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PDF Editor FAQ

Does New Mexico require a bill of sale?

Yes, a New Mexico bill of sale is required . . . You'll also need a certificate of title, an odometer disclosure statement, an Application for Vehicle Title and Registration, proof of insurance, proof of identity, two items to be used as proof of New Mexico residency, and be prepared to pay your fees.Create Legal Documents

What political maneuvers, if any, could have been done to avert the U.S. Civil War?

Q: What political maneuvers, if any, could have been done to avert the U.S. Civil War?Missouri Compromise of 1820 admitted Maine (free) and Missouri (slave) to maintain the balance of states over slavery. What other issue warranted that kind of planning?The compromise also established the parallel 36°30′ north line that said only free states could be created north of the line and only slave states could be created south of the line…. even though Missouri is north of the line.[source]Are you saying that wasn’t a political maneuver?Okay, maybe the Compromise of 1850 will avert a war. This compromise was a series of 5 separate bills passed by Congress in September 1850 to avoid secession and potential war.When new territories were acquired during the Mexican-American War (1846–1848) the issue of expanding slavery was brought up again. Many southerners wanted to expand slavery into the western territories and many northern abolitionists were just as set against it.Texas, which had become a slave state in 1845, surrendered claims to territories that it never really controlled… so, not a big loss for Texas. Those lands included present-day New Mexico, Arizona, a little of Oklahoma, Colorado, and other bits. In return, the federal government absorbed Texas’ public debt.California was admitted as a free state.The rest of the land acquired from Mexico was organized into the New Mexico and Utah territories.Slaves could no longer be bought or sold within the District of Columbia. People could be slaves within the district but the sale or purchase itself could not happen in the federal district.The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was a BIG compromise… it required that all escaped slaves within any state - free or slave - be returned to their masters and that officials, law enforcement, and citizens had to cooperate regardless of religious or moral beliefs. This law was in response to free states’ whittling away at the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 through judicial review, etc.That sounds like a lot of political maneuvering and catering to southerners to me.Oh, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793? It said that a woman who escaped slavery and had children born in a free state were also to be ‘returned’ as slaves if she was caught. Even if she died and the children were found to be the children of an escaped slave woman they were slaves. Is that not a compromise?What’s next… oh, yes, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. This law established the Kansas and Nebraska territory borders, and more.The “parallel 36°30′ north line” was replaced by “popular sovereignty”, which means each territory could hold a vote to decide if they were free or slave. No more balancing act and people living in the territories got to choose. This part of the compromise also potentially allowed slavery in the northern territories, which was larger than those south of the old line.This change led to a huge ‘invasion’ of pro- and anti-slavery people from existing states in order to vote their way. Raids were brutal and spared no one. It was called “Bleeding Kansas”.It was a political maneuver with a really bad result.Then we have the Dred Scott v Sanford case that reached the Supreme Court in 1857. It’s a long story but Dred Scott was a slave who was sold to a man who took him into a free state to live. Dred Scott believed that made him free. His new owner said that was not the intention so he was still a slave. The Supreme Court ruled against Mr. Scott and basically said he was not a “citizen” as defined by the Constitution.Make no mistake that this was a political maneuver by the Court.I think there were decades of political maneuvering but when the Republican Party came forward with 10 of 17 planks in the 1860 presidential election intending to limit the expansion of slavery and, eventually, eliminate it the southern Democrats decided they’d run out of political maneuvering and compromising.No, the war was inevitable as long as the southern states continued to force northern free states to compromise to keep the nation together. The free states had kept losing and got tired of it as the abolition movement grew stronger with every compromise.

Does one need a California license to buy a car in California?

No. I have a New Mexico License. I bought a motor vehicle in Yuma AZ, took delivery of it in California so I wouldn’t have to pay AZ tax and paid tax on it in NM when I registered and titled it there.You can buy the car in CA, transport it to your state of residence, then title and register it there. You will pay your state’s sales tax on the purchase when you register the car.You can usually get a temporary transportation license tag from your homestate DMV so you can legally drive the vehicle home. Check your DMV website for that information.I have purchased out of state vehicles and driven them home without tags, just the Bill of Sale and the Title. I have never been stopped, but I supposed a by the book cop might write a ticket for that.

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