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PDF Editor FAQ

What are the processes needed to change the date of birth on your marriage certificate in the Philippines?

You have to petition the City/Municipal Civil Regrister's office with an Affidavit of Correction of Entry. This is a notarized document, which you will also need supporting documents like Church papers, Affidavit of the Officiating Person, Affidavit of 2 Disinterested Persons who witnessed your wedding.The Correction of Entry is not going to change the original documents filed, what they will do is attached an Addendum certified by the Civil Registrar and file it woth NSO. Everytime you will use this Certified True Copy from National Statistics Office there will be an attachment also in security paper.

How long does it usually take in the Philippines to transfer a land title from deceased parents to their heirs? And what do you do to expedite the process of land title transfer?

BD Officer here. For a simple transfer, the entire (usual) process will take 2–3 months.In order to expedite the process, I recommend that you do things simultaneously.Execute a Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement (EJS) among heirs with the help of a lawyer.Secure the documents needed (in certified copies) for the payment/filing of Estate Tax Return - such as proof of relationship (birth, marriage and death certificates); land title/s, tax declaration of the property/ies of the deceased at the time of death, certificate of no improvement (if applicable), list of property holdings (local and provincial), TIN of heirs and notarized EJS.Submit all the documents to the BIR* for the computation of Estate Tax Return. Once paid, wait for the release of BIR Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR), which usually takes 1-2 months.While waiting for the release of the CAR: Go to a local newspaper, submit a copy of the notarized EJS and have the adjudication/settlement be published in three (3) circulations. After which, you can request for Affidavit of Publication; Pay for the transfer fee at the Treasurer's office to get a Transfer Tax Clearance; Also, make sure that the real property tax is updated/fully paid for the current year by getting an RPT Clearance.Upon release of the CAR, submit the original documents (notarized EJS, Affidavit of Publication, Transfer Tax Clearance, RPT Clearance, owner's duplicate of land title and BIR CAR) to the registry of Deeds (RD) for transfer and registration. The transfer of title to the heirs will (normally) take 2–4 weeks.*If the deceased (decedent) owned several properties in different places, the return shall be filed with any Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) of the Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the place of domicile of the decedent at the time of his death. If the decedent has no legal residence in the Philippines, or died abroad, the return shall be filed with the Office of the Commissioner (RDO No. 39, South Quezon City).For detailed information:

Should I mail an invitational letter to a friend in the Philippines for a consular to see?

Save the postage. It will have absolutely zero benefit. Many Americans are under the false assumptions that they can sponsor a foreigner with a letter of support to help them obtain a tourist or other non-immigrant visa. This is entirely false and am tired of seeing this same question posted on here over and over. ALL non-immigrant visa applicants MUST be able to pass the interview and convince a skepticle consular official ON THEIR OWN MERITS. A citizen providing a letter of support does nothing because it is not legally enforceable. On the other hand, an immigrant visa such as a CR1 or IR1 (usually a marriage visa), DOES require the US citizen to prove ability to support, but not in a letter. Rather, it will be in a properly completed I-864 Affidavit Of Support, along with all the documents that go along with it. This IS enforceable (though rarely is in practice). This form cannot be submitted with a non-immigrant visa application.

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