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PDF Editor FAQ

Can a seller back out once the real estate contract has been signed and escrow has been paid?

Depends on the state and their laws but in DC, MD, and VA if the buyer does not meet certain things or if the buyer request outrageous items on an inspection report yes the seller can cancel the contract.

Why did China's Foreign Minister spokesperson mention Fort Detrick Laboratory more than once?

[Edit in 21st]Please watch these 2 videos from Nathan Rich:This one was posted 10 months ago.This one is today.Please watch his video with patience. He’s not trying not raise a consparicy theory, but merely presenting the facts and bring up reasonable questions.There is no conclusion yet, and may never will be.[Orginal answer]Because it’s fishy in Fort Detrick.Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several 'serious' protocol violations that yearFREDERICK, Md. — In 2019, an Army laboratory at Fort Detrick that studies deadly infectious material like Ebola and smallpox was shut down for a period of time after a CDC inspection, with many projects being temporarily halted.CDC Inspection Findings Reveal More about Fort Detrick Research SuspensionThe two breaches reported by USAMRIID to the CDC demonstrated a failure of the Army laboratory to "implement and maintain containment procedures sufficient to contain select agents or toxins" that were made by operations in biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratories, according to the report.According to a 2009 report from Government Accountability Office, there were over 400 safety faults in the past 10 years.Besides the safety issues in Fort Detrick, there was an outbreak of pneumonia since August 2019 in the US.The E-cigarette has been sold in the US since 2007, and can be found in many countries around the world. There were no reports of massive pneumonia caused by E-cigarette in the US before 2019 and anytime in other places.There is no follow up about this mysterious pneumonia. No determination about it cause and bio test result. Media just all said that it’s caused by E-cigarette and that was it.I recall the first place where reported such case is about 30KM south of Fort Detrick. The outbreak was in late August and September, synchronized with the close donw of Fort Detrick in August.All of these make the withdraw of the US from WHO suspicious.Being not a member of WHO, other countries could not demand a investigation in the US.Meanwhile, the US and its allies were keep demanding a full investigation in China, and the media hype about this lasted for months.The investigation team had arrived China already. I recall 3 of its members got stopped at Singapore for positive antibody test. They need to do some tests to make sure that they are not infected.Talking about antibody test:It’s just fishy.I am not saying that there must be something wrong in Fort Detrick. But the US has a very bad record running its many bio-chemical labs, and it refuses any sort of investigation.

I’m very confused about whether I want to study for an MBBS or not. Where can I get honest opinions and reviews about the course, without any sugarcoating?

I think I can give you proper info about it as I have completed MBBS.It's going to be a long answer so if you are in hurry you can skip reading this answer.WARNING :Few of things in the last part are subjective , other may or may not have views similar to mine.After reading the answer completely you might feel that “Oh this guy became doctor and now not wanting others to become doctors” I don't have any such intension. If fact it will be good for the people of India if more and more doctors come out in future.The sole reason of answering this question is : SAVING LIVES !!If you believe in fate : it is said that what's written in fate - only that happensIf its your faith that you become doctor and end up like Dr. Paribaba or the Orthopedic Doctor of Dhule Incident then I am trying to save your life by giving you exact picture.If its your faith to become a doctor then by giving you exact scenario I am helping you save many lives which as per referrals system again I am saving Lives.IndexProcess of life if you get into MBBSADVANTAGES OF MBBS AND BEING A DOCTORDISADVANTAGES OF MBBS AND BEING A DOCTORSUBJECTIVE STUFF : I do not like it but you would love it.CONCLUSIONI will give you both sides of the course and field overall.After clearing neet UG :I will try to give overall viewBased upon your rank you can get into a Private Medical College or Govt. Medical College.Govt. Medical colleges : infrastructure and facilities may or may not be good here like equipments or hostels or teachers etc but you will get good clinical knowledge or practical knowledge becasueTreatment here is free. India is full of people who like or NEED free services.There are very less doctors or medical students compared to what is needed. So you will never have complaint that I have not seen enough patients.Teaching staff : may be adequate or may not be at all. If you get teachers they will teach you a bit rest you have to read. If no teachers then also you have to read.Now a days you have many video apps who teach you the basics and are for MCQs of PG but still if no one is available you can learn basics online.Private medical colleges : Infrastructure will be good as they try to maintain as per requirements of MCI. You will also find adequate teachers and infrastructure in the college. The downside is Money and Patient load.Patients are any day less when compared to govt. hospitals as here they need to pay.Every private medical college is run by a group of industrialists or politicians who look at it as an investment of huge amount around 400 to 500 crores and have the impression that it will generate sustained income for their investment. And to achieve this they will not burden the patients for money as NO PATIENTS EQUALS USELESS HOSPITAL AND USELESS HOSPITAL EQUALS A NON FUNCTIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE.Students come into the scene here. If you got admission via state counseling then you need to pay fee mentioned by state govt. + other fee which usually do not increase more than 50 percent of fee mentioned by state govt. If you have taken admission via the management quota after just qualifying neet UG, it will be in a package for whole course which varies from 50 lakhs to 2 crores based on college and also based upon the time when you are seeking admission.Usually during the MCI inspection these private colleges run some or the other free schemes or offers which brings in good no. of patients at the time of inspection and for the rest of the time when there is no inspection then they show so many patients in their records by making fake case sheets which needs to be filled by the interns and 1st year PG students as homework.So in short from studies point of view you will get everything but in terms of money and practical knowledge : you will most of the times behind medical students of govt. colleges.I wrote most of the times in above statement because it's a general and usual rule that students of govt. colleges are better than students of medical colleges but it's not true always.Also in govt. colleges you will be given stipend in your internship which is again eaten up by the management in private colleges.Since there is no one to ask for attendance in govt. medical colleges many simply escape from their duties and spend their time in internship in other activities without learning.Also in private medical colleges there is a concept of fine.If you do fall short of attendance by 5 percent : fine of 10 thousand. If you answer back to people of management, fine of 50 thousand. So you need to be very careful in private medical colleges until you are very rich or your parents have good network with hi fi politicians of your local area.Also in private medical colleges if you fail in university examsStudent who got admission from state counseling :pay re exam fee of 4000 (just an example)Student who came via the management quota :pay re exam fee of 40000 (yes it's 10 times)Now coming to a point in life where you cleared all the exams and reached the internship :You are the lowest person in the hierarchy of the department : hence you are the chai wala , fake case sheet filler , personal servant of the department.If your are lucky or too committed to learning then yes you can learn a lot of clinical knowledge and hands on experience which is invaluable if you have as it gives a really good confidence to handle patients alone.One thing to note here , I am unaware of other fields but here in medical field it's always upon you to read clear exams and learn and passout. U can get good friends but at the end of the day it's you who have to do everything.So after finishing MBBS (including internship)You canWork as junior doctorOr prepare for PG NEET entrance examWorking as junior doctorThe pay varies from place to place , from hospital to hospital , from authory to authority (govt. To private)I will give you extreme ends of the spectrumIn Delhi if you work in Govt. Hospital you will be paid ₹97910 in hand every month (without income tax deduction) but they are contract jobs which are maximum for 1 yr. And at the max you can work for 2 yrs.In Hyderabad if you work in Private hospital you will be paid ₹20000 in hand every month.Pay in private hospitals will increase based upon your working experience.Also working in ICU gives better pay than working in other wards.People who just want to take a rest from their studies join private hospitals as part time to get some money to fulfill their small wishes like cosmetics , bike , laptops , mobile phone , tourism etc.People who took loans for MBBS go to Delhi as it's highest paying for repayment of their loans at the earliest.Usually for girls if they have pressure of marriage from parents go for preparing for NEET PG as a good excuse to delay the marriage. Not applicable to all parents or all girls.Also you will see most of your batchmates join coaching institutes for preparing for NEET PG.Medical field is one field where age is just a number : you will see a person having family with 3 children working as junior doctor with experience of many years in his late 30s. You will also see a person in his late 20s working as Senior doctor after completing PG who cleared neet pg while being still in internship.Now comes the story of NEET PG.As there is always difference of supply and demandAround 2 lac MBBS students apply for 20000 seats of PG all over India.After giving neet pgPG seats in govt. colleges are divided into50 percent to be filled via ALL INDIA COUNSELING50 percent to be filled via STATE COUNSELINGPG seats in private medical colleges to be filled viaState counseling : Govt. Subsidised seats + Unsubsidised seats + Management seats.For seats in govt. medical colleges and govt. subsidised seats in private medical colleges you will have a compulsory bond, duration of which varies from Nil in Delhi to 10 yrs in Arunachal Pradesh.It may or may not be breakable : fine for breaking bond is above 20 lacs.Those who have worked in govt. sector after MBBS will get incentives for working.Example :You worked for govt. for 1 yr … whatever is your score of neet pg , you will get 10 percent extra marks in state counselingYou worked for govt. for 2 yrs… whatever is your score of neet pg , you will get 20 percent extra marks in state counselingYou worked for govt. for 3 yrs … whatever is your score of neet pg , you will get 30 percent extra marks in state counseling30 percent is the max.Once you complete your PG + Bond duration , for many branches of PG such as Surgery , Medicine etc you will have an option to attain another higher degree of education that is super speciality for which you again need to write another exam.Apart from PG you can also go for DNB : Diplomat of national board : its now a days getting equality with respect to MD/MS provided the hospital from which you completed DNB meet few criteria.DNB offers courses of 3 yrs such as Surgery , Medicine etc or direct 6 yr course of Neurosurgery etc.The PG which would be MD or MS is offered by Medical Colleges where as DNB is offered by Medical colleges and other private or govt. hospitals.The stipend in MD or MS depends upon college and state just like that of Internship stipend … Govt. : yes Private : No (in most cases)Stipend in DNB depends upon hospital, how much they pay you, how much you get in hand varies from hospital to hospital and from state to state.So next time when you visit a UROLOGIST or NEUROSURGEON : before seeing the doctor as a common person understand thatHe / she studiedMBBS + Internship : 5.5 yrs.PG + Bond : 3 + 1 to 10 yrs.Super speciality : 3 yrs.There are some end branches also in MD / MS like OBG after which you can work.Among the 20000 PG seats include subjects like PATHOLOGY , MICROBIOLOGY where you can work in diagnostic labs. For subjects like PHARMA, ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY are more of research and teaching oriented which is not so good in India.This was all the things you will go through in your life time as a doctor if you choose MBBS.Now comes theADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING MBBS AND BEING A DOCTOR :You can flaunt that you are a doctor among your school mates.You can enjoy the people who will be jealous of you because they think getting into MBBS is lime getting into diamond mine and you will be minting diamonds for rest of your life which is NOT TRUE.It's a profession where everyone's tone of talk changes to the opposite once they come to know you are a doctor. Believe me it's a pleasure to see this happening.A policeman behaving badly and not writing complaint of lost mobile for common man.Once you say you are Dr. XYZ , he will write your complaint, also gives you his personal mobile no. in case of necessity in future.You never need a job or never need anyone to give job. You upload your resume in websites today, you will be receiving calls for interview till next one year based upon today's resume.Marks doesn't matter anywhere. If you have a medical council registration (which you get after internship) it's enough. Interview is all about the pratical knowledge and a formality.You can just site with a table chair paper pen and one big umbrella even in a village : boom : you will have earnings enough to support a family with minimal needs.While your other friends may be looking for jobs or being a mechanical engineer working in a call centre , you will always have an advantage to do what you have learnt.You will be a centre of attraction among your family and relatives as everyone will come to you for free advice.A boy or girl earning 97000 per month at the age of 23 or 24 yrs is still equal to minting a diamond mine for most of the people of middle class.You will get proposals for marriage at the age of 19 yrs only once people know that you are into MBBS.If you work as a junior doctor, at the workplace you will meet various people with a wide spectrum of stories of their lives.You will meet a doctor who is from Kerala and working in your workplace just to get paid better so that he can repay loans or support his siblings.You will also meet a doctor with 3 children with a wife and who is supporting his family.And all three of you will have same designation.If you choose to stay as junior doctor for long , you will also meet doctors who are Post graduates and in higher designation than you but younger than you and so on.As far as health is concerned you will always know when it's an emergency and when not and be calm.the above are real sugars. Those who don't have it will know its value.DISADVANTAGES OF GETTING INTO MBBS AND BEING A DOCTORNo social life : Yes its true. The syllabus and studies of medical field are too much. You will missYour school friends and their gatheringsYou will miss family functions and gatheringsYou will miss sleep the mostAnd all this you have to go through for all the time you are in a course : such as MBBS , PG , DNB.Until you are at the higher level of consultants night duties and work shifts will always be with you.The above is not true and will have a comparatively less hectic life if you take RADIOLOGY & SKIN as PG (it's all chooses by the toppers of NEET PG) or branches such as PATHOLOGY , PHARMACOLOGY ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY etc ( these are 9 to 5 jobs)If you take branches such as MEDICINE SURGERY OR ANESTHESIA etc , from the days of PG you will miss the sleep the most.While the definition of enjoyment to the world would be PARTYING TOURISM OUTINGS , definition of enjoyment for you would be A PEACEFUL SLEEP.Duration of StudiesWhile your friends are getting jobs (even a mechanical engineer working in call centre) : you will still be studying.While your friends are going on bike trips , reunions : you will still be studyingWhile your friends are getting finding love of their lives, getting married : you will still be studyingWhile your friends are becoming parents : you will still be studyingYou will be a soft target for everyone around you : Public , Politicians , Relatives , Celebrities, Media, Govt.PublicYou follow protocol and ask a patient to get admitted in hospital : you are a greedy doctor, just trying to extract moneyYou order tests to confirm the disease : you are a greedy doctor who is asking for unwanted tests.You break the protocol and treat a patient with medications at home : you are the best doctor.You prescribe medications : you will hear a question , does it have side effects ? People never question the junk food sellers such as dominos about the side effects of pizza which in reality kills people bit by bit.PoliticiansEvery local Politician wants a preferential treatment from you. Even if a patient is dying and you are trying to save you are a bad doctor because you didn't pay attention to politicians relative who was having cough since 10 days.RelativesUntil you are giving free advice to relatives you are good. Once you are doubtful and ask them to get some tests , you are a fake doctor.CelebritiesThey do behave like Politicians and also give public interviews such as Sonali Bendre who said her husband did not want to take “chances” with Indian doctors where as , doctors of India who migrated to UK are making NHS a major success. And politicians and common people from developed countries come to India as a part of medical tourism and gets treated with best possible modalities in India and show their gratitude towards Indian doctors.MediaDefaming a doctor is easy. You can recently see a reporter of aajtak intruding a ICU where a doctor who can at the max can treat 5 children is handling 40 children to save them is simply asking questions and blaming doctors whereas govt. doesn't provide even the minimum requirements.Due to corruption and ignorance of govt. there is lack of various minimum basic facilities in the villages due to which doctors refuse to work in rural areas.Govt. in order to cover up its deficiencies come up with idiotic ideas such as BRIDGE COURSE of 6 months and make a nurse/pharmacist/Ayush doctor/local quack/local baba a full fledged govt. doctor.Govt. always tries to equate 5.5 yrs of studies and practical experience to 6 months of theoretical power point presentations.BIGGEST DISADVANTAGEASSAULT AGAINST DOCTORSIt is due to the above reasons that the image of doctor is very bad in eyes of general public.Also since assholes are everywhere : few doctors do use bad methods to loot patients. This is not true at all. Public generalises this image to every doctor.I will tell a incidentsDelhi Max Hospital : Baby handed over to family saying it's dead and at the time of cremation it moved in plastic bag (was alive)Here is the doctors view :We do not have indian protocols therefore we follow protocols given by both USA and UK.BOTH OF THEM SAY A BABY BORN BEFORE 28 weeks of pregnancy is considered dead piece of flesh as it has no lungs developed properly to live.but the doctors took a chance and tried to save the baby and was when unsuccessful handed over to the family.Then they say baby moved and took to other hospital where after 2 days in ICU it again died.Media made it a publicity stunt and made the treating doctors undergo almost every hell of an experience.License of the hospital was cancelled for sometime and then restored.Apollo Hospitals : 11 lacs bill for a dengue patient in a week by in the last patient died.People said doctors are looters : doctors fee was just 55000 out of 11 lacs.Corporate Hospitals are run by Corporate people and doctors are just employees but everyone blames the doctors. People never blame pilot for high prices of air tickets.In short every asshole has a judgement and opinion about your and the treatment you are giving.The case of Dhule :A drunk driver hits a person with his car , the person on road is injured , people bring the injured person to Hospital , on duty doctor says the patient needs care of neuro surgeon and he is not available here , people beats doctors so much that he loses vision in one of his eyes for life.Recent issue in NRS Medical college :80 Ur patient died as he did not take his medications of high BP , 200 people come to beat 2 on duty interns.None of them is arrested. For one doctors needs ICU as his ribs are broken and not able to breath properly.Another doctor needs Neurosurgery because they hit him so hard that his skull got fractured and now that doctorShould never swimShould never driveShould be on medications for life for epilepsyCan never take surgery as PG (he was topper of surgery in MBBS)Basically his career and life is spoiled for ever.GOONS ATTACK the ladies hostel with stones and acid bottles , local politicians say that they will arrange for goons to rape the female doctors.Goons openly show their private parts to female duty doctors and give rape threatsall in front of police and police behaves like stoneAnd Mamta Banerjee says : medical students are outsiders, and strike by doctors is not logical as people are suffering.Even with all the strike shown in media , emergency services such as delivery road traffic accidents burns etc were still kept running without any closure.Show me one place in India where people are on strike and still working for humanity.When a plea is filed in supreme court for doctors protection , judge says DOCTORS DONT NEED ANY PROTECTION. One lawyer is slapped in court and judge says GIVE FULL PROOF PROTECTION TO THE LAWYER.ASSAULT ON DOCTORS is a daily thing is various parts of India.RESERVATIONS :there are reservations in PG seat counseling.In case of Maharashtra , the total reservation comes around to be 82 percent. So if you are a gneeral category student then you better be a topper. And if you are a reserved candidate you can be in the middle rank.In case of Tamilnadu majority of the doctors go for working in govt. sector so until you are a topper in NEET PG, you won't get any PG seat as all others around will get extra score due to their service duration. So you don't have any chance of PG seat until you have worked in govt. or you are a topper.The Payal Tadvi Suicide caseGeneral category students are angry because a student with rank 4000 will not get PG branch of his choice but a reserved candidate will get branch of their choice even at rank of 8000.Reserved category students say that they come from such backwards and bad conditions that they need reservations and general category students are showing anger without any logical issue and it's just the discrimination.It's a never ending debate.My answer can go much long but this much is enough for you to decide what you want.SUBJECTIVE STUFFRESPECT : I do not care about it after getting into the medical field.If I treat a genuine patient, they get well : they respect me.If I entertain lame request by non emergency patients : they respect me.If I ignore non emergency patients in order to save life of some other critical patient : the non emergency patients disrespect.The relatives of critical Patients : if I save the life they call me god. If I am not able to save life of their dear ones : they beat me.After becoming a doctorYou need to choose between three things but you cannot have all three.RESPECTFAMILY TIMEMONEYbut mind you : you cannot have all three.You become surgeon : you will get respect earn money but you will not get enough family time.You become radiologist : you will have family time earn money but less respect compared to surgeons.You become teaching or research staff : you will get family time you will get respect but less money comparatively.Hope I was of help.Please have a look at this videoThank you.If you like my answer then please give a upvote.

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