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PDF Editor FAQ

Given the Electoral College and assuming every state used winner take all, what is the mathematically smallest percentage of voters that could elect a President?

About 22%The following states and votes would turn the trick:State Votes People people per voteWyoming 3 568,158 189386District of Columbia 3 617,996 205999Vermont 3 626,431 208810North Dakota 3 683,932 227977Alaska 3 722,718 240906Rhode Island 4 1,051,302 262826South Dakota 3 824,082 274694Delaware 3 907,135 302378New Hampshire 4 1,318,194 329549Maine 4 1,328,188 332047Montana 3 998,199 332733Hawaii 4 1,374,810 343703Nebraska 5 1,842,641 368528West Virginia 5 1,855,364 371073Idaho 4 1,584,985 396246New Mexico 5 2,082,224 416445Iowa 7 3,062,309 437473Kansas 6 2,871,238 478540Arkansas 6 2,937,979 489663Mississippi 6 2,978,512 496419Louisiana 9 4,574,836 508315Connecticut 7 3,580,709 511530Alabama 9 4,802,740 533638Minnesota 10 5,344,861 534486Oklahoma 7 3,791,508 541644Nevada 5 2,723,322 544664Kentucky 8 4,369,356 546170Missouri 11 6,010,688 546426Massachusetts 12 6,587,536 548961Oregon 7 3,871,859 553123Utah 5 2,817,222 563444Colorado 9 5,116,796 568533Wisconsin 10 5,711,767 571177Ohio 20 11,544,951 577248Michigan 17 9,876,187 580952Tennessee 11 6,403,353 582123Maryland 10 5,828,289 582829South Carolina 8 4,679,230 584904New Jersey 15 8,821,155 588077If you remove winner take all the percentage bumps up to just under 38%.Almost the same set of states are involved because they have the highest number of evotes/person but since you need (number of evotes - 1) * number of people to get all the votes in that state, the order changes at the margins.As you can see by the voters per electoral vote, people in the states at the top of the list have up to 4 times the voting power of those in the states of Georgia, California, Florida and Texas which have the most voters per electoral vote.-------------------------------------------------------------UPDATE: Same analysis based on registered voters rather than per capita:Winner Take all: minimum 22% of all registered voters.Popular Vote: minimum 44% of all registered voters.State Electoral Votes Total Registered(000's) Voter/Evote EvotesWYOMING 3 253 84 3DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 3 275 92 6ALASKA 3 333 111 9VERMONT 3 345 115 12HAWAII 4 492 123 16NORTH DAKOTA 3 397 132 19RHODE ISLAND 4 536 134 23DELAWARE 3 408 136 26SOUTH DAKOTA 3 445 148 29IDAHO 4 660 165 33NEBRASKA 5 852 170 38MONTANA 3 512 171 41NEW HAMPSHIRE 4 687 172 45WEST VIRGINIA 5 873 175 50NEVADA 5 905 181 55UTAH 5 932 186 60NEW MEXICO 5 951 190 65MAINE 4 811 203 69KANSAS 6 1,274 212 75ARKANSAS 6 1,316 219 81NEW JERSEY 15 3,487 232 96CONNECTICUT 7 1,650 236 103IOWA 7 1,663 238 110ARIZONA 10 2,378 238 120MISSISSIPPI 6 1,437 240 126CALIFORNIA 55 13,239 241 181LOUISIANA 9 2,179 242 190SOUTH CAROLINA 8 1,986 248 198COLORADO 9 2,275 253 207OKLAHOMA 7 1,776 254 214TENNESSEE 11 2,828 257 225VIRGINIA 13 3,402 262 238NEW YORK 31 8,143 263 269This is the halfway pointGEORGIA 15 3,950 263 284MASSACHUSETTS 12 3,180 265 296INDIANA 11 2,946 268 307MARYLAND 10 2,720 272 317OREGON 7 1,924 275 324ILLINOIS 21 5,779 275 345ALABAMA 9 2,480 276 354NORTH CAROLINA 15 4,160 277 369KENTUCKY 8 2,240 280 377WASHINGTON 11 3,090 281 388TEXAS 34 9,676 285 422PENNSYLVANIA 21 5,991 285 443MINNESOTA 10 2,862 286 453MISSOURI 11 3,170 288 464FLORIDA 27 7,855 291 491WISCONSIN 10 2,948 295 501OHIO 20 5,919 296 521MICHIGAN 17 5,256 309 538

What are the admission statistics for computer science at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign?

The University of Illinois requires applicants to apply directly to a major. It allows applicants to choose a 2nd choice major that will only be evaluated if they are rejected from their 1st choice major. Additionally, if an applicant is rejected by both 1st and 2nd choice majors, they are considered for admission into the Division of General Studies (DGS). Finally, although rare, some applicants are offered admission to a major to which they did not even apply, but the Admissions dept has deemed well suited for such an applicant.With such a convoluted admissions policy, it is easy to understand why U of I does not publish admission statistics by major (an even bigger reason is the wildly fluctuating numbers for smaller departments from year to year), nor will the Admissions dept give you such information if you ask for it.As noted in an earlier answer, staff members in the individual departments have general access to admissions data and sometimes share that information publicly. Professor Erickson has been very generous in sharing such info for the CS dept on several occasions, but keep in mind he is providing general info only. For instance, he notes a target class of 200, but whose target is that? Undergraduate admissions is not controlled at the department level but at the University level by the Admissions department. At U of I, the Admissions dept has famously sent far more students to the CS department than they have asked for in recent years (Prof Erickson and many others have confirmed this on multiple occasions over the past few years).So with all that preamble out of the way, what is our best guess? CS in the College of Engineering is easier to estimate than most other majors because they accept essentially zero 2nd choice majors. A 2nd choice is not evaluated unless the 1st choice resulted in a rejection. Since CS in ENG is at worst the 2nd most selective major on campus, all we really need is the number of 1st choice applicants (4100), number of enrolled (225-275), and yield (30-40%). This gives us a 14-22% acceptance rate.4100 applicants - given, Prof Erickson225-275 enrolled - this captures last 3 years, but is still only a guess30-40% - recent range for College of Eng - an even bigger guessUnless you can get exact numbers from someone at the school, you cannot drill down any further than that. Also, keep in mind that acceptance rate can be a misleading statistic for selectivity, especially for a school that does not read recommendation letters or consider anything more that top-line ACT/SAT scores, like U of I. There is a lot of self-selection in the applicant pool that you do not get at other schools, particularly private schools which attract applicants with a wider range of qualifications hoping for a holistic miracle. I would not be surprised to learn that the average ACT score for applicants accepted to Illinois (to CS in ENG) is higher than that of applicants accepted to Stanford. In fact, I would bet it is.

Which are some unique McDonald's outlets?

What are some of the most unique McDonald´s locations all around the world?.Oh my Gosh. !!!Seriously, these are some of the most amazing McDonald´s fast-food chain restaurants all around the world.Thumbs Up for the McDonald´s empire.Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, IllinoisApril 15th, 1955: McDonald´s opens its first Hamburger franchise.Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaThis McDonald´s used to be a hotel back in the 1930s until McDonald´s bought the place.Ulsan, South KoreaIt is not your normal typical McDonald´s fast-food chain restaurant. It doesn´t have red and yellow color scheme and it doesn´t only sell food either. Instead, it is colored in bright pinks and neons, and also sells gasoline. This McDonald´s restaurant resembles a retro drive-up diner where you are expected to have waitresses on roller skates to serve food to you from the car.Amazing McDonald´s futuristic fast-food restaurant. !!!New Hyde Park, New YorkThis 19th-century Georgian mansion in Long Island was turned into a McDonald´s restaurant in 1985.Impressive McDonald´s restaurant. !!! Very classy fast-food restaurant in the USA.Independence, OhioMilan, ItalyTaupo, New ZealandJust an amazing McDonald´s location near Lake Taupo in New Zealand. A very unique experience to eat a meal inside an airplane, ´´Douglas DC3´´ sticks out of the side of the play area and has a dining area inside.This particular plane used to carry passengers for the Australian National Airways and was a crop duster.Yangshuo Guangxi, ChinaBeyond a ridiculously amazing view in nature. !!!London, United KingdomThis McDonald´s restaurant was the biggest in the world in 2012. It was for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London. After the Paralympics closing ceremony was complete, this McDonald´s location was demolished. Close to 75% of the building was recycled and reused in other locations.New York City Time Square McDonald´s - New York, New YorkMadrid, SpainThis McDonald´s location on Spanish Broadway is not a typical fast-food chain restaurant. The menu serves beer, real potato wedges instead of fries and McCafe sells scones and macaroons as if it was a high-end bakery.Budapest, HungaryHong KongVatican, ItalyDespite the objections from the Roman Catholic leaders and some local residents, a McDonald´s outlet has opened just outside of Vatican City. It operates from the Vatican-owned building and can be seen from the St. Peter´s Square. It is reported that the Vatican gets about $30,000 euros ($31,375 USD. / $25,494 Pounds) per month in rent.Wowwwww. !!!!!Guantanamo Bay, CubaThe only McDonald´s restaurant surrounded by barbed wire. The location is way more notoriously known for its detention center which allegedly houses the most dangerous terrorists. The restaurant is the only McDonald´s in Cuba and is only accessible to the base personnel.Bray, IrelandRoswell, New MexicoThe futuristic spaceship from the ´´Jetsons.´´Prague, Czech RepublicThis McDonald´s restaurant, a symbol of America´s capitalism, located right outside of the Museum of Communism in Prague.Negev Desert, IsraelMiddle of the desert in the Middle East.Barstow, CaliforniaLocomotive heritage. This fast-food restaurant is inside a train at the ´´Barstow Station´´ on ´´Route 66.´´Hangzhou, ChinaLOL. :) ….. This very unique McDonald´s restaurant came down to money. The fast-food chain restaurant is the home to the former Taiwanese Leader ´´Chiang Ching-Kuo.´´ This location was supposed to be a museum. But, the decision to lease to ´´McDonald´s´´ was made because maintenance costs needed to be covered. ….. LOL. :)Rome, ItalyThe outside view might not be very impressive. But, the inside interior view is very classy and elegant. It is decorated with trickling fountains, statues, and mosaic walls to fit in with the historic surroundings. Most of the interior design is made out of marbles with cobblestone steps leading up to the actual McDonald´s restaurant.Batumi, GeorgiaThis fantastic McDonald´s restaurant is mostly made from glass panels and surrounded by a reflecting pool. The interior has an open-air patio and the site also features a fueling station.Very calm and peaceful location. !!!Lanarca, CyprusThis fast-food chain McDonald´s restaurant is all about the amazing view of the ocean. This beach-side location is in Phinikoudes Beach in Cyprus.Rotterdam, NetherlandsThis McDonald´s restaurant is very similar looking too as ´´Apple store´´ that has the minimalist feel and is square with the large glass panel. It is also featured a big white spiral staircase and a perforated gold facade.Bergen, NorwayThis unusual McDonald´s restaurant, you can dine in one of the most exquisite and oldest traditional ´´Norwegian´´ wooden buildings in the district. With white wood panelling and no yellow arches, it is definitely a very different look for the famous fast-food restaurant chain.Porto, PortugalRustenburg, South AfricaMarrakesh, MoroccoThis McDonald restaurant in MexicoI am curious now. I can not find the exact location for this fast-food joint.McDonald´s in SomaliaXi´an Shaanxi Province, ChinaMoscow, RussiaOn January 30th, 1990, marked by a very important event in the history of the country. This was the first McDonald´s restaurant in Moscow on Pushkin Square that was opened in the USSR.The North Pole, AlaskaTokyo, JapanBangkok, ThailandNairobi, KenyaThe first McDonald´s restaurant in Kenya.New Dehli, IndiaShenzhen, ChinaThe very first McDonald´s restaurant opened on October 8th, 1990TibetThe FINAL Conclusion to McDonald´s Restaurant.The best part is that if anybody is interested in the world in mastering flipping burgers, greasing french fries, cleaning the toilets, doing math, talking to customers, serving drinks.A management position in McDonald´s fast-food chain restaurant business.´´Please,´´ go and enter into the ´´McDonald´s Hamburger University´´ in China.(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)Business Leadership: McDonald´s Hamburger UniversityOne of many all around the world(7)McDonald´s Hamburger Univerisity is ´´NO JOKE.´´With a selection rate of %1 at its Shanghai, China campus, the intense, weeklong program is more exclusive than ´´Harvard.´´The programs currently have eight different campuses worldwide in ´Oak Brook, Illinois,´ ´Tokyo, Japan,´ ´London, United Kingdom,´ ´Sydney, Australia,´ ´Munich, Germany,´ ´Sao Paulo, Brazil,´ ´Shanghai, China,´ and ´Moscow, Russia,´The restaurant ´´McDonald´s Hamburger University´´ was founded in 1961 and now has more than 275 graduates and will be celebrating its 59th anniversary.The headquarter of the ´´Hamburger University´´ is located in Chicago, Illinois at its training facility. It is the corporate head office for all ´´McDonald´s Hamburger University´´ all around the world.This is a great university to go too for a wonderful job opportunity at the Management position for McDonald's restaurants all around the world.I had no idea about this university at all until I did my research when I read this topic.I actually learned a lot about the corporation of McDonald´s today.

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