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With NORKA registrations, for return of NRIs from Kerala, crossing 1 lakh, do you expect a sharp fall in NRI remittances to India in 2020-21? Whether crash in crude prices can stem the Indian Rupee from further weakening?

Thanks V Kandaswamy for the questionWith NORKA registrations, for return of NRIs from Kerala, crossing 1 lakh, do you expect a sharp fall in NRI remittances to India in 2020-21?As of now, nearly 2 Lakh NRKs (Non Resident Keralities) have expressed their desire to return back to Kerala and registered in the official portal of Kerala’s NORKA.The highest is from UAE (75,000), followed by Saudi (43,000) and other Gulf countries. There are registrations from the Western countries as well, but these numbers are small. As many as 2,600 Keralites have registered their names on the site from the US, and 1,290 from the UK.Eager to return home, two lakh Keralites register their names on NORKA siteNORKA or Non Resident Keralites Affairs is the defacto Foreign Affairs ministry of Kerala State and actively working for the welfare of Malayalee diaspora around the world. So NORKA is now incharge for bringing Malayalees back to Kerala safely which the state of Kerala and its government has accorded the highest priority as of now. We cannot afford to have our brothers and sisters languishing and getting stranded in various parts of the world and remain ourself in island of safety. Its of Kerala’s highest interests, our mothers, our fathers, sisters, brothers, who supported us and our state all the time, to be back in the laps of our motherland. Its for this reason, Kerala is actively pressing for ensuring safe return of NRKs into the state.The state has set up more than 2 Lakh bed facilities across the state (prioritizing more spaces near to the 4 airports) to receive the massive inflow. A protocol is now in place, so as guidelines and measures to ensure strict quarantine process and medical checks to avoid any case of social spread.The priority for NORKA and Govt of India’s MEA is to bring up people of 3 key critieaSenior citizens (above 60) who have negative Covid test reportsChildren, pregnant ladies, people who have history of other medical illness particularly Cardiac, respiratory or neuro related conditions and those who need urgent medical attention with priority to cancer patients.Stranded people, like those who caught in foreign countries in Visit visa, temporary visa, who lost their jobs, who are on long leave, prisoners who were released/acquitted, those who sough and granted amnesty or asylum in the host country etc.This shall not include PIO/OCI card holders who are not legal citizens of India and Kerala. This shall also not include those who have employment visa and valid employment currently. And there is no requirement to submit a negative COVID test report from host country as mandatory qurantinee is enforced once they are back in Kerala.Negative Covid-19 certificate not required during registration: NORKA directorThe process of registering in the portal is explained well by Gulf News to all Malayalees in UAECOVID-19: How non-resident Keralites in UAE can register to return through NORKAOr it can be understood from the video belowNow to the question, will it affect Kerala in a short run, ie 2020–2021For sure yes.The World Bank has predicted that non-resident Indian (NRI) deposits into the country will fall 23% this week—the sharpest decline in recent history—and Kerala, which receives over ₹1 trillion in remittances, may be the worst hit among states.Remittances to South Asia to dip 22% in 2020: World BankNRKs contribute 30–40% of Kerala’s prosperity in general. Their remittances has fuelled a huge consumption pattern in the state, thus fueling a massive service sector and a very huge consumer market. This massive consumption has fulled a whole cycle of economic activities, like real estate, banking, retail, educational and healthcare etc, being the Big 5 key industries of Kerala which employees 70% of Kerala’s domestic workforce.If that remittance source stops or dries up, this consumption will also end, thus risking the local entrepreneurs who have driven the massive service sector industry which constitute 40+ % of Kerala total GDP.Covid-19 pandemic: 800 million households dependent on remittances to be hitBut, is it specific to Kerala? The consumption has ceased or came to a crashing halt across the world. Who is consuming more real estate or restaurants or buying electronics these days? Everyone, be it rich or poor, is thriving on essentials of their level or grade. A rich may look for some more packed food or noodle packets or oats etc, while a poor may look for more Atta or rice. Essentially everyone in the world looks for essentials, not luxuries, as the whole world is in pandemic.So Kerala will suffer, so as rest of India and world. Nothing new.. The ceasing of migrant remittances and movement shall trigger another huge catastrophic chain of economic distress, not just for Kerala, rather entire world.COVID-19 Newsletter: Remittance Economy set to morph foreverSo yes, for 2020–2021 year, Kerala will see a huge fall and our government already estimated and prepared for it. So as the country and almost all other countries.Will Kerala recover after this?I am neither an astrologer nor an Oracle to predict the future.Kerala’s prosperity was essentially fueled by its NRKs. Without them, Kerala would have been a BIMARU state. Will Kerala become such in future? Only this below guy can tellLet the Kalachakara (the span of time) tell that story, which I can’tBut an intelligent guess of mine says, we will overcomeKerala didn’t become BIMARU state not because the State Govt of Kerala had a GULF MIGRATION YOJANA in 1970 to ferry all the human talents in a Pathemari (Dhow boat) to Gulf shores. Rather those adventurous and ambitious young Malayalee men and women decided to risk their lives and migrate to various green pastures to bring prosperity for themselves and their family. .Remember, migration didn’t start just when oil was discovered in Gulf. Malayalees used to migrate historically to various places. When teak became a key export, Malayalees went to Burma and became part of Burma’s growth story inbetween 1900s-30s. So as scores of Malayalees went to Singapore and Penang to help British in setting Rubber plantations and spice gardens and worked there, thus have a huge Penang and Singaporean Malayalee communities (remember, Singapore’s most charismatic President-Devan Nair was a Malayalee, so as Malayasia’s iconic ex PM Mahathir Mohamad is half-Malayalee). Thats why thousands of Malayalees became part of Subhash Chandra Bose’s INA movement (remember the famous Rani Jhansi Regiment which was commanded by a Malayalee lady- Capt.Lakshmi ).After Independence and turmoil in South East Asia in 1940s-50s period (Japanese Invasion, nationalism, ethnic crisis etc), scores of Malayalees were forced to return back to Kerala, that too a young state in its infancy. We received all of them back. We had a crisis then too.Then by 1960s, oil was discovered across Middle East and a huge wave of opportunity came, triggering a massive flow to that part of the world.But it wasn’t a tale of roses and Aladin Lamps. How many Indians have heard of Iranian Revolution of 1975? Many be some in text books. But Iran (it was known Persia then) had more than 10K Malayalees working then, mostly in medical field and construction sector as part of Shah’s open policies. The revolution ended the Malayalee’s Persian dreams and many came back.We have seen the worst during 1990 Gulf War, which too triggered a massive evacuation of many to India. Nearly 1.7 Lakh Indians, mostly Malayalees (nearly 85%) were evacuated from Kuwait alone during the Gulf War. More than 1 Lakh Malayalees across ME lost their jobs due to the massive crisis and then all returned. Almost 40k Malayalees living in Iraq lost their jobs due to sanctions and had to return.When Malayalis Fled From the Gulf In FearGulf War was the biggest crisis we had ever seen. All of the sudden, more than 3 Lakh Malayalees back in Kerala. It had some worst pre-conditions too. Overnight, one of the world’s most valued currency, Kuwait Dinars became worthless and the money these Kuwaiti Malayalees held locally had lower value than of paper. As many fled overnight, their properties got lost and they came back mostly as penniless refugees with absolutely unsure whats next.Further, India was in its worst conditions. The whole country has gone near to Bankruptcy and had to pledge its gold reserves. Every state in India was in extreme financial distress due to extreme inflation which was one step away from hyperinflation. There was a minority government in power in Delhi and a power transition in Kerala from Left to Right. So as terrorism was high in South India with LTTE having sleeper cells in Kerala too and an ex-PM was assassinated by them in heart of the South India.It was the worst time ever. Yet, didn’t we sail thro?Didn’t India, Kerala and Middle East got away with its worst phase and marched to progress?Didn’t those Malayalees who lost their jobs, got new phase of economic progress?Didn’t Kuwait, ME and India recovered from post Gulf War crisis?The answer is YESThe sun never sets for permanent. For every dusk, there is a dawn waiting.I am sure, the world would be different from what it used to be prior to Covid. But essentially a new order would come and Malayalee community will use that.I am skipping the second questionWhether crash in crude prices can stem the Indian Rupee from further weakening?As its something related to foreign exchange and trade, which is essentially not of my domain area.

How do I travel to Kanyakumari from Karnataka by flight via Trivandrum during covid 19 lockdown 5.0? As we don’t have kerala address, what should we give in epass application form of Kerala’s NORKA registration?

Pl refrain from going to Kanyakumari during may postpone it to 2021.every Tom dick and harry there is a covid patient.moreover there are no good hospitals there.

I'm at my home town in Coimbatore, and I resigned from my previous company. How do I get an ePass to bring my luggage and documents from Trivandrum (Kerala, previous work location) back to CoIMbatore?

If you want to go to Kerala and get your luggage through ePass you can apply through Norka registration but it takes time approx.10–15 days.Then also apply through TN ePass registration for return.If you are going in your personal vehicle you will also need the Norka pass document(which you will get after registration).TN registration is really fast but Kerala registration will take time but you will get it. TN registration can be done only after you get the State Pass Number from Norka.Norka Link : ePass Link :

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