn’t head on straight into a fight with him. Batman is smart enough to choose the conditions he wants to fight in, and have these conditions be as favourable to him as possible.That is also why Conor McGregor is dancing around The Mountain in that video. He knows that if he comes in close for grappling, his odds of winning significantly decrease because that means he has to take on The Mountain’s strength directly. So he simply just doesn’t get in close. That insight, knowing how to deny your opponent of using his assets to their full extent, is a large part of fighting. That is how Conor McGregor, a guy 40 cm shorter and about 40 kg lighter than the Mountain is able to get the latter to his knees without much difficulty. That is insight you get through training in martial arts, and not through bench-pressing.Your guy may be ‘light on his feet’, but what you call fast and what a martial artist calls fast may be two very different things, so I can’t say anything about him until I see him in action. But if he’s as light on his feet as The Mountain, than he isn’t really light on his feet.If you have two guys with equal martial arts training but one a foot taller than the other and 20 kg heavier, the big guy is probably going to win. But that’s not what you’re asking here.So far, I’ve adressed only the question details, and not the question itself. That question was ‘Honestly, how effective are martial arts in a real fight’. This presumes a warped view of what fighting is. It assumes that there’s the ‘standard politically correct answer’, but if we’re honest, powerlifting is just as good, or even better, than training martial arts for a streetfight.But a streetfight isn’t two guys facing down on a street with nothing but their bravery and their fists. Streetfights are dirty. People carry knives. People throw with rocks. People can use broken glass to cut their opponent (or themselves if they’re not careful).Streetfights are rarely the type of showdown you think they are. Streetfights are usually just two drunk guys, one perhaps less intoxicated than the other, throwing one or two punches and then they clash together, grab each other and then turn around in circles until they fall to the ground, where they continue to weirdly grapple, mixing choking and short punches with preventing the opponent from doing the same thing at them. And it’s not like in sports where if you’re on your back for a certain amount of time you win, these fights can go on and on until both are too tired to continue or some friends step in to seperate them.Usually it doesn’t even go that far. If one guy is more drunk than the other, than that’s the guy who will lose because he’ll simply lose his balance after being pushed. These fights don’t last longer than a minute, usually even less than that.At no point in time does martial arts, as a fighting skill, come up in there. No, a martial artist will know what is coming and defuse the situation before it even starts. If they do get in a fight, they have their fighting skills drilled, so they are not as limited by alcohol as their opponent is. Their moves come as second nature, while the other guy is having difficulty standing up straight. It doesn’t matter if he’s a powerlifter or not if he’s piss drunk. If he doesn’t practice his moves by drilling like martial artists do, he’s not much of an opponent.That’s how the majority of fighting goes. Now, you might raise ‘but that isn’t real fighting!’. Well, why isn’t it? What other than bias is making you say that? ‘No, I’m talking about two guys, fighting, with nothing else involved”. A bit like this?One guy keeps throwing punches at the other guys face, while removing himself after each punch. It’s clear that this isn’t his first fight. The other guy just ‘tries’ different things in the hope that it works. He imitates the moves of his opponent. When he’s on the floor he goes for some sort of grab, but takes way too long with that. And when he’s on his back near the end of the video his opponent has a long windup for the finishing move, yet the first guy doesn’t protect the obvious target of this coming punch: his face.That’s the difference between training and no training. No amount of weightlifting will teach you how to deal with such a situation.It’s a bit like speaking at public events. Being a great speaker is more than just vocabulary. A large part is non-verbal communication. You use different pitches. You put in little pauses and stresses to highlight what you’re trying to communicate. And then you come along, asking: ‘don’t I just need a large vocabulary in order to be a great speaker?’And just as it takes more than strength to be a great fighter, it takes more than a large vocabulary to be a great speaker.Most fights come in the form you saw in the video or in the bar-brawl I described earlier. In both cases the one trained in close quarter combat wins, though for different reasons. In a bar-brawl alcohol plays a large part, so the martial artist has an edge over his opponent because he has drilled his moves and can conjure these moves up even while being drunk. In the case of the video one guy defeats another because he has experience in fighting. He retracts after punching, maintains his stance and goes for the unprotected areas of his opponent.That’s what martial arts teaches you. So yes, martial arts are effective. Being strong is part of being a good fighter, but it doesn’t make you a great one.

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