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PDF Editor FAQ

Have you ever lied on a job application, and did you get caught?

During my assignment in our detective unit I conducted several extensive pre-employment background investigations on applicants (both sworn and non-sworn) after they had successfully passed their related agility, written and/or oral board testing.ANY intentional deception ALWAYS resulted in rejection…..and I mean ANY AND ALWAYS……NO EXCEPTIONS !In this line of work there should be no tolerance what-so-ever for dishonesty…..not on applications…not during employment.When a dispatcher applicant had her pre-background interview with me, one of the questions I asked her was what leave she had taken from her then current police dispatcher job to attend this meeting. She told me she had used a “vacation” day. When I subsequently found that her employer disputed this and showed that she had actually used a “sick” day…..her application was rejected on the basis of her making a false statement.

How uncomfortable did you become while you participated in the pre-employment polygraph test before joining the police force?

I worked at the same police agency asTim Dees - but was hired several years after he started. He did have a polygraph exam, but I did not. No one in my academy had one to my knowledge. I don’t know if they just didn’t have anyone available, or if it was no longer required as part of the hiring process.Almost every job I have held has required extensive background checks.My first job as a deputy coroner in 2007 said they were using a voice stress polygraph during my background interview. But I don’t think they were. After about an hour of the interview, the detective said that their results were showing that I was being deceptive about ‘something’ on my resume. I said that everything on there was verifiable with other agencies. That if I were to lie, it would not be about something that would be easily checked up on. I said that they may think I am a liar, but I am not a stupid liar! The detective just laughed and said, “welcome to the department”.I actually did not have my legal name on my resume. I was going through a divorce and it was expected to be finalized with a week or so. I did let them know that I was using my maiden name, because I expected it to be my legal name again shortly and did not want to have to change it on all the paperwork.Was I uncomfortable? No more than I would be at any interview type meeting. I knew nothing on my resume or what I had provided was deceptive.Tim Dees had also used me as a test subject once when he was doing an article for a police magazine for one the voice stress analyzers. He said he was going to ask a certain number of questions, and to lie on one of them and not to let him know which one. I passed that too- even deliberately lying. So I didn’t give the ‘science’ behind them much credence.

How was your UPSC ESE interview?

Before answering to this questions I will tell you the brief about my Interview and it’s Panel.Date of Interview:- 11th December 2015Chairman :- Prof. Hem Chandra GuptaMy interview comprises of Panel of 3 Specialists from Different reputed college.As I am from Civil Engineering Background so all specialists from civil backgroundInterviewer 1:- Specialist of Structure EngineeringInterviewer 2:- Specialist of Environment EngineeringInterviewer 3:- Specialist of Hydropower Engineering (This one was from my college whose name was Dr. B.K. Samtani)Now come on the main part that is Interview .The most toughest part of a Interview is when you are sitting outside the chairman’s cabin and the interview of another candidates is going inside the chamber of chairman. Literally that was the hardest time and it feels that time has been literally stop. and it feels more when you are giving UPSC interview which has it’s own fear.I waited almost 20 minutes outside the cabin and after seeing the expression of a candidate who came from inside mere to literally fat rahi thi ( In fear after seeing the expressions of candidates ).Now One men came and take me to inside the cabin for a interview.On entering the Chairmen’s chamberI wish chairmen and all the specialists “Good Morning Sir“(with smiling face chahe kitne bhi fat rahi ho you always have to keep control on expressions which are very important ) Chairman asked me to seat which is just in front of chairman and all specialists are adjacent to me (one on one side and two are on other side )Beginning questions are always asked by chairmanChairman:- So Mr. Avdhesh Meena can you tell me the place where earthquake of 11.6 Richter scale has been occurred.Me:- (What the fuck he is asking how can I know the place and who can ask this type os questions in beginning . But I keep calm and answer the question with pose of almost 20 sec.) Sir NowhereChairman :- Why ?Me:- Sir the instrument we used to measure earthquake i.e richter scale can’t measure beyond 10. And Sir the maximum 9.6 Richter scale earthquake came in chile.(I read this 2 week back only )Chairman :- (With Smiling face ) How we measure using Richter Scale ?Me:- Sir Richter Scale defines magnitude as the logarithm of the ratio of the amplitude of the seismic waves to an arbitrary, minor amplitude, as recorded on a standardized seismograph at a standard distance.Chairman now seems satisfy with answers so after that he did’t asked any further technical questionsChairman :- Avdhesh What you learn from your recent job experience that is of 10 months according to your DAF.Me:- Sir My current job profile is more about managerial skills compared to technical skills( As I works as Deputy Manager ) So sir major hurdles for me is to complete the projects on time . So sir this type of work experience help me to learn how you can use your resources in better way. which I also consider the major thing in any construction project or for any Civil Engineer.Now Chairman seems fully satisfy and he stop asking further questions and asked specialist 1 to ask questionsSpecialist 1:- So Avdhesh can you tell me the design philosophy for earthquake resistant structure ?Me:- ( i am thinking Aaj yeh earthquake mhujhe marwa k hi chodega “today this earthquake is going to kill me literally” but I replied with confident) Sir for earthquake resistant structure be prefer “Strong Column and weak beam design philosophy (As during 2nd year my optional subject was Earthquake Engineering that’s why i recall this )Specialist 1:- This means you can allow to break beams ?Me :- Sir During Earthquake our main aim is to avoid sudden collapse of building as this will lead to if their is column failure so sir for getting pre warning of collapsing of a structure we can allow to fail beam compare to column.Specialist 1:- Can we make earthquake Proof Structures .?Me:- ( Taking pose of 10–15sec and thinking yeh mere zindagi m earthquake aane wala h ab aur earthquake related questions puche to lagne waali h kuki full ho gaya h Mera quota ab But I knew the answer that was the only relief) Sir we can make the earthquake proof building but that is not advisable because it will be costly and unnecessary bulky . So sir we make earthquake resistant building which give pre warning before failure so that we can escape easily . Sir the most important part in designing the building which fall under the earthquake prone area is that is that during earthquake building will not lead to sudden failure before failing it will give some warning so that loss of life can be avoided . And sir if we are going to design for maximum earthquake or we can say earthquake proof building whose frequency is once in 150–200 year and the life of structure is almost about 50–60 years . So sit it's not even economical and feasible to make earthquake proof building .Now Specialist 1 tells chairman sir I am done with my questions and now chairman asked Specialist 2 to ask me questions .Specialist 2:- Avdhesh can you tell me the type of filters and difference between them?Me:- Sir there are generally 2 types of filter 1.) Rapid sand filter 2.) Slow Sand filterSir their are many criteria on which we distinguish them1.) Rate of filter is more in rapid sand filter compare to slow sand filter2.) Improvement of water quality is more in Slow sand filter compare to rapid sand filter3.) Pre treatment requires in rapid sand filter while it not required in slow sand filter .I give 2–3 more points which I am not able to recall currently.Specialist 2:- Avdhesh you are from Rajasthan can you give me disadvantage of Indira Gandhi canal .Me :- ( Yeh kya questions h canal k aur wo bhi disadvantage maine socha mere to lag gayi ab per i think for a while and then answer ) Sir as such there are mainly advantages of it but as some disadvantage which I fell are following1.) As sir this canal passes from desert area so it will reduce the desert portion which is the tourist hub of Rajasthan so it will affect the tourism of Rajasthan to some extent2.) As sir those people are not habitant to such moist atmosphere which will cause them water born diseases easily . As they are not habitant to that much moist atmosphereNow Specialist 2 said to Chairman that sir I am done with my questions now chairman asked specialist 3 to ask me questionsSpecialist 3 :-(The Professor who was from my college who teaches us Hydro and we usually bunk his classes ) So Avdhesh can you tell me how the height of Dam decided .?Me :- ( Sala ise abhi tak yaad h ki humne iski yahi topic wali class bunk maare thi But I know answer of this question partially) Sir there are many factors on which the height of dam depend some are following1.) Rate of sedimentation2.) Bearing Capacity of Soil3.) Type of Dam4.) Material of Construction5.) Purpose of a DamSpecialist 3:- To kya patal tak bana doge Dam (So can you make dam of infinte height ?Me:- (Sala yeh lekar hi rahega ) No Sir there are many factors which i mention earlier from that we can decide the height of dam and do the the further calculations .Specialist 3:- (He seems not satisfied ) Can you drive the f1/f2 equation ?Me :- (I know this very well ) I drive the F1/F2 equation (Civil Engineers can understand what I am talking as it’s not easy for me to answer this question here. But I drive the equation )Specialist3:- (Bura se face bana k ) tells chairman that Sir I done with my questions.Chairman :- So Avdhesh Your Interview is over you can go now (with smiling face )Me:- (With Smiling face I wish chairman and all specialists) Thanku very much Sir and came outside the chamber and take long breath and thinking ( sala khud ka professor he watt na laga de )Duration of my interview is of around 25 minutes and somehow I was satisfied with my Interview .And one More thing my Interview is around 90% Technical and only 10% non technical.PS:- As many are asking my interview score. Which I forgot to share earlier But I will going to share it now. Actually when I came outside after finishing my interview I was expecting score around 130. Because personally I feel that I answered all the questions correctly (actually this was my opinion) But when result came it was 122 which I felt little bit less as per my expectations but when I discussed this with others I get to know that I scored heighest among all the candidates who are interviewed by HC Gupta . Actually HC Gupta Sir is famous for giving marks in the range of 100–105. But after getting reviews from all my friends I was satisfied with my interview score .#avoid grammatical mistake if any#Upvote if find useful#Thanks

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