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What is the interview procedure for CDS exam 2020?

CDS Exam Interview is of 5days.CDS Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 1Reporting: After arriving at the SSB Centre, candidates need to show their documents and fill forms.Screening: This process consists of Verbal and Non- Verbal Test, and PPDT (story writing and group discussion). Candidates who clear this stage will go for the next tests.CDS Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 2Psychological Test: This test consists of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test (SD).TAT: Write a story based on 11 pictures. 11 pictures will be displayed back to back. Each picture will be shown for a period of 30 seconds. The 12th and last picture will be blank.WAT: Write a sentence based on 60 words shown back to back (each shown for 15 seconds and for each word you need to write a sentence within 15 seconds).SRT: Write your response based on 60 situations (time allocated is 30 minutes)SD: Write about yourself, how you see yourself, what your parents, peers & teachers think about you, your opinion about things you would like to develop in the future (time allotted will be 15 mins).CDS Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 3GTO: Day 3 consists of various outdoor activities. The main aim is to test the candidate’s ability to perform in group tasks. It consists of Group Discussion (GD), Group Planning Exercise (GPE), Progressive Group Task (PGT), Half Group Task (HGT), and Individual Obstacles Task (IOT).GD: Back to back group discussion on two topics, mostly current affairs.GPE: Candidates will be given a map and will be asked to solve a problem. Candidates need to come up with a common solution.PGT: It is a group task where you are required to cross some obstacles.Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race: Entire group has to cross obstacle while competing with other group members.HGT: Same as PGT but with half the number of members as that of the PGT.CDS Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 4Day 4 consists of a Command Task, Individual Obstacle Task (OAT), Individual Lecturette, Final Group Task(FGT), and Personal Interview.Individual Lecturette: Out of 4 topics given, the candidate needs to give a lecture for 3 mins on one topic selected by him/her.IOT: Required to attempt obstacles individually.Command Task: Required to cross some obstacles with 2-3 of your subordinates.FGT: Final Group Task, same as PGT, just another chance to show your potential.Personal Interview: The candidate needs to give an interview to the interviewing officer.CDS Selection Process: SSB Interview Day 5Conference: You will be sitting in front of the SSB board members where you need to reply to the questions asked by the board members. The duration of this interview will be 1 to 2 minutes.Document Verification: The following documents will be verified in this stage: Matriculation or Equivalent Certificate, Intermediate/10+2 pass Certificate, Marks Sheet of Matriculation or Equivalent, Marks Sheet of Intermediate/10+2 Examinations, Semester/Year-wise Independent Marks Sheets, Valid Proof of Identity, Bonafide cum Custodian Certificate, Graduation Degree/LLB Degree/Provisional Degree, UPSC CDS Admit Card.Medical Examination: You should be physically fit from any ailment which may hamper your performance in the Physical Tests/Interview. Afterclearing the SSB Interview, candidates have to undergo a Medical Test performed by a Special Medical Board (SMB) over the next 4 – 6 days. In exceptional cases, it may take up to 8 days.Final Merit List: On the basis of marks of Written Exam and SSB Interview, candidates will selected for the limited number of vacancies.All the best.By: Girlsinuniform

What is the present news on Indian education?

AICTE Proposes 'Exit Exam' for Engineering Graduates to Assess Employability of Student.Students pursuing technical courses across the country for the academic year 2019-2020 might soon have to write a mandatory ‘Exit Exam’ and pass it to get their degree certificate. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) passed a resolution making Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) for engineering graduates mandatory in all institutions of technical education in the country.This decision was taken at a recent AICTE meeting in New Delhi.Ministry Of Human Resource Development( MHRD ) is planning to make “social service or service to armed forces or voluntary organisations like National Service Scheme (NSS) and Scouts & Guides mandatory for conferring degrees.”We all are well aware about the country whose education system is not only good but also an aspiration of the world!Yes!It is Japan.Some facts why Japan’s education system is so good…Manners before knowledge.Pre-primary education is of the utmost importance for Japan.After-school workshops are very popular in Japan.The school attendance rate in Japan is about 99.99%.Most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians. The students clean their school themselves.In Japanese schools, school lunch is provided on a standardized menu and is eaten in the classroom.Apart from traditional subjects, Japanese students also learn Japanese calligraphy and poetry.A single test decides the students’ futures.Students in Japan have a strong sense of belonging in schoolFor a better nation, the youth is the deciding factor.There is no doubt that with the population of 1.3 billion we have a potential to become a great nation and even under the PM Modi we soon going to get the title of “developed nation.”But the nation which will be acceptable by the whole world as a well mannered and socialized has to inculcate these qualities not for only the growth of the nation but also for the self development.Thanks for reading!FootnotesGATE might be compulsory for engineering students as exit examMake Social Service Mandatory For Students, says Vice President10 distinctive features of the Japanese education system that made this nation the envy of the worldInteresting Facts about Japanese School System

How was your UPSC (CSE) interview 2019?

EDIT 1: The final verdict is out. AIR 304, UPSC CSE 2018 :)Edit 2: My 2020 interview experience is available here Himanshu Gupta's answer to What actually happens in a UPSC interview?My interview was on 15th March 2019. I was the last candidate to be interviewed in the afternoon session. The interview started at 5.15 PM and continued till 5.50–5.55 PM. Here’s a brief of the events and thoughts that I encountered during the process.The day before interview, I shifted to a friends place who lived 30 minutes (by Cab) away from UPSC. I decided not to study anything before interview day and spent my time goofing around, playing badminton and cracking lame jokes. My plan was to sleep by 10, take adequate rest and reach UPSC by 12.30 PM next day.However, life has a funny way to deal with overtly ambitious mortals like me. I couldn't sleep the entire night. I tried everything- Yoga, Meditation, music, deep music- you name it. I couldn’t. Finally, when the morning sun rose and lit up my senses, I got up from the bed, went to the washroom, stood up in front of the mirror and said to myself: ‘It’s alright. Accept it that you haven't slept at all. Accept it that this is not what you planned. But, you can pull this off with same rigour and charisma. Nothing has changed’.I took a cab and reached UPSC by 12.40 PM. There was a queue of candidates outside the UPSC building. Most of them had relatives, friends and in-laws accompanying them. I could see their faces brimming with pride and yet, a sweat or two would occasionally trickle down their faces. It was all there- happiness, anxiety, nervousness and pride. I was alone and saved my share of trouble to someone.At 1 PM, the document verification process began and candidates started entering inside the UPSC building. It was the time to waive off your loved ones. A cacophony of greetings and blessings accompanied hugs and kisses.When you enter the premises, the security personnel escort you towards the central hall. The room was circular and had a huge round dome over it. It had a victorian elegance with walls interspersed by lamps and myriad colorful paintings. I observed the surroundings for a while and noticed the decor. The grandeur and elegance was amusing.We were six people who sat around a round table, and were to be interviewed by the same board, whose identity was still hidden from us. In a way, we shared an unspoken hidden bond. I could see their faces and read ‘we are together on this one, mate’. We completed the formalities, which included filing forms and claiming TA, if any. Meanwhile, we would look at each other and occasionally pass a smile. No words, just smile.I broke the ice. I was fully prepared for this. Before coming, I had ordered my favourite Biryani and brought it to the UPSC premises. I also had black coffee, mineral water, plenty of chocolates and candies. I was in for a feast. I started asking everyone random questions- nothing related to exam or DAF though. 15 minutes down the line, we all were talking and I was sharing my chocolates with everyone. It made me comfortable.Then came the attendant. The first candidate was called and we were told that the board is of P.K Joshi Sir. I was told that I'm the last to be interviewed. I mentally prepared myself for a long session of not so funny jokes, Biryani feast, and smiles. I saw each one of them go and wished them. Each one of them was bringing me closer to mine.I was called for the interview at 5.10 PM. I sat outside the cabin waiting as tea and snacks were served to the interview panel. In this time, I was noticing the plants and surroundings outside the interview hall. I was reminding myself that this is just another conversation and I have what it takes. All I have to do is to go in, and be myself.A brief about me. I’m from a town named Sirauli, in district Bareilly, UP. This is my 2nd attempt, and first interview. I didn't do any coaching but gave 2 test series (One for optional Anthropology and one for GS mains). Education- BSc (Hindu College, DU), MSc (DU). Major in Environmental Science. Currently working as a research scholar (NET-JRF). Hobbies- Butterfly watching and Nature Photography.At 5.15, I entered. There were 5 members in the panel.Chairman1. What is the difference between environmental studies and environmental science.I said ‘The former is more comprehensive and also takes into consideration the socio-economic and political dimensions of dealing with environmental problems.2. What are green buildings? Have you visited one?Told the definition. I haven’t visited one though, Sir. I will for sure.3. Tell me some judgements of NGT?Told three:NGT on Sri Sri RavishankarNGT on slapping 20 crore on Delhi Government for Pollution.NGT on Sand minings in river beds,4. How will you motivate school kids for less impact on environment? Give six points.First, aware them about food that they eat. The lower they eat at the base of food chains, the lower is their carbon footprint.Use sustainable transport, prefer cycles over buses and bikes.Switch off lights in class and halls when leaving,Use school eco clubs for afforestation drive.Save water, prefer bucket instead of shower.Aware community members, family members on environmental friendly habits.5. River interlinking views? Name rivers already interlinked? Where is Ken betwa located?Benefits- Year long availability of water. More irrigation density. More hydropower potential.Costs- River ecology disturbed, fish migration. siltation of river beds. Also, climate change threatening availability of water so river projects might not remain the same in near future. Cost concerns.Rivers interlinked- Ken and BetwaPlace- MP.6. Why NPA higher in public banks than private banks? Should all banks be nationalised then? Role of individual defaulters in NPA problem?Political interference in bank governance.Populist policies like loan waiver, MUDRA loan.Conflict of interest.Political interference higher in Public Banks.Laxity in corporate governance.Way out- Strengthen corporate governance of banks. Minimise government interfere in bank policies and recruitment.Should all be nationalised. NO, reach of private banks is limited and does not cater to small towns and villages much. To increase financial inclusion and extend financial services to the most marginalised, public banks are needed along with private banks. Instead, few large banks could be nationalised to make global giants while small ones continue to work on ground.Individual defaulters: gave exempt of Vijaya Malya, Nirav Modi etc.Rest of the members:7. What is ozone hole? Why is it formed?Specialisation Environmental sciences. Answered both.8. What is the difference between flies, and butterflies?Flies- generic term for mosquitoes, house fly, stonefly, dragonfly, etc. Order- Hemiptera (correct was diptera).Butterflies- type of insects. order- Lepidoptera.Difference in anatomy and physiology.9. What is repo rate? Current repo rate?Rate at which the central bank- the RBI lends to the banks on pledging securities (short term). Currently 6.25%.10. What is greenhouse gas effect?Specialisation Environmental sciences. Answered.11. Which government agencies and institutions are involved in Environmental protection? Such institutions and agencies at the state level?National: MOEFCC. NGT. NDMA.State: SDMA.12. What is sustainable development? Why is is important?Specialisation Environmental sciences. Answered.13. Is it butterfly watching or butterfly catching? How do you watch a butterfly? Tell me more. How do you classify them? How did you get interested in it?Mam, it’s watching. I go to parklands and semi natural sites in Delhi such as JNU, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Lodi Gardens, Asolla Bhatti WS, Rose Garden etc to watch them.I use to taxonomically classify them and photograph them.You identify them by observing the unique wing pattern that they have. Each species usually have a unique wing pattern.I got this hobby which got Indian Academy of Sciences SRF in BSc and got a privilege to work with Dr. Krushnamegh Kunte (A leading butterfly expert). He introduced me to this fascinating world of butterflies.I came to Delhi and realised that there is not a single detailed study on Butterfly of Delhi and I started looking for them. I have so far identified 75 species of butterflies in Delhi, which is more than 85% of all the butterfly species ever been seen or published in Delhi.14. Tell me about villayti keekar?This was a laughter moment. I asked ‘Sir, Is this Prosopis Juliflora? He said ‘I am not going to ask you any more questions on this’ and they all started laughing.15. Rafale controversy? Why SC is reopening the case against? What is official secrets act? Can it be used to deny information under Rafale? What should we do to curb the menace?Explained. Allegations by opposition of corruption in procurement of Rafale planes from France.Why SC is reopening- Sorry Sir, I’m not sure.Explained official secrets act, 1923. Gives privileges to government officials to deny any information in name of national security and sovereignty of India.Can it be used- Rafale is a fighter plane and has sensitive information. Its specifications release might against the prospects of Air Force but price details can be released. In fact, in the newspaper today the SC has clarified that RTI 2005 supersedes OSA 1923 and government cannot dent information arbitrarily.Way out- Catalogue and codify the circumstances OSA 1923 can be put into action. It should’nt be based on whims and fancies of the government.16. Do you think humans have evolved from ape? Evidences for it?Yes.Evidences:Developmental biology: Foetus stages same.Anatomical: Homology and Analogy. Gave examples of Wings of Birds, bats and Humans.Genetic: Humans share 98% genes with Chimpanzee.Fossil records.LUCA.17. Enemy property bill 2016? Why SC did not give nod to it in first time?Sir, The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, amends the Enemy Property Act, 1968 and vest all the properties of the people who migrated to enemy countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh during wars of 1962, 65 etc, in the hands of Custodian of Enemy properties of India.The properties value over 1 lakh crore. The government is panning to put the properties into productive use of public welfare or to monetise on them to raise money for public welfare.18. Simultaneous elections? Feasible? Problems faced if implemented?Clubbing of LS and State LA elections into one.Feasible- Till 1967, elections in country were simultaneous only but due to early dissolving of assembly in period of 67–69, the cycle was disturbed.The government is mooting for an idea of Simultaneous elections and NITI Aayog in its recent report said that these elections are feasible in two phases- by clubbing state elections with national elections and have another period of elections mid way.Problems faced- Against constitutional mandate of people's right to dissolve the assembly if the majority on floor cannot be proved or if the government loses its support. Also, subjugation of regional issues under national issues. Additionally, issues of manpower with ECI for conducting such a large exercise is there.19. Why laxity in defence procurement? Why are defence projects stalled?Lack of political will. Political interference in defence acquisition.Judicial interference and pending.Possible Corruption (Gave Bofors and Rafale example).Ineffective performance by Defence acquisition council.Budget constraints (India 50 odd billion, while China has 200B and US has 600B).20. Future of WTO? What is impeding it? Why recent trade wars then?WTO has been ineffective in controlling the escalation of trade war between US, China and other nations.What is impeding it? Primarily weakening of Dispute resolution committee of WTO- the principal dispute settlement body of WTO. US is hindering appointment of new member to DRC, and the body has become weaker and will further be reduced down to just one member in next few years.Trade wars due to trust deficit and US ‘America first’ policy.Way out- appointment of more members to WTO DRC mainly from Asia and Africa. Minimise the possibility of one nation interfering with the WTO mandate (US alone has huge rights and stakes in WTO).21. Should India and Pakistan look for a mediator in kashmir dispute? Can UN be a mediator?In the current geopolitical situation, it is extremely difficult for both the countries to accept a third party as an unbiased mediator, because the government to government and people to people disconnect is severe.Additionally, time and again both counties have reiterated their stand that Kashmir issue is a bilateral issue and would be solved by deliberations and discussions between the two countries itself.The Kashmir issue was taken to the UN by former PM Pt. JL Nehru. However, UN mandated ceasefire have not been successful in bridging the trust deficit and diffuse the tensions between the two nations. Therefore, efficacy of UN intervention is again questionable as both nations are adamant on solving the Kashmir issue bilaterally.22. What is electoral bond? Why is it important? Is the identity of the donator revealed?After reducing the limit of cash donation to a political party from earlier 20,000 to 2,000, the government announced electoral bond scheme as a more transparent mechanism to fund political parties.Electoral bonds can be purchased from certain designated branches of SBI only and have denominations in logarithmic scale (1000, 1 lakh, 10 lakh, 1 crore..). They can be purchased by any citizen from the bank.The ECI has issued designated bank accounts to the political parties who have secured 1% of votes in previous LS or State LA elections. The political parties can cash the bond within 15 days of receiving it in this bank account.No Sir, The identity is still anonymous.23. What is dumping?I clarified is it dumping in trade and he said yes.Sir, Dumping is a phenomenon in trade when one countries export a product at a price lower than the cost of that product in the domestic market of the exporter.It brings domestic industries into disadvantage and harm the local producers.Your interview is over. Thank you.Some questions I’m not able to recall. I said ‘I don't know’ to 2–3 questions.The interview lasted for 35–40 minutes. The board was extremely cordial. Zero grilling. Most of the questions were on expected lines. I was surprised because it was very lenient in comparison to the mock interviews that I had given. In mocks, questions were more in depth and grilling component was there.When I came out, I had a big smile on my face. I knew I was confident and smiling throughout. However, I was a little sceptical later as the questions were very basic. But, that wasn't in my hand. I did what I could do.Thanks.

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