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How will 3D printing impact the healthcare industry?

Have a look at the following sections from 'Adventures in 3D Printing.'One of the less frequently considered benefits of the wars the Western powers have been undertaking recently is the advancement of trauma-related medical technology. So many soldiers are surviving injuries that would have killed them in previous generations, leaving them with missing limbs instead. This, in turn, is advancing prosthetic technology at rates never seen before. A recent question on popular Internet website What Would You Look For In a Prosthetic Hand? While many so-called wits (often under the pseudonym Anakin) suggested a prosthetic bird and others talked vibration and self-lubrication, there were also many enlightening, serious answers. It turns out that there are many people working on this problem and with a varity of different budgets. 3D printed prosthetic hands are often featured in the press as a more positive alternative to 3D printed guns and so in this chapter I wanted to look in more detail at the technology. Back in May of 2011, carpenter Richard Van As was working at his home near Johannesburg, South Africa, when he lost control of his table saw. He immediately lost two of his left fingers and mangled two more on his right hand. Determined to find a way to get back to work, he began researching prosthetics on-line as soon as he got out of the hospital. Discovering that they cost thousands of dollars, he rigged up an artificial index finger for his right hand with materials from his shop, and began looking for help or collaborators. This eventually led him to work with Ivan Owen, a complete stranger on the other side of the world, (in Bellingham, Wash. to be exact) to create a mechanical hand. Owen is a special effects artist who had been working on a puppet hand which relies on thin steel cables to act like tendons, allowing the metal digits to bend like real fingers. The two began Skyping, sharing ideas, even sending parts back and forth. Finally, Owen flew to South Africa to finish the work in person with Van As. Van As now has a working mechanical finger, but something else happened on Owen's visit to South Africa. Van As received a call from a woman seeking help for her five-year-old son, Liam Dippenaar, who was born without fingers on his right hand, caused by a rare congenital condition known as amniotic band syndrome. Within days, Liam had five aluminum fingers that opened and closed with the up and down movement of his wrist. Back in the United States, Owen began working on turning the device into 3D printable parts, until what had previously taken the pair weeks milling finger pieces, adjusting and tweaking parts, now took twenty minutes to redesign, print, and test. The Robohand is already available on Thingiverse ( along with a dozen remixes of improved individual components, so that anyone can download the plans and, with a 3D printer and about $150 in parts, make a hand. So far, Van As has fitted more than one hundred children with Robohands. He does not charge anything, not even for the parts, but he does want to train others to assemble and fit the devices. This example clearly illustrates some of the most important benefits of 3D printing in any field, not just prosthetics: namely, collaboration and lower costs. The process of fitting and purchasing any artificial limb can be expensive and extremely time-consuming, making them simply unavailable in many Third World countries, where they are needed most. Although hand technology may not be advancing at the same pace as leg/foot technology, this could be changing thanks to 3D printing technology. Apart from the incompatibility problems of implanted electrodes and human tissue, which I shall address later, the human hand is a marvel of biological engineering that is tough to replicate in a prosthetic. At the moment, gruesome-looking Krukenberg hands are often the only viable option for many people. (I will let you Google it when you feel ready.) Even so, technology is moving very fast and it will be important to retain open systems that are license/patent free and can be disconnected and reconnected without surgery. This would also allow for custom limbs for specific tasks. For a glimpse of the future, we can look at Dean Kamen's,(the inventor of the Segway) bionic arm, "Luke." [Page on] At the moment, this top of the line technology still costs around $100,000. i-limb ultra | Touch Bionics With modular controls, programmable macros, and multiple configurations, this is as light as a female arm (including the battery) and precise enough to pick up a grape without crushing it.Figure 50. The Deka ArmGerman automation firm Festo, famous for its elegantly engineered SmartBird robot seagull, is approaching the problem from a different angle and has developed a prehensile robot arm modeled after an elephant's trunk. The pneumatic robo-trunk is composed of 3D printed segments, and has sensors to maintain its grasp. A second European team is working on a project modeled on an octopus' tentacles, although this might well freak out people familiar with the hentai horrors of the Japanese tentacle menace. On a more serious note, Bespoke Innovations of San Fransisco are using 3D-printed fairings to make prosthetics look stylish. Keying in on the changing views toward advanced prosthetics, they are creating custom panels that fit over existing prosthetics, and moving us ever closer to the cyberpunk images of fully integrated cyborgs. How long before there will be prosthetics with interchangeable tools like Mannie’s in Heinlein's classic The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress? Will we ever see Walmart selling custom chainsaw attachments in the landscaping section? If they even come with built-in lasers then there will undoubtedly be some geeks out there signing up for three, and somehow finding the extra room to do so. Animals are benefiting from these 3D printed advancements as well. Since I wrote about Beauty the eagle in my last book, there has been a prosthetic silicone tail created for Winter the dolphin and the press went all gah-gah over the story of Buttercup the duckling. When hatched in a high school biology lab, she had a backwards left foot, making it hard to walk without getting cuts and constant foot infections. Mike Garey at the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Arlington, Tennessee, knew Buttercup’s foot would have to be removed, and in an attempt to do better than a peg-leg, designed a 3D-printed foot. He took several photos of the healthy left leg on Buttercup’s sister, Minnie, combined them in AutoDesk to create a 3D model, and sent the file to NovaCopy, a 3D printer reseller in Tennessee and Texas, who printed out a silicone replacement.Figure 51. A duck's progressOne of the strangest prosthetic stories to come out of the 3D printing craze is the printing of missing pinkies for reformed yakuzas in Japan. In the oriental world of organized crime, those who commit an offense are often required to chop off a finger and the pinky is usually the first to go. Since everybody in Japan knows what a missing pinky means, many pinky-less former yakuza find that they have trouble getting jobs as soon as a potential employer notices their absent digit. Shintaro Hayashi, a prosthetics maker in Tokyo, says that the replacements retail for around $3,000 and are sold to three distinctly different categories of customer. The first are those dragged in by girlfriends worried about their reputations, the second are ex-members who are eager to move up the corporate ladder, but worried about the repercussions of their past being exposed, and the third are career criminals who have no intention of getting out, but need to cover up for a child’s wedding or grandchild’s sporting event. For years now, we have been fitting replacement hips and knees printed initially from metal, then ceramics, and later polyethylene. 3D printers have also been used to create bone grafts from ceramic, dental crowns from porcelain, and hearing aids from acrylic. New developments are coming out in the field all the time. Many people suffer pain from walking. Complaints such as back pain, heel/arch, and knee pain are often caused by poor posture and create pain while walking. Doctors can provide foot shoe inserts, or “foot orthotics,” engineered to provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning foot joints. However, these devices are handmade, slow to manufacture, and often take between two and four weeks to be delivered to the clinician. These have been an obvious first choice for 3D printers. A less well-known use has been in printing custom braces and helmets to treat abnormalities. Orthotist Amy Braunschweiger of Infinite Technologies (ITOP), an orthotic and prosthetic facility based in Arlington, Virginia, works primarily with infants suffering from plagiocephaly, or "flat head syndrome," who require the use of a special helmet to correct the shape of their skulls. The use of 3D technology to produce custom medical devices represents a major improvement over past methods, when previous methods of fabricating helmets included taking a plaster cast of a child's head, which often resulted in a big mess and a very unhappy young patient. The 3D scanning system is much less invasive and traumatizing Plaster casts have always been bulky, obnoxious, heavy, inevitably sweaty, and now they even come in pink. Jake Evill from the Victoria University of Wellington has designed the 3D-printed "Cortex" cast, a plaster cast replacement that is lightweight, ventilated, washable, and thin thanks to its polyamide skeleton. They can even be reused, unlike plaster. A plaster cast takes five to ten minutes to apply, but twenty-four to seventy-two hours to be fully set. The other area is for fractures and joint injuries where swelling is bad at first, but then subsides and therefore a cast cannot be used right away. By using body-morphic data from the unaffected limb and then modeling it for the affected limb, the injured limb could be splinted and ace-bandage-wrapped until the swelling went down and a Cortex could be used. The model could also be used to make clam shells based on morphic data from the diagnostic X-ray or CT scan. This kind of cast is where a top and bottom half are held in place by a wrap. They are used in swelling-prone injuries or in areas where access to wounds is required.Figure 52. The Cortex castPlaster casts never seem to come out in hot pink, but more like a embarrassing shade of dog dick pink, and so this is bound to be an improvement. Plus, and perhaps even more importantly, no more coat hanger scratching. The only downside is that the girls will not be able to sign it. I wonder how long it will be before we are printing full exoskeletons that prevent us from breaking bones in the first place? Regenerative medicine is one of the most promising areas of 3D printing in biotechnology. The basic principle is to harness the body’s natural powers of regeneration to repair or replace the parts that have worn out, so that we can live much longer. San Diego-based Organovo is printing body parts cell by cell and without the need for a scaffold using the NovoGen MMX Bioprinter. In this way, functional human tissue can be developed in the laboratory. By seeding a prepared scaffold with cells, rat hearts have been created in a laboratory and were seen to expand and contract. Bladders have been made by growing muscle and bladder in a Petri dish. They have been successfully implanted into patients. Because of its relatively simple structure, skin has also been a primary target for regenerative medicine and a number of products are already on the market. There are some even more ambitious notions out there. Researchers at Princeton University used a modified Fab@Home printer to deposit layers of bovine cells and silicone to create a replacement human ear. Building ears is a common challenge given the complexity of shape and their propensity to become torn off or damaged, but this is a bionic ear that also incorporates a coiled antenna made from silver nanoparticles that can pick up radio frequencies beyond the range of normal human hearing. Bioengineers might one day incorporate sensors into other tissues, for instance creating a bionic knee joint that can monitor strain. The process of combining electrical circuits with flesh is fraught with difficulties, as biological structures are soft and composed mostly of water and organic molecules, while conventional electronic devices are hard and dry, two very pronounced extremes. Unfortunately, the average human head does not as of yet have anywhere in which an integrated radio antenna can be plugged. For this reason, a right nipple implant that can be twisted to pick up jazz FM would also be surplus. Nerves (both motor and sensory), for a variety of reasons, are notoriously difficult to regenerate. If nerves are not attached to anything, they die. But, if before amputation, they are connected to skin and muscle that will not be affected, they will remain alive and functional. This obviously has many interesting applications in terms of interfacing with prosthetics. Even so, electrodes of any kind implanted directly into the brain are at an extremely high risk for infections such as meningitis. Still, the ability to combine the electrical and the biological demonstrates that 3D printing has many interesting applications to come. Organovo believes that three-dimensional human tissue samples could be a better medium for testing new drugs and hopes to begin selling liver tissue next year. Liver toxicity is the most common reasons for a drug to be pulled from clinical trials, and this could be more accurately tested on three-dimensional samples of liver tissue. Researchers are now hoping to create synthetic coronary arteries that can be grafted onto the heart, a process that has failed in the past due to thrombosis or the enormous tension placed on the wall of the vessels from the circulation. 3D printing may be the breakthrough, offering enormous potential gains as coronary artery bypass is the now the most common operation in the world. A team at Tel Aviv University is reporting that they have discovered a way to 3D print tiny, bio-compatible devices known as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) smaller than a millimeter which will enable the creation of a whole new generation of cybernetic implants and limbs. A new polymer will allow them to incorporate the same types of tiny actuators and sensors that have revolutionized smart phones and computers and will allow developers to create smart limbs. To all the naysayers claiming that 3D printing will cost ordinary working peoples their jobs, it is clear that in reality, wide fields of work are opening up that we did not even know existed yet. If 3D printers are now being used to make ears, lungs, and other body parts, whose jobs are being cut in this situation? God's?

What are some ways of earning money on the internet?

I am Tanimola Sunday Samuel-I do help people to answer questions online most especially on quora. I basically know more than 12 legit ways of making real money online. Check my following ways:1. Participate in Online Surveys And Contribute Your Opinion: There are a ton of organizations that will pay you for your assessment. It's speedy, simple, and you can bring shortly of cash for doing it.2. Setup A Blog: You need to start a blog or website to make money. All you need is a good and cheap web hosting and a nice domain name.3. Carryout Simple Online Tasks And Get Paid: Do you search the Internet? Need to get paid for it? Swag-bucks is a website that rewards you for doing different online undertakings like taking studies, watching recordings, and utilizing their pursuit engine.When utilizing their web crawler, you get reward focuses after a few ventures, for the most part in the measure of 10-15 focuses. You can begin liquidating out remunerations at the 500 focuses mark.4. 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Become A Virtual Assistant: Think of a menial helper simply like a standard collaborator - aside from you're working distantly at home, and you're probably working for an online business person versus another sort of business.9. Become A Graphic Designer: From planning sites to basic logos and PDF records, there are boundless freedoms for visual fashioners on the web.10. Become A Social Media And Paid Advertising Manager: All it takes is a little information, and a smidgen of selling yourself, and you can assist nearby organizations with dealing with their online media accounts and even drive paid traffic to them.11. Become A Website Manager: If thus, you could without much of a stretch get paid to oversee sites for independent ventures - particularly ones in your general vicinity. Numerous entrepreneurs basically don't have the opportunity to stay up with the latest on their sites, and they will reevaluate it for a little expense. You can do this from the solace of your own home.12. 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Interestingly, you can get paid to do this from the solace of your home.21. Become An Online American Sign Language Translator: If you want to impart by means of American Sign Language during live discussions, at that point this could be an incredible open door.22. Setup An App: The cool thing about making an application is that you can do it on your footing, on your time, while you're at home. This can be a high prize endeavor, on the off chance that you make a mainstream application for your specialty.23. Engage In Calligraphy And Penmanship: One of the most effortless approaches to sell your calligraphy administrations is to open a shop on Etsy and offer your administrations. Show instances of your composition, and perceive the amount you can procure!24. Setup And Sell Stationary: This undertaking requires you take off from your home to purchase supplies, yet all the work can happen at home. In the event that you can print and gather fixed like solicitations, and love creating and enhancing, you can without much of a stretch bring in cash from home.25. Creating And Selling Printable: Many bloggers have been adapting printable for quite a long time - from educators to mothers searching for makes, to party thoughts, home association, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you can plan marvelous stuff for others to print, this can be a worthwhile (and pretty inactive) approach to bring in cash at home.26. Launching An Online Course: This isn't pretty much as simple as making the course and being done, however with a touch of showcasing exertion behind it, you can absolutely make this a practical work from home technique to bring in cash.27. Setup A Podcast: Podcasting has gotten an inconceivably mainstream medium with audience members who need to get content in a hurry. 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The objective, obviously, is to transform your interests into an easy revenue stream that will pay you for the remainder of your life.78. Putting resources into Real Estate: For just $500, you can begin putting resources into private and business land.79. Listing Your Spare Room/Area On Airbnb: The primary concern is, in the event that you have a space for individuals, you can presumably show it and conceivably bring in some additional cash every month.80. Formation Of A Drop-shipping Business: An outsourcing business is the place where you are the "center man" between a producer and the client. The cool thing about this is that you don't contact anything! No items, no delivery - you just set up the online stuff and the producer wraps up.

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